Wife of Moses:

Wife of Moses: Who was it? Offspring and More

Do you want to know all the most relevant details about the Wife of Moses ? With the help of this article you can have all the information related to the subject at hand.

All the details about the Wife of Moses

The Wife of Moses: What is her name?

Zipporah or Zipporah as mentioned in the biblical document of Exodus, was the wife of Moses, also, she belonged to the family of Jethro, since she was one of his daughters. He was a priest from Midian.

Its name goes hand in hand with its Hebrew translation צִפּוֹרָה Tziporah—which means bird in the feminine version. And the meaning of the same name is known in Greek, Latin and Arabic. In addition to this, there are thousands of equally important details to know about the Wife of Moses and consequently, they will be discovered later in this article.

Who was Moses?

Before giving ourselves the task of knowing in detail everything about the Wife of Moses , it is important to take a moment to remember who he was.

Moses, being called in the Jewish tradition Moshe Rabbenu; He is known for being the most important prophet for Judaism, as well as the liberator of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt and commissioned by God to deliver the scribe Law and, according to some rabbis, the Oral Law.

Christianity took the image of Moses, whom it venerates as redeemer and legislator and, consequently, anticipation of Christ. In both traditions, Moses becomes the author of the Pentateuch, or known in Hebrew as the Torah, being part of the first five books of the Bible that contain the Law called “The Law of Moses.”

In Islam, Moses is known as one of the prophets who has sometimes (specifically, one hundred and thirty-six times) been named in the Qur’an. Similarly, it is said in some references that Moses is the messenger sent to the people of Israel and the only one who managed to listen directly to God.

The Name of Moses

It is well known that the name of Moses is the only one in the Bible, since no other religious figure is known by the same name. Furthermore, according to the Exodus account, this character did not have a name at birth, he was known as “the child”; Pharaoh’s daughter is the one who is responsible for giving it the name by which it is known to this day.

On the other hand, the narrator assigns it a quite popular origin in Hebrew, considered incorrect in terms of grammar, and which means “Saved from the Waters”.

Who is the Wife of Moses?

Once you have in mind who Moses was, it is the right time to learn everything about the Wife of Moses Bible .

#1 In Biblical Context

After Moses was responsible for the death of an Egyptian, after presenting a problem with a Hebrew, he ended up fleeing Egypt and lived in the land of Midian. It was at this time that he defended the daughters of Jethro, (also called Reuel or Hobab), this as a result of some shepherds who had expelled them from the place.

The moment Jethro heard about Moses’ bravery, he invited him to dinner and decided to offer him shelter with his daughter Zipporah. Following that, she gives birth to a little boy who takes the name of Gershon, this as a reason for having mentioned “I am a stranger in a foreign land.

Name of the Wife of Moses

In Hebrew-Jewish language it is known as a tiny bird. In this line, scientific research has managed to find all the parchments in which the Aramaic language, that is, before and during the times of Abrochara, is really known as “straw”.

#2 In Fiction

In addition to having her biblical mention, Zipporah has been part of Fiction and thanks to this she has been represented in various formats which will be mentioned below:

Zipporah in Literature

According to Marek Halter in his book: Zipporah, Heroines of the Bible II, belonging to Editorial Planeta in 2004. Jethro was in charge of rescuing this woman and her mother, the boat in which they were traveling, shipwrecked, and for this reason the Wife of Moses was not part of the Lineage of Abraham.

Zipporah Inside the Cinema

It is well known that in the movie “The Ten Commandments” published in 1956, being directed by Cecil B. DeMille, Zipporah was played by the Canadian actress and singer Yvonne de Carlo. For this role, the woman had to learn to weave on a hand loom, in addition to traveling to Egypt with the film crew.

On the other hand, in the animated film “The Prince of Egypt”, Zipporah is seen for the first time when the priests known as Hotep and Huy, after having kidnapped her, manage to offer her to Prince Ramses as a concubine. However, Ramses refuses her and gives her to Moses, who was her adoptive brother and who would later help her escape from her.

In addition, in 2014, Sephora was played by the Spanish actress María Valverde and in Ridley Scott’s production, known as “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. In the third version, Zipporah lives in a desert tribe which welcomes Moses when he himself was banished.

Referring to the story, Moses begins a relationship and even gets married, in addition, he has a son named Gershon and then abandons her to return to Egypt and give everything for his people.

Zipporah Wife of Moses on television

In 2015, the Brazilian telenovela known as “Os dez Mandamentos”, or equally recognized as “Moisés y los Diez Mandamentos”, Séfora (called Zípora within the telenovela) manages to be interpreted by the actress Giselle Itié, being personalized as a quite stubborn woman but besides that, quite good and sincere.

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