What is the integral development of the human being? meet him

What is the integral development of the human being? meet him

Comprehensive development is about the orientation that is given to a generated vision that consists of integration, it is what produces a problem to obtain a response from the same human being and this is promoted for the sustainable development of the world or rather for developing and underdeveloped countries.

Child development

Child development is part of an incessant process, which begins at birth and continues throughout life. There is a possibility that the goals, dreams and aspirations that the couple has before conceiving the baby will be transferred during its creation and gestation. What is the integral development of the child ? it is a basic biological and social process.

Throughout history different studies have been carried out, but the entire focus of any of these studies always falls on the useful citizens that are given to the infant either by the role of the father, the mother and even the mother. society, all this makes the context of the life cycle of any individual.

The integral development of the child , concerns several aspects and different issues, this tells us that we must get involved from an early age with spaces where we can develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially and even spiritually.

Physical development:

It refers to the evolution of the body, obtaining advantages of these new functions due to maturation that we are developing, perhaps we can say that it refers to the growth that is based on each functionality of the human body and its different organs in terms of everything that makes up the systems that make up the body. people’s body.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to try to establish time for children to do sports, physical and recreational activity and for all infants it is exciting when they perform some type of activity with their parents, in addition to being beneficial for both.

Psychological development:

It is said that from before we are born and until the end of our lives, we go through the avenue of growth. Growth that can be physical as we already mentioned and psychological. In our lives we go through different stages and we evolve thanks to the experiences acquired in each one of them, of course each one has its variation as well as the phases. It is said that they have different evolutionary periods.

The human being is able to understand the stage that another person is going through and in this case it is the children who help us to better understand each of the situations they go through.

Social development:

For any child, the first years of life are essential to create some type of social and family bond. It is very well known that when this bond is achieved in a positive way, the foundations of security, trust, stability and self-esteem are established in the child. .

To create a good society we must start at home, which is why parents are and always will be the key piece of the family, because for any child this environment plays the main role. But in the same way we must be aware of any institution or society in which the minor is related.

 Spiritual Development:

The best thing for our children is to teach them our beliefs from a young age, I know that there are parents who do not do it because they believe that it is a very personal and personal matter, and they decide that when they are older they choose the one of their preference.

Very personally, I think this is a big mistake, since as their development progresses, these children are bombarded with different types of information. And today much more thanks to technological advances. We must not allow people outside and unknown to us to intervene in the spiritual education of our children

For these parents who think that they should be the ones to decide, I tell you, they are partly right, but let’s not blind ourselves as in any education, we should be the ones to guide them, because while we think that no one will influence them until they are big and make an unbiased decision there are many ways for misinformation to come. I recommend that you teach them Bible readings so that as they grow they will have the tools to choose from.

Law in favor of the right to integral development

The law for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents refers to the right to comprehensive development of children in its article 3, where it is stated:

Article 3: The protection of the rights of girls, boys and adolescents, aims to ensure their full and comprehensive development, which implies the opportunity to train physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and morally in conditions of equality. The guiding principles for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents are:

a.-The best interest of children.

b.-That of non-discrimination for any reason or circumstance.

c.- That of equality without distinction of race, age, sex, religion, language or language, political opinion or of any other nature, ethnic, national or social origin, economic position, disability, birth circumstances or any other condition of yours or of their ancestors, guardians or legal representatives.

d.-Living as a family, as a primary space for development.

f.-The one of having a life free of violence.

g.- That of co-responsibility of the members of the family, State and society.

h.- That of full and equal protection of human rights and constitutional guarantees.

What is the integral development of the family?

There are those who wonder what is the integral development of the family , I will begin by saying that the family is the skeleton of a person because it is part of their identity, it is through the family that we acquire customs, knowledge and not to mention that in a certain way We model some behaviors. It is to the family that we owe much of what we are today.

Despite this, each person is unique and although we are formed through the family, our integral development will be particular, it will be affirmed as our identity, it will help us perceive reality. It is something like that, as each experience helps to reinforce learning. Well, integral development helps us to give direction to our lives.

Well, the way you behave, is your very own decision, I would say, how to act and respond, is based on those values ​​that the family has instilled in you, and through these we develop personal beliefs and concepts. It is said that we are able to act according to the hand that formed us, but I think that we act according to the way in which we are forming ourselves. The family is the environment that significantly drives our development every day.

When you started reading this article, you asked yourself: What is integral development ? and you would like to know the definition of integral development , the truth is that everyone has their own concept, quite similar perhaps, since they are all based on the fact that each one of the people advances towards their integral development, each human being reaches a philosophy of life, each project that builds, each goal that is traced because it is a personal process.

There are people and experience that help you every day to achieve those dreams that lead you to the development of your potentialities and also to that balanced development that every human being needs for the different areas of our lives such as: family, company, community, city and country.

unfavorable attitudes

Although it sounds strange, it is the parents who need their way of relating to offer all kinds of existing possibilities to lead the members of the family to success, there are attitudes that could reduce motivation and could impoverish the integral development of the family: Instantly attitudes that reduce family ties and harm comprehensive development, we can mention:

  • Disqualifying expectations and attitudes
  • focus on mistakes
  • expect perfection
  • overprotect
  • be authoritative

Comprehensive development in education

To carry out the process of comprehensive development in education, we must first start with comprehensive training, also try to promote responsibility and social justice through values, it is respect, tolerance and diversity that sustains the comprehensive development in society. The fact that values ​​are promoted means that we are able to defend the peculiarities of each individual man or woman and at the same time share and celebrate them.

How to help provoke an education towards integral, personal and social development?

We must begin by accepting the person we are and the person we have become, if we accept our development as any human being, at different stages then we will begin to make an effort to improve and that is when we begin to educate ourselves as an individual, as people of the society and we grow in other areas that are not only those to which we are accustomed. Because we are more than individuals.

If something is important it is to pay attention, sometimes we get involved in our problems and we forget about those around us, the fact of visualizing. The behavior of our relatives will help us and will give us any warning signs about those aspects that we must work to improve together with them, although it is well known that the youngest in the house are the ones who need the most tutoring on certain occasions, adults need that. attention.

It is not a one-day task, it is about trying to make it a habit to do it on a daily basis, this work will not end in 1 or 2 years, it is about something more lasting, it is about training, about the life of a member of your family.

Do not forget! Always but always remember that each person is unique, let’s start by understanding that each of the people are different beings who have different bonds and aptitudes.

You must recognize in the same way that you are a unique person because we all contribute good or bad things to the world, it is you who must take care that the negatives become positive, identifying each peculiarity, forming and developing a way to always improve, that will always be the task of all

What are the effects of integral development?

Comprehensive development favors us all thanks to its benefits that are very beneficial in the long term, because through studies it has been shown that it helps us to become independent from failure and encourages us to advance through development. Its main objective is to improve any type of situation and thus favor vocational training education: for health, for respect for human rights and even for the environment, thus developing any type of organized infrastructure.

  • Integrated Development Framework

From the year 1990 to the present day, the reflection for development aid has evolved with new abilities, more activity in aid has been investigated that could contribute to the population of the countries of the South and the world to fight against monetary poverty. and mind. This refers to the integrated development framework which has some essential and specific mechanisms.

On the web, it tells us that to achieve the integrated development framework we must take into account the following:

  1. Development aid strategies must be global, have a more holistic approach;
  2. Projects must be part of a sustainable development perspective and integrate a long-term vision of development projects;
  3. The aid must be registered for a limited duration and the withdrawal of foreign aid must be integrated into the project from its conception;
  4. Local actors, beneficiaries and all concerned parties must be consulted and engaged in the project through a participatory approach;
  5. Integrated development focuses less on macroeconomics and more on microeconomics than classical development aid approaches;
  6. The actions are founded on a local level and use tools of participatory democracy.

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