Learn how to do the Prayer of Protection against robbery and assault, here

Learn how to do the Prayer of Protection against robbery and assault, here

There are many unexpected situations that we can find on a daily basis. For this reason, it is necessary to know the Prayer of Protection against robberies and assaults before leaving home.

Prayer of Protection against robberies and assaults

The Bible is based on the expression of God where it says, right in Philippians 4:13, “That we can do everything through Christ, since he strengthens us.” This means that there is nothing that God cannot accomplish for us without our deposition.

Remembering that there are many things that God has done not only for us, but for many men in history. One of the main things that is stated in the scripture is the creation of heaven and earth, when he split the sea in two and many events like that, so what is it that God cannot do? That is the reason why we must rely on it consistently.

We perceive before his majesty, that without him, we are nothing. That we are absolutely subject to it, and that we are anxious to bring ourselves within reach of it. The Bible says that “there are numerous plans that an individual can have, however, it is the reason for God to announce the wonders of him” Proverbs 19:21.

This implies that we must adjust to his will, since he needs the best of us. As King David said, regardless of whether I wander through valleys of shadow or disappearance, I will not fear as God is with us constantly. (See Article: Evening Prayer Psalm 4 )


Our Father who art in your place of habitat,

blessed be your name

Above all, I need to thank you, sir.

For the fantastic penance you did, being on the cross.

Many thanks to you, Father, in light of the fact that,

Even without deserving it, you appreciated me first.

Today I need to ask you to forgive me if I have ever bothered you.

Excuse me in case I have done what you are not interested in.

Or again I stop doing what you ask me to do

Father I proceed to

Ask you to keep us from all insidious and all threats.

I realize that you are my Savior and my defender.

That’s the reason I put my life and my family’s life at your fingertips.

Try not to allow the intensity of the loathing to increase.

Before my family and my house

Extend mercy to my little girl and my partner with your precious blood.

Something similar to the one you paid for our bad deeds.

I request that you send your holy messengers and heavenly host leaders.

Cherubim and Seraphim

In order to be correct and safe,

In front and behind, guiding our steps.

I realize that you tilt your ear to listen to my requests.

Besides, I am sure that you discover the beauty before us.

I thank you, Father, and I favor you,

In the resounding name of your son Jesus.

I need to thank you for all the love

What do you generally demand of me?

I am very grateful to you for treating me continuously,

Or more for allowing me to live.

In this moment of supplication,

I come to ask you to keep me from all evil plans of the enemy,

From all danger, particularly from the adversary who

 Try to deny us our merchandise, which with such penitence

We have fought to have it.

Master, I put my life and that of my family at your fingertips,

In order to free myself from criminals,

Do not allow the intensity of the hatred to increase.

Send me and my family your insurance.

I ask you to send your heavenly assistants

 And his chief heavenly messengers,

Angels and seraphim to protect us from criminals,

That they need to deprive us of our merchandise.

Ruler, keep our lives from those criminals,

Please don’t allow anything horrible.

Within your reach, I place my prosperity and,

Certainly, I will go out to continue my existence without fear,

On the basis that the Lord, my God, is my defender.

For the sake of your beloved Son Jesus. So be it.

On the off chance that you make this request in Faith, you can be assured that God is attuned to you and that he is reliably near. Keep each of his steps in Him, since He is omnipotent and will never abandon you in the midst of problems, you will proceed with satisfaction and enthusiasm, because God has predetermined extraordinary things to favor his life.

Psalm 59, a psalm of protection

Many writers have considered Psalm 59 as a psalm of protection, of security, where we can freely express to God our need for protection from evil. That is why we carry out the Prayer of protection against robberies and assaults. Then the next psalm.

  • From the choir master. “Try not to tear yourself apart.” David in a low voice. At the time Saul sent to watch his house to assassinate him.
  • Transmit me from my enemies, my God, from my aggressors, make sure that,
  • They, the specialists of cruelty, of wild men, I can be free.
  • Make sure they hang around my spirit; unbelievable are summoned against me; Without resistance or sin in me, Jehovah.
  • Without guilt, they run and prepare. Wake up, come see me and see,
  • You, Yahweh, God Sabaoth, God of Israel, ascend to visit each of the Gentiles, do not feel sorry for any of those deceitful cheats.
  • They come back towards the evening, scream like puppies, weave around the city.
  • Look at them with their mouths full, with the swords on their lips: “Is there anyone who hears?”
  • Be that as it may, you, Yahweh, laugh at them, you laugh at all the Gentiles.
  • Graceful my quality, towards you I look at you. Because God is my fortification.
  • The God of my affection comes to meet me. God will challenge the individuals who lie in suspense for me.
  • Funny, do not kill them, remember my relatives, get rid of them with your ability, humiliate them, Lord, our shield.
  • Sin is in his mouth the expression of his lips; So they are stopped in their pride, by profanation, by the falsehood they cry.
  • Crush the anger, repress, they no longer exist! Also, let him realize that God manages Jacob, to lengths unimaginable.
  • They return towards the afternoon, they scream like puppies, they roam the city;
  • Watch them looking for something to eat, until they run out, they growl.
  • I, again, will sing your quality, I will acknowledge your adoration towards the beginning of the day; because you have been to me a fortress, a refuge in the day of my distress.
  • Mercies, my quality, I will recite it for you, because God is my bastion, the God of my adoration.


The plea of ​​insurance is the reverential request that the Lord made to precede us and give us his glorious security. Whether in the face of insignificant or genuine threats, against elements or insane spirits that seek to enter my being or affect me.

Also, in that of someone close, by enemies and fakes who try to make me a typical insidious thing to see me hurt, or basically they need to request insurance from our Family, colleagues or children, they are the most valuable beings in our lives and, therefore, we need them to be constantly free from any detestable danger. It is one of the reasons why we decided to perform the Prayer of protection against robbery and assault.

This request for security is absolutely essential to recognize before God, since it guarantees the consideration of his loyal workers, not deceitful, and gives his help to people who have their trust and expectation in him in a genuine and special way, but not to people who contradict your ability and confidence.

One of the main themes used at this point in the supplication is the safety and security of the Lord, so he assures me, my companions, and my brothers. In the event that you play this request day by day, your request will contact the entrances of paradise and God will listen to your plea and give you help soon, so that in this regard you can be careful and healthy every day trusting in the Almighty.

However, in certain events, before making an insurance appeal, we request protection not only from natural damages that we may suffer during our visit to Earth, but also from paranormal, deep and mental damages that we can endure. (See Article: The Power of Prayer )

The facts show that our father already realizes what we need and yet, like every great father, he wants to hear the voice of his children. We see that the emphasis of the request should be to strengthen our association with God, to draw closer to him, to invest energy in his quality, and to impart to him what our hearts imply. We plead with you in light of the fact that our association with God is significant and imperative.

For what reason do we pray?

Something that is extremely true is that supplication brings us closer to the Father. It gives us the great opportunity to open our hearts to him, to reveal what consumes our brain day by day since we want our time to be dedicated to him, to ask him for help and cunning. Willingness to establish direct communication with the father is needed, which is why it is important to pray the Prayer for protection against robbery and assault.

And this is the main thing when we implore! We approach the Father; we reserve a little effort to talk and listen to him, to make the most of the quality and friends of him. This is the fundamental motivation behind why we ask. There are different reasons why we should implore, take a look at some of them below:

For God to be celebrated

God anticipates that we should ask and do as such for the sake of Jesus. He is not asking for everything we need, however, he draws near according to his desire for us and for his magnificence to be celebrated in our lives.

The human being must consider at all times that his Father is God and that one of the many ways to please him is through prayer and communion with him. God deserves to be exalted and enlivened through our thanks, so we pray.

In such a case that we ask, we obtain

Ask and it will be given to you; Look, and you will discover; Knock, and it will open. For all those who ask for it, the person who seeks, finds; and to the caller, it opens. Which of you, if her daughter asks for bread, gives her a stone?

Matthew 7: 7-9

Here we see the kind heart of God. He needs to give beneficial things to his children, however, we must ask, seek, knock, develop our association with our Father and express our desires.

Since Jesus gave a model

We see that Jesus, despite the fact that God was a man, developed a real existence of request and commotion, but also had “respectful accommodations.” How much more should we demonstrate that respectful and pleasant heart through our pleas and our discussions with the Father!

Thanks to the fact that Jesus left the model Prayer written in the Bible, the human being has managed to reach a high point in communication with the Father himself. Something amazing to miss!

To get your peace of mind

Try not to stress over anything; rather, at every event, with supplication and appeal, present your requests to God and offer gratitude. What is more, the tranquility of God, which surpasses all understanding, will deal with your souls and contemplations of him in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

There are such a large number of our daily worries! We can take them to God, offer them to Him and thank Him, since we do not need to face life’s problems alone. It is in that state of mind of complete trust in him that we draw tranquility from him, a limitless harmony that demonstrates the consideration of our God.

Get a physical and deep repair

We can bring before God a wide range of petitions, including demands for well-being and forgiveness of sins. God longs to connect us with physical recovery. He is the one we should go to when we feel tired physically or even mentally. He promises to be our rest, our shelter and our healer.

From this it follows that there are no limits for Our Lord Jesus Christ in terms of redemption and restoration. It is important to always keep in mind that in the face of strong and vicious difficulties, the prayer of protection against robberies and assaults will always be the best option. (See Article: Miraculous prayers to heal diseases )

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