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Our Father for Children: Simple Explanation

Knowing the importance of the Our Father in all of us is the key to getting closer to God, it is freeing us from many tensions, worries, it is to rest in it all our anguish, burdens and worries. It is for this reason that the Lord’s Prayer is proposed not only as a form of prayer if not of that intimate moment with God and it becomes vital to teach the Our Father for the children .

Our Father For Children

A disciple asked Jesus to allow them to pray and to teach them, and he did, educating us in the Our Father prayer. This is how Jesus gave us this powerful prayer, being the most Christian and primordial, the oldest and the one we all manage to learn, adults and children, the one we pray when we wake up and before going to bed, at home, in school, at Mass.

The children’s relationship with our father is the greatest influence of love that they can have forever for God. The Our Father is the most powerful prayer of gratitude to the creator and in turn of repentance for having failed. That is why it is recommended that a child learn to pray the Our Father, equally his innocence and the sincerity of his heart is always blessed by God.

This prayer is also known as the Lord’s Prayer, since it was given by Christ, and in this prayer we manage to make the request in order of the things that suit us and as we know and must be sure that God knows what we need and about all that is the best for us.

Importance of the Our Father

Through the powerful prayer of the Our Father, we manage to have intimate communication with our Father God. The intention is to live, to be filled and to feel each one of the words of this great prayer It is not only the repetition without noticing what is really being said. The Our Father is made up of a greeting and seven petitions. By observing this type of prayer, we realize that the way to please God is a simple and sincere prayer.

This must come from the depths of the heart and manifest in this way what is stirring our being. When praying we must recognize the power, and the greatness of God and thus the need we have for him and for him to take part in our lives.

God left us a prayer that we cannot stop reciting in it is reflected each and every one of his teachings.


Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name;

let your kingdom come;
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread;
forgive our offenses,
as we also forgive those who offend us;
lead us not into temptation,
and deliver us from evil.

When we are with the children at home, most of the time we adults get these ideas that we have to invent the reading of the little ones, that they have to read to learn and that the ingenuity of inventing a habit of reading is very vital. reading in them from a very young age. And yes, it’s true, it’s totally true, those ideas are loaded with very good intentions.

Sometimes they remain in the theoretical part and in most cases they do not materialize in practice, reading is of great significance in life and this must take part from a minority. We must go to our work, take them to school, pick them up, eat, extracurricular activities (basketball, English, dance, among others) do the shopping, park, prepare the bathroom, dinner, prepare everything so that they fall asleep soon and thus be able to Rest for a while.

It seems impossible, and perhaps it is, but we have to put everything in our hands and now with them all day at home it is worth creating ways so that they do not find it boring to be locked up remember that we must do it for him good of the boys.
God’s love for us has no borders, and when it comes to talking about the prayer that the creator left us, our hearts are filled with so much tranquility, to recite his prayer is to understand that we are not alone, it is to understand that he never abandons us. , perhaps the best path to healing is the sincere prayer of each one of us.


It is the prayer that our creator left us, it is for them that the education of our children to know the meaning of our father is so essential and not just say it for the sake of saying it, but feel the direct connection that there is with God at the time of praying. In general, when we are children, we are always educated to recite it, but many do not know the true meaning of our father and what this achieves in each of us as human beings, as children of God.

  • Our Father who art in heaven: In general, many think that “our” refers to the fact that he is the Father of us all. And that is true, but the most important thing is that Jesus Christ, without us deserving it, shares his father with all of us. He shows us that in this prayer we explain it like this: Father of Jesus, who art in Heaven. But no, He agreed to give us his Father so that he would also be Our Father as well. It is true that he is in Heaven, but I consider that this is everywhere.
  • Hallowed be your Name: May God and his Name be honored, respected.
  • Your Kingdom come:  God reigns in us because through his Holy Spirit, Christ lives in us; that is, when by grace we have faith. Thus we are accepting Christ to reign in our heart and in our soul.
  • Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven:  At all times we have to seek to do the Will of God. That is the path that leads us to Heaven. That is the way for his Kingdom to come to us.
  • Our daily bread, give it to us today: Here this request for the food of the body (food) is pointed out, but also to all our needs in this life as a place to live, friends, family, responsible and fair authorities, good weather , health, respect dignity.
  • And forgive us our offenses and debts, just as we forgive those who offend us: God wants to forgive us and forgives us when we repent and confess. But he also asks us something: we also have to forgive those who offend us.
  • Do not lead us into temptation: We ask God to help us not to sin, so that when we are tempted we can take advantage of all the grace that he gives us to be strong in the face of temptation. Do you know what we should do when we are being tempted? Say NO to temptation by praying that God helps us to be strong so that we can say no to what is not right.
  • Deliver us from Evil: it refers to the fact that it frees us from all evil, disease and evil in the world.

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