Sexuality in Dating and Adolescence

Sexuality in Dating and Adolescence

Courtship is a very beautiful stage that every human being has the right to live with a person who expresses the same love and affection, who allows them to understand and see the importance and good team they are, it should also be noted that there must be a lot of chemistry and passion, is always linked to love, so let’s learn a little more about sexuality in courtship here.

Sexuality in Dating

Love is a somewhat complex form of expression for some, having a large number of nuances, which society is in charge of self-imposing, challenging meaning and value to the feelings and love that can be reflected between couples. Today, sexuality is highlighted as part of the expression of love between couples and boyfriends, where a loving expression is presented where mutual delivery of the physical donation is made.

It has always been emphasized that it is necessary to express love, not only to say it in words but also to involve facts, actions, expressions, gestures, symbolic actions, looks, touch and touch, but it must be emphasized that there are degrees and types of love and it must be measure as the case may be. The love that exists between two people who are friends is completely different from what boyfriends may have, not being expressions of love of the same form or magnitude, differing in the different expressions of love.

In this case we highlight the sexual donation between the couple, which can present a moment of total, complete and wonderful donation between both; because through this act it is possible to engender lives being fruits of love between them. But reaching this type of experience of dedication and passion without a total donation is seriously lying, it is lending your body for something that you neither feel nor think about. Therefore, great care must be taken with sexual relations outside the scope of marriage, it can be a corrosive expression of love and can even generate wounds that are difficult to heal.

love and sexuality

Sometimes it can be believed that all the feelings of love and affection can come to be born of love, but sometimes they are messy expressions that are mixed with passion, being in the long run simple illusions, when the passion is over they realize that they were simply an illusion, this type of situation can destroy the love that was being built. During the courtship period it is necessary to ask to what extent I can take to express the different manifestations.

Dating Sex: The Enemy of True Love

You must bear in mind that at no time is it trying to express having sexual relations before marriage, but we must be aware of the consequences that its practice brings before its time, in most cases it limits the possibilities of establishing a good relationship. Sexual relations between singles are a great barrier to true intimacy, causing women and even men to lose their emotional stability, pushing them into addictive and destructive relationships.

We must know how to differentiate between what physical chemistry represents, both need attention, passionate emotions can be expressed, but it is normal at a certain point to feel a void in the middle of the relationship, it will only feed on the interest and mutual growth between couples. When a relationship begins, first they are friends where different types of topics are discussed and points of view are shared, being an essential basis for marriage, friendship is much more than a relationship, a friend is more than a buddy, it is the who stays and is the one who truly loves you.

Ingredients of a friendship

We must be clear that in our lives there are many people around us, some closer than others, but we must know very well who we classify as friends; where pastimes, hobbies, jobs, visions, tastes, music, among other things, are shared. A true friend is one who knows you completely, he has seen your strong sides and your weak sides and still loves you and stays with you at all times.

The idea is not to generate frustration but a mutual and correct delivery between the couple, it is required to pay attention and express the correct affective expressions. A love between friends is a love of companions, there is a tender attachment and great joy in each other’s company. Therefore, when you choose your partner other than for some wild feeling, it is necessary to share this type of love with the partner but always present a partner love that strengthens the true love between them.

Beyond being a friend

Let’s wait for the right moment to be truly friends, let’s explore them and find quality people so that together they can exploit it in marriage. A true friend shares your joys, your sorrows, he supports you in your falls and celebrates your victories. It is mandatory that before establishing a marriage you develop a bond of friendship with your partner, a true friend knows you inside and out and still loves you, you can get to discuss opinions, share pleasures and have great observations.

It is necessary that before establishing a marriage we keep in mind the main ingredient of friendship, give ourselves a period of time necessary to establish the pillars of the correct relationship. Care must be taken to only seek sexual interest and use the person, generating false illusions and the wrong thing during the relationship they are carrying out. Over time you can get to develop affections, being a fruit of your own choice and at the moment of experiencing it mutually, you can get to enter the courtship stage, being a stage where you experience affection, tenderness, friendship and a lot of attraction towards the other. person.

Friendship as Loyalty

A true friendship will always reflect loyalty, those that are deep friendships are loyal, it represents a unique unity with that person, despite all circumstances and all situations, when trust is lacking, all kinds of bonds can be broken. A true friendship does not develop overnight but is carried out when you are able to delve into the feelings of the other person, giving the attention required to prevent the friendship from being destroyed.

The Fun of Friendship

Friendship is a fundamental stage in every relationship, you must be aware that having a true relationship with a person must first be friends before becoming something else, many of the sentimental failures come from anticipating stages and living moments that do not yet correspond, to such an extent that they can harm the friendship that they had been forging, especially if it was not totally solid. With friends they are people who are very fun to be with, they have fun, they are open, they express each other.

Having a true friendship is completely stimulating, thus causing an emotional, sentimental and also spiritual bond to grow between the two. But it is completely related to loyalty as a symbol of trust and love, it represents peace and security for the person you have by your side and tranquility that will not betray you, you must feel loyalty and be loyal to the partner of your life and mainly If that person is your best friend.

Friendship as a Stimulus

Having a true friend leads you to consider things with encouragement, with strength, because you have someone by the hand who supports you and encourages you to do things correctly, a true friend always gives encouragement and confidence even in the most difficult moments. A true friend will always demonstrate with actions the value of people and respect the dignity of those around them, as people we always have the question of whether we truly encourage others or not, we must be able to show love to those around us. Your partner should be your best friend, your confidant and the protagonist you want by your side in each of your objectives and goals achieved.

And when I fall in love what?

When a relationship is neglected at the level of friendship and they are only in the novel of kisses and caresses, therefore, they do not talk much and completely neglect the exploration of each other’s personalities, we must be aware that we must have a strengthening of the emotional aspect. , personal and physical. In this aspect, the guidance of parents is of utmost importance, it is advisable to guide them at all times and stand firm with them to meet the desired goals but always being parents about anything.

Affection for Development

As human beings we constantly need and it is fundamental to be able to have a good bio-pisco-social development as human beings, always having good verbal and non-verbal communication, as people we need the expression and manifestations of everyday life. We must recognize to whom we are going to give affection and from whom we are going to receive affection, without having prejudices, fears and blackmail, many times our society has imposed these parameters and therefore many skip the true conditions of affection.

How to have a good affective relationship?

There are various affective relationships, for this, it is necessary to strengthen many aspects in our lives, we must accompany people, know how to be supportive, show a correct interest and with activities, share different types of opinions and always strengthen the aspect. But we must keep in mind that there must always be a good disposition focused on the affective relationship that is related to accepting the various differences between the relationships that can be carried out with different people. It is considered as a stage of knowledge and exploration, a prelude to marriage, coexistence, children, among others.

Affection and Tenderness in Men

Our society is marked by a great trend of sexist generations, where men are always superior and women are below men, despite the evolution of cultures and the breaking of that mentality, it is still rooted in the system of our society . This macho culture is rooted and educated from the time they are children, both men and women, where it is implemented that girls or women are weaker than men but men must also limit themselves to expressing affection, repressing emotions and also feelings.

Many times we can see that the affections between men are greater and more significant at the moment they decide to express it, but they usually have a hard time being direct and frank with the woman they love or the person they love, they are difficult and complex, leading to a point of hurt during the relationship. All this due to the macho mentality and the conscious or unconscious treatment of dominance over women and feeling that her role should always be superior.

Dating and Sexuality

The search for an ideal partner is a feeling that is born from when we are little, where we always seek to have a play friend, a partner with the same tastes, a person to share skills, even the way of dressing, among others. This type of link establishes ties with various people, allowing us to discern the true attitudes of all the people around them, thus being the first approaches they experience with others of another sex and age.

How to understand courtship?

Due to all the various evolutions that we as human beings have, there comes a time to feel attraction to another person and the need to have expressions of affection with other people who do not belong to their family circle develops. Where various emotions of love are expressed, beginning with feelings, then daily conversations, exchanging letters, kisses and caresses, awakening at that moment physical instincts that can lead to greater intimacy between couples. This stage of courtship is wonderful and everyone has the right to live and experience it, but you must always be very selective with the person who shares this stage.

At this stage it is necessary to keep in mind that three important aspects are developed: intimacy (feeling of proximity and communication); passion (physical and emotional attraction to another person) and commitment (decision to maintain said love with that person). There are different ages where this passion for another person is experienced and sometimes it is difficult to identify, the person and partner can have a hard time identifying that right person who will share the rest of your life.

Parent Management

Sometimes they have a very important role in people’s love lives because they can criticize, judge, make fun of or even see them as childish. Difficulty accepting that their children have grown up or that they are simply in love. Most of the cases cause them to lose trust between their parents and seek the support of friends or other people who at least listen to them and do not criticize or judge them, they will always look for someone who gives them support without feeling threatened. As adults, it is necessary to provide support and be friends before being the judges, establish rules but always support them in any circumstance in life that they present.

When is the Right Time to Start Sexual Activity?

Sometimes you can get to present a feeling of possession with the person and belonging to being your partner, jealousy often appears when a person appears who may be interfering between the affection of the couple. The moment to start having sexual relations must be a mutual decision and know that at all times you are doing it first for yourself, in this way regrets will be avoided. It must be borne in mind that it is a very important decision and the consequences that these actions may have must be assumed, all the more so if it is carried out without any type of protection because it can influence future decisions.

  • desire to meet
  • Represents an adult decision
  • Avoid consequences like having a child
  • Avoid it when drinking alcohol
  • That is not for simple sexual liberation
  • Make it a moment of unique delivery with your partner

Communication with my partner before having a relationship

You must bear in mind that at no time is it trying to express having sexual relations before marriage, but we must be aware of the consequences that its practice brings before its time, in most cases it limits the possibilities of establishing a good relationship. Sex between singles is a huge barrier to true intimacy. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep in mind that sexual relations can represent something very common in couples, courtships, but it should always be considered that before establishing any type of physical relationship, the following should be discussed:

  • Be a decision made by both, respecting each other at all times.
  • Being confident with each other and keeping a decision about safe sex.
  • In case of doubts, talk about it to know how to deal with it later.

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