Prayers of the holy death for an effective mooring

Prayers of the holy death for an effective mooring

The prayers of Santa Muerte are prayers that are made in order to request a favor, especially to tie someone up, it is considered a religious tradition rooted especially in Mexico, learn more about this topic by reading the following article.

Prayers of the Holy Death

Every day people encounter various adverse situations that limit their daily actions and eliminate tranquility and peace, these sentimental, emotional, and material problems are often faced through the performance of prayers to Santa Muerte.

Who is Santa Muerte?

For many years and for some time now, the cult of Santa Muerte has been promoted in the religious circles of some Latin American countries, which is a personification of death that has its origin in Mexico, where it is prayed to the death in the form of a cult.

The Catholic Church does not directly accept the cult or the prayers to the holy death , it considers that it may be related to black magic and diabolical activities, not in accordance with the moral principles of Christianity and the divine lines of the holy word, however in many Mexican regions has become a ritual and spiritual figure of importance.

Legalization of the cult of this saint

The followers of the cult of Santa Muerte have made many efforts to seek the legalization of the cult, however in 2005 the authorities of the Secretariat of the Government of Mexico elaborate a decree where the cult was totally prohibited.

The authorities alleged the following: “The worship of Santa Muerte seriously deviates from the regulations established in the Law of Associations and Religious Cults of Mexico.”

However, this has not stopped his followers who have continued to carry out the cult through the following years, his influence has been so strong that even in the seventh art a film was recently shown that dealt with the subject, getting to obtain various international awards.

The sentence

If you consider that through prayers to Santa Muerte you can tie a person, we invite you to do the following, which will help you achieve that goal:

“Most Holy, listen to my prayers for your help to come to me, I request your protection in this very difficult situation I am going through, you know the pain I am suffering from, I have a very difficult problem (the request is made), I know that you are going to solve it.”

“Blessed Holy Death, I wish for your great support, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, do not leave me alone at this time because that is when I need you the most. My white girl, my great saint, guide me along the path, go in front of me so that I remove all the evil, thanks to your powerful hands, you can help me, keep the bad vibrations away from me and my problems will disappear.

“Most Holy, free me from the worries and problems that afflict me, for the love I have for you, help me at this time. It is something very difficult, but I trust you and I am sure that you will solve it.”

“Santa Muerte, seek your consolation, which removed any obstacle that affects my peace from my path, I know that my problem is about to be resolved, you will hear my desperate voice, because you know how much I am suffering.”

“Mighty Santa Muerte, give me strength and will, I can’t stand it anymore, I place my last hopes on you. My lady, give me your strength and wisdom, grant me with your power the solution of this problem,”

Finished the prayer for the holy death , proceed to make the request.

The prayers to Santa Muerte have been growing year after year, currently there are thousands of prayers that believers make of her their spiritual power to get some favor. The saint is also called a white girl or a black girl, and with her she seeks to obtain spiritual light to solve a problem.

Below we will detail the passion that can serve a specific purpose so that if you think you can solve a problem with this prayer, do not hesitate to look for it and do it, for us it would be too long to describe each prayer in this article. We encourage you to do the one that best suits you:

  • Nine Days Prayer of the Black Girl
  • White girl
  • mother of tears
  • Daily prayer of the Holy Death
  • Daily prayer of the Holy Death
  • Prayer to Find a Job
  • blessed death
  • Blessed Mother of Compassion,
  • Black Girl’s Prayer
  • holy death prayer
  • Prayer, for impossible situations
  • Miraculous prayer of Santa Muerte
  • White Girl’s Prayer
  • Prayer of the Sorrowful Mother
  • Blessed Death of Money Prayer
  • The return to my love prayer

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