Prayer to the centaur Francisco Pancho Villa del Norte

Prayer to the centaur Francisco Pancho Villa del Norte

A man with a recognized trajectory towards the North of Mexico, a peasant, a rustler, an outlaw of justice and a revolutionary, is now for many a figure that is worshiped, know the prayer to Pancho Villa to obtain his favors .

If you want to know a little more about the prayers to this character considered a hero in his nation and a protective and miraculous spirit, be sure to read this article.

Prayer to Pancho Villa

Towards the north of Mexico there are many towns where the admiration for this character has given rise to a cult of his figure.

Many are those who invoke his spirit, recite prayers, make promises and offerings, all to profess their faith in this figure who, even though he is far from being a saint, has faithful who defend him.

It is possible that more than Pancho Villa, people identify with his ideal, incorporating him into a list of devotions. This cult combines characteristics of spiritism and you may find it in many Mexican altars.

Being very frequent celebrations in his honor on June 5 (birth), July 20 (death) and November 20 (beginning of the Mexican revolution).

Many devotees speak of prayers to Villa or, as some call it, the Martyr Spirit, affirming that it is ideal when seeking health, solving labor problems, love affairs, etc.

Prayer to the martyr spirit

Today I invoke you Pancho Villa and the spirits that protect you, so that you help me and help me.

Just as you gave your help to the most unfortunate on this earthly plane and made the wicked retreat, I ask you to defend me and free me from all evil.

I ask for your spiritual protection, your guidance, your encouragement and the courage that allows me to face difficult situations and enemies that come my way.

Prayer to Pancho Villa for love

For love, it is possible that you will find different prayers to this same figure, therefore, it is up to the interested party to choose which one they identify with the most:

Dear Pancho Villa, you who, in life knew about love and romance, because your fame as a great lover precedes you, help me in this search for love, I want to find love in my life, since I feel alone and afflicted.

Today I come to you Pancho, great lover, so that you give me luck to find a great partner and the courage to rest in his arms. I ask you to listen to me and fulfill my request Pancho Villa, tireless lover.

Another prayer to Pancho Villa for love is made to attract a specific person:

Pancho Villa, our revolutionary brother, I call you and invoke you. You who in the moments of life gave hope, light and encouragement to the helpless and forgotten by all.

You who helped them to have encouragement, strength and courage, who gave them a light in their situation, please help me on this occasion to find love.

I implore you to please help me to overcome the obstacles in my path and interfere with your mighty hand so that especially my path in love is smooth and easy to travel, to reach (Name of person) and stay with me for forever.

Pancho Villa eternal friend, you have that great power that can keep us together and make us strong even after death, listen to my requests and keep us together loving Pancho.

to get a job

I ask you in the name of God, that you give me your help Pancho Villa, just as in life you helped the needy, commanders of armies and defeated the powerful.

Today I ask you to please find a suitable job for me, where my performance is the best and appreciated.

A job where they can pay me very well and thus pay off my commitments and debts, and give help to my family and to those who are in need. So be it.

for a successful business

I entrust my business to my Lord Jesus Christ and to my faithful brother Pancho Villa, because I know that I could not be in better hands.

Pancho Villa, diligent, intrepid and strong, I work hand in hand with you, today, tomorrow and always so that success and abundance are always present in my life.

I know that my successes, profits and good results are thanks to you two, that’s why I never get tired of asking Pancho Villa to bless me and my business, filling it with wisdom, justice and prosperity, so that it always bears fruit.

I appreciate your presence in my life, thank you both for listening to my prayers. Amen.

To have higher income

It is said that this character with an overwhelming and brave personality is often invoked when it comes to money, which is why his cult is usually very common even in organized crime.

Many people often pray to him for higher income and economic resources, better jobs, promotions or to protect the savings and investments they have.

This is a prayer to Pancho Villa that you can use when it comes to money:

Francisco Villa today I invoke you and present myself to you to request that my businesses be prosperous and my income higher. 

You who said “If we need money, let’s do it!” I ask you to give me abundant income that will allow me to lead a life as I wish, of prosperity, comfort and abundance. 

I hope brave Pancho that my requests and praises reach you and that you give me the success I expect in my income and business.

To bind and subdue

With the permission of my Lord Jesus and all the saints, I ask that through your mediation, dear Pancho Villa, the person I love so much and do not want to lose, stay with me.

Pancho, do not allow (Name of the person) to think of another person other than me, that his five senses belong to me and that he only wants to be by my side, until the day he dies. So be it. 

To make a request

With your permission and in the name of God Almighty Our Lord, today I invoke Pancho Villa and all the spirits that protect him, to request his help, just as you helped the abandoned, forgotten and oppressed in life.

You who defeated the powerful, the oppressors and the cruel, I ask for your protection now that you are in the spiritual plane, so that you take away all evil from me and give me the strength, energy and courage necessary to face the situations difficult.

You who were brave and courageous, I ask you to grant me (Mention your request) which is what I most desire for myself at this time. So be it.

Francisco Villa

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, known in Mexico and the world as Francisco Villa or Pancho Villa, was one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution.

He was born around the year 1878, in San Juan del Río. Although it is not very clear his origin or who his close relatives were, what is very certain is that he was from a humble class, working as a farmer and small merchant.

For some time he was part of a group of bandits, mainly dedicated to theft, but when the leader of the gang was involved in a murder, Villa separated himself from the bandits.

He worked in a mine, as a bricklayer and after having problems with the law, he entered the mountains, dedicating himself to theft of cattle and different animals.

Around 1910 he joined Francisco Ignacio Madero González, when he declared himself in opposition to the government of Porfirio Díaz, which is considered to be the trigger for the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

His followers were known as the Maderista and Villa was a prominent revolutionary, who acted in the early years mainly in Chihuahua, northern Mexico.

Pancho Villa’s ideal was to stop the abuse of landowners against the peasants and overthrow those who were in charge of public power at that time.

However, this figure mythologized by revolutionary sympathizers and who is considered a hero by many, is highly questioned by researchers and historians, who attribute many crimes and multiple crimes to him.

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