Prayer to Buddha for Good Luck and Money

Prayer to Buddha for Good Luck and Money

In the religious field there are many ways to evoke a certain character, either a saint or an allegorical figure to spiritual help of people in particular, one of those ways is prayers or prayers. In this article we will deal with the Prayer to Buddha , a Hindu character, who is usually used to request personal favors.

prayer to buddha

It is used by many people who seek different types of help in this Hindu figure, in personal favor of each one of them. Before dealing with the subject in more depth and trying to enlighten the reader, we are going to begin by studying exactly who the Buddha was.

Who was Buddha?

This famous character or spiritual figure called “Buddha” is a Hindu figure, and his real name is Siddharta Gautama, it is related to the Hindu history of the year 558 BC, on this date the figure of the Buddha is born.

According to the story, it was located in the city of Kapilavastu, the Buddha was a prince of Sakya, he was in the Himalayan region, in India. He is also known by the name of Sakyamuni which means “the sage of Sakya”.

This character called Buddha, being his real name as we already mentioned, Siddharta Gautama, was a descendant of Sakya Suddhodana and Queen Maya, the family held power and were highly recognized.

Likewise, according to history, Buddha was born in Lumbini at the time when his mother, Queen Maya, was going to visit relatives. It turned out that after seven days after giving birth, she died, leaving the responsibility of raising Buddha or Siddhartha in the responsibility of your aunt.

This did not take away at any time that he lived his childhood and youth full of luxuries, abundance and palaces, he had the right to have dancers, musicians, maidens at his disposal, in the same way his clothes were very fine, and he also tells the story that he was a slender, refined and well-educated young man.

Buddha transforms his life due to four famous encounters and the figure arises due to illness, living close to old age and death itself. This made him understand that such situations are the suffering of humanity and that religion gives meaning to life itself.

Due to these ideologies, Siddhartha or Buddha, when he was 29 years old, left his family and went to Magadha. In this place there were different changes in terms of philosophy and culture. Likewise Buddha changes his appearance, he cut his hair, gave up his jewelry.

The Buddha began to practice meditation and asceticism, all in the city called Magadha; he also learned arts with famous teachers such as yoga, however he kept the desire to get the solution or the weapon to calm the sufferings of the world since at that time they were not yet satisfied.

Later he continued his journey to a place near Bodh Gaya, in India. Here he fully devoted himself to meditation and concentration and practiced it for a period of six years. Shortly after attaining enlightenment, he moved to Bodh Gaya. There, on a full moon day, taking the meditation posture at the foot of the Bodhi Tree, he promised not to abandon meditation until he achieved enlightenment in its perfection.

The Buddha remained unchanged before the spectacles of the world, the demons, in the end of everything that has the intention of taking him out of his normal state; leading him to be the enlightened and Victorious Buddha as he is known today.

Prayer to Buddha for good luck and money

Oh great and powerful Buddha, absolute owner of gold and silver, which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. I address myself to you at this time to humbly request your favors.

You, who at all times lived with prudence, freeing yourself from all material wealth and with your great patience managed to reach the light, I ask you at this time, blessed Buddha, to fix your eyes on the situation in which I currently find myself and have a good help me.

Before you I humbly come, prostrated at your feet so that you grant me the desire of my heart, make luck be with me at all times, so that I can give my life another meaning.

Debts and limitations do not allow there to be peace in my heart, which is already saturated with pain, so I come before your presence, my beloved Buddha, so that you give me your help and the joy I need comes to my life.

I do not aspire to great wealth, I only ask you to offer stability in the economic part to my relatives, you who are the owner of serenity and wisdom, I beg you to grant me the same while I trustfully await your response to my requests, and I am confident that it will be positive for my life, since you have never failed your devotees.

prayer for health

Oh, wonderful Buddha, today that you appear before me in my house in order to improve my luck, I give you a hug with all the sincere love of my tormented heart, from this moment on you will be my guardian angel for me, Since you help me in everything I ask you.

In the same way my soul will feel young through praising Almighty God. Just as you did dedicating yourself to worshiping God body and soul and great privileges were granted to you, servant of God the Father, favor me in what I ask of you.

You who grant a roof, give light to those who do not see, allow the mute to speak, allow the paralyzed to walk, give peace to homes, I know that you will grant me luck, health, money, and that in my house there will be no discord or disagreement of any kind.

Prayer to attract the love of others to oneself

I sincerely ask for your powerful help so that all beings in the universe achieve happiness, that the small and large species, animals, plants of all time, be happy, that the current beings of these times, of the past and the future , shine with their own light, may all humanity be happy.

May all humans serve as a channel of love for the universe, may love be the company of every living being at all times, may we live in happiness and total joy, may the love that lives within us be multiplied.

I also ask that positive thoughts invade my inner part so that love runs throughout my body and radiates to others, that true and pure love come into my existence, that the hatred in me go away, and that I don’t Doesn’t exist in the world around me either.

May the totality of universal beings achieve happiness, may love constantly guide us, mainly in our destiny and our path.

Prayer to attract fortune and win the lottery

Oh wonderful and portentous Buddha, you come to me through the great power that all my luck changes, thus removing what does not let me be happy or hinders me, I am sure that you will offer me your help and protection in the name of God for through his infinite goodness and mercy.

Send to my thoughts the ideas that I need to apply so that I can overcome the obstacles and obstacles, give me the path to achieve fortune and prosperity, teach me the steps that I must follow and allow me to achieve abundance in order to what I am needing; may luck be with me, may it bring wealth, gold, and may everything I invest double, likewise may what I start or undertake be blessed and grow.

Great Buddha, oh! High and pure spirit, grant me light through infinite space, send your light from infinite space where your abode is, grant us the pleas we make to you and illuminate our path.

As advice, you can place the image of Buddha of Good Luck in the entire entrance of our home, business, work; or alternatively carry it in the purse, it can also be placed in the lower part of the Buddha image, tickets related to orange blossom games can be placed.

You must pray with great faith so that in this way it brings a lot of luck, money, abundance and fortune in all areas of our lives. Likewise, incense can be burned in his honor, it can be by sticks or in grains; placing it near the image so that the smoke of it impregnates it.

Prayer to find a job

“Oh! great Lord of the distance of the seven mental powers, give me the divine grace to find a decent, honest job that allows me to live in perfect harmony and be happy with my family. Amen

Spirit of the mighty Buddha, Lord of mental strength, give me a portion of your oriental and divine mind so that I have the possibility of solving the problems that I have in life. Amen”.

prayer of thanks

I thank all those who have hurt my life or have done harm because they have strengthened my decision. I also thank all those who have a position contrary to my ideologies, since this has made my knowledge deeper. I also thank those who have hit me in life, as this has reduced my karmic obstacles.

I am infinitely grateful to those who abandoned me, since they have taught me to be totally independent. In the same way, I give thanks to those who make me stumble or put obstacles, since this has strengthened my ability.

I thank those who denounce me, they have raised my concentration and wisdom. I thank those who make me firm and with their own decision, since this has allowed me to get closer to my plans or achievements.

Prayer for protection against evil spirits

Buddha, you who are giver of life and light, oh! enlightened loving and with a great compassionate spirit, I ask you for help to distance me and free me from my lack of good sense and transform me into a means of eternal love.

I also ask you to give me your help to be the medicine for any sick person, the consolation of those who are afflicted and also the food and drink when my enemies may be in need of food, I ask you oh! Buddha owner of light and life, enlightened loving and compassionate spirit.

Prayer to inspire others

Powerful and wise Buddha, allow me to be the light or lamp of all those who are thirsty for light and equally that I can be a shelter for those who are in need of shelter.

I ask you oh! My dear Buddha that you give me your great help so that I can reach the other shore and give me protection against the negative spirits that can approach me, protect my spirit in the six worlds so that I can achieve the peace that I need.

Buddha of life and light, enlightened overflowing with love and compassion, allows people in general to achieve happiness, through attitudes and above all that no one feels the feelings of suffering because of my actions and that no one feels fear according to my way of proceeding.

Buddha of life and light, enlightened loving and of great compassion, if they profess feelings of love or hate towards me, if someone tries to harm or harm me, grant me the power of the earth to forgive them.

Buddha of life and light, enlightened loving and great compassion, you who persevere on the moral path of a conqueror, give me the help I need to be able to be generous and endure everything with humility and to be able to keep the doctrine within me and thus extending to others the will and the doing.

Buddha of life and light, enlightened loving and of great compassion, become my personal protector in front of other people so that I can have a long life with peace, humility and total serenity.

Prayer to the 3 Buddhas of blind, deaf and dumb

O magnificent 3 buddhas, blind, deaf and dumb protectors. I ask you this special request oh! Revered sirs. To the Blind Buddha in order that you blind (here we name the person) so that he does not see anything, nor can he investigate anything, does not investigate anything that he wants to give him.

I ask the deaf Buddha, so that he cannot listen to anyone or anything that could harm me, that he never give him ears and gossip, he can believe no one else but only listen to me; to the mute Buddha so that he does not speak, does not make claims, does not get upset or argue and never says anything, so be it and so it will be.

Prayer to Buddha for forgiveness

If at any time I have been able to hurt someone consciously or unconsciously through my own confusion, I ask for your forgiveness. If anyone could have hurt me in any way, consciously or unconsciously through confusion, I forgive them. And if there is a situation that I am not yet ready for me to forgive, I forgive myself for it.

For all the situations through which I harm myself, I will not become an authoritarian judge with myself. Through my own confusions: I forgive myself.

Prayer to Buddha Hotei for lottery luck

Oh, Mysterious Spirit, who guides the threads of the life of each one of the people, come to my humble home, radiate your beautiful light so that through it I get, through the secret games of the lottery, the one that I love. grant fortune and through it the happiness and well-being of my relatives.

Clothe through your power and wisdom all the needs I have and do not allow people or enemies I may have to harm me or work to harm me. God of the East, give me light with the strength with which you illuminated your people and remove from my path all the obstacles that people who do not love me try to place on me.

Prayer of the seven branches of Buddha to meditate

In a respectful way I kneel with my body, mind and my own word and I present before you unimagined or material offerings, I also confess my bad actions from my past, and I am very happy for superior and ordinary beings.

I ask you to please stay with us until the end of samsara and that the wheel moves in favor of the Dharma for migratory beings. I dedicate the totality of the virtues for the purpose of enormous enlightenment.

Offering the mandala to Buddha for meditation

I offer you oh! Wonderful Buddha, these flowers and anointed with incense, with Mount Meru, the four continents, the moon, the sun, seen as the Buddha’s pure land. I request that beings can enjoy a truly pure land.

Admit I ask you for a favor, the objects of my attachment, ignorance, hatred, friend, stranger, enemy, as well as my body and possessions, which I offer you without feeling guilt or feeling of loss, asks you to bless with the end to be freed from the three poisons of the mind.

The essence of the Buddha

For the practitioners of Buddhism, its objective is the achievement of a higher state of consciousness in terms of the corporeal and earthly, the so-called enlightenment.

Men when they reach the achievement of this goal receive the name of “Buddha”, and this is seen as a being of light, who has achieved positive attitudes of the spirit and the elimination of negative aspects, especially those that are lived in a spiritual way. tied to people’s lives.

The Buddha is about a spiritual individual, the meditation of this is based on the true and deep understanding of life, through consciousness since it awakens the superior light and mind over negative, prejudiced feelings that direct human passions and desires.

People who are called enlightened, have the power to effectively control thoughts, emotions, reason to do the right thing and through that reasoning they move away from human suffering, bad attitudes, temptations and intricate paths.

In order to be a Buddha, like Siddhartha and other Buddhists, you have to practice the spiritual and mindfulness on a daily basis, through deep meditation techniques, and everything to achieve the training of thought towards voluntary, established processes and the expiration of distractions in terms of attention and ignorance.

Everything we have discussed above is the very essence of Buddhism, even more than a religion, the practice of a model of life that leads to enlightenment and the essence of the Buddha.

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