Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima to solve problems

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima to solve problems

If you are a faithful believer of our Lord of Fátima, and you find yourself going through some difficult situation in your life, you need to go to her to ask her for a request, do not worry, in this post you will find the prayer to the Virgin of Fátima and you will it can help. Do not stop reading the information contained here is of your total interest.

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima

The Virgin of Fatima is one of the many representations of the Virgin Mary respectively, faith and devotion to her is immense since in 1917 in Portugal, since she appeared for the first time to three little shepherds, these little shepherds were called Francisco and Jacinta Martos, both brothers, Lucía Dos Santos, cousin of the other two little shepherds. As is known, the three affirmed that the Virgin appeared to them on May 13, 1917 in Cova da Iria, Fatima in Portugal.

The sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima, which is located in the municipality of Ourém, considered the main place of worship for the Virgin of Fátima, respectively, is considered one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the world, thanks to the millions of visits it receives from all that Marian population devoted to this distinguished virgin.

As already mentioned, the devotion and fervor for the Virgin of Fatima is immense, there are thousands of men and women worldwide who adore and venerate her as our holy mother, but also for her kindness and love towards each one of us, many people are the ones who come to her through prayer, to request her thanks in the face of any situation that afflicts them and is disturbing them, below, we will describe the most popular prayer to the Virgin of Fatima:

Oh Most Holy Virgin, you appeared repeatedly to the children; I would also like to see you, hear your voice and tell you: My Mother, take me to Heaven. Trusting in your love, I ask you to obtain for me from your son Jesus a living faith, intelligence to know and love him, patience and grace to serve him to my brothers, and one day to be able to join you there in Heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

My mother, I also ask you for my parents, so that they may live united in love; for my brothers, family and friends, so that living together as a family one day we can enjoy eternal life with you.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

I ask you in a special way for the conversion of sinners and peace in the world; for the children, so that they never lack divine aid and what is necessary for their bodies, and one day achieve eternal life.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Oh my Mother, I know you will listen, and you will get me these and how many graces I ask of you, because I ask for the love you have for your Son Jesus. Amen.

My mother, here is your son, be my mother!

O sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation!Amen

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima to solve problems

All of us at some point in our lives go through problems that we cannot solve and that disturb our day to day and we cannot have peace and tranquility since it becomes an unsustainable situation. That is why many Marian files go to our Virgin of Fatima to implore her help in any situation they cannot resolve.

With full confidence in her love and kindness, they earnestly pray to her or ask for their problems, so that in this way they listen to them and come to their aid, then we are going to describe a prayer to our Virgin of Fatima for problems that cannot be resolved. solve.

Oh Our Lady of Fatima, sweet Virgin Mary, venerated and acclaimed throughout the world, who left us your messages of peace and salvation and asked us to be faithful to the Divine mandates, help us to be better and to come to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Queen of the rosary and Merciful Mother, I am before you, my virgin, because I do not forget you. I am here, mother, because I want to keep you present in my life, and I turn to your loving Heart full of compassion so that you can get me relief for my needs.

You who through your sacred image pour out your maternal mercies in favor of all the afflicted, sore and sick and of those who beg for the sorrows of our lives.

You who always have a well-disposed ear to listen to us and with your tender gaze pave our paths, I want to ask you to accompany me with your strength and power, assist me with your noble and simple heart full of love and bless me with your hands always open. to give.

Today I come to you Miraculous Virgin of Fatima because I fully trust in your goodness

Well, You are the great hope of the sorrowful, and I cast my gaze to Heaven because I need your help.

I have limitless hope in the goodness and mercy of the Almighty, and the certainty that if you are my intercessor, my pleas will reach your beloved son Jesus, and from him to the Father, and I will be able to obtain what I now desperately need to get out of my grave situation. and urgent problems. Before you I place all my concerns and I beg you with all the fervor of my heart that you obtain for me the graces that I ask of you:

(Ask for a favor with much favor and faith in our Lady of Fatima)

Oh most sweet queen of the world, oh white and pilgrim Lady of the Rosary, universal mediator between God and us, I, knowing that you get from him what you requested, please help me in my desperate requests, I abandon myself in your loving arms, receive me, as a son, in your maternal lap, and do not forsake me now and never.

Mother fill our lives, our homes, with what is useful to us for the present life

and for eternal life and make us know how to understand your blessed message of love and mercy, that we embrace it and that we always practice it with fervor; and so may Your Heart be our refuge, our consolation and the path that leads us to love and union with your Son Jesus.

So be it Amen.

Make this prayer for three consecutive days, and do it with the same faith and fervor towards our beloved mother that she will listen to us and will be our intercessor before her son and that long-awaited favor that we need will be conceived. The prayer must be accompanied by; An Our Father, A Hail Mary, A Hail and the Glory to finish respectively.

Prayer to ask for a miracle

Oh, Most Holy Virgin of Fatima, you showed yourself at Fatima to teach the grace that comes from praying the Holy Rosary to three little shepherds. Inspire us with a sincere love for this devotion so that, like the shepherd children, it will not be a complicated task but a life-giving prayer.

I want you to listen to me, to listen to my beautiful family that also prays to you. I know that you can help us to be well, the truth is that we trust you like the children in the story. We believe that you are a being of light that God presented to us to protect us and take care of us from all evil. Please listen to me.

May all our prayers and reflections on the mysteries of our freedom bring us closer to your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Like the little children of Fatima, we wish to bring the word of God to as many people as we can.

Give us the strength, O Most Holy Virgin of Fatima, to overcome our doubts so that we can be messengers of the Gospel. Take us along that path of the Lord that we need so much, only you can bring us closer to him, we trust in you, I trust in you, my beautiful heavenly mother.

We know that Jesus always lives in our hearts and we take him in Communion. Today we ask you to perform a miracle in my life and that of my family, you who look at us with eyes of mercy. You know the needs we have in these moments of so much anguish, we beg you to put your miraculous hand and help us in what we need so much.

(Ask for a favor with great fervor and faith in our Lady of Fatima for the miracle that is so needed)

Great Virgin of Fatima, the miracles, the prophecies and the prayers that you brought us that time

Fatima managed to amaze the whole world. We are sure of her closeness to You. We ask for your intervention Our Lady of Fatima to listen and answer our prayers.Amen

Prayer to ask for health

I want to ask for your divine intervention as a doctor, surgeon and above all as a devotee of the Lord. Help me heal this evil that affects and worries me because it threatens to take away this beautiful life that my creator has given me.

I need any evil that I have to disappear immediately, give me the strength to move on. I implore your hands working in my life, for each cell of my body to be healed.

Disappear all this pain I have and give me the opportunity to continue sharing with my loved ones. I ask you for a miracle for what I wish to achieve for me, such as being in good health and moving forward, be granted.

I do not give up because in your company and wisdom I feel that I can count on you, your strength that sustains me in the most difficult moments. It is necessary for me to have your support at all times, I hope to get out of this disease that overwhelms not only physically but also my mind and my soul.

My destiny right now is in the hands of doctors, but I know that there is no better cure than the creator of each cell or part of our body. Who can understand everything and heal us to feel better and be able to enjoy my family.

Help all the sick who are suffering the same or more than me to find rest and hope through your word through prayer. This prayer will have its results in a short time, because that way you always respond to any situation we have.

Thank you noble and wonderful Virgin of Fatima for always being present and available with your support. I thank you for not leaving me alone, because here you are by my side listening to me and you will surely work in my life in a short time.Amen

prayer for children

If you want to educate your children from a very young age in the Marian faith, below you will find a short but beautiful prayer so that you can teach your children, where through it they can honor and glorify our Lady of Fatima with great love and fervor:

Holy mother of mine!

Oh sweet Virgin of Fatima who enlightened infants like me, and who guided an entire region towards the true faith.

You who protect the little ones and fill the hearts of the most innocent with tenderness and love.

Today I beg you not to abandon me despite the circumstances and to protect me at all times from deviating from the path of the Lord.Amen

Prayer of Pope Francis to the Virgin of Fatima

Hail Queen, Blessed Virgin of Fatima, Lady of the Immaculate Heart, the path that leads to God, pilgrim of the light that comes from your holy hands. I give thanks to God the Father who, everywhere, intercedes in the history of humanity; Pilgrim of the Peace that you manifest in this place, I venerate Christ, our Peace, and I ask for the harmony of all populations for the world; Pilgrim of Hope that the spirit raises, I come as a prophet and messenger to wash everyone’s feet, around the same table that unites us.

Hail, Mother of Mercy, Lady in white tunic! In this place, from which a hundred years ago you manifested to humanity the designs of God’s mercy, I look at your mantle of light, and as a bishop dressed in white, I keep in mind everyone who, dressed in baptismal whiteness, wants to live in God and recite the sacred mysteries of Our Lord to achieve peace. Hail, life and sweetness, hail, our hope, Oh pilgrim virgin, oh universal Queen! From the depths of my being, from your Immaculate Heart, observe the joys of the human being when he walks the paths of the Celestial Homeland.

From the depths of your being, from your Immaculate Heart, look at the problems of the human family, which moans and cries in this valley of tears. From the most intimate of your being, from your Immaculate Heart, adorn us with the jewels of your precious crown and make us pilgrims as you were, with your angelic smile, increase the joy of the church of God. With your sweet look, strengthen hope in Christ in your children. With your sacred praying hands that lift up the Lord, unite us all into one human family.

Oh merciful, oh pious, oh sweet Virgin Mary! Queen of the Rosary of Fatima! make us follow the example of blessed Jacinta and Francisco, and of all those who dedicate themselves to the proclamation of the gospel. We will travel in your name all the roads, we will be pilgrims of all your routes, we will break down all the walls and we will surpass all the limits, going to all the peripheries, to unveil there the justice and peace of God.

We will be, with the joy of the Gospel, the church dressed in white, with a shining innocence in the blood of the lamb, shed even today in all the struggles that destroy the world in which we live. And so we will be, like you, the image of the shining column that illuminates the paths of the world, showing everyone that God exists, that God is there, that Christ lives in the midst of the people yesterday, today and for all eternity.

Hail, Mother of the Creator, Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary of Fatima! Blessed are you among all women, you are the image of the church dressed in Easter light, our people full of pride, you are the victory against evil threats. Prophecy of the merciful love of the Father, teacher of the proclamation of the good news of the Son, symbol of fire of the Holy Spirit, teach us in this valley of joys and sorrows the eternal truths that Jesus Christ reveals to children. Show us the strength of your protective mantle.

In your Immaculate Heart, be the refuge of all sinners and the path that leads to God. United to my brothers, in faith, in hope and in love I give myself to you. United to my brothers, for you, I give myself to God. Oh Virgin of Fatima. And when I will finally be enveloped by the light that comes from your hands, I will give glory to God forever and ever. Amen.

Celebration of Pope Francis 100 years after the apparition of the Virgin of Fatima

Every May 13, the celebration of the first apparition of the Virgin of Fatima is commemorated, which was on May 13, 1917, and her apparition was before 3 little shepherds who were named; little shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta Martos. That is why for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of her apparition, Pope Francis on May 13, 2017, celebrated the centenary of her apparition in the sanctuary of Portugal.

For the date in this sanctuary a total of 300,000 pilgrims appeared to venerate throughout the night the 100 years of great faith and devotion to our Lady of Fatima. Pope Francis proceeded to make a prayer in honor of the Virgin of Fatima, which he accompanied with a beautiful rosary, but not before standing in front of the wooden bust that was carved by the late John Paul II in 1981, for some 10 minutes respectively as proof of devotion and admiration to our eternal mother.

As already mentioned, thousands of people attended this celebration of the 100th anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Fatima where, respectively, the Supreme Pontiff proceeded to canonize the three little shepherds who managed to see the Virgin of Fatima for the first time. Fatima and were in charge of receiving the three famous secrets of our mother Mary.

The three little shepherds, in addition to receiving the three secrets, the Virgin of Fatima entrusts them with the task of building a chapel, which over the years has become one of the most visited venues worldwide for all Marian devotees. It should be noted that in 2016 this chapel received a total of 692,000 Marians who were part of the nearly 10,000 celebrations in which more than 5 million people participated.

As mentioned later in the central ceremony, Pope Francis proceeded to canonize two of the little shepherds; Francisco and Jacinta Martos who were brothers. Both died a few months after the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, Francisco was born on June 11, 1908 and died while still a child on April 4, 1919 at the age of 11.

Jacinta was born on March 11, 1910 and, like Francisco, also died as a girl on February 20, 1920, respectively, at the age of 10. In the year 2000 both were beatified by Pope John Paul II, and this time they are canonized by the Supreme Pontiff of the time.

The third of the little shepherds was Lucía de Jesús Rosa dos Santos, a cousin of the other two little shepherds, she was born on March 22, 1907, therefore she was the oldest of the three, she died at the age of 97 on March 13. February 2005 in his hometown Portugal. Lucía was a nun of the Carmelitas Descalzas community and her beatification process is in the diocesan phase. It was Lucia who in 1942 revealed details of the secrets, although part of the third remains a mystery to humanity.

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima on her day

Blessed Virgin of Fatima, with renewed gratitude for your maternal presence, we join our voices to all the generations that have called you Blessed.

We celebrate in you the divine work of God, who never tires of pouring out mercy on humanity, afflicted by evil, wounded by sin, to heal and save it.

Receive with the kindness of a mother our prayers that we make to you today with confidence. We keep in mind that each one of us is true to your eyes and that nothing is strange to you from all that dwells in our hearts.

You take care of our life in your lap: you bless every wish for good; you rekindle and nourish our faith; you sustain and illuminate hope; you arouse and encourage charity; you lead us all on the path to holiness.

Oh Virgin Mary!, that in your last apparition you made yourself known as the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and in all of them you tried to pray as a proof of devotion for the safest and most effective solution for all the evils and calamities that afflict us, both of the soul and of the body, both public and private.

Instill in our souls a deep esteem for the mysteries of our Redemption that are commemorated in the recitation of the Rosary, in order to always live from its fruits. Grant us the grace to always be faithful to the practice of praying it daily to honor You, accompanying your joys, pains and glories, and thus deserve your maternal protection and assistance in all moments of life, but especially at the hour of death.Amen

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima of gratitude

Our Virgin of Fatima is miraculous, kind and is always full of mercy and love for each one of us, her children, that is why we are going to describe a prayer through which we can thank her for all the favors received from her, for listening to our pleas and coming to our aid, but especially for her unconditional love for us and for never abandoning us when we need her most in our lives:

Virgin of Fatima, precious you are, thank you for your mercy, and love for us, thank you my precious Virgin of Fatima for the favors granted, for healing our hearts from your maternal presence, thank you because you take care of us and our families, we honor you and From the depths of our hearts we thank you. Serve the Virgin of Fatima and ask for her care and she will take care of you at all times. He appreciates her love.

To you Precious Virgin of Fátima, thank you for how good you are, thank you for what you give me every day, thank you for your love and care, thank you Virgencita de Fátima for giving me peace in some difficult moments. Thank you very much, Invoke the Virgin of Fatima, follow her, and raise offerings in her name.

Thank you Virgin of Fatima for covering us with your Immaculate Heart. Thank you for manifesting your presence through the roses of each Hail Mary. Our Lady of Fatima! Messenger of love and peace. White as your purity. perpetual virginity.

As children who love you, we want to repair the offenses that wound your Immaculate Heart with a Hail…

We promise to pray the Holy Rosary every day, because we know Blessed Mother that it is your wish. We trust Mother of God and our Mother, in your powerful intercession.Amen

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