Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Medical Examinations

Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Medical Examinations

The prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for exams and studies is a recitation in order to get good news for exams and medical studies as well as school and university students. In the following article we will know everything related to this type of prayer.

The Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Exams and Studies

Oh great Child Jesus of Prague!, the great source of all science and human wisdom, from whom one receives the intelligence that comes from the infinite goodness they have.

Look at the struggle I am in and also my worries, the various difficulties of studies and exams, look at the efforts I have to come out well and have a future full of many possibilities.

I ask you with all my heart to be my great benefactor, and because of the enormous love you have for me, bless me in all my student work so that, grateful for all your benefits, I will know how to reciprocate you, in addition to loving you more every day in my life and honor with the great and immense honor with which the same angels and saints of heaven honor you and the just hearts of the earth.

Oh great and kind Child Jesus of Prague, you who are very special and protector of students, help me on all the difficult days of tests and exams, so I ask for your help so that I can pass the subjects that concern me so much. , especially in:

(At this moment you are going to make with great faith and hope the request that you so desire in the prayer to the child of Prague )

Before your presence I put all my full trust. For what I know that your everything is possible for you, you who give us everything, you who are merciful in a great way with what come to come before your presence and great image and you do not stop working for the prodigies in our favor.

Holy Child Jesus of Prague, you who at the age of 12 in the temple knew how to respond with your admirable wisdom to all the doctors of the Law, enlighten my good intelligence, increase my memory, give me good serenity and calm, also give me clarity to be able to capture my knowledge and not make mistakes or make mistakes in the answers I give.

Please, I ask you to make those who are going to examine me the tests and exams which become compassionate with the deficiencies that I have and also be fair and equitable people with the qualifications, so that I can have full success. and get the excellent grades I want.

Holy Child Jesus of Prague, for the merits of the Incarnation and your childhood, I beg you with all my heart to grant me with faith what I ask of you and that it be required of me on all occasions. Oh my good Child Jesus of Prague, you know very well that I seek you, with all my heart and being I give myself to you, also I put myself in your loving hands at all times, who are always willing to give me the best in my anxieties.

Oh holy and blessed Child Jesus of Prague, surely you are listening to my pleas and you are going to give me the goods I need and that you will strengthen me in hope. Compassionate Child Jesus of Paga: I ask you to listen to me, to bless me, to be my help, my helper, make me triumphant in the tests I have to pass. Amen.  

It is recommended that the Creed, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory be prayed. In addition, it is good that you pray and pray before each of the exams that you are going to take and also when it is needed in the studies.

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