Prayer to God to Forget a Treacherous Love

Prayer to God to Forget a Treacherous Love

When you give everything for the loved one and they betray you by ending the relationship, it is normal to feel sadness or longing for that being, since that is part of the duel. However, if a long time passes and you still feel trapped by these feelings, then you need the help of the Almighty. This prayer to forget a love is the ideal to definitively bury that attachment you feel for your ex-partner.

 Prayer to Forget a Love

In a relationship between two people who supposedly love each other there should be no room for betrayal. But generally, not everyone has the ability to be faithful to the person they love and not everyone has the honesty to be honest and say until now, I don’t love you anymore.

When we are betrayed by our partner we feel a wound in the depths of our being, it is like being divided in two: one part yearns, yearns for love, wants to be together, believes they can forgive and the other feels pain, anger, inability to forgive.

This misfortune is a division guided by reason and by the heart, and almost always the reasons of the heart are the dominant ones that, much to our regret, make us suffer and cry with sorrow.

The consternation is true, it is its own. There are those who can judge and say that no one dies of love , however, as another saying goes ” we are not made of iron and therefore we feel and suffer” .

You have to learn to handle this situation and fight, face the process, endure disappointment gallantly until the same pain extinguishes the flames of love that remained.

To overcome the infidelity of the couple there are different tools, you can join the prayers with the advice given by the psychologist that you will see in the following video

It is difficult to overcome this duel, but it is not impossible. For this reason, we must not make firewood from the fallen tree, on the contrary, we must be empathic with people who suffer from a love disappointment because no one is exempt from the same thing happening to them.

Let’s not expect to be in the same circumstances to put ourselves in the shoes of others, feel sorry for your fellow man and if you are in the middle of a disappointment make this powerful prayer to God to forget a love.

What to do before praying? Forgive…

The bible says “ Therefore if you forgive men their trespasses, our heavenly Father will also forgive us; but if you do not forgive their trespasses against men, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. ”

Before making this prayer to forget a love, you must first cry out to God and place in his presence that person who hurt you, forgive him to be at peace with him and with yourself.

It is true that a betrayal leaves your heart aching, that your thoughts, good or bad, are always with the loved one, but you are the one who decides how long you live that way and when you rebuild your life, because most likely you ex partner enjoy life without thinking for a moment how much he has hurt you.

Get up every day grateful to life for one more day, for getting rid of that person who did not value or respect you, for getting rid of a relationship without a future, without commitment, be thankful because I clear the way for you to come into your life a person with a noble, tender heart, who knows how to love and value you as you deserve.

Why forgive?

That is why you must forgive so that your heart is healthy, free and open to receive new challenges and new commitments. And above all so that your next relationship is built on firm, committed foundations, without past ties, in short, on real love.

If, on the other hand, you do not forgive, you will remain attached to resentments that will damage your personality, these will not allow you to establish functional and lasting relationships, free yourself, take the good from that old relationship and keep it, overcome heartbreak and allow yourself to love and be loved , that others do not suffer for what another mistaken did to you.

In accordance with what is exposed here, a video is presented explaining how forgiveness frees us from negative emotions, allowing us to open ourselves to new opportunities.

After forgiving, pray to God to forget a love, pray with faith and you will see its effectiveness in a short time.

Prayer So You Can Forget A Love That Hurt You

Lord my God, Father Jesus of Glory, with my weaknesses and with my aching heart I place myself at your feet, because only You see the bottom of my heart, only You know the affliction I am going through, You are the only one who you suffer with me such a bitter event, remove all negative feelings from me, free me from anger, resentment, rage, never allow me to plan revenge against my fellow man, because despite his wickedness I cannot look at this being as my enemy,  

Oh, beloved Father for your goodness and infinite mercy I ask you to transform my life, transform my heart, I beg you to place in me a tender, loving, simple, straight heart, my God, give me a new heart willing to forgive.

Do not allow him to pay evil for evil, but may my good and my good will overcome his evil. I do not want to resist forgiving, for you and for your Christian teachings I want to forgive and free me from all condemnation, keep me from judging because the judgment that imparts that same judgment will be imparted to me, and with the rod that you measure you will be measured.

Oh dearest Heavenly Father, your word clearly encourages us to guard against evil “above all that you guard, guard your heart, for life flows from it.”

I insist Father, transform my heart, remove from me all evil, all anger, all indifference. I cry out to you, O my Lord, because you are a good God, a generous God, a merciful God, a just God, I cry out to you so that my heart may be white as snow, give me a forgiving, loving, meek, docile heart. , Tender.

Continue the prayer

 Father Jesus, yours is the glory, yours is the honor, allow me to be free cut the chains that have me tied to that love that no longer belongs to me, make my life continue, that the plans that you have arranged in my heart are fulfilled according to your time and according to your will.

Thank you beloved father for all that I am, for all that you give me, for what you do not give me, thanks for what you gave me and for what you took from me, thanks for that relationship that I had and thanks for keeping (name of your ex-partner) of me, help me understand why I am going through this pain, to understand what is the purpose of such a bitter moment, I want to obey you Lord, I want to follow your plans, your work, I want to get out of affliction, out of sadness.

In the mighty name of Jesus I cast out every spirit of depression, every spirit of deception, every evil plotting spirit, every spirit of anger, every spirit of despair, every spirit of hopelessness, every spirit of falsehood, in the name of Jesus They go because they don’t belong to me because I don’t want them in my life.

I welcome a new me to my life, I want to see (name of your ex-partner) happy, that you forgive him for his bad behavior, that you help him to amend his bad ways, that you guide him to follow you, that you free him to return to betray, bless his life in a special way and may your peace always be with him, also bless my life supernaturally that I may feel your joy and your peace in my heart. so be it, amen

pray and wait

After making this prayer to God to forget a love that hurt you, and to forgive his betrayal, just wait on God, his time is perfect, he will give you victory, he will reward you for every tear shed, he will alleviate your pain, look for God, he is faithful, he will never depart from you and your days will be full of tranquility.

In the following video you will get more help to free yourself from that anguish that oppresses your chest, it is another model of prayer to forget a love. Look at it with special care.

Prayer to Forget and Forgive

Loving someone and giving everything for a relationship makes you believe that it is something that will last forever, not for a moment do you think that it can end and less because of heartbreak.

However, when this happens you wonder why me, why this happened to me, now how do I forget a love. And you take hold of every tool that is within your reach or that comes your way to ease your pain.

In this sense, today we will help you by presenting this effective prayer to forget a great love that has hurt you.

Before reciting this prayer you must focus and believe in its effectiveness, because faith is what moves mountains, it is faith that will help you get out of the hole where you are.

Some do not believe that a small prayer can change your way of thinking, it happens that they have not made one of these prayers to forget a love or they simply do not visualize with faith the results they expect. Without further ado, we present the best prayer to God to forget a treacherous love.

Prayer of forgetfulness and forgiveness

Lord, Dearest Heavenly Father; On this day I place my life in your hands, I cry out to you to attend to my pleas, I feel that affliction and anguish took hold of me; product of the indifference of which I have been a victim.

You who see all the hearts, you know how sore and mistreated mine is; because the being that I loved the most has betrayed me, and now my soul finds itself alone, unhappy, forgotten, abandoned, helpless.

Oh, Father Jesus of glory, my whole being cries out for you and for your radiant presence, help me to forget (name of your former partner), remove from me this lonely love that consumes me; make me concentrate on profitable things for me.

My Father, may your ear be ready to hear my prayers, do not forsake me and give me your support to get out of this situation that torments me, allow my eyes to see your glory, how great you are Lord God of the Universe, you do wonders; my trust rests in you and I hope in you to see the glory of your return, yours be the honor forever and ever. 

Final reflection

We want to end this article by reminding you that a dose of self-esteem does not hurt anyone, by this we mean that, no matter how much we are in love with a person, when he or she offends and betrays us, we must rethink our destiny.

We are worth a lot to allow that ungrateful being to continue disrupting our lives, so the time has come to say a final goodbye and concentrate more on ourselves, loving ourselves and valuing ourselves in its fair measure.

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