Our Lady, the Virgin Mary of the Smile

Our Lady, the Virgin Mary of the Smile

Over the years our lady, the Virgin Mary, has appeared on many occasions to help the most disadvantaged. Thus, gaining multiple names depending on the site or the miracle that she has done. Today we will explore a little about one of these versions, known as the Virgin of the Smile . We will tell you where the name comes from, some prayers if you want to ask him to intercede for you or yours and much more.

History of the Virgin of the Smile

The history of the Virgin Mary of the Smile dates back to May 13, 1883. Where Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús would write that she was healed when she was very sad thanks to the virgin. At that time, she was quite depressed due to the death of her mother when she was little. So she had to be raised by her sister Paulina who would eventually become her surrogate mother. Growing up, she enters Carmelo de Lisieux and the distance that occurs with her sister only aggravates her emotional situation. When she comments on this situation to the members of her family and to the members of her Carmelo, they all invite her to entrust herself to the divine power of the Virgin Mary.

She decides to try it and begins to dedicate prayers to a statue of the Virgin that was located next to her bed, requesting that it intercede for her physical and mental well-being. From one moment to another on one of these occasions, she perceives how kindness and love begin to radiate from the face of the statue of Mary. In this way Teresita would be healed. From that moment on, this image began to be called “Our Lady of the Smile”.

Some time later, nearing the end of her life, Saint Therese would comment: “In the heart of my mother, the church, I will be love.” This phrase is very significant and reflects a lot of her suffering and concern. Teresa on more than one occasion commented that she felt unhappy and emotionally unsettled because she did not feel capable of love. It was a feeling that cost her to know and practice, but that she finally discovered thanks to the smile of the virgin, who in addition to relieving her physical and bodily suffering, healed her emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, removing all those unpleasant feelings and filling her heart with immense happiness. As she comments, “I was healed by her smile, so simple and so powerful.”

Our Blessed Virgin smiles in a pure and heavenly way, filling with grace and an immaculate and motherly love all those who are willing to let her smile at her, touching the darkest and most distant corners of our hearts; alleviating all our wounds, ailments and all kinds of worries. Just seeing her smile is enough to understand how great her love is for us and how easy it is for her to transform everything into peace.

Pope Francis is another personality of the church who also admits to having been touched by the power of the smiling virgin. He comments that while he was a Jesuit priest he was affected by a depression that affected all areas of his life, but then he entrusted himself to the power and grace of this wonderful virgin and was able to overcome this malaise.

Currently, we can find in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús parish, erected in honor of the Virgin of the Smile. Inside we can find a painting of this beautiful virgin painted in Lisieux.

If you wish to make a deeper prayer space, you can execute a Novena to the Virgin of the Smile . Asking him to intercede for you and for all the difficulties you suffer on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Smile

Next, we will teach you some prayers that you can use to entrust yourself to the care of the Blessed Virgin of the Smile. Ideal for those occasions when you are going through problems of stress, anxiety or depression and difficult situations that especially affect your mood. Although you can really ask for help with any problem you need as long as you open your heart to allow it to enlighten and heal.

Prayer I

This prayer is perfect if you suffer from depression or if you want to pray for someone you know who suffers from this terrible disorder:

« Oh Mary, mother of Jesus and of us! That with a clear smile you deigned to comfort and cure your daughter Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús from her depression, giving her back the joy of living and the meaning of her existence in the Risen Christ.

Look with maternal affection at so many sons and daughters who suffer from depression, psychosomatic symptoms and different disorders and psychiatric syndromes. May Jesus Christ take care of and give meaning to the lives of so many people, whose existence is sometimes deteriorated.

O Maria! May her beautiful smile not let the difficulties of life darken our soul. We know that only your son Jesus can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

O Maria! Through the light that shines from your face, transmit God’s mercy to us. May your gaze caress us and convince us that God loves us and never abandons us. May your tenderness renew in us self-esteem and confidence in our own abilities. That encourages in us the interest in the future and the desire to live happily.

That the relatives of those who suffer from depression help in the healing process, never considering them fakers who use the disease with interests of comfort, but that others value them, listen to them, understand them and encourage them.

O Virgin of the Smile! Make true healing come to us from Jesus and free us from temporary and illusory relief. Once we are cured, we commit ourselves to serve Jesus with joy, willingness and enthusiasm as his missionary disciples, using our testimony as a weapon of your power. Amen « .

Prayer II

« Tender mother, smile in our hearts and heal them.

Your maternal smile heals because it is a reflection of your immaculate and maternal love. Smile with the sweet power of your maternal love and heal our hearts so that we know love. May we be able to receive love and experience it, to live following the path of love and to freely communicate the love we receive.

Smile in the depths of our hearts and bring healing to our wounds. Smile in our hearts and heal the wounds of our humanity. Smile and make us have perfect communion between our heart, mind and spirit.

Holy mother, smile and heal us with your love. Smile at us and expel all our fears and anxieties. Smile so that you can heal us from everything that imprisons love in our hearts. Smile at our minds and heal the memories that hurt the vision of love. Smile into our hearts and heal the experiences that have hardened us and made us run away from love. Smile at us with your maternal love and make us feel loved by you. Heal us from all the fears and wounds that prevent us from loving freely and generously.

Smile oh mother! May the light of your maternal face relieve our bodies of the inability to communicate the language of love. Smile, oh immaculate mother! to our souls. Heal us from all that is wounded in our communion of love with the Holy Trinity.

Smile mother! Smile with your love in the deepest places of our hearts and heal us, so that once they are restored and free; we can know the depth, width, length and height of God’s love; so that we can live in perfect bonds of love with other hearts and can be ardent witnesses of love in the heart of the church.

Smile holy mother! Smile at us and smile for us. A single smile from your maternal heart will heal our hearts…

Our Lady of the Smile, pray for us. Amen « .

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