Powerful prayer to the miraculous virgin, for mental health

Powerful prayer to the miraculous virgin, for mental health

The Prayer to the miraculous virgin, is a beautiful song to the humility and glory of the Virgin Mary, there are various prayers around the world dedicated to the miraculous, in this article you will be able to choose which one is best to solve those life problems.

Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin

When someone needs some urgent help and despair fills their spirit, a miraculous action is important to solve that serious problem, it is there that they go to the miraculous Virgin, who is a representative of the image of Mary in order to perform miracles. immediate.

This image of Mary is represented through a woman who holds two palms in her hands, which are open, from there two rays of energy depart which are what allow us to offer the virgin the strength of the miracle.

the medals

Along with the prayer, devotion and delivery of a miraculous medal is also made, which is a kind of help amulet that allows to enhance the miracle, it must be placed on the neck on November 27, the date on which it appeared in front of Saint Catherine Labouré, in France

They are considered miraculous and serve as support to seek the help that is so needed, it can also be carried in another part of the body specifically on the date described. When the prayer is being performed, it is important to take it with one of the hands until the prayer is finished.

Prayer of consecration to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

The dedication through prayer to the miraculous virgin, is shaped and structured in various ways, according to the traditional culture of the various countries where it is venerated, however for the clerics, the importance of prayer is found in the feeling that the person expresses at the time of doing it.

It is recommended how to pray the rosary to the miraculous virgin in a quiet place, it can be in a chapel, a church or at home where there are no annoying noises or interruptions, which can distract the person during the activity.

Some people tend to pray mechanically and without awareness, just for the simple fact of requesting a miracle, it is important to mention that each prayer must be done with faith and hope, stress it with feeling, with love so that the energies can flow and the miracle can take place.

Miraculous Virgin prayer structure

The beginning of the prayer should be done with the eyes closed, although it is not mandatory. Immediately say: “O Miraculous Virgin, you who have the power to intercede before me, attend to my request.”

The problem is then raised, asking the virgin to intercede before God so that his glory arrives with the necessary energies and can resolve the situation, then he establishes a small monologue where the person expresses his humility and his consideration as a sinner.

The miraculous virgin prayer continues through divine praises to God and of course a wake-up call is made to the Virgin so that she listens to the message and the request, the request is reiterated without specifying it and the memory and figure of Jesus Christ is invoked, who Because he is his son, he will never deny him anything.

Obtaining the miracle comes when the person is really convinced that it is going to take place, there can be no hesitation and doubt, this would already be an act of lack of faith, nor can the miracle be expected to occur immediately, only God proceeds in his time and decides when he should do it.

If the miracle occurs, for no reason should the virgin be forgotten, constantly go where there is an image and place a candle on it, fulfilling the promises made in the prayer, the end of it ends with a thank you to God and the Virgin. Promising to pray three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys for seven consecutive days.

Types of sentences

The various forms in which this beautiful sentence is composed establish various structures in its paragraphs and contents that allow it to be carried out according to the circumstance.

for healing

This prayer is focused on relieving the health problems of a relative, friend or the person himself and begins as follows:

“Mary Immaculate, you have given yourself to us as our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. You have asked us to pray with confidence, promising that in this way we will receive great blessings. We know of your compassion, because you saw your Son suffer and die for us. In your union with his suffering, you became the Mother of us all”.

From then on, the respective request is made and it concludes by saying: “According to God’s plan, get me the healing I need. Intercede before your Son, so that he gives me the strength I need to work for the glory of God and the salvation of the world.”

 Remember Prayer

It is a prayer that is made to the Miraculous Virgin in order to remind her not to abandon the supplications and to remember the petitions and the protection requested, it is suggested to perform this short prayer once a week after having requested the miracle.

Blessed be your purity

It is accompanied by the prayer called “Under your protection” , which are two very short prayers that describe praises to the virgin and request that she not abandon the person, the spiritual location is established under her mantle, in order to feel protected. for the glory of God.

Prayer of offering to the Blessed Virgin

Very similar to the main prayer, it consists of a miraculous prayer in order to offer oneself body and soul at the feet of the Virgin, it is very short and consecrates the faith and hope of the faithful, and at the end requests the protection and belonging of the spirit .

Prayer and Act of consecration to the Virgin

This prayer is longer than the previous ones and is used with the purpose of requesting with great faith the help of all the children of the world, it is an invitation to consecrate the acts of faith of each person, with the purpose of uniting efforts and defeating the darkness, one of the requests is that the virgin intercede so that all the men of the world place Jesus in their hearts.

Ode to the Assumption of Mary

This prayer to the miraculous consists of a prayer elaborated by Fray Luis de León, with the purpose of convening the arrival of the holy mother in heaven, and that from her height she can offer the kindness of miracles to anyone who asks for it.

Other related sentences

Based on the same narrative structures, the prayer to the Miraculous Virgin is related to other prayers made to the Virgin Mary, through her various appearances, these are the following:

  • Prayer to Our Lady of the People
  • Prayer to the Immaculate Virgin
  • Prayer of Saint Alphonsus Liguori
  • Prayer to Mary for the members of the Family
  • Prayer for the Miraculous Medal Association
  • Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
  • Prayer to the Virgin of Migrants
  • Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows.

Each one represents a feeling and an act of faith towards the Virgin, who is requested for various reasons, illness, health, prosperity, peace, among many requests, that people decide when they have a problem.

Litanies to the Miraculous Virgin

The litany to the Virgin is considered a prayer composed of various pleas and very brief invocations to God or to any saint who has been beatified by the Catholic Church, and that the rest of the people who attend the mass or ceremony repeat several times. , on some occasions they turn them into Aphonías (Giving melodies to prayers and prayers), which give a spiritual beauty to the ceremony.

The litanies to the virgin are made in order to reinforce the miraculous requests, the clerics recommend doing them three to four times a week and repeating them seven times each, at the end you should always say: “For Christ our Lord, Amen” .

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