Prayer to the soul alone for love, money, luck and more

Prayer to the soul alone for love, money, luck and more

Celestina Abdénago is a woman who stars in one of the most well-known magical-religious stories in Latin American countries and which has been taken to other parts of the world, where prayer to the soul alone continues to transcend time.

This much-mentioned story recounts the action of Abdénago, a woman who is a member of the pious women of Jerusalem, who refused to give help to Jesus when he was crucified and who is currently serving his punishment, sentenced to wander eternally in solitude.

His devotees have been counted for a long time and even today, among so many modern beliefs, the prayer to this being in search of light is part of the prayers of many.

If you want to know more about the anima solo prayer and its different variations to find money, power over others, etc., continue reading this article.

You must first know who you are…

Also known as the forsaken soul, the story tells of a soul that is sentenced to suffer for all eternity in purgatory.

Due to this punishment, the soul alone seeks vagueness and sorrow in solitude, but in an attempt to lessen its torment and receive light to find peace, it carries out some requests, works or assignments, which must be paid responsibly by the one who carries it. solicitous.

She is not considered a holy being, but many people tend to resort to her, asking and praying to her to receive her favors and benefits, and in many cases, according to themselves, they recount living testimonies of some miracles and favors, which they obtained by invoking her.

Many of the people who are devoted to him and believe in the souls of purgatory and in particular the Forsaken Soul, usually light lights, place offerings and repeat the prayer to the soul alone.

This with the firm purpose of reducing the penalty and sentence of the same, in addition to, of course, receiving the requested favors.

In some cases, those favors that they ask of this being consist of bad actions, using prayers and prayers to request the misfortune of another, subduing and damaging him.

That is why there is not a single prayer to the Anima Sola. There is a prayer to the soul alone for mooring , domain, separation, damage, to find money, collect debts and many other intentions.

History of this spirit

There are a couple of stories that tell us the origin of this anima, a figure to which even these days many people attribute miracles and great favors, while others can only associate it with evil.

But the characteristics of the being depend to a large and fair extent on the place where the story or legend comes from.

Although many do not believe it, the soul alone is a very popular story in Latin American countries and thanks to the phenomenon of immigration it has spread to other parts of the globe.

The best-known legend tells us that Celestina Abdégano was a woman from the time Christ lived on earth and was part of the well-known pious women of Jerusalem.

Some ladies who attended those who were condemned to die on the day of their execution.

The Friday that Jesus was crucified, known in the world as Good Friday, this woman was in charge of carrying the water to Calvary and giving those who had been crucified, including Christ, to drink from that pitcher.

They say that she offered water to Dimas and Gestas, the men crucified at the sides of Jesus, but she was afraid of what the soldiers and the Jewish priests could do if she attended to him.

It was then that he decided not to care for the other crucified, denying Jesus fresh water. That action cost him eternal punishment, he would suffer from thirst, heat and loneliness in Purgatory forever.

The other story, also very popular, relates that the soul alone was a sorceress well known for her power, but that she dedicated all her knowledge and experience to evil.

When his time came, his spirit was only invoked by those who wished to cause harm and pain to others.

The Anima Sola, according to those who have knowledge on the subject, has other spirits of little light under his authority, who assist him in works of the same nature.

Work to harm or harm, without caring what they must do to achieve their end.

For this reason, the recommendation of those who know a little more about this matter is that you should be careful and sensible with your intentions and requests, be careful and think before acting.

It is said that this spirit can do both good and evil, because its low light leads it to perform any task, good or bad, in exchange for the precious light.

Therefore, each favor that she performs, demands or leads to a payment that should not be forgotten or changed, that is, do not disrespect what was agreed because she is usually vindictive.

As you can see and it is very common in folk tales and legends, everything is imprecise, surrounded by mysticism and the appreciation of the person who tells it, for this reason many say that it can assist them to do good or evil.

A legend from Venezuela

It is said that in the lands of Venezuela there is a horror that terrifies and shakes those who hear her name. She is described as a woman with long hair and a beautiful face, who is in charge of collecting the candles that they owe to the Blessed Souls, in the worst way.

In the rural areas of the interior of the country there are many people who use to ask for favors and make promises to these spirits, offering, among other things, to light the usual candles or candles, for a certain amount of time, days, weeks, months.

When these devotees forget to keep their promise, the figure of Anima Sola appears to remind them of the unpaid debt.

Legend has it that in the Flores del Ingenio sector (Guatire-Miranda State) a faithful believer of the blessed souls forgot to light the candle promised for those favors that were granted to her.

That night there was a knock on her door, surprised she saw a friend she hadn’t seen for a long time on the threshold, if she doubted she invited her in. When she was already in the house, she stopped being her friend to transform into a terrible and huge shadow that occupied the whole place.

He took the woman by the hair and shook her, such action caused bumps, bruises and bumps. The terrified woman managed between pains to reach the altar that she had in her home and she lit a candle, asking forgiveness for forgetting her.

Just at that moment the shadow left her and left the house to never return, because as you can guess the woman never asked for more favors, but she still lit some candles to avoid another terrifying visit.

Prayer to the soul alone

As we mentioned before, it is not a single prayer to the Soul alone, there are a good number of prayers and prayers to invoke it, requesting different favors.

There is a prayer for each need or job that the devotee requires, from obtaining money, subduing a person or recovering what was lost, to separating couples.

There are many jobs that the spirit can perform, so there are prayers for each task, which must be paid after being fulfilled, so do not overlook the promises and offers you make.

to ask you for a favor

Someone who requests the favor of the Anima Solo usually has a specific favor in mind, therefore, the prayer is created for that. Among the most common reasons are lack of money, urgent needs, cause despair and even destroy.

Devotees and believers who resort to her with the intention of receiving her favor, recite the prayer intended for that purpose, accompanied by what they agreed with the spirit.

However, there is a prayer that is addressed to the souls especially to ask for a favor, which he will mention at the end of it.

To end a debt

When someone decides not to pay a debt or the situation becomes very conflictive and you want to recover what is owed, there is a prayer for that purpose.

Help is requested from this entity, which they say is effective for this type of work, since it is in charge of collecting the promises owed to the Blessed Souls, according to the beliefs of some Latin American cultures.

The prayer begins as a request to the spirit so that through its help the debtors return the property of others. “Look at us with eyes of mercy and listen to the prayer of your servants, and you, Ánima Sola, reach me with Divine Mercy, the remedy for this need.”

The devotee puts his trust that through the diligent action of the anima who owes, pay: “Intercede in the minds of those who owe me so that they do good and return what is mine, which today is of great need for me” .

to ask for a miracle

There are situations so pressing and difficult that many people decide to recite this prayer in search of solutions.

The following is the prayer to the soul alone to ask for a miracle, well known among its devotees and believers:

Oh Lord!

How many are the graces that we require and need, with all truth it can be said that great and universal is our need.

Now, Lord, we seek for your Divine Majesty, intercessors who are pleasing in your eyes.

The soul alone, as dedicated and committed to our good as pleasing to your eyes, from the depths of its prison presents you with our misery and hardship, begging for the graces it needs to remedy it.

Then turn your eyes full of mercy and attend to the request of your servant.

O Anima Alone! Obtain for me the solution and the remedy for this great need that afflicts me.

To bind and dominate

When it is said that a prayer is to bind, it is because it is used to hold a person against their will, there are many entities and spirits who are asked for this type of favor and the helpless soul is usually one of them.

Next, we present the prayer to the soul alone for the mooring, which you can use if you want this type of favor:

Poor little Anima Sola, how lonely and sad you are, chained in your cell and constantly lamenting.

Going thirsty and tormented by burning in the flames, so that you can purge the sins committed and achieve peace and freedom.

Cheer alone that in the field you groan and moan, that nobody needs you like I need you.

Now I want you to lend me: the souls of three hanged men, of three treacherously killed and of three executed.

I want you to introduce these nine souls into the heart of (name whom you plan to tie up). 

If he has eyes, let him see me. That, if he has a mouth, let him speak to me. Bring it to me at the doors of my house, mortify it, don’t leave it alone.

Make him come, without anyone stopping him and not stop until he reaches my feet, humiliated, submissive and meek to give me happiness.

to win love

Believe it or not even in these times many people who want to win the heart of someone they consider their better half, opt for this type of resource.

It is said that it can be effective, as always depending on your faith, however remember that the best things in life should not be forced. Here is the prayer of the soul alone for love:

Ánima Sola, my sacred soul, I ask you with great faith that my beloved (name of the lover), return to my side and stay there forever, that he feels that the ties unite us today and forever.

I beg you and I resort to your great power, so that (name of the lover) returns with an open soul to love me and never stop doing it.

May nothing and no one manage to separate us, may he love me and continue to love me with all his heart, his mind, spirit and much more, from now and forever.

I beg you with this prayer soul alone so that (name of the lover) is by my side forever.

Anima Sola, lend me your help. Amen.

It is recommended that you pray in a place and time where there is silence and tranquility that favor concentration, since you must visualize the person of your interest and concentrate, only in this way the connoisseurs say is it possible to give power to the prayer.

To get money

One of the most common requests to this spirit is the solution to financial problems, to obtain more money and that it never lacks.

This prayer for money is a request and a request to the helpless soul, first to provide protection and then asking for their intervention to solve and put an end to all the difficulties and shortcomings in economic matters, that is, related to money.

The prayer begins by presenting to God the difficulties and needs that the devotee suffers, but above all the urgency that he has to receive his grace.

Then they proceed to invoke the Ánima Sola, requesting her intervention and her favor:

” Anima Sola, it is to be stubborn in my favor, pleasing to my eyes from the depths of her prison, I present to you our indigence and I ask for your protection, which is necessary to remedy my needs”

Promising that he will keep her in prayers and prayers: “ I will be your great and faithful admirer, I will ask God in my prayers, to have mercy on you with his infinite and great mercy, and free you from your continuous torment.

In addition to disclosing and disseminating her favors, so that others may also pray for her and be freed from the flames of purgatory: “Once I have obtained the request that I ask of you, I promise to spread the word of your favors, so that they raise you more and more prayers”

Then the favor that is required is formally mentioned, in this case obtaining the desired money: “ Bring me the money, the one that makes me so desolate that I cannot quench the thirst of my needs, which I need so much to survive. 

Finally, a promise is made to her to spread the news of the favors she granted, so that every day more devotees join in praying for her tormented soul. The prayer usually ends with a creed.

To solve financial emergencies

In moments of great urgency and economic need, there is a prayer to the soul alone used by its believers to solve such a situation.

Connoisseurs of the subject say that when the economic urgency is alarming for the devotee, he can recite it. Here’s a snippet of it:

“Oh blessed Anima Sola! the most abandoned of the cemetery, that you suffer pain and torment in purgatory, but that you are heard by God and his Son, and soon you will enjoy glory with Them,

Reach me of Divine Mercy, the remedy for these urgent needs that afflict me so much and cause despair and that I wish to see resolved satisfactorily “

to recover what was lost

Many of its believers say that they have been able to recover things that they thought were lost forever with this prayer. Repeat this prayer to the spirit that appears or is returned to you, that which was lost.

To destroy

The purpose or objective of this type of prayer is to torment, disturb and annoy someone’s mind, therefore it is considered black magic and you should reflect very well on whether it is correct, necessary or simply worth opting for this type of solution.

This prayer is performed together with a ritual, which must be carried out on a Friday regardless of the lunar phase.

When you get involved with this type of ritual, remember that at some point everything that is given comes back to you and all the damage done will return to you with the same force with which it was desired.

It is better to sow good deeds and not use these resources, this being a common warning from those who know the power of this entity.

The prayer of the anima sola to destroy begins by conjuring up the spirit and mentioning the person to be tormented, imploring the requested favor: “I implore you the maximum pain so that it suffers all the suffering that it has made me cause.”

to despair

It is a prayer designed to cause uneasiness and anguish in a person, with the aim of returning to you.

The intention, they say, is not to harm or cause harm, just to make someone feel an uncontrollable and desperate desire to have them by their side.

This prayer, like any other, is done with the confidence that it can be effective and real, as you imagine it to be.

However, any request of this type generates consequences. According to the believers of this entity, she can destroy and go mad, so you must think very carefully if you want to cause such damage.

Even mentioned the above, you plan to perform this type of ritual, remember to pay what you offered. This is the prayer for that purpose:

Oh, poor Anima Sola:

You, lonely soul, depressed and exiled, the most dying of all, you who know what I’m going through, I put all my faith in you, help me not to be alone like you.

Force (name of the person) to come kneeling before me,
enter his mind and do not allow him to leave it, so that he has no peace, neither eating, nor sleeping, nor drinking,
that he feels alone, empty and desperate, far from me.

Anima Sola, I trust in you,
as my protector I invoke you, despair and tie (name of your partner) make him stand out and love my charms, teach him that without me he will not be able to live in peace.

I conjure you and that (name of the person) cannot have pleasure in this world, if it is not with the woman you are dealing with, that woman protected by Jesus Christ.

Ánima Sola, the two of us are helpless, between the two of us we accompany each other.

Listen to these prayers and prayers, since you are the only one who can understand me, my only solution is in you, you cannot leave me alone and without protection at this time.

If he approaches me, let him be meek and calm, if he thinks of betraying me, destroy his forces and tie his hands. So it shall be, so I proclaim. Amen.

to separate two people

When someone wants to separate a couple because there is a personal interest, there is a prayer to the soul alone for that purpose.

It is important to make sure what type of relationship both people have and to have the name and surname of both, data necessary to achieve the goal.

Firstly, the spirit and its favor are invoked: “Today I come to you blessed soul alone to ask you for help, I am invoking you so that with your great power you can separate two people who, being together, hurt me a lot.”

Subsequently, the request is made, mentioning both names: “Please, blessed soul alone, separate and distance (say the full name of the person you are interested in) from (full name of the lover).

They are together and it is not a good relationship, since my beloved (say the name of the couple) is moving away, he is abandoning me and leaving behind all the plans and projects that we have built.

The main objective of this sentence is to cause a distance, so that neither member of the couple wants or can see each other anymore:

“Single soul, I ask you to take (indicate the full name of the lover) to a very distant place where their lies, deceptions and evil deeds have conquered and tied up my beloved, (mention the couple by name and surname) don’t touch it anymore.”

In addition to waiting for them to move away and forget, it is requested that any “work”, spell or mooring be destroyed and dissolved, in case this is the reason for your partner’s interest in that other person:

“May all witchcraft, incantations and spells that (lover’s full name) have used be destroyed, dissolved and eliminated, may it disappear and no longer have any influence or effect on (partner’s full name) may both separate and move away and that they do not wish to see each other, since they are hurting me.”

The believers of this entity assure that this prayer separates and separates who you do not want close to your partner or the person you are interested in:

“You know, my blessed soul alone, that my happiness is at stake, and this depends on you, may your glorious power keep these people away from each other, also keep (full name of the lover) away from me and my family, I ask you. Encourage alone. “

Normally this is recited within a ritual that strengthens the request, so think carefully about what you want to explore, because to be happy you should not harm another:

“I am invoking you, Anima sola blessed, listen to my prayer and help me with my plea, eliminate all evil that is in my house so that I can be happy again with (name of the couple).”

For the lonely soul of Juan Minero

This prayer has a purpose and it is to bend, submit and tame an individual who does not show interest or does not consider you the way you want.

Both this, and that of mooring and domination are usually prayers that, according to devotees, serve to manipulate and bend, keeping by their side an individual who does not have that interest or desire.

First the spirit is invoked:

“Anima de Juan Minero, in the name of Almighty God I invoke you and call, give me love, luck and money”

The ritual that accompanies this prayer consists of lighting a red candle for a week, without interruption, at night.

This is the prayer to the Anima Sola by Juan Minero:

Oh lonely soul of Juan Minero, with all due respect and humbly I present myself to you, so that if it is your will and through your kindness, you may grant my wish.

I beg you to put me in the mind and heart of (name of the lover) who is the person I love and who is far from me at the moment. May all your power and charity bring him back to me.

Blessed soul alone, that (name of the lover) does not have tranquility and peace until he returns to me.

Saints of my devotion! May (name of the lover) miss me and take a lot of love and illusion. San Salvador de Orta, that you come back to me is what matters.

Soul of Juan Minero, I beg you to help me and ensure that (name of the lover) always has me in his mind and always carries me in his heart, that he understands and accepts that he is my true love and that we be happy together forever.

Santa Inés Del Monte Perdido, return to me the love of (name of the person) who has left, that he does not feel affection for anyone else, that his love and his thoughts belong only to me.

That the body and soul of (name of the lover) do not love any other person, only me, do not allow him to be with anyone other than me.

In the Name of God the Father Almighty, by the shadow of the night and the light of the day, I ask you to grant my wish, that the evil spirits depart and leave, that my luck changes and what I want is granted to me.

If (name of the lover) were with another person, may my voice reach their ears and may my memory disturb their meeting.

If you were longing for or thinking of another love, that in your mind you can only have me present, if you were wishing for another person, that this person be removed from your life forever.

Soul of Juan Minero, I ask that by your power and charity, you do not allow (name of the lover) to have peace or tranquility.

That he/she cannot be with anyone else, neither friends, nor women/men, that he/she does not have peace of mind at any time or in any way, that (name of the lover) return to me, very meek and humble as he/she arrived the Lord Jesus to the world, Amen.

Prayer to the soul alone to give thanks

Remember that when you receive a favor or your request is granted, you must thank it, and of course pay what is offered.

A very simple, easy and frequent way to do it is to recite a prayer and light the number of candles that you offered to the soul alone.

According to connoisseurs of this type of rituals and work, you cannot stop paying and being grateful because there are many consequences that this can bring to your life.

There are several prayers that you can use for this purpose, however, we leave here one that is usually widely used for gratitude and payment to this entity:

Ritual to remove the anima alone

Previously it was indicated that this spirit is used for both good and evil, many people accustomed to harm use its power to cause torment and destroy others.

When this happens, many believers say that once she acts against a person, it is necessary to carry out a ritual and a payment for her to leave him.

The devotees of this entity say that you should not offend, push it away violently or suddenly.

Respect and tact must always prevail to prevent its power from harming the affected person.

They generally indicate that one way to remove it is to offer some rituals with offerings and prayer, perhaps the simplest being to place a glass of water, a candle and a white flower, requesting that it go away and leave that person alone. person.

In addition, it is always recommended to support yourself and go to the angels and Archangels, luminous and evolved beings.

Novena to the soul alone

When we talk about a novena, we automatically know that it is something related to the number nine and that in this case it refers to a Catholic Christian religious activity, where a prayer is made for nine days in a row without interruption to ask for or thank some very special favor. .

Although it is an activity of those who profess the Catholic faith, as is often the case in many nations, especially Latin American ones, these can be mixed with certain beliefs of each culture.

That is, they can make novenas to beings to whom they profess their faith, even when they are not recognized by Catholicism.

In the subject that concerns us, this combination of an exercise of Catholic Christian devotion with particular beliefs, happens with the soul alone.

There is a novena that is performed consecutively to this spirit, where prayers and supplications are recited to try to free it from the sufferings it suffers in purgatory.

As is very usual, this novena has an already established format that has existed for some time and should not be changed.

But as many of his devotees indicate, the most important thing is to perform the novena correctly, with the firm intention of giving benefit to others who need light and prayer, knowing that you are doing good.

The idea of ​​the novena is not to ask, but to give, however it is usually used to request favors.

opening sentence

As its name indicates, it is a prayer that begins this novena and must be recited each of the nine days.

Basically, it begins by asking Jesus, God the Son and Redeemer, for the rest and liberation of those souls trapped in Purgatory, through prayers and supplications: “My Lord Jesus Christ, my Creator and Redeemer, the only remedy for the souls in Purgatory.”

The prayers are presented as offerings before the redeemer: “I humbly offer you these prayers and supplications together with your merits”

This prayer is a request and a contribution for the salvation and early rest of all helpless souls: “And it is my will to offer it as many times as are enough to satisfy you, until that poor soul is left alone free from its sorrows.

Acknowledging that his sins caused his condemnation, the intercession of one who is merciful and compassionate is requested:

“It is true that she is justly afflicted for her sins, but I ask you to be forgiven by your mercy, because your Precious Blood is worth more than her sins, your merits are more powerful than her sorrows”

The believer also asks for good for himself and in some cases he can present the favors and requests that he wishes to see fulfilled: “And to you, blessed Anima Sola, I entrust you to pray to God for my good, and so that I can obtain what I request in this novena, which, although I know it is difficult, impossible“.

The nine days of the ritual

Each day of this novena has a different prayer, not very long, but always with the same goal, to ask for the eternal rest of the damned souls and their prompt entry into the kingdom of God.

After this prayer, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glory Be must be prayed in honor of the Passion of Jesus Christ and for the forgiveness of the souls in purgatory. Later, the Final Prayer and the Jaculatory prayers are recited.


These invocations are short phrases, which are usually repeated three times as a form of prayer or praise. For example, the one that is recited for the rest of the deceased:

  • “Grant them, Lord, eternal rest and may perpetual light shine on them”
  • “Holy souls, souls in Purgatory, pray to God for me and I will ask him to give you glory in paradise.”

closing sentence

This prayer is the closing of the novena, that is, it is done at the end of it and, like the beginning, it must be done every day, until completing the nine that are part of the ritual.

It is a prayer where once again with humility it is recognized that we are all sinners: “Lord, we sin, we are sorry; have mercy on our souls”

It also asks for the forgiveness and rest of all the souls that are suffering in purgatory: Forgive me, oh my God! Pardon for a soul! Forgiveness and mercy, grant me relief and calm!

Prayer is a constant plea for the creator to be benevolent to those souls waiting to be saved, granting them mercy, relief, calm and, above all, forgiveness.

images of the soul alone

The helpless soul or soul alone, is usually represented with illustrations of a woman who is serving a sentence, surrounded by flames or chained in some cases.

This image is inspired by a popular Christian custom in Latin American countries and in some nations of the old continent such as Spain, specifically in Andalusia and Italy, especially Naples and Palermo.

It is known as the single soul or the single spirit, inspired Catholic votive offering.

When speaking of a votive statue, it is a certain figure that is located in a place considered sacred by a certain religion or belief, in this case the Catholic.

The image is related to ceremonies and rituals that seek to obtain favor and help from a supernatural power.

The image of the soul alone is well known and popular in many Latin American nations, which have a culture very rich in magical and religious beliefs.

She is usually represented by a woman between flames that seem to burn her and cause her torment, it is said that eternally, but that they never devour and consume her in its entirety.

His gaze and his hands, which always wear chains, are directed upwards, it is believed that they are towards the sky in search of light and mercy.

As indicated, this is usually the best-known image of the single soul among people, whether in prints, paintings, or clay or plaster sculptures.

But this does not indicate that it is the only one, there are some different ones, with certain variations where you can see a woman breaking her chains, located in a cell where there is fire, resembling the concept or image of purgatory.

Some of these images also make her look like a woman who seems penitent and reverent, who at some point will receive the longed-for forgiveness, finding light and resting in peace.

It is important to understand that each one of these images is the expression of the imagination of the people or collective, of the artist or the devotee, therefore, you will be able to appreciate as many and varied figures and images that represent the soul alone, as the imagination allows.

Also on the European continent you can find some representative images, as it is also a common and popular belief, which is rooted in some areas, forming part of the cult of the souls in Purgatory.

It is said that, with the voyages of conquest and colonization, the explorers brought with them the images of this spirit to whom they professed their faith and being adopted in the new lands over time.

Currently, many rural towns in Latin America still ask for favors from this ancient spirit that arrived in colonial times and has endured over time.

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