Symbolism in the Bible

The Wedding at Cana: Symbolism in the Bible

In this article you will be able to learn more about the wedding at Cana , where Jesus played an important role in the celebration that took place. Becoming an important act for the Bible and the Christian followers of the religion. Furthermore, it is the first miracle performed by him, which marked the beginning of his journey proposed by Almighty God.

The Wedding at Cana

It is a celebration that is reflected in the writings reflected in the Bible. Where the divine power that Jesus contains within himself is made known, thanks to the faith that he has had since childhood. Therefore, it has been possible to know the minimum and maximum of what he has been able to do. Thus, the wedding at Cana has been a perfect setting to demonstrate the greatness of the goodness of Jesus Christ, for the search for a happier effect on the people around him. And it is in this way that he achieves a different event full of love. Where they share the gift of loving the couple. Honoring one of the sacraments of God.

So, in the written accounts they accurately tell of this miracle performed. Where you can know that Jesus and his mother attended a wedding, where they had a very pleasant and happy time. But after a few hours the wine ran out at the celebration, which caused a sadness in the environment. It is there, where María tells her son what happened and tells her to help them in some way. This is how Jesus Christ, together with the people who cooked, collected the water. Being the essential material to be able to make a drastic change in the party.

Well, Jesus decides to purify the collected water. Performing a sincere prayer and full of faith and devotion to the Father of him almighty of him. It is at that moment that a transcendental change is made in said celebration, since the crystalline water turned from one moment to another, in a denser and darker liquid. Well, it turned into wine, giving joy again to the party and to each of the attendees present at the affectionate event. However, there were people who did not realize this act, but others were stunned by what happened. Because it was an impossible action to perform. Although only Jesus could do it at the wedding at Cana .

It is important to note that some of the apostles who were part of Jesus’ circle of trust were at the wedding at Cana . Being one of the first times where they witnessed the great inexplicable power of Jesus. That is why this story exists today, thanks to the disciple named John. Well, in his verses is where this divine act is told. An incredible and unbelievable action for many people, but a situation that if it took place in life, he had the opportunity to witness. As well as others that continued to occur after this event.

Although, the wedding at Cana has become a very important act for the fame and belief of Jesus Christ. Well, it is a moment where he reveals the existing connection on earth with the kingdom of heaven and it was he who demonstrated the importance of faith and belief in moments of despair. For this reason, this party was commemorated, because of how different his miracle was. Since, it was only believed that he could heal people and not appear or create food, drink, among others. Thus, Jesus Christ idealized a new image in him, because he really cared about improving every human interest, as long as it was healthy and lavished love, as well as joy.

This is how the wedding at Cana was part of the stories in the Bible. Being John the greatest preacher of this and future incredible miracles that Jesus performed in life, in order to seek well-being in humanity. In addition, it was a relevant fact for the beginning of the path of Jesus Christ, so that he could fulfill the mission that God had commanded him to do. For this reason, the wedding at Cana is formed as the first divine appearance, which helped several people in the town to believe, and begin to be known as the messiah, son of God.

Symbolism in the Bible

In the bible it has been possible to grasp how important the sacraments dictated by God are, which each Christian must follow and fulfill to be part of the church. Being the marriage one of those named in this blessed book, where it can be verified that the union of two people who love each other and wish to be together until their death, this occurred in the centuries where Jesus lived in Israel. Well, there was the location of the wedding at Cana , where a couple full of love decided to celebrate God’s blessing. Managing to gather most of the people of the town, it includes Jesus Christ, his mother and some apostles.

Giving sincere faith of the ancient existence of the belief in God and his word. In addition, it is an act that worked to stir masses throughout the world, in order to obtain faithful devotees to the word of the Lord. Having in this way a positive effect instantly of having or attending a Christian event. For this reason, the wedding at Cana has become a very eternal and lasting symbolism, which has transmitted a feeling of goodness, love and happiness. Also, it has served as an example of how gentle Jesus could be at times like these, attesting to the human soul and his real feelings.

Which has been very important today. Since it has shown that Jesus Christ is a human being who felt and lived the same customs that still apply today. In addition, the weddings of Cana give an example of the union of people, beyond the married couple. A moment can be found where friends share and enemies reconcile. This is due to the presence of God in the place, which continues to occur in these current times and, which allows us to sustain the essence of the gift of love. Well, in him you can get Jesus Christ without a doubt and even more, if you have a sincere faith towards him.

On the other hand, the wedding at Cana served as great symbolism in the Bible since it was possible to detail the meeting of Mary with her son. Well, he had left for some time to gather and create his circle of trust, which would accompany him on his long journey as a spokesman for the word of God. For this reason, this wedding means so much to Christians, as it commemorates an unexpected union of mother and son. What Mary longed for so much at that time. Therefore, it can be said that another miracle that occurred at the wedding at Cana was that magnificent meeting, propitiated by God from the kingdom of heaven.

In addition, the wedding at Cana served to demonstrate for the first time the power that Jesus had, and create a new fame in the town. Well, since then the voices full of words, said what had happened at the party. The water touched and prayed by Jesus Christ, turned into wine in a few minutes. This is how he begins to take his word more seriously before the inhabitants, making stronger the belief and the devotees of him who followed him. For this, Jesus decided to perform that miracle, since it was part of his path on earth and thus achieve the goal proposed by Almighty God.

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