Young saints who achieved sainthood, meet them

Young saints who achieved sainthood, meet them

It is commonly seen in the Catholic religion the existence of saints and blessed to whom they have devotion and faith, whether they are adults or children. Learn in this article which are the young saints who achieved sainthood.

Young saints who achieved sainthood

All of us at some point in life have heard of saints, those people who in life performed feats related to faith and religion, and who after their death have been taken to another level being considered blessed, holy and immaculate. All this happens as a way to reward these people who stood out for their piety, faith, fidelity and love of God.

In this sense, age is not an impediment to achieving this position, which is why over the years children, adolescents and young people have achieved sainthood, since in life they suffered moments of great difficulty but without leaving aside their devotion Oh my God. Some were even considered martyrs, and they are saints to whom faith is professed today, and their deeds are transmitted from generation to generation so that what happened to them is never forgotten.

In itself, holiness is a gift that can be offered to everyone, no one is exempt and therefore it is the character that distinguishes any Christian. It is not simply about closing our eyes, but it is something greater that God gives us, living with love and offering Christian witness in all areas of everyday life, heeding the call to become saints. Always being each one under the conditions and in the state of life in which he normally finds himself.

As more knowledge related to the church and religion is acquired, greater riches and enigmas related to the main saints that existed, who have interesting characteristics and peculiarities, can be discovered. There are many young saints who achieved sainthood, then and now they are considered important figures of the Catholic faith, fondly remembered and their precept endures through the years.

These young people fought for the ideals of God our Lord from an early age, and for this reason they are considered the chosen ones, who managed to develop that wonderful gift in their hearts. These young saints who achieved sainthood are listed below, each one of the most important.

Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto

The young Francisco and Jacinta Marto, aged nine and seven respectively, witnessed, together with their cousin Lucia, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Portugal between May 13 and October 13, 1917. When these apparitions took place, the children they were victims of multiple slanders and persecutions due to their testimonies, which they bravely endured despite the mortification it caused them.

In this sense, the child Francisco spent countless hours spending time in front of the Tabernacle and prayed repeatedly in order to ask and comfort God for all the faults that humanity had. On her part, Jacinta attended mass every day of her life, and she offered communion for sinful people.

A little later an epidemic of bronchopneumonia spread in the region, and the children Francisco and Jacinta fell ill; Unfortunately, this disease led to the death of the young people, leaving Francisco from this world in 1919 and the girl a year later; Even in their terminal days, these children never lost their faith and devotion to the Virgin Mary and both are today young saints who achieved sainthood, characterized by the softness of their customs, perseverance in their sufferings and in faith, and its commitment to prayer.

Saint Dominic Savio

This character wanted to be a priest since he was very young, and when he was able to meet Don Bosco he entered the Oratory of San Francisco de Sales in Turin, Italy. From the first moment, Domingo stood out for having a very intense spiritual life, and he was always happy and willing to help others, especially his family. He always said that he wanted to be a saint, since he was little his heart yearned for him.

Time later he contracted an illness and the doctors urged him to leave the oratory and return home. A few weeks before his fifteenth birthday he died on March 9, 1857 and a little before leaving he exclaimed that he was going to something very beautiful, because that is how his eyes saw it. His wish was finally fulfilled and he is one of the young saints who achieved sainthood.

He was always sweet and jovial from his childhood, and even when he reached his adolescence he consummated the path of Christian perfection in a resolute and determined manner.

San Jose Sanchez del Rio

This was a boy who deeply loved Jesus, and it was because of that love that he joined the Cristeros, which was a group of thousands of Catholics who, through arms, defended their faith while religious persecutions took place. in Mexico during the second decade of the 20th century.

It should be noted that this group did not want to accept him at first, because he was young and exposed to immense danger, however he was finally accepted and served the Cristeros carrying the banner of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, without ever taking an active part. in armed confrontations.

In his country he was known as Joselito, and he was only fourteen years old when officials from the government of Plutarco Elias Calles tortured and murdered him for refusing to renounce his faith. This child remained firm in his devotion and love for God, which led to his death on February 10, 1928.

Joselito was always characterized by being an obedient, pious boy who was eager to serve others, and he did not mind becoming a martyr for Christ. For this reason, every tenth of February is dedicated to his memory.

Blessed Laura Vicuna

The girl Laura Vicuña is also part of the group of young saints who achieved sainthood, and was a virgin born in the city of Santiago de Chile, later she was part of the student body of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Junin de los Andes, Argentina. In the year 1904 when she was only thirteen years old, she decided to offer her life to God with the sole objective of achieving the conversion of her mother, and since then she is venerated every January 22.

Saint Maria Goretti

This girl was a young martyr who grew up in a family with many economic difficulties, but who always remained firm in her faith. When she was only eleven years old, she was stabbed by an adult who went by the name of Alessandro Serenelli, who wanted to force her to have sex but she refused.

However, the girl always showed great piety and shortly before she died, on July 6, 1902, she forgave her murderer, who was sent to prison. This young man repented of her crime and when he left prison he sought out Maria’s mother to ask her forgiveness for the crime he had committed. In addition to this, years later he issued his testimony to collaborate with the cause of Maria’s beatification, and he was also admitted to the third order of Saint Francis.

Saints Christopher, Anthony and John

These children were young saints who achieved sainthood, and at first they were called the child martyrs of Tlaxcala, and were brutally murdered in Mexico due to an unfounded hatred of the faith in this country, during the years 1527 and 1529. Likewise, they were considers that they were the first martyrs of the American continent.

The boy named Cristóbal was the son of Cacique Acxotecatl, and managed to learn about the Catholic faith by virtue of the evangelization work carried out by the Franciscan friars in the region, all during the years 1924 and 1927.

After being baptized, Cristóbal worked for the conversion of his family, but his father did not accept him and consequently he hardened with his son. The situation was so chaotic that the boy died at the age of twelve due to blows, mistreatment and burns caused by his father.

For their part, Antonio and Juan were trained and prepared by the Franciscans and Dominicans, and both focused on trying to eradicate the worship of idols in the territory where they lived, Tizatlán, and in the surrounding areas. In carrying out their objectives, the residents of Cuautinchan discovered the children, and consequently brutally beat them to death.

Santa Agueda

This young woman was a virgin and martyr who lived in Italy, specifically in Catania, a city in Sicily, and while still very young, she kept her body uncontaminated in the midst of persecution, as well as keeping her faith intact and intact throughout her life. martyrdom. In addition to this, she never stopped giving her testimony in favor of Christ, God, before which she stood firm until her last breath. Every February 5 she is remembered as another young martyr.

Holy Ines

This was a young virgin and martyr, who, being just a teenager, offered her greatest testimony of faith in Rome, and consecrated the title of chastity with martyrdom. Even with her young age, she was a victorious young woman over the tyrant, and she aroused great admiration before the people in which she lived. For this reason, she acquired greater glory before God and on January 21 of each year the day corresponding to her burial is celebrated.

Santos Pablo Miki and companions

Every February 6 is dedicated to the memory of the young saints who achieved sainthood Pablo Miki and the other martyrs in Nagasaki, Japan. It happened many years ago, when in that country a harsh persecution against Christians was declared, who were imprisoned and mistreated in a brutal and merciless manner, to finally be sentenced to death by a group made up of eight religious priests of the Order of the Company of Jesus; as well as from the Order of the Friars Minor, who came from Europe or from Japan itself.

This group of people was joined by another seventeen lay people, and all of them, including teenagers and younger, were mercilessly nailed to crosses, for the simple fact of being Christians. Despite such cruelty, they showed their joy in dying as Jesus Christ had done, and never wavered from their faith, standing firm to the end.

Holy Martyrs of Abitinia

Every February 12, the holy martyrs of Abitinia are commemorated in Carthage, what is now known as Tunis. The origin took place during a terrible persecution ordered by the Emperor Diocletian, on a group of people who had gathered to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist, even against what had been established by the authorities.

The magistrates of the Colony, as well as the soldiers on guard, were in charge of arresting them, and then taking them to Carthage and presenting them before the proconsul Anulino, who interrogated and tortured them.

Despite being tormented and tortured, they never stopped reaffirming their Christian faith and solemnly proclaimed that they could not renounce the celebration of the Lord’s sacrifice, and for such firmness they shed their blood in countless places and times.

Blessed Fina

She was a girl who endured a serious and prolonged illness from an early age, all while maintaining her support in God for whom she never lost faith and with admirable patience. Every March 12, she is dedicated to her memory, in the city of San Geminiano, located in the Italian region of Tuscany.

Saint Edward

Saint Edward the King was a young man who lived in the town of Wareham, in England, and when he was just a teenager he was cruelly murdered by his stepmother’s servants. That is why every March 18 he is remembered as another of the young saints who achieved sainthood.

Saint Ulpian

Saint Ulpiano was a young martyr from Phoenicia, specifically from Tyre, who during the persecution instructed by Emperor Maximino Daza was captured and locked in a wineskin with an asp and a dog. In addition to this, he was cruelly martyred since they submerged him in the sea, causing his death when he was still a teenager; therefore every third of April the memory of him is remembered and venerated.

Pierina Morosini

This young woman was a virgin and martyr who had promised God her virginity, and for trying to defend her virginity before a young man one afternoon while returning home from work, he shot her in the head causing her death immediately. This took place in the town of Fiobbio di Albino, near Belgamo, in Italy, where she remembers her every April 6 and considers her a blessed.

Saint Pancratius

Saint Pancratius was a martyr who is believed to have died in Rome when he was just a teenager, for never denying his faith in Christ. This young man was buried in the second mile on the Via Aurelia, and Pope Saint Symmachus built a celebrated basilica over his tomb. Later, another pope whose name was Saint Gregory the Great, constantly summoned the people to gather around the same tomb, in order to receive there the testimony of true love for Christ.

Since then, the burial of this young Roman martyr is commemorated every May 12, when his memory is venerated and he is remembered as another of the young saints who achieved sainthood many years ago.

Carlos Lwanga and companions

June 3 of each year is dedicated to the memory of saints Carlos Lwanga and twelve other companions, who were between the ages of fourteen and thirty; all of them belonged either to the court of young noblemen or to the body of the guard of king Mwanga. For having been loyal followers of the Catholic faith, as well as neophytes who did not give in to the impure wishes of their monarch, they were all slaughtered or burned alive on Namugongo Hill in Uganda.

Blessed Sancho

This was a martyr from Albi, in Gaul, who was captured as a teenager and educated in the Royal Saracen Palace in Córdoba, specifically in the Hispanic region of Andalusia. He was a faithful devotee of Christ and had an unshakable faith, a position that led him to suffer true martyrdom during the persecution unfolded by the Muslims, and from that moment on June 5 is dedicated to his memory.

Albertine Berkenbrock

This young woman was only twelve and a half years old, she was a virgin and martyr who grew up in a cattle family, so she took part in the work with the oxen and others. One afternoon her father asked Albertina to go in search of an ox that had wandered away from her, and on that way she met a man who offered to help her.

However, this man did not intend to help her, and instead directed her towards a nearby forest and wanted to have sex with her; to which the girl flatly refused, because she was not willing to lose her purity, so the man tried to rape her. She fought and it was not possible for the man to achieve her goal, so he took a knife and cut her throat, killing her instantly.

louis gonzaga

This young man was a religious admired for possessing great purity, coming from a noble family that renounced the principality that corresponded to him in favor of his brother. This he did in order to enter the Order of the Society of Jesus in Rome; and he died when he was just a teenager, since he dedicated himself to assisting a group of patients infected by a serious illness, and ended up being trapped by the epidemic. Therefore, every June 21, his memory and devotion to Christ is honored.

San Pelayo

This was a young martyr also known as Pelagio, who lived in Córdoba, a Hispanic region of Andalusia, who always remained firm in his faith and devotion. In this sense, when he was only thirteen years old he was martyred and torn to pieces with tongs, because he wanted to preserve his faith in Christ and his chastity in the face of the dishonest customs of the Caliph of the Muslims, whose name was Abd al-Rahman III.

holy martyrs

Every second of July a commemoration is celebrated to the following holy martyrs: Liberato, Bonifacio, Servo and Rústico, Rogato and Septimio, who were abbot, deacon, sub-deacon and monk, respectively. They were joined by the child Máximo, and all of them were subjected to cruel torments during the persecution carried out by the Vandals under the instruction of the Arian King Huneric, in Carthage, present-day Tunisia.

This group of people were tortured for confessing the true Catholic faith and being baptized, for which they were subjected to atrocities that led to their death. They died due to blows to the head from oars, while they remained lying on the logs that were later to burn their bodies, where they received the crown of martyrdom from the Lord and departed from this world after such an admirable combat.

As can be seen, they were young people killed without mercy, but the most admirable thing is that they did not give in at any time, this makes them part of the group of young saints who achieved sainthood, and their legacy prevails in time and space. For this reason, people respect him and have an unshakable faith, as they are an example of firmness and devotion, even at such a young age.

Just and Shepherd

These two young men were holy martyrs in Compluto, which is the current Alcalá de Henares located in Hispania Cartaginense. They were still children when they left their writing tablets at school to go to their martyrdom voluntarily, being immediately arrested and flogged; the judge ordered that they be beheaded, all because at no time did they deny their great love for Christ.

During their ordeal, they did not lose faith for a second, and exhorted each other in order to encourage each other. They are the patron saints of the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares, and every August 6 is dedicated to honoring their memory and commemorating their brave deeds.

Saint Tarcisius

This martyr is commemorated every fifteenth of August in the Calixto cemetery located on the Via Appia, specifically in Rome. He was a martyr who took care to defend the Most Holy Eucharist of Christ before a furious group of Gentiles who wanted to profane it, and in the act he preferred to be stoned to death, rather than hand over the sacred forms to the dogs.

Simon and Magdalene

In Japan, specifically in Kokura, Simon Bokusai Kiota, a catechist, and his wife Magdalena were blessed martyrs; as well as Tomas Gengoro and his wife Maria together with their little son Jacinto, who by order of the prefect Yetsundo who profaned a deep hatred for the name of Christ, were crucified in an atrocious manner with their heads downwards.

Blessed martyrs of Japan

In this country, specifically in Nagasaki, many young people were martyred, including children, who were part of the Order of Friars Minor and the Order of Preachers, between priests and laity, who for not denying their faith and love for Christ were cruelly punished by fire and sword; their memory is commemorated every 8th of September.

On the other hand, Sebastián Kimura, who belonged to the Society of Jesus, and Francisco Morales, who belonged to the Order of Preachers, were relentlessly martyred along with fifty other companions, including religious, priests, young couples, catechists, widows, and children. All of them were fiercely tortured before a crowd, on a hill, thus losing their lives but remaining firm in their faith towards Christ.

Also in that place, the catechist Gaspar Koteda together with the children Francisco Takeya and Pedro Shichiemon were martyrs whose parents had suffered in the same way martyrdom only a day before. All of them were subjected to the torture of beheading, which they suffered with great firmness for Christ and without ever losing their faith and religiosity.

Korean Martyrs

Every September 20, the common celebration of the one hundred and three martyrs who in that country, Korea, gave their intrepid testimony of the Christian faith, which was fervently introduced by some laymen, is venerated; to later be nourished and reaffirmed by the preaching and celebration of the sacraments through the missionaries.

They were sent by Christ, among whom three bishops stand out, eight priests and the rest were lay people, some married and others not, among young people, old people and children; they remained united in their torment and consecrated with their precious blood the first fruits of the church in Korea.

Saint Peter Yu Tae-ch’ol

This was a martyr who lived in the city of Seoul, located in Korea, who at only thirteen years old encouraged his fellow prisoners to accept the torments to which they were subjected, and consummated his martyrdom receiving a hundred lashes to finally be strangled. .

Carolina Kozka

Blessed Carolina Kózka was a virgin and martyr who lived in the village of Wal-Ruda, located in Poland. While the war was in full swing, she was still a teenager and died when she was pierced by a sword, because she was firmly defending her chastity before a soldier who wanted to attack her, and always confessing her love for Christ, she departed from this world. . Every November 18, her memory is honored.

Santa Eulalia

This young woman was a martyr and virgin, who lived in Merida, a town in Lusitania, currently Spain, who did not hesitate to offer her life to confess her love for Christ and deep faith. This made him another of the martyrs who did not lose her firmness at any time in the face of the horrors that they experienced during the time.

Dionysia and Majoric

Every December 6 commemorates the holy martyrs in North Africa, who were victims of vandal persecution during the times of the Arian king Huneric, were firm in defending their Catholic faith and consequently suffered cruel and innumerable tortures.

This was in a group of martyrs, but among them Dionisia and her son Mayorico stand out, who was just a teenager and was the bravest of all, still fearing the torments that occurred and encouraged by the words and looks that his mother favored him; This is how this boy gave his soul even in the midst of all the vicissitudes of which he was a victim.

Saint Maurus

San Mauro was a martyr found in the Trasona cemetery on Via Salaria Nueva in Rome; Every December 10, this martyr is celebrated, considered as an innocent child, who was tormented but never departed from the faith he professed for Christ.

Pedro Cho Hwa-so and martyrs

This man was a family man who along with five companions were holy martyrs in the Tjyen-Tiyou village in Korea, who were tempted by the promises and torments of the Mandarin who wanted them to turn away from the Christian religion.

In this sense, they were brave who firmly resisted their afflictions until they were finally beheaded, and on December 13 their memory is commemorated since adolescents and young people were included in the group.

Heron, Atheist and Isidore

Every fourteenth of December the saints Heron, Atheist and Isidore are commemorated in Alexandria of Egypt. They were joined by the twelve-year-old boy who went by the name of Dioscorus, and all of them were martyred victims of persecution under Decius. The moment the judge saw the first three who were firm in their faith and unyielding, despite being destroyed and physically tormented, he had them burned. However, he postponed death to the child, cruelly whipping.

Innocent saints

On December 28 of each year, the feast of the Holy Innocents is celebrated in the world, who were child martyrs executed in Bethlehem of Judea by order of the merciless King Herod, for the sake of making the child Jesus who had been born days before appear with them. and was worshiped by magicians. From the earliest centuries of the church, these children were honored as martyrs, and first fruits of all those who were to shed their blood for God and his Lamb.

Since then, they are also young saints who achieved sainthood.

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