History of the fallen angels, what they are and their names

History of the fallen angels, what they are and their names

The theme of the fallen angels is very interesting given the importance of their actions, which marked humanity forever. In this article we bring you everything related to the names of fallen angels and demons , what are fallen angels  and what are the types of fallen angels and everything else, do not stop reading it.

Fallen angels

Among the most interesting religious topics, there is the one referring to the fallen angels, who they are, where they come from and what were the reasons that led them to be designated as such. In this regard, it should be noted that those who are known today as fallen angels, make up the group of the first angels that God created, but who revealed themselves and disobeyed his commands, which is why they were banished from heaven and God took them away from his presence.

Many of them began to question God, committed sins such as lust and did everything that was forbidden, and consequently they were sent to hell, as well as having their wings torn off. In this sense, these fallen angels are outside the grace of God and are called Demons by the Catholic Church, although this is not a correct connotation, technically speaking.

Source that speaks of the fallen angels

The main source that can be reviewed to learn a little more about fallen angels is the Book of Enoch, which is a very old Jewish religious work that includes unique and accurate information related to the origin of demons and giants. , and in it are multiple explanations about why some angels fell from heaven, including information regarding the moral necessity of the Great Flood.

According to certain studies carried out, it is estimated that the oldest sections of the book of Enoch date back to approximately 300 BC, especially the Book of the Watchers. On the other hand, the last part of the book of Enoch, which is the Book of Parables, dates from the first century before Christ. It should also be noted that the book of Enoch is not part of the biblical canon used by Judaism and Catholicism, but it is used by the Orthodox Christian churches of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

However, for many of the Christian traditions it is argued that this book does have historical or theological interests. This, in turn, was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and is mostly written in the Ethiopian language, which is why it is accepted in that country. However, fragments in Aramaic, Latin and Greek can also be found in this book.


Since the beginning of time, those who are known today as fallen angels were part of the select heavenly group, who were in charge of saving and protecting humanity. All of them owe their creation to God, and they were in charge of watching over man, which is why they were given the gift of understanding and freedom.

However, it seems that these characteristic gifts led many of these angels to question the decisions of their creator, causing them to turn away from him by committing different sins, for which they were expelled from heaven and banished to hell.

Not all the angels created by God are good for the Catholic religion, since many performed acts that offended God and consequently were removed from his company and grace, expelled from heaven and sent to hell; In addition to this, since then they respond to the name of demons or fallen angels.

The reasons, very diverse, but mostly due to the fact of offending the name of God, questioning his commandments and falling into the sins of lust, vanity, pride, among others.

Why were they expelled?

To learn a little about the reasons that led to the expulsion of some angels from heaven, it is necessary to take a brief tour of the main angels who were punished in this way, according to the sins they committed.

In this sense, the best known to all is Lucifer, who was highly regarded and loved by God, so much so that his name means bearer of light. However, based on the sacred scriptures, it is affirmed that this angel decided to be the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve, so that they would disobey the divine mandates and then bite the apple.

Thus, Lucifer was one of the most beautiful and glorious angels of the heavenly court, but who was clouded by pride and revealed himself against God, even despite possessing all the gifts that the Lord had attributed to him, he became the adversary of its creator through a cry of rebellion and battle.

In this sense, he affirmed that he would not serve and that he would be equal to the Most High, to which other angels joined. It should also be noted that at that time another angel similar in grace and beauty, bowed before the throne of God and opposed Lucifer’s battle cry, for a cry of love and loyalty and infinite adoration.

It was in this way that San Miguel Arcangel then obtained his name, thanks to the cry of fidelity before God; and for his part Lucifer became Satan, the adversary and enemy, in other words, the Devil. It is worth mentioning at this point Revelation 12:7-10, where a conclusion of this battle between the good and bad angels is found: “At that moment a battle began in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the Monster.

The Monster defended himself supported by his angels, but they could not resist, and there was no longer a place for them in heaven. So they cast out the enormous Monster, the ancient serpent, the Devil or Satan, as they call him, the seducer of the whole world, they cast him down to Earth and his angels with him.”

In this regard, Saint Peter says that these angels who sinned were not forgiven, but were locked up in dark caverns, to later be thrown into hell. In this sense, there is no repentance for them after the fall, just as there is no repentance for human beings after death. For their part, the other angels were expelled for various reasons, which are based on free will, lust, vanity and pride, all these sins considered capital.

It is also necessary to highlight that in the book of Enoch it is prescribed that two hundred angels fell in total, of which twenty leaders are counted, who are called Watchers. These were sent by God to Earth, in order to watch over humanity, but they fell in love with the daughters of men and fathered with them, having knowledge of their destiny.

Their children were called Nephilim, children of angels and humans, giant demigods. In the same way, others fell for having taught men the art of war and the creation of weapons, as well as other knowledge, which was entrusted to them by God, but by mistake they unbalanced the first men.

Name of the fallen angels

As can be seen, there were many angels who rebelled against God, committing sins and disobeying his commands, which is why they were expelled from heaven and separated from the grace of the Creator. Thus, there are obviously some more renowned than others, whose names are reflected in the Bible and in the book of Enoch. In this section we tell you who are the most important fallen angels, or best known, and what were the reasons that led to their exile.


This is probably the best-known fallen angel of all, since his name appears in the Bible repeatedly, and he was the first and most important of all. Regarding his name, it should be mentioned that Lucifer means bearer of light; although he also had the name of Luzbel, which means beautiful light. However, since his fall he is known as Satan or Satan, the main adversary and enemy of God and therefore of his faithful believers.

God created Lucifer as his prodigal son, in order to organize and lead the rest of the angels; therefore, he endowed it with an infinite beauty, perfection and intelligence, which unfortunately he did not know how to take advantage of for benevolent purposes. In this sense, his enormous power increased his vanity, since he began to feel superior to God and wanted to compete against him.

For this reason, Lucifer was banished from paradise along with the third part of the heavenly court, since it was the angels who joined his rebellion. He is since then the first fallen angel, most important and most powerful.


This angel was the leader of the Watchers or Grigoris, a category that designates those angels that God sent to Earth with the aim of protecting and safeguarding human beings. His name means “he sees the name”, and he was the one who motivated the other 199 fallen angels to take human wives, in order to father children. He was thus the leader of the 200 fallen angels, and he also made up the group of the top twenty leaders, so everyone else swore allegiance to him.

In this sense and based on his ideas, the Watchers came down to Earth to unite with humans, and were also convinced by this angel to teach humans the qualities that were granted to them by the creator, such as the creation of weapons and others. aspects of which only the angels had knowledge and that generated negative and irremediable repercussions on the human species.


This is one of the most important fallen angels since he was the first to follow Lucifer in his rebellion. In this sense, he was responsible for generating confusion about the other angels, so that they would subsequently commit sins against the Lord, and he was also the one who convinced them, once on Earth, to teach men what refers to writing, reading and sign language.


The angel Kesabel was the second follower of Lucifer, and fell with him and the others expelled from paradise for offending God. This character was the first to encourage other angels to have sex with human women on Earth.


The name of this angel comes from the word Azaz, which means “Strength of God”, although many interpret it as an arrogant one for God. As for what he committed to be expelled from heaven, it should be noted that it was he who taught men the art of war, by teaching them to create swords, knives, shields, coats and weapons. In the same way, he induced and taught women about the art of deception, by adorning the body, painting the hair and making up the face.

In addition to this, he was in charge of revealing to humans certain aspects related to the art of witchcraft, and corrupted their manners by leading us to commit acts full of evil that at the same time were impure. Regarding this character, it should be mentioned that he cannot be confused with Azrael, since both have similar names, but the latter is the angel of death for some religions, such as Judaism and Islam.


The name of this angel means Sun of God, and it is appropriate in the sense that, according to the book of Enoch, it is believed that he was the one who taught men about the signs of the Sun. Among the two hundred fallen angels, Shamsiel was ranked 16th out of the twenty watchers. Once Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, its custody was entrusted to this angel, and according to some sources he is also considered the ruler of the fourth heaven, while for others he is only part of the twenty vigilant leaders.

Gadreel o Arakiel

The literal meaning of his name is “wall of God”, and he is one of the most important fallen angels, as well as one of the chief vigilantes, since he was the second follower of Semyazza. In addition to this, this character was another of those responsible for the incitement of the other angels, to have sexual relations with humans.

This angel is also attributed, according to certain sources such as the Book of Parables and the Book of Enoch, with the responsibility of deceiving Eve while she was in the Garden of Eden. On the other hand, it is said that he was also the one who taught men geomancy, which is defined as the art of guessing through the interpretation of lines, points or circles that have been traced on Earth.

Tamiel (Kasyade)

His name means “hidden power”, and he ranks number five among the vigilant fallen angels; Regarding his behavior, he was responsible for having taught men about spirits, demons, abortion and snake bites (evil), with all that he demonstrated to humanity that they could become as powerful and important as God himself.


The meaning of the name of this angel is “thunder of God”, and he is designated as the one in charge of the resurrected according to what is stipulated in the Book of Enoch, since he was responsible for guiding the dead to reach God during their death. ascent. Similarly, he is part of the group of twenty vigilant fallen angels, and was expelled from heaven as a result of his lust.


This was one of the main guardians of heaven, and in accordance with what is stipulated in various religions, he is concerned with being the descendant of evil.


Although this group of angels mentioned below are not as renowned as the previous ones, they should be referred to since they also committed sins and injuries against the creator’s commandments and consequently were expelled from heaven.

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