Learn about the most amazing miracles of Jesus today

Learn about the most amazing miracles of Jesus today

Jesus is considered the most relevant character in the western history of humanity. His mission was to live on earth together with other mortals, die and rise again, thus demonstrating that the word of God is sacred and is union. This character demonstrated throughout his life that the son of God came to cleanse the sin of the world as previous prophets had visualized, through miracles. The miracles of Jesus continue to be generated today.

Miracles of Jesus today

God remains the same as yesterday, today and will always remain merciful and understanding. That is why the miracles of Jesus continue to exist today.

The necessary element to participate in miracles is faith. Put without her it is not possible to receive any sign of mercy from her so great from her. If current documentation is sought, many cases continue to be perceived in which people with faith receive miracles.

That is why you can get testimonies where relatives and the protagonists of the miracle tell their anecdote with God and how they were able to connect and communicate with him in such a special way as to have such impressive results.

Some testimonies of miracles are the following:

The Miracle of the Child Abraham

Abraham was the second son of his mother Clara, who she believed had been born beautiful and healthy. But that was only the appearance on the outside, since he grew older and had certain withdrawn features.

Among his main features, it was possible to observe that he did not play with the other children of his age, most of the time he expressed that he was tired, his most comfortable environment was inside the house.

He did not have the common elements of a child of his age. He didn’t have the conditions to play basketball or baseball, or in the most common of cases, run like most do at his age.

When Abraham turns nine, his parents go through a period of financial crisis, in which his father had left home and had not assumed responsibility for three young children. His mother did not have a job and the shortage was made worse by the situation experienced.

Abraham sometimes skipped meals such as breakfast and presented pictures of dizziness with discomfort, which caused him to fall into bed on occasions. His mother hardly had to feed them and the main one who had to do it was Abraham because of his condition.

The boy got better since his mother began with a faith-filled custom of praying with Psalm 5.

Abraham’s Diagnosis

His condition worried his mother a lot and for this reason she was motivated to take him to the doctor. She sent him to take him to the hematologist because they had to examine his blood. When they got the appointment, he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.

This disease is incurable and Abraham had to learn to live with it. At that moment, between sobs, the child asked the expert if he was going to die, the doctor told him that she would not, but he would not be able to play.

For Abraham, sport was not an option and that is why he always had to keep games calm. This is because his leukocytes are easily victims of low level spikes, which causes weakness.

Upon arriving home, his mother took care of making him the necessary food to support him. Despite being a Christian, her mother’s faith had suffered a downturn in this situation.

Her son was going to have an emergency transfusion and his mother had no time to pray to God. She since she was focused on what she had in store for her son with the problem that had been diagnosed.

The necessary processes were carried out to improve, but the results at the beginning were not the most favorable. At this Abraham did not stop crying. After that, they did new tests and suddenly the child no longer had any problems.

There was no logical explanation of the matter, Abraham told his mother that the exams were not wrong and God had healed him the night before before going to sleep. This had happened because very sad he had asked God to heal him, he promised that he would go to church as thanks.

At the moment in which Abraham speaks to his mother in this way, the crying was part of her and her faith was resurrected, since her son had more faith than her. God had performed a miracle for him the night before.

current jesus

Jesus toured the entire territory of Galilee. He took care of offering the word of God, in the synagogues. He cried out over the kingdom of God allowing the sick to heal and the disabled to get better through his miraculous and merciful hand.

The word miracle originates from the Latin word mirari. Its meaning is directly related to amazement and admiration, miracles are related to events that are considered impossible to solve and yet occur. For Saint John this action is called a sign.

All the acts that Jesus performed in the name of God in life are considered signs with a wide range of surprising level. He had the ability to heal those sick. On the other hand, he resurrected those who had passed away and last but not least he guided those who were led astray from the path of God.

The miracles of Jesus today are observed daily. That is why it is considered that even despite the times there are still people who receive his word and the hand of Jesus leads them to the miracle.

Many closed people who did not believe in the word of the Lord are covered by the miracle of Jesus. What allows them to be filled with love and just as they receive love, they deliver those who are disoriented in life, making them find the path of good.

On the other hand, there are people who miraculously make their illnesses disappear through prayer. These can be considered the greatest gestures of love and miracle of Jesus today.

Life with faith allows them to achieve all kinds of miracles, believing in God is the main element for a miracle to be achieved.

Why are there people who do not achieve miracles?

History is full of true miracles. Miracles are considered interventions from the hand of God. Our lord makes exceptions because of the love he has for us, his children. His miracles go beyond what is natural and understandable by the human being. (See article petition prayer to God)

Miracles are considered the greatest proof of God. It contains elements totally filled with the love of the omnipotent, in search of improving the conditions of the person who has the miraculous experience.

God does not want to pamper his children, rather he seeks to save them, which is why miracles are considered to be part of the plans to save him. Diagnoses related to those who fail to have miracles are as follows:

  • Don’t cry for miracles

In most cases, although it seems very obvious, people do not get to be part of a miracle because they are not able to ask for it. However, if there are elements that are achieved without making any type of request.

This can be seen in the rising sun every morning when you wake up, a common factor but ultimately miraculous. As Mt 5.45 indicates, it is the heavenly father who makes the sun rise every day in a fair and unfair way.

However, it is important to cry out for the miracle that is required. In many cases, the affected person is busy lamenting, wasting a great range of time. On the other hand, some claim However, they overlook that God can handle everything, since he is our creator.

The best advice in relation to this is not to deal with complaining and lamenting, the best thing that can be done is to murmur a prayer to our Lord, that nothing is impossible for him. By offering his tears through prayer, he will listen to you.

  • have no faith

It is important to mention that if you have faith you will not waver. Mt 21.21-22 expresses “Take off and throw yourself into the sea”, so it will be done. And whatever you ask with faith in prayer, you will receive”

Sometimes you pray and cry out but you still don’t get the miracle. This can be related to the person’s lack of faith. The Hebrew word declares in its magnificent definition that faith is the guarantee of what the Lord gives you. Faith is the proof of what God gives, of what is not seen.

It is for this reason that praising God is an essential element for the performance of miracles. When a good testimony is carried out, a divine intervention takes place. When a miracle is claimed with faith, it is fulfilled. Since it is certain that our Lord Jesus exists and is capable of doing anything for his children.

It is important to mention that if miracles depended solely on the human hand, there could be no miracle at all.

  • not persevere

This is the generations of the internet without limits, that is why it is sought at all times that there are no methods that limit. This after the activities that are related to the technology that certain elements facilitate. This is due to the fact that people are currently accustomed to immediacy and there are elements that do not collaborate quickly.

It is important to mention that despite the immediacy, the logic related to divine logic has not undergone any type of change, which is not particularly spontaneous. That is why every believer should ask himself, how many people who take it upon themselves to ask God for their family member to get better through prayers and kneeling achieve a miracle?

When you begin to understand the logic of God, you begin to read the words of learning that Jesus left embodied, in search of improving the communicative conditions with the Lord.  has a nervous breakdown)

For Jesus it is important to always pray in search of not fainting on issues related to faith in our Lord. An example of this is the story that tells of a judge in a city who did not respect the word of God and therefore did not respect God.

In it was a widowed woman who began with a request that justice be related to her against her adversary. After some time, the judge understood that although he was not afraid of our lord, he should assume his importance.

It is important to mention that faith is necessary to achieve a miracle. The word of God is essential for our lives. It seeks to fight for what is constantly desired even in matters related to the spiritual world.

When you pray, it is easier to understand that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one capable of helping us in difficult situations through our faith and total belief in his omnipotence and love for us.

  • not knowing how to ask

Despite having faith, it is extremely important to know how to ask, through perseverance in search of having a miracle. If the miracle does not come, they still seek to connect better with God. Since the person is asking the Lord in the wrong way.

It is important to understand that miracles are not stipulated to be generated through a formula related to a ritual that has specific steps. The important thing is the way in which it is requested and with the faith that is requested.

The miracle only depends on the Lord, the only thing that is related to us is the way in which it is claimed. That is why the person who cries out for the miracle understands that the only one who can make it happen is the Lord. It is remarkably important to connect with him in mind, word and heart.

  • Pass the test before the miracle happens

All the factors related to suffering, tribulation, illness or any element related to the adversities that occur are not related to the will of God. Yet he allows it, just as he allowed Job.

This is generated so that we are allowed to grow through those difficult times in life. That is why he with the role of his father allows the adversities of life, with the aim of growing spiritually more than with the flesh.

This item is very specific. That is why the cure of the interior, that is to say of the soul, is much more comforting, after forgiving a person for example. This allows the physical healing to kick in and the faith level spike to increase. Allowing the understanding and miraculous element to arrive with greater speed and spirituality.

  • It is God’s will that the miracle happen

It is a complex issue to recognize, however it must be done. This is the remarkable truth that leads to miracles. God is love and his main wish is that his children be in good condition.

The elements that are considered good for us, are considered a real good. In addition to that, God is extremely aware of that. Since our thoughts are also yours.

God, like us, gives good things to his children and if the son has attitudes and a good soul, he will give him what he asked for help. Sometimes he does not grant miracles and the affected person should not behave like a spoiled child. It seeks to recognize and mature the errors that are possessed.

Acknowledging mistakes. It is important to mention that the Lord has already performed the best miracle, directly related to salvation, passion and resurrection. The most important element in the precious moment of effect of the miracle is that of the Eucharist in each temple when God is spoken of.

Historical Miracles of Jesus

The miracles related to Jesus are purely supernatural events. These are directly related to the factors that directly relate to Jesus Christ in the process of his earthly life. His miracles were collected by the canonical Gospels.

His miracles are usually classified into four groups, those related to healing, exorcism, the resurrection of the fallen and the unexplained control of nature, which is capable of being controlled only by God.

The number of miracles that have occurred in life depends very much on how these miracles are counted. An example of this is the miracle of the daughter of Jairus. In this one, a woman is cured and a girl is resurrected.

These events, despite being with different people, are narrated in the same paragraph that is directly related to the gospel and in turn is expressed in it generally jointly.

There are certain events that present symbology in the story. As it is the case that the girl was 12 years old and the woman sick with the condition for 12 years. That is why it could be considered of several presentations.

These types of miracles caused indignation among the scribes and many teachers of the law. It is for this reason that most of the scribes, Pharisees and other contemporary people referred to Jesus as colluding with Beelzebub.

Faced with these accusations, Jesus defends himself with great energy and criteria. According to the stories recorded in the gospel, Jesus was not only capable of expelling demons. He also managed to transmit that power to those who followed him from the heart.

An example of this is a man, who despite not being a follower, successfully expelled the demons, in his name. In Matthew 11:20-24 it is stated that Corazín, Bethsaida and Capernaum, which was also called Capernaum, are the cities that when visited by Jesus were involved in most of the miracles that he performed, since even many of its inhabitants did not repent. of the sins committed.

For John 14:10-14, our Lord Jesus asks the apostles to take care to believe from the heart. Since these works are created by our father, who is the real manager.

In the same way, Jesus mentions that any request that they make with faith and does not cause any harm to anyone, will be complicated. Since God is merciful to his children.

Miracles in the canonical gospels

There are miracles that relate to Jesus directly. They are classified into three factors of description and that they teach you. Here is the process:

Twenty four healing miracles

These miracles of great importance are subdivided into the following:

  • Seven cures of evil spirits

In these narratives, even the demons manage to prostrate themselves before Jesus. It is at this moment that they obey him and recognize that he is the holy son of God.

The one that took place in the Gerasa region. In this element the person was possessed by many spirits, which are considered unclean and are called Legion. These were expelled by Jesus, they in turn entered a herd of pigs and then died.

The daughter of the Canaanite woman, who underwent her miraculous process in the region of Tire and Sidon. This occurs after the request and faith that the victim’s mother had.

The boy who suffered from epilepsy. He could not be cured by the disciples who accompanied Jesus. Put himself he was lacking in faith.

On the other hand is that of the synagogue in Capernaum. This one was healed on the Sabbaths.

Maria Magdalena. This important character was the victim of 7 demons. In addition to this outstanding character, Jesus saved other girls. Some of them were Juana, who was a woman from Chuza, as well as the mayor of Herod and Susana.

  • Five healings of paralytics

A servant of the sanctuary of Capernaum, is cured at a distance, through the request and grace that he possessed, in relation to his faith. It is not known if the account in the Gospel of John is the same as that in Mt 8:5-13.

Also a paralytic who was in Capernaum. This man was notably prostrated and his sins thanks to his faith and way of asking for forgiveness, which allowed them to diminish. Despite this, the scribes at the time accused Jesus of blaspheming.

Another case is that of the man with the withered hand. This case caused the Pharisees to be furious with Jesus. That is why they start with plans that would result in the destruction of Jesus.

On the other hand, there is the woman from the synagogue. Her case is related to the woman’s stooping.

The man from Jerusalem. This was thirty-eight years with an illness. Jesus healed him one Sabbath in a pond. He himself takes care to call it Bethesda in Hebrew.

  • Four healings of the blind

The first were the two blind men from Capernaum.

Batimaeus, who was cured in Jericho, is also found in the Koran. This character begged Jesus and he offered him salvation motivated by his faith.

Bethsaida is another miracle of this category. To this character Jesus through the saliva in his eyes.

To the man born blind. Jesus managed to throw mud along with the saliva in his eyes. Then he took care of sending it to be washed in Silo’s pool.

  • Two healings of lepers

The case of the leper in Galilee. This story is found in the Egerton gospel as well as in the Koran. This miracle happened the moment Jesus touched him.

In the same way he was able to cure ten lepers. These were on their way to Jerusalem. Jesus had the ability to heal him with the power of his word.

  • Six other cures

The fever that Pedro’s mother-in-law had. This woman was healed in her house in Capernaum. The lady was taken by the hand of Jesus to heal her fever.

The woman with the issue of blood was also a case of importance. She is healed by touching the mantle of Jesus.

A deaf-mute in the Decapolis. This character healed when Jesus put his fingers in his ears. He likewise spat them out and touched the tongue while he said ephfatah which means open.

The dropsy, this cure occurred on a Saturday. It happened in the home of one of the considered main Pharisees.

Malco’s ear. He was wounded, under the hands of a disciple of Jesus, who rebuked him for what had happened.

Likewise the son of the king’s high official. Jesus was next to the character in Cana. This boy who was close to death was in Capernaum.

  • Cures carried out in a generic way

In addition to the healings that Jesus performed. In his passages there are references related to the healings that our Lord performed in a generic way. He had the ability to cure various diseases. The five most outstanding were the following:

  1. At the time when he toured Galilee.
  2. When the sun went down.
  3. By the Sea of ​​Galilee.
  4. In the temple.
  5. When he decides to retire to the sea with his followers.

Ten miracles about nature

Jesus took care to work in the process of ten natural wonders, according to what the evangelicals indicate. It shows that nature has authority, but God is omnipotent and the only one capable of controlling everything.

The calm storm. This event occurs in the Sea of ​​Galilee. Our Lord Jesus is in charge of communicating to the disciples of the man who do not have much faith, to calm down because they were very frightened and believed that they would die.

Walk on water. The disciples of Jesus believed that it was a ghost and they took care of giving voices of fear. That they were in a boat on the way to Capernaum.

When the first multiplication of the loaves and fishes took place. This miracle stood out so much that it was the only one found in all the gospels of canonical rank. This happened on Mount Galilee. It was specifically in the desert by Lake Tiberias.

The coin in the mouth of the fish. Jesus asked Peter to bring money from the mouth of a fish in search of paying taxes.

When the fig tree withered. She took care of doing it in search of ordering it so that it would never bear fruit again. In this miracle the importance of faith is highlighted. It is at this moment that Jesus indicates that mountains can be moved with faith.

At the time of the second multiplication of the loaves and fishes, which took place in the desert.

The miraculous catch. It took place at Lake Gennesaret. After the fact Simon, Peter, James and John become disciples of Jesus.

  • When the transformation of bread and wine occurs

At the moment in which the transformation of bread and wine occurs, with the body and blood of Jesus.

The wedding of Cana, it was here where he turned water into wine, according to the Gospel of Saint John. This was considered the first miracle of Jesus performed, it is here when he begins the ministry in a public way. Thanks to the request of the Virgin Mary.

Four miracles about resurrection

One of the most important facts relates to Jairo’s twelve-year-old girl. In the event Jesus affirmed that the girl was asleep, she had not died.

Lázaro, the one from Betania who is also found in the Koran, had been dead for four days and was buried in a cave.

The son of the widow of Nain. Jesus, seeing her lament and cry for her, took pity on her and touched the coffin where the boy was, this is when Jesus

  •  Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus is the most outstanding of all. The miracles previously called resurrections are actually revivals. This means that this is considered a return to life.

The resurrection that Jesus performed is different. This is the perfect representation of the triumph that Jesus has over death. Since he himself has no power over him. It is thanks to this that Christians consider him the son of God, this is his divine trait.

Miracles in the Apocryphal Gospels

The Resurrection of the Rich Young Ruler, found in the fragment of the Secret Gospel of Mark. This boy was taught the secret of the Kingdom of God.

The sparrows that were made with mud. It describes that Jesus, when he was five years old, generated the miracle of giving life to twelve sparrows that were made with mud on a Saturday.

Similarly, Jesus was in charge of resurrecting a fallen child from a terrace. This is given since it is him who is accused of the event and in response he caused the miracle.

The resurrection of a young man who cut wood. It is said that he bled to death, since he cut the sole of his foot with the axe. Jesus was in charge of resurrecting him, which caused the crowds to be amazed by the fact.

Jesus was at the fountain when he was six years old.

Similarly, Jesus multiplied the grains of wheat when he was just eight years old. After this event he took care of feeding the poor who were in the village, since the sowing was harvested. (Also see Miracle Prayer for Bible Studies )

The miracles related to the two pieces of a bed. The event takes place when Jesus helps his father, Joseph, with the task of making a bed.

Jesus sick and heals his teacher. José takes care of taking him to his second teacher. This was cursed by Jesus because it hit him on the head. After that, it healed him. Hearing from his third master that the previous one was good, he decides to cure it.

Cures Jacobo of a snake bite. This poisonous animal bites him in the hand and Jesus blew on the wound that the snake had made, causing it to die and Jacobo to heal.

Resurrection of a child. At this moment, Jesus takes him by the chest and orders him to come back to life. This was part of his neighborhood.

The resurrection of a man, who by doing it was resurrected and I adore him that caused people to be impressed.

What are the miracles of Jesus?

The miracles of Jesus are the reliable proof that he himself is the son of God, as indicated in the word of God through the prophets and embodied in the scriptures. These are the most salient elements of proof of his doctrine.

Jesus from the beginning affirmed that he was the son of the mighty God and that he came with the objective of forgiving the sins of man through his earthly life. That is why he carried out a work worthy of God and not of the traits of man. Among the most outstanding miracles of him he cured a paralytic, which is reflected in the Gospel of Mark.

Before the marvelous actions of God, man can only accept and adore. No right to judge.

What are the characteristics of the miracles of Jesus?

The characteristics that are related to the miracles that Jesus performs are specifically related because in the first place this collaborates with the importance of faith.

That is why Jesus demands faith in the people who follow him. With the objective that the prodigy that God indicated is carried out. For this reason faith causes miracles and when there is little faith these events cannot occur.

Why did Jesus perform miracles?

Jesus through his miracles, tried to establish the kingdom of God in the earthly world and in the hearts of each settler that existed. The message that Jesus imparted and his traits related to personal elements, left questions before the eyes of many. The main one was Who was Jesus? No one had the virtue of speaking the way he did. Put this shattered Pharisaic piety.

Jesus presented elements that were related to the conception of God related to a pure thought, with Hebrew features. They have almost completely overwhelmed. The word of God is sublime. In addition to this, it is unique and transcendent. This is when many ask themselves, what guarantee does it give? And what does Jesus do to be authorized to speak in this way? When the Gospels are read, the word of Jesus is visualized that is intimately linked with the works that he carried out.

All these factors allow your word to be effective. His miracles are considered signs that allow Jesus to have an unequivocal rank. What allows it to be affirmed that the kingdom that he preached exists. His miracles are considered by Christians to be the guarantee of his truth. In addition, they confirm his word and preaching.

It is important to mention that the works I do and their predictions are related. On the other hand, the miracles that take place are signs that fully express the arrival of the kingdom of God. In turn, they indicate the domain that the Lord has over his creation. In turn on spirits, men and all irrational beings.

The first thing that Jesus asks before performing his miracles is that those who will be benefited by his hand be humble and have faith in our Lord.

It is important to mention that the message of Jesus cannot be separated from the signs related to the miracles performed by Jesus because they are the features that confirm his messages. (Perhaps you may be interested in learning  the night prayer psalm 4 )

Jesus always gave his messages and performed his miracles in the name of God, under the atmosphere of the kingdom. In this case he was seeking conversion. It is for this reason that he takes it upon himself to rebuke the population of Capernaum, Korazin, and Bethsaida. For they had affected his miracles and had seen them and they had not repented of his sins.

The miracles that Jesus performed were demonstrations on his part of the coming of the promised kingdom. That is why outside of these traits there is no miracle. That is why none is related to elements of circus numbers, as is the case with Herod or in his town, in which he flatly denies.

For Jesus to perform miracles with the name of the son of God is necessary for them to understand his mission. That is why he does not do them in the name of Yahweh, as all the Old Testament prophets did. It is shown that his word is “I tell you, I order it”. Jesus is in charge of doing miracles with simplicity and deep love, as his father indicates.

It does not use any magical elements. Not any kind of surgical factor, not even hypnotic or suggestive factors. His miracles are directly related to factors related to love and the religious context. The activities that he performs are linked to thaumaturgical processes.

This being does not look for himself or perform miracles to dazzle. When I heal people, he recommended silence. At the moment when the people praise him, Jesus leaves. He never works to dazzle a people. The miracles of Jesus have factors of apologetic dimensions that show that the Lord was the one who sent him on the mission of salvation to humanity from his sins. His works prove his divine origin.

Sense of the miracles of Jesus

Jesus through his miracles, related to cures, exorcisms and factors related to the supernatural. He intends to end Satan’s hold on humanity. That he is the main being that leads man to commit sinful deeds. That lead to human diseases and death.

It is in this way that the kingdom of God is established on earth and in the hearts of every man who populates it. It is Jesus through the miracles that he performed that demonstrates the omnipotence of the Lord and his great and divine love for us. The theological meaning of miracles is directly related to the following:

It is related to signs of religious content and this factor in turn is linked to the presence of the kingdom on earth.

Elements of soteriological context are considered and are manifested in relation to God and his promise of salvation. In addition to the fact that he shows that he is capable of saving any life. That is why Jesus with his sacrifice brings the total salvation of humanity, both of the soul and of the body. This spiritual salvation is considered eternal.

These are considered Christological signs of meaning. Jesus is the first miracle with the sacrifice and resurrection of him and the other miracles are derived from this.

They are called as trinity element factors. They originate from the root of a miracle of union that Jesus performs in the name of his Father and in the Holy Spirit, that is, in the Holy Trinity.

They are signs that have eschatological processes, that explain a reality that is still hidden. In addition to expressing the triumph of God and the transformation of this form of obedience to the will of our Lord.

The miracles of Jesus related to his story

Most people admit without any problem the historicity related to the message that Jesus gives, however, they fail to admit the miracles that are related to it. This reason is related to the fact that the accounts of the miracles that are written and recorded in the New Testament by the gospels are not an appendix that can be considered to be dispensed with.

For the Gospel of Mark, when the account related to the passion that overflows the miracles of Jesus is dispensed with, they are related to 47% of his Gospel. This is how Trilling says it. That is why the stories related to his miracles occupy a great element context in the gospels that produced an impossible element that allows not to believe that everything is invented and later attributed to Jesus.

On the other hand, miracles relate directly to the message of Jesus. In both cases they are preaching and miracles. These in turn are considered signs related to the Kingdom of God. These, if analyzed, have the same intention and respond to logic. Another of the reasons of importance is that they date that the miracles of Jesus of importance had a public character.

These are not directly related to rumors, they are truly miracles that took place throughout the territory of Israel. As is the case with the multiplication of the loaves. This was verified by the Jews in the territory of Jerusalem. (Know also the  Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the bible )

That is why the gospels were written at a time when Jesus’ contemporaries were still alive. That they had the option to deny their miracles but did the opposite. Even the enemies of Jesus accepted his existence and miracles, when they could say that the stories were false.

Even the Pharisees recognized his power but attributed it to the devil. It is important to mention that in the Jewish tradition of the Babylonian Talmud there are descriptions of the miracles of Jesus, attributed to magic. That is why the historicity of Jesus and his miracles are guaranteed. Post is compared with Hellenic elements. With different factors but under the same structure.

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