Christian worship holy hour meditations

Christian worship holy hour meditations

Holy Hour Meditations  is an article that represents a guide with the step where we explain how to carry out this meditation during this hour so that you can take advantage of it to converse with God in an intimate way, tell him what worries and disturbs your heart, thank him or what wish.

Holy Hour Meditations

Holy Hour Meditations  , what does it mean? What is sought when performing these meditations? The main intention is obviously to have a space for ourselves, but also to dedicate it to God.

This article will be dedicated to understanding how important and necessary this communion and communication with God is, how during that holy hour, we will dedicate time to our sacred space.

The holy hour meditations  are not about simply doing or reflecting on certain passages, verses or biblical readings, making prayers or reflections, but about a true connection, communion and communication with God, giving ourselves completely.

These holy hour meditations  can be done more efficiently if we manage to follow a structure. It is important to note that this structure should not condition our requests.

There are three basic rules that we must consider for these holy hour meditations .


When performing these holy hour meditations, try to be in absolute silence, it is to connect with God from your heart and from that wonderful space with candles, incense, aromas, readings and his word that you have decided to condition.

Remember that every time Jesus left to talk with his father, he remained silent and prayed, so let us follow his example and allow our hearts to be the ones to express themselves and make “noise”.

Stay calm, submit your will to God, listen to your heart beat, quiet your thoughts for a moment, forget external noises and simply let yourself go.


Be attentive to what is truly important in that moment: God and you, that special relationship, that intimate moment, being grateful.

Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, calmly, without rush, without pressure, forget all your problems, forget everything that agitates your heart, forget everything that can disturb you, relax and pay special attention to everything you feel in that moment. moment.

Feel how the breeze caresses your face, feel how your body relaxes, feel every inch of your being, each one of your organs how they work perfectly.

Pay attention to your breathing, to how the air flows in a calm, slow way and generates more and more well-being, calm, absolute peace, a peace, so great, that you have never felt before.

Allow yourself to release all possible tension, all bad thoughts and if you feel like laughing, crying or screaming, do it, let off steam in the way you need it, do everything you need, to achieve that state of more.

Also, you can complement this process with the readings for holy time. Prayer and these readings become your direct connection with God the Father.

Good disposition

Good disposition is the result of feeling comfortable both with ourselves and with what we do. Find your comfort, stand up, kneel, sit or lie down, as you feel better, God will not judge you, no one will judge you, so seek your full relaxation.

God wants to hear from our lips that he and only he can transform us from within, only he can fill us with joy, only he can make us feel whole and loved.

Minute-by-minute guide to a Holy Hour of Adoration

The first thing to be clear about is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do these Catholic meditations , starting from that, eliminate any pressure or distraction you may have at that moment and flow with this wonderful process of communication with God the Father.

These holy hour meditations  must be a sacred time, a time that nothing and no one disturbs or interrupts you, it is a body for you, to give your mind and heart to God, to allow us to enjoy the Father, his love, his goodness and generosity.

It is an intimate moment, to forget about problems, or rather, place ourselves in the hands of God the Father so that he allows us to emerge victorious from it.

Start (first five minutes)

During these first five minutes, the presence and assistance of the Holy Spirit is requested, so that he enlightens us and pours out on us all his blessings, those blessings that come from God the Father, but that he gives us through the Holy Spirit.

Knowing that we have the presence and assistance of the Holy Ghost can bring us so much peace that words would be impossible to describe. Let us remember that the Holy Spirit teaches us the importance of keeping our faith strong and renewing our hearts constantly.

The Holy Spirit fills us with peace, love, joy and gives us freedom, hope and strength. This can offer us guidance in the face of any problem, illuminate our path and give us clarity so that we can solve all our problems and enjoy a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Through these holy hour meditations  it is also important to make reflections for holy hour , in a sincere way, because in the end, it is a process with ourselves and with God.

Adoration (next ten minutes)

Let’s pray with faith, devotion and much love to our Father. Let’s show him that we are faithful to him, how much we care and how much we love him, he wants to hear it from our lips.

What does he want to tell you that day through his word? What message does he offer you to solve your problems or show you his love?

Contrition (next ten minutes)

Examine your conscience, be honest with yourself and understand that although God helps us with our problems, having faith and keeping it renewed is our job.

It is our duty to water and feed our faith daily with the word of God, with prayer, requesting his assistance, his wisdom and mercy.

This is a moment of “reparation”, so you can also ask forgiveness for all your sins and for every sin that is committed minute by minute in the whole world, so that I may forgive them and transform their hearts and lives.

Meditation (next fifteen minutes)

This is a good time to reflect and meditate on some biblical passages. Think what would Jesus do in this situation? How can I apply this conduct of Jesus in my life?

Thanksgiving (next ten minutes)

Minutes of thanks. We are going to thank him for everything he gives us every day: our work, family, friends, home, comforts, daily bread, the opportunity to be alive and healthy one more day. Give thanks for everything you want.

Petition to God (next five minutes)

It is here where we are going to pray with all our strength and faith, because the time has come to ask for everything that worries you, for that problem that you cannot find a solution for, for that something that you hide from your partner and makes a knot in your throat.

final five minutes

You can ask the Virgin Mary to cover you with her sacred mantle and illuminate your path, so that you can always act according to the will of the father and everything you do is to please and honor him. You can include some Marian prayers during this time.

Alone with the Lord holy hour: Cantos 1 and 2

This can be a special moment for you to sing a song that you want to glorify God the Father, or include these that we share with you:

first song

Lord, you are great and powerful, transform the hearts and lives of those who still do not know you, so that they can also enjoy your love, know you and love you as much as I do.

second corner

Even in the midst of darkness you are our light, our guide and strength, Cover my home, my family and the whole world with your love and give us your mercy.

The commandment of love

The greatest commandment of Jesus is love. He asks us to love one another as we love him, with all our mind, intelligence and spirit.

prayer all together

Listen to these words Father, I ask you to forgive me, to love me, even when I don’t deserve it and I am a sinner. Welcome me just like you did with your disciples, because I am willing to love you, honor you and glorify you always Almighty.

Let us act in a loving way with our brothers as God did with his disciples. Let’s follow his example, let’s fulfill the mission that God has entrusted to us, with faith, with a firm step and good will, willingness to always serve others.

Silent prayer and singing

Lord, you and only you are my salvation, my word of encouragement in the midst of my anxieties, only you know how to calm me down, give me hope and strength. Thank you, for never abandoning me and for allowing me to turn to you in my difficult moments.


Thank you God for your sacrifice, for your pain, for giving your life for all men. Thank you, because thanks to your dedication our spirits are in grace.

I want to love you, adore you and glorify you at every moment because it is the most I can offer you as a human being. Thanks to your mother, for allowing you to come into this world, neither does she, she never leaves us.

I want to follow your path, your word, I want to love you unconditionally. I owe you everything father: my life, my happiness, for every test and for every experience.

We end these holy hour meditations with an Our Father.

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