Prayer to the restless spirit to dominate a man

Prayer to the restless spirit to dominate a man

This prayer of the restless spirit is made for those moments of total desperation in which you cannot find a way out and you need extreme help so that that person, your loved one, thinks a lot about you and falls at your feet, we recommend you put the following prayers to the test of the restless spirit and you will see how you will dominate whoever you propose

Knowledge we must have before praying

The restless spirit is also called the spirit of despair, it is necessary to know that whenever this prayer is made for a problem or for the threat of a problem, follow the following instructions:

  • Before using it you must free yourself from all kinds of blockage, it is about being more meek than a lamb, because it is the spirit who will do the impossible so that you achieve what you so desire.
  • At the end of the prayer you must pray 9 Hail Marys and 1 Glory be to the father.
  • We recommend that you do it for 9 days and you will see how your wishes will be fulfilled after 9 days
  • Accompany these prayers with a blue, red or pink candle, mark the candle with the name of the blue person: for the one you want to get away from you, and red or pink: for the person you want to dominate.

Note: compliance events are observed from the fourth day of your requests.

Holy Death Restless Spirit Prayer

For this prayer restless spirit holy death you must entrust yourself to the holy girl first, you have 3 options the white saint, the black saint and the red saint we leave this to your preference, do not forget to put a lot of faith in it so that you move away all those negative things from you.

“Blessed Death, virgin of the forgotten who require your love, my divine girl, make all the people who want to harm, tie or bewitch me have a desperate soul, a restless spirit and that you have control over those who want to see me badly.

Blessed death, my patron saint and judge, I ask you to cut all kinds of ties with your scythe, and thus, invoking your divine presence, that that man or woman who wants to do me harm, can never find peace and that everything negative that sought for me, it is multiplied by seven punishments that only you know how to give.

She is now my saint, that I ask you (say her name) to keep her spirit desperate, restless and only when she truly asks for forgiveness for those actions that wanted to harm me, be you, my fair judge, who decides to give peace to her being. There are no moorings, dominations, or beings that can disturb me, with your care. Amen!”

Original Restless Spirit Prayer

Everything in this life is possible, and even more so if you have the presence of God in your heart, even if that person whom you love so much but still cannot get him to notice you with this prayer of the original restless spirit will achieve.

“In the name of all spirits, I invoke your restless angel.

I begged you and I ask you to help me dominate (name of your beloved), so that he does not achieve or feel calm, so that he loses his mind, his thoughts, and his will for me.

I give this powerful prayer to you restless spirit to despair, for the love of the guardian angels (name of your loved one) for the most holy day he was born, for the day he was baptized and for the day he shall To die.

Grant me a restless spirit that cannot sleep, eat, drink, think, be or live in peace until he surrenders at my feet and his thoughts are only for

Grant me a restless spirit, that he humiliates himself begging for my love, that he feels desperation and interest in seeing me, in wanting me and in having me, that he come passive and repentant and with the greatest desire to increase his love, that he pleases me, that he kisses me with the ultimate passion.

Grant me a restless spirit, that your return be maso and supplicant, that you feel that your mistress I am completely and that in your heart there is no room for more than my love.

Oh! restless spirit come to me, I call on you at this time to invade all the feelings of (name of your loved one) bow down before me. Dominate him to my will and that he only wants to dedicate his love and his life.

Oh! restless spirit, that body is only mine, that his eyes only look at me and no one else, that his thoughts only find me, that he feels that he cannot be without my presence, that wherever he goes he wants me to be present and May your love, tenderness and affection be for me

Oh dominant spirit, dominate this great love with your divine, give me that peace that I need so much, relieve my heart of so much pain for not having my beloved, grant me (name of your beloved) as love and not as an enemy.

Come my love, dominated and calm, so that my eyes follow you, my gaze magnetizes you, my voice dominates you, my presence excites you and your will be mine.Amen.”

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