The values ​​in young people today, know them

The values ​​in young people today, know them

In order to aspire to have a fairer and more balanced society, we must encourage young people to be educated in values, especially at home. In this article we will talk to you in a simple way about the values ​​in young people, in society, today, social ethics and more, do not stop reading it

Values ​​in young people, currently

For the sake of young people being exemplary citizens, parents invest many hours of their lives in promoting their children’s education in values. However, because it is adolescence or a period in which our boys are subjected to great transformations, these values ​​instilled during childhood are objected to, which causes wrong positions to be assumed.

The parents, grandparents, uncles, friends of that young person who, at a certain moment in his life, contravenes what has been instituted as part of his training, is overwhelmed by that irreverent behavior and certain questions arise such as: What do I do? ?, Should I accept their decisions? Or, on the contrary, should certain privileges be prohibited?

It is important to keep in mind that the current context in which our young people live has undergone great changes with respect to the panorama of the 1990s to the present. These changes in the behavior patterns of young people are largely due to technological progress, the globalization process, the dysfunctionality of a large part of the homes and also the distancing of families from the encounter with God.

All or a large part of the parents agree that we must educate our children from our homes, considering respect for values. But are we really aware of what are values ? And which ones should I highlight in my home?

Values ​​in adolescence

In general terms, values ​​are the foundations that we use to be able to guide the behavior of our adolescents so that they are useful citizens.

The affective interaction between all the members of the family, allows a development in harmony with the norms dictated by society, for a healthy coexistence. A child who has been formed in values ​​and all the members of his family nucleus have been involved in his emotional development, he is a young person who will know how to respect and transmit the values ​​of a community , who has seen and enjoyed his process of transformation of child to adolescent.

Adults, youth and children need to know and understand the limits of a certain behavior, attitude, permission, etc., since knowing and recognizing the limits, we will be aware that these rules are the source of all confidence and security, to discern between what good and bad of the actions we take.

Immediacy is a characteristic that stands out most in youth, currently  they give more value to what is close, what is close, what is tiny, that is, now is much better and safer than considering projects in the medium and long term.

Today’s youth are a generation that transcends their being as an individual, through imitation, emulation. For this reason, the importance that parents, in addition to making their children aware of values, are also capable of living and living together in values, its applicability in daily life is important.

Importance of values ​​in young people

So that adults, youth and children can cohabit in a society; It is necessary that values ​​are transmitted and enforced, since it is through them that the way in which the human being behaves can be regulated, on the other hand, it is a guide to channel individual aspirations. That is, the values ​​pursue the development and well-being of individuals, at a personal and community level.

There is a group of values ​​that is not given real diffusion and they are cultural values. These types of values, when internalized by all individuals and especially by our young people, lay the foundations for the recognition of the identity and idiosyncrasy of the social group in which that young person lives. In other words, the cultural heritage of the town is preserved, as a guarantee of generational continuity.

To better understand the importance of having young people with values , a series of basic aspects are developed below, which will allow a better understanding.


When a behavior that is managed under a scale of values ​​is well established, it contributes to the process of accepting oneself as one is, and enables the young person to be able to make value judgments of himself and of other people, promoting personal growth.

Clarity in communication

Having a growth built on values, awareness, trust, education, sincerity and kindness, establishes interactions with our peers in a fluid manner. This is possible, because the young person is aware of what is truly important for each of those who live around him.

Decision making

In the life of every person, and especially in that of young people, there comes a time when they must make countless decisions that can overwhelm anyone. But if you have well-rooted values, it will allow you to choose the best option.

enjoy life

Through the passing of our life as a family and in society, values ​​are transmitted from generation to generation, which are the set of facts that shape our behavior from childhood. It is through them that we can enjoy life, in all scenarios with respect for all people.

For this reason, the same values ​​are shared with our family, friends and with values ​​in society . Our scale of values ​​tends to change throughout our lives, but those that are essential or primary for each individual generally remain intact.

Personal development

Values ​​are what drive people, they drive us to set goals, to continuously improve in order to achieve a more promising future. For being the values, those in charge of adjusting our behavior, they are constantly indicating our north to transform us into exemplary citizens.


Values ​​and interrelationships go hand in hand, having a stable family, which is based on the understanding of all its members, remain united in faith, is a rich deposit in the formation of values, a social ethic that dynamizes interpersonal relationships in where the cultures and values ​​of other societies are respected.

Tolerance, generosity, trust, respect for sexual diversity, among others, are values ​​that can positively or negatively affect the way relationships are established with the individuals around us.

Most common values

In the stage of adolescence, due to the same irreverence of this stage, young people are not fully aware of the true values ​​they must have so that they can live in harmony with the rest of the people in the family group and in the entire society.

Sometimes, due to the loss of values ​​in today’s youth, they are influenced by friends or by the very society in which they live. And such influence in a very high percentage, is negative. Young people are bombarded by misconceptions of what values ​​really are.

The most outstanding values ​​in the relationships that young people currently establish are: love, companionship and the value of friendship.


It is the first of the values ​​that is established in relationships between adolescents. From friendship, the need to explore or put into practice other values ​​is generated, which allows the young person to know how committed his peers are, with respect to friendship.


It is the highest degree in the scale of values, love not only seen as an attraction between couples, but rather from the point of view, of delivery, of the sacrifice that can be made for other people.


It is the closeness that we establish with our friends, to support and accompany each other to achieve a common good. It is like a kind of symbiosis where the relationship is win-win, through the creation of spaces of harmony and disinterested correspondence.

The Solidarity

Through solidarity, the adolescent is forced to take a step beyond his personal interests and his particular needs. The young person who has the value of solidarity well rooted, is capable of worrying about his companions, and acts accordingly. He recognizes just by seeing it, that a person or a group of them have needs, be it food, affection, health, among others.

Be free

All human beings have the need to live in freedom, without any impediment or limitation to their free movement through life. And it is no secret to anyone that it is the youth , who most demands the enjoyment and enjoyment of this important value, which has always been defended by the family nucleus.


Parents, relatives, friends and in general the whole society must be attentive to the problem of anti-values ​​in our young people. As a responsible society, we cannot ignore this serious problem, since the loss of values ​​in today’s youth is the product of laziness on the part of those responsible for conducting their education in values. It is important to act in favor of reducing the proliferation of this scourge, through the awareness and reeducation of youth.


Young people, due to their irreverent condition, feel the need to go against any figure of authority. Among these figures are parents, teachers, God and civil authorities. They are capable of establishing their own rules, their canons of behavior and even enthrone leaders who are not entirely positive for them.


In honor of the truth of this negative value, our young people are not completely responsible. It is important to remember that they are in a modeling process and imitate all the behaviors of the adults around them. They feel great contempt for nature, their peers, parents, teachers, in short, for all those who, in their opinion, go against their best interests.


It is very worrying to see how the number of young people who no longer have faith, do not believe in God, and are apathetic about participating in church parties has increased. The massification of this negative value is more worrying than any of the previous ones, since when faith is preserved, the resolution of all our problems is much easier. God is the vitamin, the food of the soul that will make us saved.

spiritual values

Spiritual values ​​are those positions and beliefs that each person has, and are related to intangible things, the mystical, the mental and religious. These values ​​are enhanced to the extent that the person goes through life and acquires information and training, which translates into the correct behavior of the being, in harmony with the laws of God.

The most significant spiritual values ​​are harmony, truth, hope, charity and faith, they are fundamental so that the active and deep relationship with the creator God of all things can be activated, the most significant characteristic is the bond of being human with Christian beliefs.

Examples of spiritual values

  • Harmony

Through harmony, the human being seeks well-being in everything that surrounds them, with a state of peace that allows the soul to move towards happiness.

  • TRUE

Being honest is not just telling the truth, it is being transparent in our attitudes towards life.

  • Charity

Possessing this spiritual value is suffering the pain of others as if it were one’s own, and finding a cure for that pain without expecting anything in return.

  • Fe

With faith we take for granted that there is a superior divinity that protects us.

  • Esperanza

It allows us to live with optimism to meet the proposed goals.

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