Prayer to Archangel Jophiel, for love and wisdom

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel, for love and wisdom

Archangel Jophiel Prayer : Archangel Jophiel is related to love and usually teaches us about it, as well as the greatness that spiritual search represents. If you want to know everything related to this archangel, learn how to invoke him and much more, continue reading this article.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer

Archangel Jophiel prayer : This prayer is a thank you to Archangel Jophiel because even when we do not deserve him or ask for his support, he is always there, available and willing to serve each one of us and at any time of our lives.

Oh, beloved Jophiel, I want to thank you for always being light, offering me clarity in the face of my problems, every time I don’t know how to solve them. Thank you for offering me the wisdom that I require when I have had to make an important decision in my life.

Thank you Archangel Jophiel, for letting me know about you, about your power and loving you the way I do. Knowledge is power, but it is even more powerful when despite having it, we apply it to our lives and really take advantage of it.

Today, I wish to request your golden ray, so that you protect my aura, body, brain, mind, and of course, grant me permission to access a higher level, a level that may not be in this dimension, and for that, it is incomprehensible to me.

Thank you, beloved Archangel Jophiel, for allowing us to discover the mysteries that our infinite universe possesses. Thank you, for making me understand that leading a spiritual life has nothing to do with being exempt from a life without any difficulties, painful circumstances, or problems, but without a doubt, traveling this path helps us to heal, and then, to be able to help others.

Leading a spiritual life does not automatically make us “wise”, “divine” or “super human”, but it does allow us to understand that if we proclaim ourselves “Masters” in most cases our ego is speaking, and we are only a false prophet, because it is not us who should call ourselves that, but others, and it will happen when we support them and love them from the heart.

I ask you, that with your golden ray you inspire me and illuminate me in every space of my being, my aura and my soul, that not one centimeter of me remain in darkness and that every shadow that dwells in me, be clarified and illuminated by your golden ray.

My faithful Archangel Jophiel, I know that I can ask you for understanding, wisdom and love, to act differently, but coherently, between what I think, feel and do, therefore, I also ask you that all knowledge that should come to me can flowing naturally and seamlessly through each of my chakras and aligning them in perfect harmony.

I am aware that I am a source of knowledge that never runs out, and I decree that information is always available to me, because I am like an open book with infinite white pages, with the emotion of a child, to continue discovering and learning from you

My crown chakra, my halo and my aura, shine divinely with each new knowledge, because I know who I am and where I am going, only that, sometimes, when my faith is shaken, I turn to God and to you as his right hand. For so much happiness, I will only say: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Archangel Jophiel and How to Summon Him

Archangel Jophiel Prayer, today known as the mind opener because with his wisdom and the golden ray in his charge, the decisions that before seemed like a challenge, are now simple, because our minds expand and the answers come to us without difficulty and we begin to feel love for learning more every day, and also, it guides our hearts.

A curious fact about the history of Archangel Jophiel is that he was the first angel mentioned in the Holy Bible. His name can be interpreted as “light of God” or “Beauty of God”. And it is the Archangel Jophiel who leads Adam and Eve to the outskirts of the paradise that God had created for them.

With his fiery sword he is capable of undoing any illusion, and this was the one he used so that Adam and Eve could live in absolute freedom and under their own rules, yes, their actions would have consequences not only for them but for the rest. of humanity that began with both.

Archangel Jophiel is associated with the color yellow. He has a beautiful silver robe, and his eyes are as blue as the sky and as warm as love. Also, he has beautiful shiny wings from which, a divine golden shine can be seen, although very faint.

It should be noted that Jophiel is par excellence the Archangel of teachers and students (or students), as well as the one who inspires us and motivates us to discover the great mysteries that the universe hides.

Since the creation of the world, Archangel Jophiel has had a great influence on human beings, providing us with information from the spiritual world, from other dimensions, to which only our soul and consciousness can access. Whenever we have a question about any subject, Archangel Jophiel is the one to offer us the clarity and information we require.

Archangel Jophiel helps us externalize our happiness, joy, happiness and invites us to appreciate life and its beauty in the simplicity of everything that surrounds us and abundantly blesses everyone who asks for his help.

Jophiel, with his angelic and soft voice reminds us of the importance of following the spiritual path, flooding ourselves with God’s love, experiencing “enlightenment”, gives us structure, a better understanding of ourselves, connecting with harmonious, beautiful and peaceful thoughts, and of course, it shows us how to maintain an intimate communication with God from our human condition.

Our pure, sincere, compassionate thoughts are like a key, a magical portal that connects us with God and has a unique vibration that will begin to attract and allow us to raise our Christ consciousness.

Invocation to the Archangel Jophiel

The Archangel Jophiel can be invoked by lighting a gold or yellow candle and requesting his help, inspiration or any other favor you desire. Talk to him honestly, open your heart to him and allow his light and joy to illuminate your ideas.

Do not get frustrated if you ask for their assistance and do not get an immediate response, remember that it is about connection, a higher level of consciousness, so start by paying special attention to small details or subtle signals.

Perhaps you feel that his help is a “slow” process, but Archangel Jophiel works at deeper levels than you imagine, because his changes are usually permanent and significant, which is why his change, for us, we appreciate as ” slow”.

Jophiel can help you

Archangel Jophiel can help us eliminate all negative energy and the need to want to control everything and everyone. By invoking it, clarity and wisdom will come to you easily and smoothly, and you will begin to assimilate the information you require for your exams.

Every time you require understanding, have any doubts about the spiritual world and your human condition does not allow you to understand it, take a deep breath, visualize the golden light of Archangel Jophiel, breathe slowly and deeply, calm your thoughts and request his assistance and ask him the questions you wish.

The information that this Archangel offers us is an infinite source, so ask him as many times as you want to help you make the most suitable decision in a situation. His help can also help us fight any addiction.


Next, we will explain in a simple way the different prayers that we can make to request the assistance of the Archangel Jophiel. If you want to know more, continue reading.

Prayer to invoke the Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel, I request your assistance to guide me and enlighten me. I ask you to be by my side and allow my crown chakra with the power of your golden ray to become a receiving source of information, eliminate all energy of low or negative vibration and allow me to acquire the information I request (for my exam, work, study, etc.).

I ask Archangel Jophiel for wisdom, clarity and transparency, so that I can be honest with myself, grow and develop on a spiritual level, solve my problems and enjoy a full, harmonious and happy life.

Monday Prayer for Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel Prayer , to perform it, request that it come to you and surround you (3 times), and that the angels of yellow light help you and allow you to find your illumination, illuminate that powerful and creative energy that lives in you, flood your life with light, joy, happiness and lots of laughter.

Ask him to allow you to access that mysterious wisdom of the universe, which is only revealed to those who are willing to share it with others. Finally, thank him for his ever blessed assistance, for his love and guidance.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer for Students

I request your assistance Archangel Jophiel prayer , in the name of God, I ask you, to help me with my studies and to free me from any blockage that prevents information from reaching me and retaining it effortlessly. I ask you, so that I can successfully pass my exam, please, I beg you to allow me to develop each of the gifts that God gave me through the Holy Spirit.

Make me an instrument of you and of God, so that each one of my words enjoys coherence, strength and that everyone can understand me when I express myself.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel to pass an exam

I turn to you once again Jophiel to ask for mental clarity, wisdom and knowledge because you are a witness of my effort, of my desire to learn and improve. I know that you are fair and that you will not abandon me, therefore, I turn to you and ask you for (include all the favors you want).

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel for wisdom

Archangel Jophiel prayer, I ask you to make me fully aware of my mission in this life, grant me the guidance I require and eliminate all energy, not negative thought, that dwells in me and to be able to reconnect with my divine source, illuminate me with your golden ray and allow me to assimilate all knowledge for my work, school, conference, among others.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel to make good decisions

Beloved Jofiel, I want to thank you because even without requesting your assistance you are always there to support me, watch over me, clarify my doubts and support me to make the right decisions for myself and the life I want.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel to give him thanks

Thank you Jofiel, for directing me, enlightening me and always showing me the path to follow to fulfill my purpose in this life. Thank you, for that wonderful golden flame that keeps my heart warm and passionate.

Today, I decide to quiet my mind and my body, so that in a perfect way you reveal to me everything that I require.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel to find love

Archangel Jophiel, I thank you for always showing me your love, company and support when I need it. Thank you for your love towards our humanity. I confess that I totally believe in the power of the pink ray of love, therefore, I ask you to cover every moment of my life with that love.

I ask that the power of infinite, inexhaustible and universal love be activated correctly and perfectly, so that we can love each other without bad intentions or expect anything in return. May we act with kindness and honesty. Allow each of my cells and those of my brothers to vibrate and resonate from love, light, compassion, respect, justice.

And also, let me find that ideal person, my soulmate and life partner, to share the time we have and evolve together.

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