Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for a Bride

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for a Bride

The Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila, tend to be a number of prayers that can help the faithful to achieve their goals or desires with the help of their virgin. In the following article you will know everything related to these prayers and much more.

Prayers Virgin of Juquila

Prayers to the Virgin of Juquila tend to be recited for various types of reasons, including:

  • Love
  • The family
  • work, among others.

In addition, there are many other reasons to pray to the Virgin of Juquila since through them you can achieve a beautiful love or even pray to the Virgin of Juquila for a Girlfriend. We are going to present a number of prayers that are dedicated to her to obtain various benefits in our favor.

Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin of Juquila

This is one of the prayers dedicated to the Virgin of Juquila which can give support and benefits to your life. It says as follows:

Oh Virgin, greatly admired and holy, pure Blessed Juquila, I send you a faithful infinite prayer, which I want to reach your presence, you who are blessed, I ask you to free us from all pain. I ask you to send me a great relief with your love! What enormous sorrows have left all the past sorrows.

I ask you to send us your warmth! On this day I ask you, O Virgin, for these 3 wishes:

  • send health
  • Send Money
  • send loveAmen..

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila Oaxaca

This is a prayer to the Virgin of Juquila Oaxaca, for her blessing and eternal love which gives all her believers the great blessing in the petitions they ask for. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh pure Virgin of Juquila!, the Mother of God, who was conceived without original sin, who is full of grace, who is impregnated with what is justice and original innocence, virgin all immaculate and without any stain for to be the worthy Mother of Jesus himself.

You, oh great Lady, who are in your good conception that beautiful dawn of the happy day of great grace, and who are the happy east of the divine sun of justice that you emanate in the darkness of sin, who are the one who undoes the shadows of death and that you are also the one who opens the gates of glory.

Let us rejoice, O Lady of your glories!, for what we celebrate on this day, and we also honor your immaculate conception, for which we admit that you are all beautiful and without stain. We give all our congratulations to you and your holy parents who are Joaquin and Ana, and we glorify the Holy Trinity because she has enriched you so much on this day.

We ask you, oh pure Mother, we ask you to give us your purity to our soul and also the innocence of our customs, now and forever and at the time of our death. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Difficult Cases

This kind of prayer to the Virgin of Juquila is the one that should be done for about 9 days in a row and later it should be published on a poster in the press precisely on the 9th day, proceed to light 1 white candle or light blue for each of the days of prayer.

It is even said that said prayer tends to be totally effective and after the 9 days have passed, the request is granted and another type of press poster must be made when this happens. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Dear Mother, great Virgin of Juquila!, The Virgin of Our certainty, on this day I ask your forgiveness for all my faults, because truly they tend to be many, our life comes to belong to you, I ask you to take care of us from all evil , if in this world full of injustices, of great misery and of sin, you see that our life tends to be disturbed, never leave us.

Oh Dear Mother!, I ask you to protect the pilgrims, go with them on all their paths, we ask you to take care of the poor without sustenance, and the bread that they take from them, return it to them today. I ask you to come with us in all our lives full of sin and to free us from all kinds of sin that surrounds us. Amen.

Now proceed to (Make here your request or what you want to achieve). In the most difficult moments, many people are the ones who go to the Virgin of Juquila to ask for her help. We proceed to thank the Virgin of Juquila for the favor that was granted and also for everything that remains to be received.

With this kind of prayer you should get to ask for about 3 wishes, 1 that is business or work and 3 that are impossible, no matter how difficult they may be, the Virgin with the great benevolence and the great maternal love that she possesses in his heart he will surely grant it.

It begins to pray about 9 Hail Marys, 9 Our Fathers and Gloria. Prayers and prayers must be made in the 9 days in a row, each and every one of them with great faith, hope and trust in Her.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Love

This has to be done with great faith for about 9 continuous days and at the same time be able to offer 1 candle that is red to the virgin. All the people who want to find the great love of their life, it is a type of love that lasts forever or as the priests tend to say until death do them part, you can also read the prayer to the virgin of juquita for wives and family. The Prayer says as follows:

Oh great Virgin Mary of Juquila! I ask you to give me, Mother, your eyes so that I can look with them, because if I can do it with them I know that I will not fall into sin again. Give me, oh holy Mother, your lips so that with their help I can say a prayer to you; Because if I can pray with them, God the Father who is in heaven will be able to hear me.

I ask you to give me, oh Mother, your tongue so that I can make communion; because with her it is only what is spoken love and holiness. Also give me, oh Mother, your arms so that I can work; Well, that way it will be much easier for me to do it on several more occasions.

I ask you to give me your mantle so I can remove my vileness; since with the help of your mantle to heaven I have to get there. I also ask you to give me the Mother of Jesus, your beloved son, so that I can adore him; because if you give me Jesus, what other kind of thing can I ask for? And this must be my great happiness for life always.

Thank you oh Mother! for coming to be with me in all the hardest moments of my daily life and in my life, today I long for your help to be able to quickly get out of this enormous and immense pain, I ask you to give me your strength, your faith and of your eternal hope so that there is love in all people.

I ask you to achieve the release of all prisoners who are truly innocent. Oh Purisima Maiden Mother of Juquila! I ask you to take care of us forever from all evils and to guide me along the right path of life and never let me fall; In advance I give you my greatest thanks for the love that you come to dispense and offer me.

I ask you, oh great virgin of Juquita, to give me a beautiful, beautiful, intelligent girlfriend, who truly loves me with all her heart, that she be the woman of my life and I be the man of her life, that we live a life together until the end of time and that at all times we are sincere and love each other with all our hearts. Oh our Mother at all times we will venerate you with great devotion and enormous love. For which I thank you. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Business

This is a prayer that is made in order to be able to have good business in our daily lives. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Celestial Mother of Juquila!, the most loving and attentive woman, I present myself before you to be able to ask for your blessing so that you can give us an abundance of goods for myself as well as for my relatives, in the businesses that we are going to begin. I know that you are the one who knows that a family is much more than a mother, a father, a brother or a sister, more than a wife or a husband.

The family tends to be a kind of group in which each of the components have to come to believe in you, for that reason I offer you this good prayer so that you give me your blessing to my finances.

I also ask you for the blessing of the business (at this time you must name the person who has the business) and I ask you to bless all those people whom I love at all times, and I know they will have take advantage of receiving your blessing, since the power of this prayer can be extended in the union of all those who truly believe in it and in you, OH Holy Virgin of Juquila. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Work

Whenever possible, we ask God and the Virgin so that both help us to get a good job, this kind of prayer can be said to be very powerful if it is done with great faith to the Virgin of Juquila. , you can also get to see other kinds of sentences to it. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Holy Virgin of Juquila!, who are the intermediary in all the difficulties, I ask you to help me to be able to get a good job in which I can fulfill myself, and that my family does not lack anything in any type of concept of your life. That I can get to keep it despite the various problems and the envy of the people who tend to envy us.

That I can get to progress in it, increases my quality of life and can get to have health and strength. And that every day I can become a help to those who tend to surround me. And that in the company of my holy family, to whom you are close, I give you my word to spread your devotion as a kind of expression of my gratitude to your favors. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the Family

This is one of the prayers to the Virgin of Juquila for the family, so that she protects them and keeps them from all evils. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Great Lady of Juquila! We ask that this home become a place of great love where offenses do not exist, because you give us your great understanding. Let there be no sorrows because you give us the blessing. That there is no such thing as ambition since you teach us to share.

Let there be no hatred because you gave us forgiveness and the power to forgive. Let there be no forgetting because you always come to accompany us. May we learn what it is to reach you in our daily life. May each day dawn and be of full surrender and sacrifice. May you find us with great love for our spouses on each of the nights.

Oh lady, try to make our lives unite, and be filled with you. Do, oh Virgin of Juquila, that our children, what you love in great love; we ask you to help us teach them and also to place them on your path. We want the comfort to become mutual and the love to become a reason to be able to adore you much more.

That we can give you the best of each one of us to be happy in our home and that with each sunrise it is that we can go to meet you and that way you can grant us how to always be with you. Amen.

Spouses and Family Prayer

This is a prayer made by the spouses for their family which is their help and protection. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh my Lord, I ask you to make our home a place of love where there is no insult, where there is your understanding. That in our home there is no bitterness since you bless us at all times. Let there be no selfishness because you are the one who encourages us to give. May there never be rancor because you give us forgiveness.

That abandonment does not exist since you are with us, that we can know how to march towards you in our daily lives, that every morning begins a new day of sacrifice and dedication. That every night you can find us that much more love of husbands, make oh Lord of our lives that you were pleased to unite, a page that is completely full of you.

I ask you, my lord, to make of our children what you long for; that you help us to educate them, to guide them on your path, that we can make an effort in what is mutual consolation. That we can make love one of the reasons to love you much more, that we can give the best of each one of us to be truly happy in our home. That when the day dawns that we go to meet you, we may be granted to find ourselves forever in you. Amen…

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the Sick

This is a prayer made to the Virgin of Juquila by the sick so that through her help they may be healed. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Virgin of Juquila, the Virgin of our hope; I present myself before you full of great confidence, to ask you to grant me the health of the soul and also of the body, I ask you to remedy all my ills and at the same time forgive all my sins, so that in this way I can have all the forces of being able to love you.

And I can help you to serve to be useful to my neighbors, and at the moment in which you come to ask me that with my illness it be as part of your sufferings, you make me the exception of being able to do it with great patience and with resignation and in that way I can come to offer you my discomforts for the purification of my own soul and the complete healing of all the needs of this world. Amen.

Novena to the Virgin of Juquila

The novenas tend to be practices of a devotion that are carried out over the course of about 9 continuous days in order to obtain a certain kind of grace or also in order to request a certain intention.

When praying, people find themselves establishing a kind of direct communication with God himself and for this they must think lovingly, just as Jesus himself did when he came to praise his Father, he was thanking him in everything. moment and asked him to please forgive the sins and also all the faults that were committed by man and at the same time he asked for his help.

With the power of this great prayer is that people are able to unite with God himself, and fight against evil and in such a way they can obtain what is the grace of God. This novena to the Virgin of Juquila has to be carried out for about 9 continuous days, and always at the same time. You have to light 1 white candle on each of the days of prayer.

Oh Holy Virgin of Juquila you who are clean and pure in your conception, who come to reign in heaven after God himself and who are the progenitor of the son of God Jesus Christ. Oh Dear Patron that you lavish and that you tend to receive us with your enormous goodness each and every one of the requests that are presented to you and that we know that there are usually innumerable miracles that have been able to be performed through your great and divine intercession.

Oh my Juquilita mother! you who come to cure all discomforts and at the same time comfort those who truly need you the most, you who always take care of your beloved children from dangers and many difficulties and free them from their sorrows, you who never abandon and that you are the great hope I ask you to listen to my most sincere requests that I make today with great faith and trust:

(At this time you get to make the request)Amen.

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