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March is coming, and with it the holiday of March 8th. Congratulations and touching words are heard for beloved mothers, grandmothers, wives and the smallest representatives of the fair sex. Congratulations ideas for your beloved women will be presented below.

We have prepared for you a list of beautiful, original, funny captions and quotes that you can use in posts for congratulations and wishes on Women’s Day!

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1 Words, congratulations – Mom 15
2 beautiful quotes 15
3 Words to a beloved woman, girl on March 8 15
4 Short Wishes 10
5 Song captions 10
6 Wishes for girls (school, college, kindergarten) 10
7 Congratulations on March 8 to a friend 10
8 Funny and funny captions 10
9 original and touching 10
10 Congratulations in verse 10
11 For March 8 colleagues 10
12 Congratulations to teachers on March 8 10
13 Congratulations on March 8 to grandmother 10

Words, congratulations – Mom

  1. Mother’s Day – March 8! Everything is boiling around in the morning: dad rushes for flowers, children set the table! Our mother, rest, accept congratulations!😘💐
  2. Dear Mom! Happy International Women’s Day! Always stay healthy, cheerful and kind! Let your beautiful eyes glow with happiness!
  3. Mother dear! Since March 8! You always warm us with your boundless love and tenderness. May the spring garden always bloom in your soul, may your eyes burn with enthusiasm!🌺
  4. Today, mom is more beautiful than ever, because spring is outside the window, and Women’s Day is walking around the planet. May all mothers receive flowers from their children today!
  5. Accept heartfelt congratulations, my dear mother! Health, happiness, peace of mind! Be always in a good mood!😊
  6. Mother! On the day of March 8, I hasten to express my love and endless gratitude to you just for the fact that you are! You are my beautiful gentle angel! Be always the same wise, charming and cheerful!
  7. Mommy! Let warm words of love never cease to sound for you, because you deserve them! Happy March 8, my dear!🎊🎉
  8. My mother, mother! On the day when mimosa blooms, tulips delight with their bright colors, and the sun warms us with gentle rays, be beautiful, positive, cheerful and, of course, healthy!
  9. I hasten to congratulate my mother on March 8 and wish her that her life will always be sweet, like chocolate and rich, like red wine.🍷🍫
  10. My precious mother! Today all the flowers of the world are just for you! And even if it’s gloomy outside, you, like the sun, illuminate our lives and warm us with your love. On this amazing day, let me say that I love you!
  11. Mommy, love! You are my protection and support! Today I want to congratulate you on the most women’s day and say thank you for the fact that on your fragile shoulders you are responsible for us, love and help in everything.  ❤️
  12. Today I wish smiles, kind words and beautiful bouquets to my beloved mom! Let all household chores and worries wait until tomorrow, and the day will pass with your loved ones!💐
  13. On the most important holiday of spring, I congratulate the most important person in my life, my mother! May she always be healthy, full of energy and strength! She is an example of elegance and style for me!
  14. Mother! Accept congratulations from your son on March 8! Thank you for your kindness, affection, humanity and for all your life experience, which you so generously share with me. I want your life to have as few reasons for sadness as possible, and tears in your eyes appear only from happiness!😘
  15. On this wonderful day, you deserve the most sincere words, the most beautiful bouquets and the strongest hugs! Mom, be always happy and beautiful!

beautiful quotes

  1. Sweetest, one of a kind charms! Please accept our sincere congratulations on International Women’s Day! Be loved, desired and beautiful like spring flowers!😍
  2. On the most beautiful holiday of the year, I wish all women lightness, feline grace and royal posture. Let the most beautiful flowers of the world lie at your feet today!🌹🌹🌹
  3. On the day of March 8, let every lady be beautiful and tender, and every gentleman generous with compliments and gifts!
  4. Let the bright mimosa and tender tulips give you a smile, and the gentle spring sun bring joy with it!💐
  5. Lovely women! Let work, life, everything wait on this wonderful day! Today bring beauty, tenderness, affection, joy and sincerity to the world! Happy holiday, beauties!😘
  6. I wish this bright day to be filled with the fragrance of roses, the brightness of mimosa! Be loved and unique, happy and unique! May strong men be with you!
  7. Let the day of March 8 turn into a passionate night of love! Let no woman be left without male attention!🙈
  8. Today is a great occasion to give flowers to your beloved women, to say kind words of gratitude to them simply for the fact that it is they who bring beauty to this world!
  9. Our dear, lovely women! Let the gardens bloom in your heart, and March will last all year round!😊
  10. It is good that March 8 is once a year, otherwise it would not be so bright and joyful.
  11. Spring sun, joyful mood, bunches of flowers for all ladies today!🌞
  12. I burn with the desire that our lovely ladies receive flowers and compliments not only on March 8! Let every woman bathe in love and attention all year round!
  13. Love, attention, reverent attitude – this is the best that every man can give to his woman. And it should be not only March 8th.😎
  14. A day that praises and idolizes the most beautiful thing that God created – a woman. A world without women would be empty and meaningless.☝️
  15. Women are miracles that surround us every day. They are the beginning of all beginnings!

Words to a beloved woman, girl on March 8

  1. My beloved wife! I congratulate you on the holiday of spring and beauty! Thank you for decorating my life and filling every day with smiles and your inexhaustible energy!
  2. My only, most tender and desirable! Happy holiday of grace and beauty! You are the embodiment of femininity for me! Always bloom and smell, and I will bathe you in my love and care!
  3. Darling! On this most beautiful day of the year, let me say once again that you are the most beautiful and desirable girl in the world! Today the sun is shining for you, flowers are fragrant with their fragrance, and champagne sparkles in a glass! Enjoy, honey, it’s your day!
  4. My clever, unique woman! Since March 8! Let compliments, congratulations sound! You deserve it!
  5. Darling! On this day I want to shout about my love, I am happy to be next to such a beautiful, charming, graceful woman! May your eyes always shine with happiness and sincere emotions, may luck and luck accompany you in everything! And I’ll just be there, your shoulder and support!
  6. My most precious wife, my beautiful companion! I congratulate you on the Day of Spring and wish you to always be healthy, happy and beautiful!
  7. Blooming, beautiful, exciting, sexy, feminine, desirable… All the epithets of the world are not enough to describe you! Since March 8! Always smile, it suits you so well!
  8. My Goddess! I wish you lightness, grace, beauty! Flutter like a spring bird! May all the peaks of the world submit to you!
  9. I sincerely congratulate you on Women’s Day, my love! Be happy, bloom like a luxurious rose! I promise to care and love you more than anyone in the world!
  10. Dear! May life bring more joyful reasons to smile, and may a good mood not leave you! Happy holiday of beauty and femininity!
  11. Cute! On this festive day, accept from me the most sincere admiration for your beauty and my declarations of love! You are the most beautiful and gentle creature on earth!
  12. Darling! Happy March 8! May your life be filled with harmony, joy, smiles! Know that I love you and will always be there for you!
  13. My tender and beautiful! Bathe in attention and compliments today, because you deserve it so much! I can’t believe my happiness when I realize that my feelings for you are mutual! Thank you for this!
  14. Beloved, precious wife! On the day of March 8, I wish life to be filled with all the colors of the rainbow, so that the black color never overshadows it and that you smile!
  15. Cute! I wish you to bloom brighter every day! May your kindness, wisdom and cheerfulness never leave you! Stay amazing and unique! Know that you are always desired and loved!

Short Wishes

  1. Let every woman not be left alone!💕
  2. Spring in the soul, love in the heart!💚
  3. Let the champagne flow like water today! Since March 8!🍾
  4. Happiness, love, desired gifts!
  5. March 8 is the day of mimosas, tulips and bright dresses!💃
  6. Dear girls, you are the main decoration of this day!😍
  7. Positive and joy on the day of March 8!😉
  8. Good mood and a sea of ​​flowers for every girl on March 8!💐
  9. Bright sun outside the window, sincere emotions in the eyes!
  10. Let everyone hear compliments and words of love today!😌

Song captions

  1. Cap-cap-cap! Icicles ring merrily.
    Cap-cap-cap! Spring-Red is coming!
    Cap-cap-cap! Celebrate the holiday with songs.
    Drip-drip-drip-drip-drip! Mother’s Day is coming! (Mother’s day)
  2. March 8th is Mother’s Day.
    March 8 is Women’s Day.
    Knocked down the caps of snow on one side
    Spring, the sun’s ray is a prankster.
    The winter is behind.
    She will return, but not tomorrow.
    The river of Living Flowers flows through the city on the
    eighth of March. (March 8 mother’s day)
  3. Holiday, holiday, holiday we give you!
    All flowers are for our mothers.
    Let the sun smile in the morning,
    And disperse all sadness and sadness! (The holiday of our mothers is coming)
  4. To all the girls, good evening!
    Let it last forever,
    you will be fine today!
    We want to congratulate you
    And we confess now
    That there will be more than one joke. (song – alteration by A. Pirozhkov)
  5. Happy Holidays, girls, op-op-op!
    Can we dance hip-hop for you.
    Indeed, on the day of March 8, you need to pamper you,
    And, of course, give each girl a flower. (song – alteration of “Berry – Raspberry”)
  6. The eighth day of spring, gives dreams We will be
    silent together with you The
    eighth day of happiness
    You will tell me “hello” (8th day of spring)
  7. All men are not up to sleep, The
    head is spinning:
    How can we surprise our women?
    There are many proposals, but …
    On a spring day, anyway,
    we will give flowers to the ladies. (to the motive of the song “Lilies of the valley”)
  8. So spring has come with a violent noise,
    It portends warm days.
    A golden ray will warm you, make you happy,
    The birds will sing a serenade in the morning. (to the motive of the song “There is only a moment”)
  9. March 8 is Women’s Day.
    And on such a beautiful day
    Let the shadow leave your faces,
    The smile will become clear. (to the motive of the song “Today is a holiday for the girls”)
  10. The eighth of March pleases when there are flowers around.
    We want peace and warmth.
    On March 8, all the women of the country are happy.
    And we believe, we hope: men need us. (to the motive of the song “Once a year the gardens bloom”)

Wishes for girls (school, college, kindergarten)

  1. Our girls are the coolest! On the day of March 8, accept congratulations! Stay always the same cheerful, beautiful and most cheerful!
  2. From the boys of all today we congratulate the girls! Let the cheerful mood not leave you for a moment, and your beauty blooms every day!
  3. Girls! On the Day of March 8, we want to wish you that all your undertakings come easy to you, that there are true friends nearby, that wishes come true, and your beauty adorns this world!
  4. Our girls are the best! We congratulate them on March 8 and wish them to be obedient, successful, beautiful, and so that a smile always blooms on their lovely faces!
  5. On this spring day, we congratulate our most beautiful girls and wish excellent grades in the diaries and the best results in sports and creativity.
  6. Girls! On this spring day, we wish you to grow up healthy, be the pride and joy of your parents, grandparents! Be beautiful like flowers, let your dreams come true!
  7. Our lovely, kind, girls! May your beauty bloom with the new spring, with the first drop, with the warm rays of the sun, your eyes glow with happiness and joy!
  8. On this wonderful women’s day, we wish you to always remain charming, kind and beautiful! You are the gem of our class!
  9. Let your life be filled with bright events, and best friends will always be there! Happy International Women’s Day, our dear girls!
  10. Since March 8! It’s a holiday for all girls! Accept congratulations, gifts and flowers from us, your idols and faithful defenders!

Congratulations on March 8 to a friend

  1. My faithful friend! On the spring holiday, I wish you to remain as positive, kind and charming!
  2. Joy, great mood, a sea of ​​​​compliments, smiles on my face I wish my girlfriend on March 8! May today and always you be surrounded by male attention and protection!
  3. May fortune always smile at you, and luck does not end! Let the most faithful friends surround you, and there will be no betrayal and envy in your life! And, in general, I wish you to be happy and loved!
  4. I wish you peace of mind, harmony and balance on this spring holiday! Blossom and blossom, decorate this world, my beloved friend!
  5. On a spring and festive day, I wish you that the star of luck never hides behind the horizon! Let life be filled with bright sunrises, impressive sunsets and sincere emotions!
  6. Enthusiasm, sparkling eyes! Always remain a cool girl, a cool girlfriend and the soul of the company!
  7. Thank you for your strong friendship, your responsiveness and kindness! On International Women’s Day, I wish you external and internal beauty, harmony and positive mood!
  8. Today you deserve the best gifts and the most beautiful flowers! My dear girlfriend, with the Spring Holiday, with the most beautiful day of the year!
  9. May blizzards and blizzards remain in a gloomy winter on this day, and this spring day will bring you armfuls of flowers and the most sincere compliments!
  10. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on March 8! Beauty around, beauty in the soul! May the gardens of your femininity and grace always bloom!

Funny and funny captions

  1. Eve of March 8 in a nutshell: men tremble!
  2. Day of brooms and sweets, drunken women and gallant gentlemen.
  3. On the day of March 8, all the ladies are waiting for an extraordinary miracle, but they receive only ordinary eccentrics
  4. I think that a rule should be introduced on March 8: each woman can choose three gifts, the names of which begin with the first letter of her name.
  5. I wish that on this day next to each was a real king of animals!
  6. On Women’s Day, the most important thing is not to say “happy holiday to you too” in response to men.
  7. Let the day begin with compliments, at least to yourself at the mirror!
  8. We have been silent all year! And now, the day has come! We go, beautiful and drunk, to say everything that has boiled!
  9. The harder the toy on March 8, the softer the female character all year – a new sign.
  10. A gift made by a jeweler is the best gift for March 8!

original and touching

  1. Today I want to dedicate to you the touching words of the song: if you weren’t in this world, my love, I wouldn’t kiss you and the starry sky.
  2. My beloved woman! Know that you are the spring sun, a gentle breeze that fills my life with meaning! You are femininity and tenderness! And this day is just for you!
  3. You are the romance of my life! You are a diamond worthy of the most expensive cut! On this spring day, accept my congratulations and admiration!
  4. Desirable, my priceless! Today I want to tell you that I am happy to be with you, so beautiful and graceful!
  5. Your refinement and femininity can only be compared with a wedding veil, only with a white swan on a crystal lake! This day is an ode to your beauty!
  6. My angel! I thank the heavens that the impossible has happened, and they have sent you to me, a beautiful ray of light in my dull life. Stay warm and beautiful, my love!
  7. And even if you are a little strange, but you are so desirable! Happy spring holiday, you are its personification!
  8. You are the breeze on a hot day, you are the sun on a winter cold! Fate gave you to me, and I will forever be grateful!
  9. Women have no age, they are always beautiful! They bloom when they are loved, when they are carried on their hands!
  10. I was always looking for you, your heat of fire and gentle coolness! Be happy always, my beautiful woman!

Congratulations in verse

  1. The scent of flowers is amazing!
    Happy holiday, darlings! With an ode to spring!
    Stay beautiful, like beautiful fairies!
    Let happiness bloom in your eyes!
  2. Any time of the year, let it bloom for you in the spring,
    Let the wind bypass you, the blizzard,
    Let the sun always warm you!
    You know, you are always beautiful!
    Let’s drink, gentlemen!
  3. So that sorrows pass, so that they never be sad,
    So that beauty only blossoms, not yielding to all flowers,
    So that only compliments in the back hear their own!
  4. May beauty not fade with spring blossoming,
    May the trills of birds not cease , May
    a smile be on your lips!
    There is nothing more beautiful than women! Today is a day for admiration!
  5. March 8 is a great day!
    After all, women of all ages deserve the best words!
    Words of admiration, words of delight!
    Worthy of bright stars from heaven!
  6. Today, all men are in a hurry to congratulate the lovely ladies,
    They rush to give flowers, gifts and compliments!
    Today everything is for women – March 8 has come!
    May it bring good luck, dreams come true!
    There is no place for sadness!
  7. Let the mimosa bloom in your soul,
    The rainbow shines outside the window!
    Today is a spring day, a beautiful day!
    All about love and beauty!
  8. My daughter was born on a spring day, the best!
    She is a gift of beauty, a work of love!
    After all, to be born on Women’s Day is the
    Lord’s providence!
  9. Tulips and mimosa are blooming!
    All the men are in a hurry, hurry!
    What kind of day is today?
    How is that? March 8 is a wonderful day!
    International Women’s Day!
  10. Girl, girl, woman, grandmother …
    How many roles are ahead,
    Only one of them is always unchanged –
    It is to save our world with its beauty!

For March 8 colleagues

  1. Our friendly female team is resting today! Today everyone is dressed up and a little under the closet! What is the reason? And a good reason – March 8 in the yard!
  2. It’s a sin to work on such a day! Work, but not with all your heart, dear colleagues! Happy Spring Day everyone!
  3. Dear Colleagues! On this holiday, I would like to wish you all the very spring, bright, pure as silver drops! Let love, care and understanding surround you!
  4. On the March radiant day, we wish you to shine, sparkle! Let men, your children and friends please you! Always be a source of joy and inspiration!
  5. Lovely women! Without you, our team would not be so cheerful and friendly! Thank you for your beauty, wisdom and responsiveness! Since March 8!
  6. We wish you beauty, health, love and a cozy home! May your families be strong, and your men never tire of delighting you with bouquets and gifts, may your every day begin with warm words of love!
  7. We wish female happiness, fast career growth, a decent salary and, of course, love! Let these flowers become a symbol of our deep respect for you, dear women!
  8. Let the winter, leaving, take away snowfalls and frosts, and spring will give you a bright sun and a smile on your beautiful faces!
  9. Dear colleagues! Please accept our congratulations on your day! Remember that for us you are always fragile gentle creatures! We sincerely admire your work and achievements!
  10. On the day of March 8, we wish a smile to play on your serious faces more often, so that optimism and inspiration never leave you, and close and dear people always please and appreciate you!

Congratulations to teachers on March 8

  1. Today you are not a strict director and teacher! Today you are just a woman and our beloved cool mom! Please accept our congratulations on March 8 and wishes of strength and patience in your hard work!
  2. From the students of our class, I would like to wish our beloved teacher health and female happiness!
  3. Today we congratulate teachers on March 8 and wish them smart students and good results in their work!
  4. Our dear, kindest teacher! Since March 8 you! Spring and beauty!
  5. Dear teacher! On International Women’s Day, we wish you to smile more often and be less upset!
  6. We hasten to congratulate all the teachers of the school and wish them health and well-being! May spring always be in your heart!
  7. Our teachers! Since March 8! Always remain an example of elegance and dignity for us!
  8. Happy March 8, dear teachers! Thank you for teaching us not only sciences, but also mutual respect, mutual assistance and friendship!
  9. We hasten to tell you the warmest words of gratitude for your hard work, our dear teachers! May joy appear in your eyes more often! We promise to do everything for this!
  10. With excitement and awe, we are in a hurry to congratulate our teachers on Women’s Day! We wish them health and family well-being, success in work and smart students.

Congratulations on March 8 to grandmother

  1. Thank you for the gentle hands, for the warm caress and kindness! Today, on the day of March 8, grandmother, accept congratulations and gratitude simply for the fact that you are in our life!
  2. You are a symbol of comfort, warmth, care! Grandma, grandma! Happy spring holiday to you, our dear! Be healthy!
  3. On March 8, I wish my grandmother youth in her soul and lightness in her body!
  4. Grandmother! Thank you for your kindness, for your inexhaustible love and energy! Thank you for always being an example of femininity and wisdom for us! And may it always be so!
  5. Be happy, healthy, perky and energetic, dear grandmother! Since March 8!
  6. The Lord sent grandmothers into this world! May today every grandmother receive a bouquet from her grandchildren and the most sincere words of love and respect!
  7. My caring, gentle grandmother! Happiness when you are near! Be healthy, dear! Happy Women’s Day!
  8. All the words in the world are not enough to express my love and gratitude for the most feminine work – the work of a grandmother! Just to say that I love you and wish you good health on the 8th of March!
  9. All the best to you, may your heart not hurt for your grandchildren and children! Happy March 8, our beloved grandmother and caring mother!
  10. Only for her we are always kids, only she will understand and warm! Our grandmother, our angel! Since March 8!

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