Prayer to Raise the Child Jesus, Rosary and Rite

Prayer to Raise the Child Jesus, Rosary and Rite

The Prayer to Raise the Child of God , consists of a kind of prayer that is performed to the Child of God in order to obtain from him his protection, help and relief. In the following article we will know everything about this great prayer.

Prayer to Raise the Child God

This is a well-known prayer to the baby Jesus :

Divine Child Jesus, the owner of the heart and life of his faithful believers, the tender and adored Child, so that on this day they come before your presence full of hope, so they come to You begging for your mercy, for what they want to ask you for the abundant goods you pour out on your faithful devotees, those that your open little arms distribute with love and generosity.

Oh beloved Child, blessed Savior, always stay with them to separate them from evil and at the same time make them like You, making them grow in wisdom and grace before God and also men.

Oh sweet little Baby Jesus, your faithful believers love you forever with all their soul! Divine Child Jesus, bless them Divine Child Jesus, listen to them, Divine Child Jesus, help them. Lovable child, consolation of the Christian, the grace that they require so much and that causes them despair and overwhelm, that makes them feel restless in their lives because of what they put in their blessed hands:

(At this moment you are going to ask with great faith what you want to achieve).

Our Father who art in heaven… You, who know what the sorrows of your devotees are because everything is entrusted to you, grant peace to the anguished and also give relief to their hearts. Hail Mary full of grace… And although your love is not deserved, they will not turn to you in vain, because you are the son of God and the help of all your devout believers. So be it.

A Minute with the Baby Jesus

This is a little prayer from the child God for a minute with him:

On this day your devotees bless you, Child Jesus and please pray for them without ceasing. Please take away from them, today and always, the sin of their lives. If they stumble, hold out your hand to them. If they fall 100 times, pick them up 100 times.

If you leave them Child, what will become of them? In the dangers of the world assist them. They always want to live and die under your mantle. They want their life to make you smile. Look at them with great compassion, do not leave them Jesus. And, in the end, go out to receive them and take them with You. May your blessing be with them today and always. Amen.

in the face of adversity

Oh Child Jesus, You who are the King of Peace, help your devotees to accept without bitterness the things that they cannot change. You who are the strength of the Christian; Give them the courage to be able to transform everything that they need to improve. Amen.

Prayer to Obtain a Favor

This is a Prayer to the Child God to obtain his favor:

Blessed and praised be the moment in which the Son of God came to be born from the purest virgin Mary, at midnight, in the regions of Bethlehem, in the midst of severe cold. In that same hour you granted, oh my God, to get to hear the prayer of your devotees and grant their wishes, for the merits of the Savior Jesus Christ, and for his Blessed Mother. Amen.

Adoration of the Child Jesus

They adore you, O kind Child of the manger, the humblest of all and the greatest of the children of men and also the poorest and the richest, equally the weakest and the most powerful.

You are blessed, because you have deigned them to come down to me, to become the model in the practice of all the virtues, the guide in the difficulties of life and the consolation in the days of affliction.

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