Psalm 37 catholic, commend your way to God

Psalm 37 catholic, commend your way to God

The psalms have an inexplicable power that emanates the deepest desires of our hearts, and it is even considered that they are one of the most used books that the bible has, and this opportunity we will understand that the Catholic psalm 37 expresses.

General introduction

It is believed that the psalms were the personal prayers of King David, but he was probably not the author of all of them, these small prayers express the inherent feelings of life, from pain, hope, joy, wealth, gratitude among others and that despite the time elapsed since its creation, generate the same impact.

In every situation there is an ideal psalm for you, these readings encourage Catholics to pray, to maintain direct contact with God, and today we will analyze the purpose, spirit and reason for being of the Catholic Psalm 37 .

Keep in mind that the psalms will be readings that you will have at hand and that you can resort to in any circumstance of life, because you will get answers, tools and designs that will help you cope with any circumstance you are going through.

 The Catholic Psalm 37: The Righteous and the Problem of Evil

1 “Do not be angry because of wrongdoers; Do not be envious of those who practice wickedness.
2 For like grass they will soon wither and wither like green grass.
3 Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell on the earth, and cultivate fidelity.”

First of all, this Catholic psalm 37 is an invitation to analyze how we feel because of the behavior of third parties, because it tells us that we should not experience feelings that break our harmony, and that we also keep in mind that justice comes to everyone who has acted wrong.

It is necessary to keep in mind that many people do not act according to good customs, and for that reason everyone who has acted in bad faith, getting away with it, will have the result of their actions, in order to receive what they deserve.

“8.Calma your anger, give up rancor, do not get exasperated, it would do you wrong. ” In these wise words, God only asks you to calm down to do justice, do not despair because sooner or later everything comes, he may take a while, but he does not forget you or those who do wrong.

Therefore, the wicked possess a momentary happiness or harmony, because because of their behavior nothing will be lasting for them, because God will take care of everything.

It is evident that all those humble, kind people who direct their actions through good faith will be the ones who inherit the earth, receiving immense prosperity, this as a reward for their wise behavior.

The most important thing is that you do not fall into doubts, never deny the power of the Lord because he knows everything. And perhaps, for our eyes it takes a while, but for God it will be just at the perfect moment, we will realize it when he wants it. But it is like that, he is present in all places and knows perfectly everything we do.

Without a doubt, our Lord knows everything that we are, what we think, our desires, our desires and the same thing happens with those men and women of ill will.

18. “The Lord takes care of the good days, their inheritance will be eternal.”
Definitely, this Catholic Psalm 37 provides an almost immediate peace of mind, because it reminds us that God always takes care of his children, that no matter how many times we may be wrong, he is there, as long as our repentance is from the heart.

For this, the Lord will guide your steps, accompany your path and free you from any impious that may come across. He will keep you standing until you inherit the earth, so that you can witness the collapse of all those who have been evil.

“40. The Lord helps them and frees them, saves those who trusted in him.”

Trust, trust in the Lord before any circumstance, because he knows about you, he knows you and will protect you against any event, he will know your steps, your thoughts, your feelings, and will not leave you an orphan.

This Catholic psalm 37 reminds us that God is always present, that he never abandons us and that he knows each and every one of our actions, his best tools are kindness and justice.

We must direct our lives through the virtues that this Catholic Psalm 37 gives us, to know all the benefits that the Lord has for us, let us enjoy his unconditional love.

Let us not forget that every action has a reaction, and so it will be for those who have been wicked and who have not sought repentance through the Lord.

On the other hand, never despair when you notice that the wicked are prosperous and enjoy wealth, because you will know that God will take care of justice, because he knows how they have acquired so much abundance.

And, if at any time you manage to experience this feeling, walk through this Catholic psalm 37 again and find all the tools it gives you so you can get rid of those feelings.

After we have directed our whole lives to the Lord’s designs, our transit through this earthly world will be rewarded, he will protect us from evildoers and if we care about the tranquility of our soul, we will never have reasons to envy or desire what they have acquired. third parties through their wickedness.

Finally, do not forget that God, our almighty father, will never leave our side, he will protect us and take care of providing everything we need, he will prevent us from being attacked or flogged by third parties who have acted in bad faith.

Remember that if God is with you, nothing bad can attack you, he knows you, he knows everything you are, he accompanies you guiding your path, never doubt his greatness and his virtue, because for the good at heart he will always have a reward. Don’t stop reading psalm 37 catholic.

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