Prayer to Divine Providence for my Dress and Shoes

Prayer to Divine Providence for my Dress and Shoes

The Prayer to Divine Providence, is one of the most effective prayers that exist today, since through this prayer each of the believers can receive the favor and blessings that they so desire, in the following article we will teach you everything related to this powerful prayer.

God the Father Divine Providence

“Trust with all your heart, each one of your needs to the most secret of divine Providence and firmly believe that God with love and sweetness, will bring infinite blessings to your life.” Saint Francis de Sales

“When for some reason we feel that we cannot achieve something in our human strength, then we must expect more from the assistance of God who can do everything.” Saint Ambrose

“Even for the necessary things we must not worry, nor trust them when we have them: each one of us must have peace and let divine Providence manifest itself.” Saint Basil

“In prayer there is an obstacle that consists in thinking that the Providence of God does not take care of the things of this world, for this reason you must remain in faith and trust that the divine presence of God is working in your favor.” St Thomas

Prayer to Divine Providence

What things will happen on this day, my God? I ignore it. That is why at this moment I ask you for your favor and grace so that everything goes very well for me, I know that all things are under your domain and eternity. That’s why I trust you, with all my heart! I adore your holy and blessed presence, Oh great God, only you guide each one of my steps, that’s why I beg you that your perfect will be done in my life.

Litanies to Divine Providence

  • Oh great and mighty lord, have mercy on us
  • Christ have mercy on us at all times
  • Lord, have mercy on us we ask you with faith and devotion
  • Christ, hear our cry
  • Christ, hear us at all times
  • God, heavenly Father, you are worthy of all glory and honor
  • God, Redeemer Son of the world, only you can give us victory
  • God, Holy Spirit, I praise you and bless your presence
  • Holy Trinity, One God, only you are powerful Lord, great in wonders
  • God, in whom we live, move and have our being, continues to direct our walk
  • You, who created the sky, the earth and the sea, your lord, who are sublime and majestic
  • You, who created things according to your perfect will
  • You, who have control of everything and who made the heavens with your hand and placed order
  • You, who direct everything and can meet the needs of your believers
  • You, Almighty God, thank you for your infinite goodness
  • You, who open paths in the desert and fill all living with great blessings,
  • You, oh great lord, help with love both the righteous and the sinners,
  • You give food every day to the birds of the sky and full of beauty the lilies of the field,
  • You, God, are great and you are full of infinite mercy,
  • You, Lord, guide those who love you on the path of good,
  • Father of goodness, provide comfort to your children, forgive us our sins and deliver us
  • From the plague, deliver us from famine and war,
  • From enemies, and from destructive rain and drought, protect us Lord
  • May we always trust in your divine Providence,
  • May your blessings come to us
  • That every day we can achieve victory
  • Lamb of God, only you have the power to remove the sins of the world, thank you Lord for your infinite goodness, our strength from today and forever AMEN.


Oh great and powerful God, only you are worthy of all glory, today we thank you for your infinite mercy towards each of your servants, we beg you to guide our path at all times, fill our lives with faith, help us Lord to be free from difficulties.

Allow us to achieve each of the blessings that you have designed for us, also full of protection for our family and our businesses that prosperity is present at all times, as well as the wisdom to lead us along the path of good, continue directing our steps, and that this prayer to divine providence be heard , that at all times we can receive its infinite blessings, so be it AMEN.!!

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Oh blessed Holy Spirit, I beg you on this day to help me get to know you better, I ask you to breathe in me, please fill each of my thoughts with your beautiful presence, I want to please you and be a better person, that’s why I beg you to give me wisdom and strength at all times.

I also beg you to help me do a worthy job in the work of Christ, that my life be an example of goodness and love, allow me to love with all my heart everything that is holy and pleasing to you, keep me and that may be holy and live according to the will of God.

Soul of Christ

Soul of Christ, I beg you to sanctify my life with your power, save me at all times, I ask you to fill me with your beautiful presence, to cover my being and allow me to follow your path, fill my life with passion for you, I know that You can deliver me from all evil.

Defend me at all times, that my enemies are confused and I can obtain victory with your help, I love you Lord, only you are great and powerful, worthy of all glory and honor, thank you because you keep me at all times, so be it, AMEN.


I beg you great and pious Virgin Mary, to listen to the requests of your faithful devotees, help us to trust in you, you who are considered as a divinity full of love and mercy, I ask you to cleanse me of my sins and allow me to be better every day !

I also beg you to help me move forward and to be able to overcome the obstacles that arise daily, that the wisdom of God directs my steps at all times, and that I can listen to his direction, I thank you most holy for each one of the favors granted, that your protection is manifested from now and forever, Amen.!!

Very miraculous prayer to the Virgin Mary to ask for the impossible

Oh Holy and powerful Virgin Mary, thank you for your mercy, only you are worthy of all majesty, I beg you to fill the lives of each of your devotees with blessings, thank you for listening to our pleas.

On this day I ask you to help us achieve mercy, you who are full of love and truth, provide comfort and well-being to each of your followers, with your power fill our lives with wisdom and that we can solve each of the adversities that arise. present daily.

Provide our lives with what is needed, that every day we see the answer to our cry, we know that for God there is nothing impossible and that you can intercede for us and give us victory at all times.

We beg you holy virgin that your favor be manifested and that all things that seem impossible, may receive a favorable response, help us to solve each problem, take away our worry, deliver us from evil, and that at all times we can be confident in you, so be it AMEN.

“Prayer united to the Beats of the Heart of Jesus”

Oh Powerful and great Jesus, only you are worthy of all majesty, we ask you on this day to listen to this sincere and pure prayer, we thank you for saving our soul and freeing us from all evil, in you we have peace and hope!

That is why we beg for your Precious Blood and your Divine Mercy, that you help our path to be directed at all times by you, we know that only you can give us the well-being and happiness that we long for, Lord, bring salvation and that it manifests itself every day your mercy, Amen.

Extraordinary promise of Christ

“Jesus says: Yes, you ask me with great faith, to save a soul for every beat of your heart, I will give you what you are asking me to whoever raises your request to me” (This is a message from the Lord to all those servants of the Divine Love, its date corresponds to the year 1976)”.

Explanatory note: This type of prayer is effective only in a period of 24 hours, and should be applied only to the salvation of souls that are still alive, for this reason it is of vital importance to comply with divine providence prayer on the first day , and This way you get your benefits. In this sense, it is considered that it is NOT applicable to the souls in Purgatory. (It is required to be with an ecclesiastical license).

Prayer to the Lady of all peoples

Lord Jesus Christ, you who are holy and powerful, we beg you to guide our walk, manifest your presence in every corner of this earth, place love and compassion on your people, we ask you to free us from danger and all evil with your power.

Be our guide and may we remain confident in you, thank you for your infinite love, I know that with your help we will achieve well-being and each people will see, that only you are the only and powerful Lord, thank you for your infinite kindness, that your love manifest at all times, amen.

Prayer to Divine Providence for money

This type of prayer is considered very effective for all those who want Divine Providence to provide them with economic help, since in this way they can achieve the prosperity and stability that they so desire.

for economic prosperity

Oh Holy Providence, you who are powerful and worthy of all mercy, we ask that your divine light be manifested in favor of your faithful, we also ask you to listen to our cry, that your compassion fill us from today and forever!

I beg you to help your devotees at all times, meet each one of our needs, allow us to achieve good economic stability, remove scarcity from us and from our family, oh oh, Divine Providence, I beg you to listen to each one of my words, that this humble prayer has the answer that I so much hope for.

Most Holy, I ask you to fill my life with hope, to free me from all storms, allow business to flow, and money to multiply in abundance, protect your faithful from anguish and that your power be manifested, God we pray that this prayer to divine providence for money , be heard and we can the economic abundance that we need so much.!Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Divine Providence to obtain abundance

O holy and powerful divinity! We beg you to listen to our humble prayer on this day, you who are pious and provide kindness and mercy to those who ask you with faith, I beg you to listen to our cry, and to bring abundance to our lives.

I ask you powerful virgin to fill our lives with luck and that your divine light illuminates us, receive this prayer, allow the businesses we carry out to obtain prosperity at all times, that the fruits of each of our labors are always beneficial.

May this prayer to divine providence house clothing and sustenance be answered quickly and may the blessings that have been designed for each of your devotees manifest in abundance.

Oh Holy Providence, you who can do everything, we beg you once again to help your faithful believers, that your mercy remains present, and that your goodness is manifested in our hearts, bring blessings at all times and that each one of our needs are met, we give you thanks for each of the favors granted, amen and amen.!

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