Prayer to the blessed souls for love

Prayer to the blessed souls for love

You are not lucky in love and you want to form a serious and stable relationship, you cannot find the right person to be able to form a family. do not worry about that situation for everything there is a time indicated in this opportunity we bring you a prayer to the blessed souls for love, do not stop reading the post that prayer is very effective.

Blessed souls for love

Finding love is not an easy task, which is why many people turn to divine help and, depending on their devotions, ask for and request a favor. In this opportunity we will describe a prayer made to the blessed souls so that through their interception that person desperate to find the love of his life finds it in the simplest way possible, below we present a prayer to the blessed souls for love very powerful and effective you just need a lot of faith and devotion in the blessed souls:

Blessed Souls who are in purgatory,

May God take them out of sorrow and take them to rest,
 prayer to the thirteen Blessed Souls:
“Oh my thirteen Blessed Souls
I ask you for the love of God,
that my request be answered,
my thirteen Blessed Souls, wise and understanding,
I ask you for the blood that Jesus shed,
May my request be answered.
My Lord Jesus Christ, who protects you,
cover me with your arms
and protect with your eyes.
O God of goodness,
you who are my defender in life and in death,
I ask you to free me from the difficulties that afflict me.
Oh my thirteen Blessed Souls,
wise and understood
achieve the thanks that I ask
I will be devoted to you.
 Pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary
for thirteen days.”
In the name of the water that wets everything,
that forms everything,
that clarifies everything,
in the name of the fire that transforms everything
I reach now without delay what I most desire.Amen

Prayer to the souls in purgatory to ask for a favor

Oh, Blessed Souls of purgatory,
Wise and grateful, I come tonight to pray
for your souls, for the love of God I ask you,
attend to my request.

Oh, poor souls, with great hope I come to you,
I ask you for the blood that the sacred body of Jesus shed,
that you attend to my request, pray for me.

God the Father, protect me from all evil,
cover me with your sacred mantle,
keep me in your heart, keep
all problems away from me,
may your precious blood protect me.
Merciful God, loving Father,
You my justice, in life and in death,
I beg you to answer my prayers
and free me from all evil that
torments my life.

Hide me from those who want to harm me,
who even with eyes, cannot see me,
and when they try to attack me, they lose their vitality,
God, allow them to lose the desire to hurt.

Oh, Wise Blessed Souls,
before you I present this request, it
is impossible for me to sustain myself,
but I know that you will be able to help me,
for the love of Jesus Christ on the Cross,
pray for me, and I will pray for you,
please obtain this grace to me:
“Explain the favor requested”

And I “your name”, your faithful follower, will
spread your power so that a thousand people pray for you
and you can reach eternal rest.

So it shall be, in the name of Jesus.Amen.

What are the blessed souls?

The blessed souls are defined as all the souls that are condemned to remain in purgatory for an indefinite time, this definition based on Christian traditions. Each of these souls are from people who have died and after their trial before God our Lord and once he determines that they have not behaved in the best way, since they have committed a series of sins and broken their commandments.

And once their judgment is carried out, our Lord Jesus Christ imposes a penalty on them to pay for all their sins committed and they must be in purgatory for an indefinite time while their souls are cleansed of all evil and all sin, and thus they comply with the penalty. imposed.

Saint Peter, who is in charge of opening and protecting the gates of heaven, does not let any of the souls of these people who were condemned to purgatory go to heaven, until their imposed penance is fully paid and after that they must wait for God to allow them to enter Heaven to enjoy Eternal Grace.

In this way it can also be mentioned that the blessed souls are the souls of all those people who die and in life did not receive the sacred sacrament of baptism, in this way both children and other people who do not receive the sacrament of baptism and do not participate in Christian rituals on time, that is, before dying, they are considered holy souls.

It can be said that the power that the blessed souls have is determined by their privileged position at the moment of being able to have contact with the beyond and with what happens on Earth, being in the first of the levels that the souls visit. in the afterlife.

That is why the blessed souls have the ability to observe what living people cannot visualize, which is why the holy souls of purgatory are known to be the ones in charge, together with the angels, of caring for and saving the living. Those that allow to extend the holy protection to the relatives and the guardians of the spirits.

When should one pray to the blessed souls?

The blessed souls mainly play the role of protecting and guiding, as well as maintaining peace and balance in the energy flows that regulate our lives. However, in this way, a propitious moment to pray to the blessed souls is to ask for love and that in this way they be guides to lead us to the love of our lives and find the right person for each of us.

It is important to know what type of love is being sought when praying to the blessed souls, and always keep in mind that type of love that is being claimed and for which one wishes to ask if it came into our lives if it is a; passionate love that is only for a moment or a true love that can last for a lifetime. In this way, a prayer for family or brotherly love can also be prayed to the blessed souls, so that they take care of and protect our entire family.

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