Top Tips for A Stress-Free Home Move

Top Tips for A Stress-Free Home Move

One of the biggest events in life is buying a first home and getting on the property ladder. Often, this is the culmination of years of saving hard and securing employment that allows you to do this. In an era where rising inflation levels and lower consumer spending power dominate the economic forecasts, the achievement of securing a first home is even more impressive. However, it is important to note that a first home is unlikely to be your last property. 

In time, you may wish to upgrade to a larger home, especially if you are planning to have a family and need more space, or you simply have the funds to invest in a more luxurious property. It is recognized that moving house can be an extremely stressful experience, especially if you do not plan effectively for it. This article will discuss some top tips that will allow you to enjoy a stress-free house move.

If you have a small number of bulky items to ship

For most people, moving home often requires hiring a dedicated removals firm. Such companies will have access to larger vans and trucks that can handle a large volume of household possessions, moving them safely from your old house to your new property. However, if your current home is small or was your first property, you may not have many items to ship. 

Several bulky items may be problematic to move, such as chairs or beds, but the rest may be easily transportable in your existing vehicles. In such situations, you can save significant sums of money by using a dedicated courier service such as to move larger items. Such firms offer highly competitive rates for their services and are likely to be considerably cheaper than hiring a removal company. 

At these sites you will be able to gain a range of quotes for the items you need to move, allowing easy comparison. In addition, if your goods form part of a larger delivery schedule for the vehicle, the fee may be cheaper still as the items will be delivered en route to other destinations. In short, using a courier service can be an ideal and cost-effective way to achieve a smaller-scale home move. 

Effective box labelling

A vital way to save time and reduce stress levels on arrival at your new home is to label your boxes effectively. Ideally, you will want to mark each box with the room that the goods intend to go in, grouping them by room with a brief description of the contents. This will save considerable amounts of time on arrival as you can unpack room by room without moving back and forth around your new home. Mark the boxes on two sides so that you can see exactly what they contain without constantly turning or lifting them around once you arrive. Use a thick permanent marker so you can quickly read the labels. This simple method can save hours of work on arrival at your new home and is a key way to ensure an efficient and stress-free home move. 

Plan your route 

As a final top tip, it is of paramount importance to recognize the value of planning your route to your new home. Your new home will likely be some distance away from your current property and you may even need to drive to a new city, for example, if you are relocating to take a job promotion with an employer. Use a satellite navigation system to take the stress out of navigating to your new home. Modern sat nav units can feature live traffic updates, which will help you avoid congested roads or traffic accidents on your journey, keeping stress levels low on the drive. 

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