Psalm 5, a prayer for protection to Jehovah

Psalm 5, a prayer for protection to Jehovah

The prayers raised to Jehovah are an invitation to stay more united and close to him, for this reason we will know Psalm 5 Reina-Valera 1960. Psalm 5, a prayer of protection to Jehovah.

Psalm 5, Prayer asking for protection

This psalm 5 catholic bible , begins asking the Lord to listen to your words and your moan, asking him to be attentive to the voice of your cry, because you will raise a prayer for him, honor to his holiness.

Likewise, you will indicate that you will pray in the morning psalm 5, that you will appear before him, and you will wait honestly, until he is aware of your presence, because you are certain that he is not pleased through evil, that nothing evil dwells in his heart.

During the morning, you can perform psalm 5, it is an excellent time to communicate with the Lord, you can dedicate an hour to him, just when the dew is still on the grass, so that eternal grace fills your soul.

That is why this psalm 5 is a way to thank God for our days, for our lives, thus obtaining that your days pass in harmony and that at night you can rest under the shelter of God.

Also through this psalm 5, you will understand that later, our lord will take care of the fools who use lies, the bloodthirsty and the deceiver, God will see to it that they receive what they deserve.

I recommend you read Psalm 5 several times, you will see that every time you do it, you will find a new message for you.

Do not worry, through psalm 5 you will understand that God will guide you, he will let you know that he is with you, he will punish the wicked and for your part, you will have the possibility of being received in the house of the Lord because you have acted in good faith, being rewarded by abundance and you will be able to contemplate the temple of the lord.

Psalm 5 reminds you that when you run into any of these enemies, do not allow them to manipulate you, you know that in their mouths there is no sincerity, they only live on evil and with their tongue they only express bad things.

In this way, the strength that you will impregnate in this Psalm 5 is what will make you obtain great results, do it from your heart, do it with faith, remember that God listens to you and is present. I recommend that before you begin, you do a simple meditation so you can relax and have a better connection with our Lord.

Gradually, God will manifest and let you know that he listens to you, that he recognizes your courage for wanting to talk to him. During this process he will not only receive your words, he will understand your thoughts

Finally, psalm 5 reminds you that, God will bless the one who has been just and through his shield will prevent all evil from affecting or harming them, lean on this psalm 5 so that you get that peace that your soul needs.

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