The prayer for a pure cigar to recover a love

The prayer for a pure cigar to recover a love

If you are one of the many devotees of Puro Purito and you are looking for some of his prayers, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this article we will show you various invocation prayers to Puro Purito that will be to your liking, do not stop reading it.

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There are infinities of people who come to or invoke Puro Purito to ask him for a favor they need, more than anything Purito is invoked to dominate, tame and despair in matters of love and through his help that person falls totally in love with you, or failing that return to your arms without any inconvenience, meek, humble and bowed before you.

Next, we will describe several prayers dedicated to Purito by which we can invoke him to request his help depending on the case of our situation: Among them the first prayer of Puro Purito:

Pure little cigar, I conjure you in the name of Death.

You have to give me the sign that I ask of you, the ashes have to fall. If he is eager to speak to me, his mouth must open, and with this prayer he must come meek, desperate and humiliated to the soles of my feet.

Soul of the four winds, you who walk the whole world, I want you to bring me to (Say the name of the loved one).

By the seven spirits and the seven souls, make him change his loves and come back to me,

with the great power of Death.

You who travel through the world in streets, mountains, hills, if you find the soul of

(The name of the loved person is said).

Do not let me pass until you come surrendered at my feet. If he’s sitting, don’t leave him alone,

Put my thoughts in your mind. If she is sleeping, let her dream me; she will not be able to sleep peacefully

For a child he has to hear cry. So be it, so be it, so it will be Amen.

Prayer of the pure for love

I make this invocation through these fumes, to the supreme power of the occult and satanic. Attract to me the love of my life. To sow love and passion in (say the name of the person you want to attract).

I offer this spell of the cigar, so that the joy of love reaches me. I invoke the satanic spirits of the 7 hells. To do with his power, make love be born in (repeat his name)

These smokes are means of invocation and offering to his power.Amen.

Prayer of the pure to return

Through Saylas Nehemiah, prayer of the pure cigarito.

I offer the fumes of this tobacco to the infernal spirits, so that the spirit of (name of the loved one) returns to my side submitted to my feet.

By the power of the spirit of tobacco, through this invocation I make my request yours, so that (name of the loved one) returns to my side. Dark spirits that mobilize wills

I invoke your power through Saylas Nehemais, so that the will of (name of loved one) returns to me. I make this request yours through this invocation.

Receive these fumes as a thank offering.Amen.

Prayer to the pure to despair

Through Saylas Nehemiah, prayer of the pure cigarito.

I invoke your satanic power hidden spirit of the pure, so that through your influence you subjugate the will of (Say the name of the person we want to return)

That you sow supreme despair in (Repeat his name), I invoke your dark essence, domain of desires, power of wills

He twists the thought of repeating his name again), so that he does nothing but think of me, so that the uncontrollable desire makes him give up in despair for me.

I offer these smokes and essences of the cigar, for your calm and compensation. By the power of the pure, I cry out in despair in (once again say his name)

So that you desperately look for me.Amen.

Holy death pure prayer

With the help of the great Saylas Nehemiah, I invoke through these smokes your power of dominion and exaltation of wills.

Great Santa Muerte unleash your power over (Name of the person or people)

So that the desire and love for me, Submit his will and return him to my feet, I invoke your power to bend his will.

To subjugate his love at my feet, great Santa Muerte, I implore your supreme power.

Your satanic domain of the occult.Amen.

Ritual to separate people- Puro Purito

Before doing a ritual it is important to keep in mind when performing them, spiritual strength is paramount and above all take security measures for the effectiveness of the ritual and obtain the desired results.

The materials to use

  • dark wrapper cigar
  • Photos of the people to be separated or of the loved one
  • Brew, whiskeys, brandy or port.
  • Three red or black candles

ritual steps

The first thing we must keep in mind is that the ritual must be done with great concentration and tranquility, without any distraction or inconvenience. To begin with, we must cross ourselves three times with our left hand, since in this way we drive away the bad energies on our side.

Then proceed to light the three times with the same was all, later on a table or the workplace that was arranged for the ritual forms a kind of triangle with the three candles.

Within this triangle we proceed to place the photo of the people you want to separate forever, or failing that of the person you want to bring if this is the case of the ritual.

Then you proceed to drink the glass of alcohol of your choice, the one you chose to drink within the ritual and in this way completely relax your body and only focus on the ritual and give yourself the best energies.

To end the ritual, proceed to light the cigar and before giving the first pull to it, you must name and repeat the name of the intercessor, the sorcerer, shaman, or misayoc, of whomever the prayer is, that will help strengthen the invocation. to the spirit of the pure. And for the subsequent puffs on the cigar you can use some of the prayers that were previously described and are dedicated to Puro Purito.

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