Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero to Prosper the Business

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero to Prosper the Business

The Prayer to San Martín Caballero, is a prayer recited to the patron saint of soldiers, weavers and textile workers, through this prayer mercy can be obtained for souls wherever they go and for protection. In the following article you will know everything related to this saint and the protections offered by him.

Martin Caballero’s Prayer for Money and Work

Among the purposes most sought after by Mexicans is, of course, to stop smoking, start exercising, have a healthy diet, obtain much more money and work. So that people can have all this, they must have the support of Martín Caballero’s prayer for money and work, which is very useful.

As time has come to pass there is already a small number of people who tend to believe in the religion of Catholicism. The states that in the last 70 years approximately between the years 1940 and 2010 have come to diminish the belief of these, said states tend to be:

  • Chiapas with about 38 Points
  • Campeche with 31.4 Points
  • Tabasco with 23.8 Points

San Martín Caballero, whose birth name became Martín de Tours, is one of the saints with the greatest representation for Christianity.

Who was Saint Martin Caballero?

Martin of Tours, was born in the regions of Hungary about 1700 years ago, more or less for what was the year 316.

He came to have his education in the areas of Pavia, located in Italy, despite the fact that he became attracted to what religion is, his father, who was a military speaker, made him enter what is the guard imperial Roman when he was 15 years old, in which he was worth riding mainly on horseback, in the regions of Italy and later in Gaul what is now France; From that moment on, he is known by the nickname “Cabalero”.

Martín Caballero decides at one point to leave the Roman army to go serve Dio, which he immediately executes, by denying him authorization for his withdrawal by the governor, César Juliano. When the Roman hordes came to prepare to go to war against the barbarian warriors, this governor came to pass in front of the legions formed in a perfect order, giving them a kind of economic stimulus to each of the soldiers who joined them. they found there.

When the governor approached Martin, he told him:

“Until now, Caesar, I have fought for you; let me now fight for God. Whoever intends to continue being a soldier, let him accept your gift; I am a soldier of Christ, it is not legal for me to continue in the army”.

One of the main acts of this man was to get to organize another monastery, that of Marmoutiers, which quickly came to have more than 80 believers. In the course of his ministry in Tours he came to fight against disbelief, in addition to the fetishism of false idols and helped especially in what was the propaganda of the Christian faith, despite all this, in large part he did not reach be comfortable.

He came to walk throughout the area of ​​his district, and in each town he left a priest. This man was the one who colonized the rural parishes of France. Saint Sulpice, the writer, even says that people were amazed to see how Martin was friendly and good-tempered all the time.

Why is Saint Martin Important in the Catholic Church?

When Martín Caballero was 21 years old, one cool day of the winter season a Roman crowd entered the city of Amiens, located in France, so Martín came to find lying next to the city gate a homeless man almost frozen to death, he gives this man half of his toga, since the other half was from the Roman army.

The night after, Christ appears to him dressed in the half toga in order to thank him for the gesture he made, and saying:

Who is Patron Saint Martin Caballero?

The Prayer of San Martín Caballero tends to be recited by soldiers with great frequency because this is the patron saint of soldiers, weavers and also textile builders. Besides, it is the patron saint of France, of countries like Hungary and we can include the cities of Utrecht in the Netherlands and Buenos Aires, in Argentina, among many others.

In the regions of Mexico, he is considered the protector of Acayucan, San Martín Texmelucan and as Tixtla de Guerrero. The most revered Saint in the world, which he is emphasizing in much of Latin America.

So that a person can always be protected by the so-called great Roman Soldier, they should only recite the prayer or the Prayer to San Martín Caballero. It will help them fight the misery that is produced in homes on a daily basis, it is also used to have mercy on the souls that go wherever they want.

What is the Prayer?

In the name of God in heaven, Mr. Martin Caballero,

Take out the salt found in my house,

Please give me enough luck, a good job and lots of riches,

O pious saint, show your servant Saint Martin,

O great strong and jealous patron of spirits,

Who gets to raise his voice during this desert in which I find myself,

Provide me with your greatest help in my many needs,

In your mercy grant me encouragement during these times of trouble.

May your enormous power separate all those who want to cause me evil

And protect me from all the afflictions and evil that they want to commit against me.

Be blessed at this time, in mention of the enlightened virtues of your holy commitment.

Admired patron Saint Martin Caballero, I ask you at this time with great faith and respect,

With the help of almighty God, may my paths be opened for good,

Both in work and in riches,

They open with great splendor, so that you never need anything.

Oh powerful, Saint Martin Knight, free me at all times from all those opposite people and always cover me from any kind of evil.Amen…

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for Fortune the Business

Recognized Saint Martin Caballero

Oh, Saint Martin of Tours, who is hailed as Martin de Loba!

The blessed saint of the Blessed destiny. Give me of the good donation from him.

As God gave it to the poor, do, that as much work as I do

 Everything is sold and what is sold is bought,

Give me, my lord, good Fortune and Happiness to be able to improve the patrimony that I have…

Never let me waste or break the deals I have,

Neither do any of the jobs I do,

Give me your good luck and multiply everything I get to invest in work,

Give me prosperity and fortune, grant me your magnanimous help for jobs and riches.

Bring all the people who are going to buy what I sell and also those who are going to pay for it,

That all the things that I start and do have an excellent ending,

May all the goods I have be considerable and may both gold and silver travel the road to my house.Amen….

This has been one of the prayers to San Martín Caballero for business , in order to obtain good luck for all business transactions that take place in life.

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