Sentence of the thought to dominate and despair

Sentence of the thought to dominate and despair

Dominating any person is not such a difficult task and through these rituals it is possible to bend that person to be totally at our disposal and what better way to tame than through the prayer of thought , if you still do not know him continue with this post and we will talk much more about this powerful prayer that can help you.

prayer of thought

Not all of us are lucky enough to reciprocate the love we feel for someone else, which is why many of us go in search of a little push so that person loves us with the same intensity that we love her or less more if It is possible and this through divine help through spells or prayers as it is in this particular case prayer of thought to dominate and despair.

Nothing in this life is impossible even to fall in love with a person who does not even turn to see you is possible and this can be achieved through prayers, only you can get that person you want so much to be by your side and think of you in a way desperate and that you also dominate all their senses at your mercy and that person is only yours and no one else’s and keep in mind that you can achieve this through prayers.

If you want to make someone think of you, you should know that it is not easy, but it is not an impossible situation either, and you should know that you can achieve it through the prayer of thought, it is a powerful and effective prayer with which you can tame and dominate both a man like a woman and you make that person only interested in you and only you are in his life. Pay close attention to the prayer that we will describe below effective thought prayer and do it with great faith and conviction.

Original Thought Sentence

In the great name of almighty God I invoke you Restless Spirit, Spirit of Dominion, Spirit of Despair, through this spell I request that you come to my aid to attract, dominate, despair and Unsettle the five senses, the judgment and the will of ( person’s name) to me (your name).
He raised this incantation to the Holy Guardian Angel of (person’s name), who was born on (person’s date of birth), for the day he received baptism and for the day he will die. Spirit of dominion grant me that (name of the person) has no peace but by my side, that he does not fall asleep if it is not with me, that his hunger is only satisfied by my side that his path and thoughts are only mine.
Make him come desperate imploring at my feet begging for love wishing to see me, full of passion for me, humble, repentant.
That he fill me with kisses and caresses of love, meek and noble that he ask me to be his owner and only woman, that his life only makes sense by my side, only with me (your name).
I (your name) request your attention and help Spirit of Despair come to me at this time when I need you so much, and intercede by bending the five senses of (name of the person) who submits to my request and will, so that only I am the owner of your faith, love and will.
To you dominant spirit that, with your divine power given by God, make (name of the person) be dominated by my body and my soul; that his life is not life if he is not by my side, that he does not approach anyone but me, that only I am the owner of his love and affection.
That he just missed me and wants to see me where he is. Dominant Spirit, bend my enemies with your Divine Power that God has given you.
With two I see you, with three I tie you, I drink your blood and I break your heart, Christ give me courage and Christ give me peace. Come to me (name of the person) being dominated in thought, body and will, with your gaze only on me, with your affection and love for me.
May my presence be your longing, may it captivate you, may it attract you, may you fall suggested by my voice, may it dominate you and my eyes blind you.
May only my will be yours, Amen.

Prayer of the thought to attract

Almighty God beloved father on this day I come before you to implore you for a new beginning in my life Lord, I want a new path for my new opportunities on this day I renew my faith in you because you are glorious and powerful.

I ask you Lord that love return to me that I can give myself love again I want to open my heart and my soul so that love floods my life completely my father. Help me to heal the pains of the past that I have in my heart for people who did not take care of my heart and only played with my feelings and everything that I give them, help me to heal my heart and look forward, Lord, I know that true love awaits me. and my life will shine in fullness.

Almighty Lord help me attract love into my life and may this time be the right person for my Lord, take away from me any fear that I may have in my heart due to past experiences and may limit me from living my new love fully.

I want to ask you strongly that everything I have in my thoughts comes true, it remains to bring love back to me, and that that person has only eyes and the desire to love me and only me. May that love that comes to my side be eternal and be a source of good things that is a channel to multiply good things in my life and help me forget all the damage of the past.

You who are a source of pure and true love Lord attend to my pleas I beg you, so be it so amen.

Sentence of the thought to despair

Great Spirit of love I (say your name) today I prostrate myself before you to beg you with all my soul that you condemn me the love of (say his name), that it come back to me and that this time it is forever and only for me feel love real. I beg you that the ruling spirit completely dominates his mind and that only I can control it, that his mind and heart also dominated by the ruling spirit belong only to me.

Spirit of Despair, I ask you (repeat your name) to be totally desperate for not being by my side, to feel impatient because you are not with me, to be so desperate that you cannot live another second without having me by your side. .

That is why on this day and through the spirit of despair I (repeat your name) tell you with all the conviction and strength:
Come to me …… (name of the loved one).

Come to me quickly, come with a meek heart, come with a heart full of love for me.

Come to me, I miss you at all times, I need you in my life, you are my love.

You, who are a miraculous spirit of love and who are great and powerful, who are capable of penetrating feelings, I want to implore you to please help me fulfill what I long for and it is; that his dreams only belong to me, that he has beautiful visions of me, that he dreams hour after hour only with me.

Make him wake up in his mind to see me, to sigh desperately remembering me. It pierces your heart with the darts of memory, which nostalgically evoke the happiness that we lived together, the moments of joy and love that we enjoyed together.

I ask you spirit of love that (say his name again) that he only wants to be with me, that he forgets the person he is with, that he walks away forever, that he does not feel anything for anyone else.

Spirit of Despair, may he be impatient, exasperated and afflicted for not being with me, may he repent with true regret for having abandoned me, and only when he returns to my side will he be serene and appeased.

Dominant Spirits, make him come to me, come back surrendered and meek, that he wants to always be with me, that his heart can only feel love for me, that only he belongs to me, that he be my partner forever.

I come before you, spirit of love to prostrate myself before you and in this way ask you to help me with what I ask of you and that that loved one is always with me and that he never walks away from my life that our love is beautiful and eternal. So be it amen.

It is important to mention that you must do this prayer for three days in a row starting from Wednesday and the last day, which is Friday, you must light a red candle, it can be difficult but not impossible to achieve, this ritual must be repeated during three weeks, that is, for a total of nine days.

Prayer of thought and mastery

Spirit, body and soul of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) I call you on this day, so come because I call you, I suggest you, I dominate you. Only I have complete control over you and over your mind and heart from this moment I dominate you.

I am (say your name with great conviction) and you are (repeat on behalf of the person you want to dominate) and by intersection of the spirit of domination I dominate you you are (repeat on behalf of the person you want to dominate) From this moment I dominate you in body, soul, mind and heart. Only I can dominate your judgment I can dominate your thinking because you will be only for me and no one else.

I declare that from this moment that your mind and heart are already dominated by me, I declare that my eyes seduce you, suggest you; my lips dominate you, when I speak my voice dominates you and you cannot ignore me, because your will is mine, you are only for me from head to toe, vein by vein, nerve by nerve, defeated and dominated I have you my.

Through the intersection of the spirit of dominion and with the reinforcement of the spirit of love, I have the full confidence and certainty that (repeat your name) once I finish reciting this powerful prayer, you cannot and should not be with anyone else other than me and only me and if you were to be, your strength would be exhausted as the Divine Lord was exhausted.

Glorious and powerful spirit of dominion, through you I want to completely dominate the spirit, body and soul of (say again the name of the person you want to dominate), from this precise moment I (repeat your name) dominate you in body, soul and heart that is why you must attend my call so; come because I call you, I suggest you, I dominate you; You must not have peace of mind until you come to see me surrendered and humiliated at my feet.

Just as I pierce this pin in the middle of this candle (a red candle is pierced with a pin), so I want my thought to pierce the middle of your heart so that you forget the person next to you and come to me because I call you, so that you only want to be with me.

Angel of your day, angel of today, guardian angel of (say his name) with your permission and for our good, may my wishes be fulfilled.

Dominant Spirit with your power, soothe, appease and calm his heart, sweeten his mind and thought, dominate his judgment and thought, dominate his five senses, so that he comes into my arms, that he is conquered and surrendered that he only feels love for me, from this moment and forever.

Prayer of the thought of San Marcos de León

Almighty, kind and accommodating God who lovingly reveals you to men with all your splendor and power
through deeds and words. Saint Mark of Leon: Oh! Spirit of Justice, owner of the Dominating Powerful Thought, Just Victor, I beg you:

You who are and dominate in the brain, in the heart and in the deepest thoughts, I beg you that the dreams and daydreams
of (say name of the person) be for the Creator in Heaven and on earth for me.

With your power and your symbol, San Marcos de León, that wherever and with whomever he is he does not have tranquility, or peace, or calm, he cannot eat or sleep or be with another woman/man other than me, that he be in his mind always me. With the three Divine Persons I bind you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to San Marcos de León to dominate thought

Oh Saint Mark, glorious scribe of Heaven,
defender of the weak and noble causes.
he receives my prayer and returns to me your portentous help
so that my pleas are worthy of being presented to God.

You, who with the strength of the lion, defeated evil,
do not ignore the sincere prayers that spring from within me:
I need your help to overcome the spirit of evil
that surrounds me and lurks everywhere
, closing my paths and preventing it from progressing.

You who possess the heavenly power to placate hearts
, make my adversaries unable to do anything against me,
may your strength assist me at all times,
may your protection cover me and give me courage.

Oh most benign Saint Mark of León,
who by the grace of God and guided by the Holy Spirit
spread the teachings of Jesus through the Gospel
and did not stop serving Christ with fidelity,
to you who are a blessed defender of just causes
I beg you to give me your help quickly,
and by the merits of the glorious Passion and death of the Lord
, defend me, separate me, free and protected,
from every bad person, enemy and evil,
I ask that your guardianship accompany me all the days of my life.

Blessed Saint Mark, ask Jesus Christ for me,
so that with your prayer and through your valuable patronage I
can calm, sweeten and dominate the enemy;
Just like you bend to the lion, make me win
and thus be away, protected and freed
from everything that causes me pain, anguish, damage and evil.

Oh glorious Saint Mark, who tamed the draga and the dragon,
tame the brave bulls that are also from the mountain;
calm my enemies so that they come humble before me
as the good Jesus humbled himself before Pontius Pilate,
so that without the need for ill-treatment or violence,
like a docile sheep, which is the perfect symbol of humility,
they come submissive to me, who is called .

send affability to their hearts and grant peace to their souls so that without distinction of classes and whatever their condition, they review their actions and repent they obtain forgiveness. Amen

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