Virgin prayer of Saint John to have a baby

Virgin prayer of Saint John to have a baby

The virgin prayer of Saint John is often used as a spiritual request in order to have a baby, when the traditional methods to spend it do not work, know everything about this prayer by reading the following article.

Virgin prayer of Saint John

To better understand prayer, it is necessary to understand who the Virgin of San Juan is, this precious mother of God is part of the extensive world of Marianism in Mexico. It is located in the region of the lakes, specifically on the Tepeyac hill.

She is the second most revered virgin in the country after the Virgin of Guadalupe, she is considered a miraculous patron saint of the city of Jalisco, she annually receives more than six million faithful, she is also called the Virgin of Cihualpilli.

The image was made in the 16th century in the city of Michoacán, made in the town of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. The virgin is venerated and they have several prayers that the faithful use in order to request services to get pregnant, health, prosperity and various difficult situations.

According to some faithful, the prayer should be performed as many times as the person wishes, but it is recommended to do it the days before the feast of the Virgin, between January 24 and February 1.

Others recommend performing it for nine days in a row (Novena) always with great faith and hope, recommendations are also made to accompany it with the prayer of several Our Fathers and some Hail Marys.

Novena to the Virgin of San Juan

As we explained earlier, the novena is a dedication of prayer for nine days in a row, in order to fulfill the promise of request, during the day it can be done as many times as the person wishes and begins by making the sign of the cross.

Next, an Our Father is performed and the so-called act of contrition begins, which we will see below. The place where this novena is performed is indifferent. The person must be in a quiet place where there are no noises or disturbing situations. If you can go to a church, it is better.

Act of Contrition towards the Virgin of San Juan

Consider the act of contrition as a gesture of repentance that only occurs in the Catholic religion, so that many faithful use the prayer to the Virgin Saint John in order to concretize that guilt and redeem their sins.

The prayer begins with: “Oh Most Pure Virgin, admirable Mother of God, advocate of sinners and Queen of angels” , then describes the repentance of the person who is prostrated at her feet, submissive and subservient to the grace of God, thanking you for giving him life.

Then he describes the immensity of the universe and the sky formed by God to blame himself for his small humanity in the face of all that immensity, and not value it to commit a sin. Next, the prayer focuses on the request to the Virgin of San Juan, to thank and request death before sinning again.

The prayer includes some drama but is very spiritually pure and deep. To end this first part of the prayer, the person makes his vows of trust in the virgin, requesting forgiveness and joy until her life is over.

Our Lady of Saint John prayer for a difficult request

This prayer has a form and spiritual content very similar to the one described above, however it is used by many faithful to request solutions to their problems and complicated situations, many even provide some offerings on the altars and commit to prayers of thanksgiving for nine days .

These gratitudes are sometimes confused with ritual activities, where some spiritual deviants confuse the grace of God with direct favors to obtain benefits that have nothing to do with the spirituality of the pure soul.

The prayer contains a beginning very similar to that of contrition: “My beloved Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, Most Holy Virgin Mary sovereign, worthy Empress of Heaven and earth, that in your venerable Image of San Juan”

Then he continues with a series of praises for his goodness, his virtues and even highlighting his physical faculties, the beauty of his hands, his skin, his face, etc., then the respective requests are made, such as the delivery of kind miracles to get out of the crisis the person is in.

The following is asked from the heart: “Give us back Great Lady in your cozy blue mantle and help us obtain the mercies of the Most High!” , later the person makes delivery of the heart of him and the delivery of any praise and veneration, these compliments are extensive and very conditioned to faith.

A prayer request is made in order to forgive one’s own sins and those of all human beings, the anguish and sorrows are left in her hands, she is asked to intercede through humility to grant the necessary trust based on receive all the requested spiritual help.

At no time does the prayer establish material requests, it only asks for strength and kindness to be able to correct mistakes and follow the path that leads to the proposed goal, the cries are made so that the virgin receives the prayers and can grant consolation. and hope. After filling the Virgin with praises, the central part of the sentence allows the person to establish the request, for example: “I ask you, mother, to give health to…..the name of the person, etc.”

You can also make another type of request that is based on virtues and solutions of a spiritual nature. After the request is made, we proceed to ask that this request not be abandoned, that the efficacy of God’s grace arrive and be able to offer a solution in the best way as God does.

The person surrenders to Jesus, in order that he be the watchman of the actions and accompany the person in the strongest and most difficult moments, the virgin is asked to cover with the mantle to fill with love and kindness all actions that take place. performed.

The prayer ends with a simple “Amen” , then seven Hail Marys, an Our Father and a Glory Be are offered, the prayer must be performed for nine days in a row, regardless of the place or now or the number of times the person wishes to perform.

First day

The prayer is performed beginning each day with: “ Oh! Immaculate and always blessed, singular and incomparable Virgin Mary” , then continues with a series of descriptions such as:

  • “Lady made in the image and likeness of God, now so old because of my faults, so moth-eaten by appetites, so undone by passions; pity yourself.”
  • ” Lady of its ruin and reach of God Our Lord that just as your holy image, because it is his image, his majesty wanted it to be renewed by the hands of angels, my soul by the cares of grace, also granting him what I ask of you in this novena, if it is for the glory of his divine majesty and the good of my soul”.

The prayer always concludes with an amen and reflecting on the importance of having given words and prayers of love, kindness and gratitude to the mother of God.

Second day

After making the introduction, the relevant prayer is carried out on this second day. The respective praises are made, it is said in several parts and in different ways, using the antiphon even if the person wishes:

  • “O sovereign mother! Those, your merciful eyes, pity me, I am one of those who having eyes do not see.
  • “You are divine, give me the light that I desire so as not to stumble over the deceptions of the world, so as not to fall into the snares of the devil or perish in the precipices of the flesh, and if the favor I ask of you in this novena suits me and is of the please God, grant me and if not, give me perfect resignation in the divine will.”

Third day

The prayer begins in the same way and the relationship of the mother with the holy spirit is established, her intercession before God to be able to receive divine favors and kindnesses, among the forms and contents of the prayer can be seen:

 Oh! Mother, the eyes of your mercy to this patient conceived in weakness and misery, full of ailments in soul and body, I come to you to heal, that you heal paralytics and that you are the Jordan for the lepers, the oil for the wounded, generous wine for the weak, comfort for the afflicted, antidote for the mortal, and medicine for all the sick.

Heal me Lady, of all my internal and external illnesses, and also grant me the favor that in this novena I ask of you if it is to be a remedy for my salvation, and if not, grant me whatever is most pleasing to God Our Lord. Amen.

Fourth day

On this day, prayer establishes forgiveness and the way to assume the blame for the sins committed, forgiveness is requested through various forms, leaving the spirit and soul in the hands of God, so that the pleas for forgiveness are of a important emotional value let’s see:

“You, most pious Mother, who do not disdain favoring even these, deign to obtain me from his majesty the grace, to seem like a crumb of the Eucharistic bread that you prepared in the warmth of the Holy Spirit in your most pure womb, for our health and eternal life. ; If the favor requested in this novena leads to this end, grant me, and if not, let whatever pleases God be done. Amen.

Fifth day

The beginning on this day is: “Oh! Mother of Mercy, those bright stars, your merciful eyes” The request is in order to draw the firm attention of the Virgin of San Juan in order to allow her permanence on earth to fulfill the promises:

“Reach me, Lady, that with the soft breath of grace in the nave of the Holy Church, I walk safely to the heavenly homeland, and if the favor that I ask of you in this novena leads to this end, grant me to greater honor and glory of God and good of my soul. Amen”.

Sixth day

The person establishes on this day a prayer that allows him to receive security and light to be able to follow the path that leads him to achieve his goals, that the flame of light from the eyes of the Virgin allows him to overcome the hardships and obstacles that arise. on the way, some of its parts say like this:

Oh! Mother of Mercy those your divine eyes to this unworthy servant who burns in anger, burns in flames of concupiscence and burns in fathoms of appetite.

Have pity, Lady of me, and make sure that among such cruel flames they do not consume me, rather than so purified, without stain of guilt, that burned only in the fire of divine love, I walk safely in the heavenly homeland, where I hope to achieve, the Eternal blessedness, and if for this purpose leads the grace that I ask you in this novena, grant me to greater honor of his divine majesty. Amen.

Seventh day

The supplication is made present in the prayer of the seventh day, the intervention of the virgin is requested in the heart of the person to avoid the fragility and breakage of the faith, the bad intentions must be eliminated through this prayer, look for the tools through of the strength delivered by the virgin. In it you can read the following:

“Oh! Lady, do not allow it, see that in it is the treasure of the most pure blood of your kind Son Jesus, see that it is the same that you liberally gave him in the incarnation, so that he would pour it in torrents on the cross to our happiness”

“Remember, Lady, that then with unspeakable pain, you accepted to be the mother of men, and these, at the head of the most pure apostle Saint John, are your children and slaves, obliged from that hour to love and serve you, whose obligation, Lady, and if for this Finally lead what I ask of you in this novena, reach me from His Majesty to greater honor and glory of His, and benefit of my soul. Amen”.

Eighth day

On the eighth day the prayer is based on the impurity and cleanliness of the soul, forgiving sins, contrition becomes stronger on this day and delivery is pure and full of faith, adherence to the soul of the virgin is requested, let’s see:

“Lady, may your miraculous rays of light incline and illuminate my soul so that registering my conscience and the most hidden of my faults, horrified by my ugliness, I try to cleanse it with a good confession and wash it with tears of contrition.”

“Do not allow, admirable mother, I leave your presence without the achievement of this happiness, without the richness of this grace and if what I ask of you in this novena leads to this end, grant me to greater glory of God and yours. Amen”.

ninth day

The culmination of the novena, ending with this prayer, has the following preamble: “Oh! Immaculate and always blessed, singular and incomparable Virgin Mary, Mother of God, very pleasant temple of hers, tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, door of the sovereign medical kingdom of heaven, bow down.

A plea is made to the virgin to invade the soul of the person with the flame of truth, so that he can face the path of life with joy and peace, and ends by saying:

“Lady, and if for this purpose you lead what I ask of you in this novena, reach me from your Majesty to greater honor and glory of yours, and benefit of my soul. Amen”.

Prayer of the Virgin of San Juan to have a baby

To end this interesting article, we suggest the following Virgin of Saint John prayer as a spiritual tool that serves women who have used any number of scientific and traditional methods, depending on getting pregnant and it has not worked.

Devotion and faith are the main tools to achieve the proposed objective, it is important to have a prior orientation that can establish the conditions and the way to perform this prayer, the efficiency depends on the commitment and hope of the person.

Although they can also be requested by men, asking that their wife may have fertility or if the one with the problem is the man himself. Search through the light of the Virgin of San Juan, provide them with the joy of having a child.

The joy and inner passion of wanting to have a baby drives many people to seek this spiritual alternative, which with faith can achieve many goals, so never forget to keep in mind that the Virgin of San Juan is one of the most miraculous after within the Marian world.

The prayer usually concludes by thanking God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in advance, in addition to promising to make several Hail Marys and Our Father, some consider it prudent to even make Glories and make some aphonias related to the Virgin of San Juan.

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