Trash souls, prayer for lost things

Trash souls, prayer for lost things

Surely at some point in your life you heard about the famous spirits of the dump. If not, don’t worry , today we will talk about who they are, what they are and most importantly, we will   describe a prayer to the souls of the garbage. Do not stop reading the post that all its content   may be to your liking.

trash souls

The faithful believers call the souls of the garbage, as the souls that help you find your lost objects in a dump, this way is souls are known as; the souls of lost or requested objects. It is presumed that to request a favor from these souls or simply talk to them, you just have to go to a dump and light a candle for them, of course always taking precautions not to cause a fire, since as we know we are in a dump and being   able to Starting a fire is extremely simple.

Once you have the candle lit, with a lot of faith and fervor in the souls of the garbage dump, you can ask them to help you find that lost object or at least to know if someone took it, and in this way you can find it as soon as possible. soon as posible.

It is important to highlight that the soul that the soul alone is also of excellent help to find our lost goals, just like the souls of the garbage can, we only need to ask them to help us find what we are looking for so much, or in their defect that helps us identify that person who took our object.

Later we will describe a powerful and effective prayer, dedicated to this important soul, which is prayed to her with the best intention of helping us with the favor that we are requesting so earnestly.

Brief history of the souls of the garbage

The souls of the dump, naturally live in purgatories or in what are also called hell, it is presumed that these creatures can also even inhabit the same places that we inhabit. However , even if we are in the same place as these souls, it is not easy for us to perceive or detect ourselves.

Many people who are faithful to the practice of Santeria and witchcraft invoke these spirits to ask for what they need, of course always following each of the steps and protocols, which according to these beliefs must be followed when invoking any soul of purgatory

We must always keep in mind that once these souls grant us the requested favors, we must not only thank them, we must go to them or invoke them to ask them, it can also be done to thank them for what has been received and pay for the favor received.

To complement the brief history of the souls of the dump, it can be highlighted and one of the main of these souls is known as Celestina Abdegano. As far as this poor woman is known, she was condemned to suffer a great pain of loneliness until the end of her days. During Celestina’s life, she lived in Jerusalem and her work was characterized by providing help to all those who needed it.

What we currently know as Good Friday, which was the day that Jesus Christ died crucified in Jerusalem, Celestina had to climb Calvary, carrying a large pitcher full of cold water. In order to refresh all the martyrs who were there, Celestina also gave water to two other men who were at Calvary and who were called Dimas and Gestas.

Because of the fear that this woman had of the Jews, she did not dare to give Jesus even a drop of that water that she carried to Calvary. However for this terrible fault Celestina she had to pay the consequences of it and she was sentenced to purgatory where she constantly, she suffered from a strong thirst and frightening heat.

It is important to highlight that although   , as mentioned, in previous lines, Celestina’s work in Jerusalem was to help   the needy. In her legend some inconsistencies can be found, in this way it can be said that these souls are invoked, both for good and for evil respectively.

The church and the souls of the garbage

Between each of the people who took the time to study the souls of the garbage, especially Celestina or as she is also known, the soul alone, there is a great abyss of differences between them and the church. Since many of the people who studied their legends refrained from telling the story of the soul alone as it is, however the custom of praying and asking the souls in purgatory became so common and strong, that the members of the church had no choice but to contribute their opinions on these spirits

Historians mentioned that the Catholic Church maintains from the moment that it was established, thanks to the Holy Spirit and under the holy scriptures of the Bible, and always following the ancient tradition of the fathers. The Catholic Church from the first moment dedicated itself to teaching its parishioners that the councils that were held in the ecumenical synods that lead to purgatory and in turn that the souls that are there and thus can help each other.

The Catholic Church dominates the souls in purgatory, and especially those in the garbage. As spirits that are in purgatory as punishment, so that their souls are healed and purified and thus enter the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, the church presumes that each and every one of the souls that inhabit purgatory are people. that in life, they committed thousands of mortal sins and at no time did they repent of it, not even when they were on the verge of death.

In this way his punishment is to dwell in purgatory until his soul is purified as already mentioned

How to ask the souls of the garbage dump for a favor?

At some point in our lives, it may be that we need a favor from some of the souls in purgatory, for example the souls in the garbage dump, in order to find something lost.

This situation is totally normal and common, however, it must be kept in mind that this type of requested help must be handled with great care and extreme delicacy, since if upon receiving the favor, the souls are not paid what they are offered, they usually take revenge. As commented at the beginning of the post, souls should not only be used to request a favor, but also to thank them and pay them for what was offered in exchange for the favor received.

The payment of favors received can be said to be the simplest thing that can exist, usually these souls usually only ask that they pray for their souls, so that they are healed and purified and manage to leave purgatory and thus enter the kingdom. from heaven to the side of our Lord Jesus Christ. Below we will find a prayer on how to ask the souls for a favor.

Prayer to the souls of the garbage

If you need to request a favor from the souls of the garbage I will leave you below some prayers dedicated especially to these souls to request their help:

Opening prayer to invoke the souls

I ask permission first of all to Jesus my Lord and Savior.
To my ever-virgin mother Mary and all the saints, for the invocation of the souls in purgatory, so that they are present at this moment, where he addresses them to receive favors from her.

I (Say your name) ask God for their purification so that they may soon rest and receive eternal light.

Today I ask you to make your powers available to me and listen to my requests.

Souls of purgatory, here and now listen to me.

Prayer to request a favor

Oh dear souls who live in purgatory, today I come to pray for each one of your souls. Souls that are wise and also grateful, I ask you to please attend to my request and prayer.

Please, dear souls, I ask you to please listen to me, since I come with great hope to each one of you, that you can listen to my request, that you please pray for me too.

Dear souls, I ask you to please attend to my request so that you can help me and in turn that you can give each one of them their eternal rest that they need.

Prayer to the souls in purgatory to recover a lost object

Today I ask you to make your powers available to me and listen to my requests.

Souls of purgatory, here and now listen to me.

Today I am looking for an object of my property (Say that you are looking for).

I know it is material, but I attribute great sentimental value to this object, so today I ask that you, through your divine powers, help me find it wherever it is.

If it is in the hands of another person, I ask that they understand that they have taken something from others and feel remorse for it and return it soon.

If it is in a place where I cannot see it, I ask that my eyes be opened so that I can get it.

I pray that with your gifts I can find him soon.

I trust your intentions to help me.

Thank you holy souls of purgatory, Amen.

Prayer to the soul alone to recover what was lost

“Hey mortal,
the lament of a soul imprisoned,
alone, sad, abandoned
in this dark room.”

Soul of mine, Soul of peace and war,
Soul of sea and war.

I wish that everything that I have absent
or lost is given to me or appears.

Oh, Anima,
the most alone and helpless in purgatory!

I accompany you in your pain,
pitying you to see you groan
and suffer in the abandonment
of that hard and narrow prison.

I wish to alleviate your affliction,
offering you all those meritorious works,
that I have passed, passed and will pass in this life
so that you pay your faults to God,
and attain his grace,
hoping you will do me the great benefit
of asking him to give my understanding
what necessary for me to comply with His Holy Law,
loving Him above all things
as my only and highest good,
and my neighbor as myself,
because in this way I will deserve from His “Divine Majesty”
infinite mercy and my salvation.

Pray Five Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

The effectiveness of all these prayers described above is that when we pray them we do so with great hope that the souls in purgatory will attend to our pleas and run to our aid. And in this way they will help us find that object so precious to us.

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