The Best Short Pastorelas for your Christmas

The Best Short Pastorelas for your Christmas

The Pastorelas Cortas, are a series of Christmas plays that deal with the birth of the Child Jesus, in the region of Bethlehem. Learn in the following article all about how to make Pastorelas Navideñas. 

4 Scripts for Christmas Pastorela

In this article we are going to present 4 types of Short Pastorelas Scripts that can be made with children, young people or even with adults. We are going to start with the First Short Pastorela.

Pastorela The Dream of Mary

This script is about one of the Pastorelas for Children , so that they can get to interpret it, so they can get to do it with great ease. It consists of the following:

This Pastorela is designed to be carried out by school children, in what many know as the Children’s Garden. So that all the children get to participate, scene after scene was made where they can get to intervene, whether they come in to dance a certain Christmas song or they are dressed as little animals or the main roles. The Main Roles become the following that we will mention:


  • the virgin mary
  • Joseph the Father of the Child Jesus
  • Angel 1 – You can get to give him the name that best suits him
  • Angel 2 – You can get to give him the name that best suits him
  • Angel 3 – You can get to give it the name that best suits you
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Soldier
  • Pastor 1
  • Pastor 2
  • Pastor 3
  • Enemy of God 1 – You can get to give him the name that best suits him
  • Enemy of God 2 – You can get to give him the name that best suits him
  • Enemy of God 3 – You can get to give him the name that best suits him
  • King Melchior
  • King Gaspar
  • King Balthazar
  • Estrella

Scene I

The Virgin Mary: The Virgin Mary begins to say to José the following words: (José is offstage) I had a dream José, however, I could not quite understand what it was about, apparently it was about the birth of our beloved son.

Yeah, I remember it was about that. People were making great preparations for 4 weeks in advance. They all decorated their homes with large brightly colored paper, all wore new clothes, some went shopping several times and bought a large number of gifts that were not for our son, which they wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with beautiful bows and they put at the bottom of a tree.

Yes, it was a big Joseph tree, and this tree was inside each of their houses… This was the dream that Mary told Joseph.

Scene II

José: José walks in and says: What?…

The Virgin Mary: A tree that is decorated; with its branches all full of spheres and with a large number of different ornaments, some that came to give off an enchanting light. On the highest plant of the tree there was a kind of figure, it looked to me like a star or like an angel.

Oh! It was true this tree was truly beautiful. Everyone was very happy and smiling as well as excited by the gifts that they came to give each other, however, José, there were none left for our son. You know José, I think not yet, because they never mentioned his name.

José: Don’t you think it’s strange that people get into so much trouble to have to celebrate the birthday of a person they don’t even know?

The Virgin Mary: I had a kind of strange feeling that if our son had been at that party he would have been just a stranger to all of them.

José: For all those people the atmosphere was beautiful

The Virgin Mary: But I came to feel an enormous desire to cry.

José: But it only became a dream…

The Virgin Mary: But how terrible was Joseph if that had become real.

Scene III

Angel 1: Let’s all rejoice, Christmas is approaching, the birth of our beloved savior.

Angel 2: It has been a long time since the baby Jesus was born in New Bethlehem.

Angel 3: However, today, this Christmas, the baby Jesus will be born in each of your hearts and will remain in all our homes.

Angel 1: Now we are going to remember the most important day for all of us when many years ago the baby Jesus was born into this world in order to save us.

Angel 2: Mary was thinking one day.

Angel 3: If the Messiah were to be born in this time, if I were one of today’s children, I would help his mother to be able to take care of him and also to rock him in his crib.

Scene IV

Archangel: Do not fear Mary, you have found grace before the Lord God, you are the one chosen to be the mother of the great savior.

The Virgin Mary: I am the slave of the Lord, may the will of my Lord God be done in me and everything he says.

Archangel: Your womb has become blessed… (at that moment he leaves the scene)

Scene V

Joseph: Mary, Mary

The Virgin Mary: What’s going on, what’s going on?

José: I’m almost at the end of the gutter

The Virgin Mary: Yes, it is not long before the child is born

José: However, the scriptures say that the child will be born in the regions of Bethlehem

Scene VI

Soldier: Attention! Attention! By order of the emperor himself, everyone must be registered in their city of origin.

José: Maria, did you hear what that soldier just said?

The Virgin Mary: Yes Joseph listen

José: Then we have to go to Bethlehem

The Virgin Mary: We are going to fix everything to be able to leave (In that they leave the scene)

Scene VII

Music begins to play, from Christmas carols

José: We finally arrived in the region of Bethlehem

Pastor I: And there is no place where you can get to spend the night

Pastor II: Hopefully we can find one

Pastor III: Maria, how do you feel?

Pastor I: I see that you are tired, we are going to play from house to house to see if we can find a good heart that will give us a place to spend the night.

The Virgin Mary: Yes, let’s all go

Scene VIII

Angel 1: Almost all men had come to forget the Lord God

Angel 2: The enemies of God celebrated very happily because they did not know that the savior of this world had been born.

Enemy of God I: I always take with me all the people who are bony brawlers who fight a lot.

Enemy of God II: I always come for all the disobedient.

Enemy of God III: I always like all liars and that is what I come to look for.

Enemy of God I: Where are the people who are lazy, (at that moment the enemies of God dance, however, the enemy I stops dancing).

Enemy of God II: And what is the matter with you? What is really happening to you?

Enemy of God I: I have very bad news

Enemy of God I and II: Account, account is that what happens what are those bad news!

Enemy of God I: The savior of this world has come to be born, this becomes very tremendous, we are all lost… In that all the enemies faint.

Scene IX

Archangel: All the angels have already arrived to be able to help the baby Jesus to come to save men and also to turn all the enemies of God into good… In that the enemies, upon hearing the last thing they said, get up and run out of scene.

scene x

King Melchor: There is the star

King Gaspar: If it is the star of the savior

King Baltazar: If it is the star of the Messiah

Star: I am the star that will guide you to where the savior of the world is, follow me!

King Gaspar: I will bring the Messiah gold as the king

King Melchor: I will bring incense to the Messiah as to God

King Baltazar: And I’m going to take the Messiah myrrh as the man

In that the 3 wise men leave following the Star until they reach the regions of Bethlehem where the baby Jesus is.

Scene XI

Angel 1: Pastorcitos all happy

Angel 2: The savior has already been born and is in a manger in Bethlehem

Angel 3: Little shepherds let’s all go together

Pastor I: Yes, we are going to worship the child God, the savior of this world

All: Yeah let’s go, let’s all go

Angel 1: Let us all rejoice together and celebrate

Angel 2: Our beloved lord and savior has already been born

This Script of Short Pastorelas for children becomes one of the ways to introduce interpretation in a healthy way and also to get rid of the shyness of children.

A Pastorela in Four Pictures

The pastorelas become a kind of scenic representation, with a festive and very happy framework, which refers to the events prior to the coming of Jesus and is the one that ends with the adoration of all the shepherds to the newborn Jesus in the manger.

In this, the divine characters and also the humans are mixed where the eternal destiny of all men comes to occupy the central role of the plot. The central characters become God, the Virgin and the shepherds who come to worship the Child Jesus in the cave of Bethlehem.

The Pastorelas are usually humorous and very happy, they are the ones that present the devil always ridiculing him and end at all times with his defeat, with the triumph of good over the forces of evil. It is about being able to awaken feelings of love in all listeners, always giving a kind of moral and also a religious message where the Christian faith is exalted. So we are going to present a Pastorela in four frames:

First act

Narrator: In the days of King Herod, the Lord God sent the Archangel Gabriel to Nazareth to visit a virgin who was to be married by a man from the House of David, who was called Joseph. The Virgin’s name was Mary and the Archangel greeted her saying:

Archangel: God save you, oh Mary (Mary comes to try to flee). You are full of grace. (Mary stops.) The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among all the women of this world. Oh, Mary, do not fear, because you have found favor in the eyes of the Lord God.

Know that you will conceive in your womb, and you will give birth to a son, whom you will name Jesus. This one is going to be great, and he will come to be called the son of the Most High, to whom the Lord God is going to give the throne of David and he will reign in the house of Jacob forever and his kingdom will have no end.

Maria: And how does that come to be? Well, I don’t know any man. (approaching the archangel)

Archangel: The Holy Spirit is going to descend upon you and the virtue of the Most High is going to cover you with its shadow, that is why the holy fruit that is going to be born from you will be called the Son of God. There you also have your cousin Isabel, who in her old age has also become pregnant with a son, because for God there is nothing that is impossible.

Mary: (kneeling down) Here is the handmaid of the Lord, please be done to me according to your word.

Second act

Narrator: For all those days, Mary left for a city in the Judah region and entering the house of Zacharias, she greeted her cousin Elizabeth.

Mary: (Saint Elizabeth appears seated, she gets up when she hears the Virgin Mary enter) God save you, Elizabeth tells her.

Elizabeth: Blessed are you among all women and also blessed is the fruit of your womb. And from where to me so much good, that the Mother of my Lord comes to have to visit me? Blessed are you who believed that all the things that have been said to you from the Lord God would be fulfilled.

Mary: My soul is the one that glorifies the Lord God, and my spirit comes to rejoice in God, my Savior, because he has come to deign to look at his humble slave.

third act

Narrator: For all those days in which the baby Jesus was going to be born, the government came to give an order that all citizens must register, this means that they must register in the place where they were born. Mary and Joseph, in compliance with all the orders, left on a trip to the region of Bethlehem, the city of David where Joseph’s family was from.

According to the Gospel, that in the outskirts of Bethlehem some shepherds were watching, acting as sentinels at night with their flock of sheep. It is on that same wonderful night that we are going to locate ourselves, traveling with our thoughts to the region of Judea…

Pastor 1: How clear the stars can be seen tonight, right!

Pastor 2: You are absolutely right, I feel that tonight is not like all the previous ones, long after sunset, the field was still lit up as if it were day.

Pastors: It is true, this is very true!

Nestor: How true, not at all! You are all seeing visions at all times. The only strange thing that I have been able to observe is that my boot ran out of wine before noon, and I don’t know who was the one who finished it.

Pastor 1: You already start with your unfounded claims.

Nestor: Yes, I know! I know it was you, Antonio.

Pastor 1: I haven’t touched your wine, and don’t come making false accusations against me.

Nestor: You give me back my wine, you already know.

Pastor 1: Shut up, I saw you steal Juan’s lamb and then hide.

Nestor: That’s not true.

Pastor 2: Shut up, can’t you get together without having to fight?

Pastor 1: It is true what I am saying. Tonight something special is going to happen, I believe that the great fulfillment of the prophecies is drawing near.

Pastors: What do those prophecies say?

Pastor 2: That the Redeemer is going to be born.

Pastora 1: That the Pastor is going to come to his town.

Pastora 2: How is the Messiah going to be?

Shepherdess 3: A brave strong and courageous warrior. If not, how could he come to save our people?

Pastora 1: He will be a great king who manages to dominate the foreigners who come to the country.

Pastor 2: The truth is that everyone is wrong, he is going to be much more than a warrior, much more than a king.

Nestor: Keep dreaming, you gullible string. How can a Jew become so much greater than Caesar? They are all totally crazy.

Pastor 1: You are a great unbeliever. You are truly irritable.

Pastor 3: Let Gil be the one to tell us something about the prophecies.

Gil: Very well, everyone knows that our parents and also the parents of our parents, since ancient times have come to expect the presence or the birth of a Messiah. The prophets came to speak of him, saying that he will be the hope of all nations. The Prophet Isaiah went so far as to say that he will be born of a virgin, and if he is going to be called Emmanuel, which means, “God among us”.

Pastors: God among us?

Antonio: The prophet Malaquías also said that the kings will come to pay him great honors and presents to his cradle at the time of his birth.

Pastora 1: If the kings are going to pay him honors, this savior will be more than a king.

Gil: The Prophet Jeremiah came to announce what is going to happen at that time: That all the blind will see, just as all the deaf will hear, those who are lame will walk, and the mute will speak.

Antonio: And the prophet Zechariah also told us that the Messiah will be called the Prince of Peace.

Sara: Well, to all this, where is the Redeemer going to be born?

Gil: Listen to what the prophet Malachi also said: “And your Bethlehem, you are not the least of the cities of Judah, since the one who will govern my people will come from you.”

All: In Bethlehem!

Sara: Right here in Bethlehem.

Luisa: What a great wonder! The truth of the Lord has been revealed to us through his prophets, now we understand it much more clearly.

Néstor: As a story, he’s doing very well; however, all the prophets have come to expect the Messiah, and have died without being able to see him. I think he will never come.

Antonio: You don’t believe in any of that as usual. Doesn’t it scandalize you with your kind of behavior?

Nestor: Me? Shock me, don’t be a fool, I don’t shock myself with any of that… do you hear it?, with nothing!

Bernarda: When is the Messiah going to come?

Gil: There is a way to find out. The Angel Gabriel appeared one day to the Prophet Daniel and he told him that this was going to happen in about 70 weeks of years after rebuilding Jerusalem.

Pastors: About 70 weeks!

Luisa: Well, then, it’s time for him to come, the time has come to pass, and if the prophecies are usually true, we have to wait for him these days.

(At that moment moos are heard, mm… mm… mm… Luisa, Bernarda and also Antonio get up).

Bernarda: The cattle are scattered.

Antonio: Let’s get him together (everyone leaves, except Nestor who doesn’t want to).

Antonio: Come on, Nestor, don’t just sit there.

Nestor: I am very well here. Go all of you. How comfortable it usually is to rest, not worry about anything else. Have a peace of mind… a calm… (At that moment the Enemy of humanity and of God appears to him from behind. In suspense mode… Nestor is frightened).

Enemy: Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, what kind of damage can I cause you?… and less to you. The others have finally left, you really know how to savor life.

Nestor: Yes, yes, but don’t get too close.

Enemy: Others always work, you don’t have to get to do it, since you always rest. Others suffer, you know how to really enjoy. Hey, your classmates believe a kind of nonsense that is nothing more than pure old lies. Yes of old, You my good friend, you do have a great practical sense.

Néstor: I’ve been told that a lot, that I’ve been a kid since I was very little.

Enemy : Vivillo? (Aside) Very soon you’re going to be quite a tale. (Pause) What is that starry night and the great prodigious? The coming Messiah… (squirms). Ha ha ha… You don’t believe that story, do you?

Nestor: Of course not. Certainly all of them are a bit silly, nevertheless good companions.

Enemy: And by the way, what’s your name, my friend?

Nestor: My name is Nestor, and who are you?

Enemy: You don’t have to believe that I’m the devil right?

Nestor: Ha, ha, ha, and even if you were.

Enemy: Well, yes I am, just look at my horns.

Nestor: Well, that’s not exclusive to the enemy of God. Certain animals also have horns.

Enemy: Look at my tail, look at my face too, doesn’t it scare you?

Nestor: Scare me? Rather you make me laugh. Look, at most, you’re more of a poor devil.

Enemy: (furious) So a poor devil. Evil horrendous shepherd. Oh yeah? (in that he chases him giving him some tail blows)

Nestor: (reaches out screaming in pain) Oh, it hurts.

Enemy: Well, then let’s definitely make peace and a deal too. You are smarter than all your classmates, you are also young and you should get to enjoy life, I will give you a lot of money hand over fist if you do me a great favor.

Nestor: And what is that great favor?

Enemy: Oh, it’s very simple! You just have to manage to convince all your classmates that all those lies about the Savior are really just that, pure lies (in that he shows him a bag of money).

Nestor: (receiving the bag) Wow, wow! That doesn’t become any kind of problem. After all, the enemy is not as bad as they always paint it.

Enemy: Well, friends! To death! (in that it comes out)

Nestor: Until death of course… money, a lot of money! Everything I’m going to get to do with this money! (In that he picks up the bag) (Antonio enters the scene. Néstor tries to get to hide the bag) (All the other shepherds enter).

Antonio: Nestor, why are you so rude to all of us? Why are you so envious, as well as rebellious? Why don’t you want peace with us?

Nestor: Why? Because all of you make the center of your life the most religious, the incomprehensible.

Antonio: And that, what’s wrong with it being like that? I would say, on the contrary, that this is precisely what is fair, what is true. Anyway, let’s not fight and let’s all sit down to enjoy this wonderful night.

fourth act

Narrator: Let’s go back to José and María, who had come to leave on a trip to Bethlehem to be able to register. Since they were quite far away, they arrived at night in the region of Bethlehem and found all the shelters full, so they had to ask for lodging from house to house.

José: (addressing the children and walking in front of them, singing) In the name of Heaven, please ask for lodging, because my beloved wife cannot walk.

Children: It’s not an inn here, go ahead, I can’t open it, don’t be a thief.

José: Don’t be inhuman, have for us , that the God of Heaven will reward you.

Narrator: No one wants to open up or let them into their house, so everyone tells them they don’t have a place for them. So, Mary and Joseph, all sad, tired and very cold, receive lodging in a small manger. There, before the sun rises, in the darkness and also in the silence of the night, the Child Jesus is born of the Virgin Mary. She takes the Child Jesus in her arms, looks at him with great joy, kisses him for the first time and speaks to him.

(At that moment there is a small silence that invites contemplation)

Narrator: We can now go back to the shepherds who take care of their flocks, some of them are sleeping very tired. Since God intensely loves all the poor, he wants them to be the first to get to know him. (And suddenly, an angel of the Lord appears to give them the Good News).

Pastors: An angel, an angel! Look there, what a beauty!

Pastora: How beautiful, everything is full of light!

Pastor: How wonderful!

Angel: Glory to God in the highest and peace be on earth to all men of good will. Do not be afraid of me, because I come from the Lord to announce good news that will be the reason for great joy for all the people.

Pastor: Calm down, don’t be afraid of him.

Pastor: He says we have nothing to fear from him.

Pastor: And it is also the one that brings us a new and great joy!

Angel: Who was born in the city of David, the great Savior, the Christ, the Lord the Son of God.

Pastor: Listen, brothers, that the Savior has finally been born, the Messiah, the One awaited by humanity. Angel of the Lord, please give us a sign so we can go meet him.

Angel: It will serve as a sign that they will find the Child wrapped in swaddling clothes and reclining in a humble manger.

Pastor: The hand of God has come to light the night. The light comes from the highest.

Pastor: It is the Child who has come to light the stars.

Pastora: I believe in the Savior, I believe in the Child Jesus, the Savior.

Nestor: I really regret having been a disbelieving man. Please forgive me, my Lord and my God. In my blindness and also in my unbelief I distanced myself from all my brothers, I who sinned against heaven and also against you, I who was proud, I ask your forgiveness.

Pastor: That star is showing us the way to Bethlehem.

Pastor: It is a very big and very bright star, let’s follow it!

Shepherdess: Walk the star, walk towards Bethlehem!

Pastor: It’s true! Come on everybody and let’s get going!

Pastor: Yes, I want to see, I want to touch, I also want to carry the baby Jesus in my arms.

Pastor: It’s incredible, and yet this is true! Let’s go to Bethlehem, we will be able to see that prodigious event that the angel of the Lord has announced to us.

Nestor: And let’s never again allow doubt in our hearts.

Pastor: It’s amazing!

Shepherd: Come on, all shepherds, let’s go to Bethlehem.

(Salen singing all A Belén pastorcillos)

Narrator: As the child Jesus came to come for all men, the rich and also the poor, for those who know a lot and as well as for those who know nothing, he wants 3 wise men from distant towns to come to him to know him. The largest star serves as a sign.

At that moment the song is made, Bell on bell

Narrator: Upon arriving at that place, the wise men known as the 3 wise men were amazed saying ¡At all times let us give thanks to God, who has wanted to come to be born, to live, and also to die among all of us (in that they kneel ) Melchor brings the gold, because what less can he give to the King of the whole world; Gaspar brings him incense so he can praise the King of Heaven; Baltasar brings him the myrrh, because the Christ Child also becomes a man.

(And that is where the Virgin, Joseph and the Child remain, all surrounded by the shepherds and the Magi)

To finish, the Final Adeste Fideles song is performed


Pastorela “Quechita”

This is one of the Pastorelas Cortas called Pastorela Quechita. We are going to present the characters of this Christmas play.

Main characters

  • María
  • José
  • Pastor
  • Pastors – These must be about 6.
  • Devil – Which we will call Enemy.
  • Imps – Which we will call Enemies, these must be about 4.
  • Ángel
  • Storyteller

Actors’ costumes

  • Enemy: Red suit with small wings, tail, and whistle.
  • Angel: White clothes with cape and super hero shirt.

Narrator: For a long time, when many of today’s people did not exist, a child was about to be born, and since the news about his birth had already spread, many people tried to reach the regions of Bethlehem, which was the birthplace of that child.

(Meanwhile the shepherds are walking along the road in the field and the enemy comes out to meet them.)

Enemy: Hello gentlemen Pastors, a question where are you going in such a hurry? Don’t you see that the night is really very beautiful? and that you should get to enjoy this beautiful view.

Pastor: We are going to the regions of Bethlehem to be able to see the child to be born who will bring joy to the world and will fill us with much good.

Enemy: I don’t know what they are going to go for if joy becomes temporary, better follow my path that is of money and many luxuries which await you.

Narrator: (The shepherds continued along the path that the enemy had pointed out to them, until the figure of an angel of light appeared in front of them and told them)

Ángel: Pastors, where do you think you are going? Why have they come to change the path?

Pastor: An angel who is kind of weird was the one who invited us to enjoy the great sweetness of life and that’s why we’re going there.

Angel: That type of angel is known as Luzbel or Lucifer, which is the enemy of God and of all his children, so I tell you not to be fooled by him and return to the right path so that things go well. to accompany

Enemy: What happened my little shepherd friends? Why do they want to come back? Surely this little angel has already come to advise you.

Angel: These shepherds are good people and they are going to go to the regions of Bethlehem to worship the child God who will be born very soon.

Enemy: Well, they won’t be able to leave here if I don’t know, I’ll allow them, I tell you.

Angel: This sounds like a fight to me, doesn’t it? Grab that there is going, at that moment they fight and shout until the enemy is surrendered and the shepherds throw him away.

Angel: Let’s go pastors with great pleasure go look at the child God, his mother Mary and his father Joseph who are already resting because our beloved savior was already born.

Scene I. Los Angeles

Angel 1:  In heaven and also on earth it will be the day of great celebration, since in the regions of Bethlehem the promised Messiah has come to be born.

Angel 4: Today becomes Christmas Eve that is known everywhere and that all the shepherds come as well as the Three Wise Men.

(At that moment all the little angels come out to dance or sing the carol of “joy, joy, joy”, Then the shepherds arrive)

Scene II. The Angels and the Shepherds

Angel 2: Shepherds, Shepherdesses and Little Shepherds, please make your little bundles, also prepare to walk until you reach Bethlehem.

Pastor 1: Why do we have to walk so far and when it’s so cold? I better want to stay inside my warm shack.

Pastor 4: These are not good times to walk the roads; since we are poor little shepherds and we have no more luxuries than to get to sleep next to a good fire.

Angel 3: Pastors wake up and let the others follow you because the great redeemer has come to be born in a humble manger in Bethlehem.

Pastor 2: Who is the one who will tell us the way that there is no moon in the sky tonight?

Angel 1: A bright star is the one that will guide you to the divine cradle. You can see it now in the sky! (At this time the angel points to heaven). Shining he stands high. (At that moment all the shepherds look up to the sky).

Pastor 3: So let’s not waste any more words and let’s start the march, with great pleasure and with great joy and my sabanero burrito.

(At that moment all the angels come out and all the shepherds begin to dance the song of the Carol of my Burrito Sabanero). All the shepherds leave the scene.

Scene III. The enemies

Enemy 1: What are they cooking in this village of the shepherds that not even a soul can be seen here nor light in any house.

Enemy 2: Speaking of getting to cook, I’m kind of hungry already. And I would like to get to eat a good beef broth or even a great beef soup.

Enemy 3: I came to sow discord and it turns out that there is no one in this place.

(At that moment he tells the other 2)

We are walking fast where you can see a lot of dust. I think that those must be the pastors who are going to another place.

Enemy 4: This one comes trying to run very fast to be able to reach his other companions and tells them: What were you leaving me with? Why do you all look so serious? Are they going to work already? What is the relaxation about?

Enemy 1: All the shepherds left us and not even one of them remained. Now we’re going to go after them to get in their way.

Enemy 4: I join each of you as part of the promising fun.

(At this moment he grabs his companions by the shoulder and they leave very united) At that moment the 4 enemies are on their way and they are going to do many pranks and mischief. At that moment they do a dance together.

Scene IV. The Enemies and the Shepherds

On one side, the shepherds enter and on the other the enemies arrive.

Pastor 1: The pastor even says to the enemies: And where do you come from, why are you so red?

Enemies 1: We are the first cousins ​​of the Chapulín Colorado that is why we are all dressed in this way.

Enemies 4: And we have much more cunning than that chapulin colorado. Just look, friends who have been following you for a long time to….

Enemies 1: Interrupts him so they don’t go alone. And also so that they don’t get bored or tired on this long road. And in case you get really hungry (This one has a backpack on his back and pats it so that all the shepherds can see) Here we bring you some delicious cakes, as well as an excellent drink and lots of chocolate.

Enemies 2: (Says to the shepherds in a sweet fake voice) You all so pretty little shepherds come, get together and listen to what I have to tell you: (At that moment the shepherds make a half circle around the enemies) Why do you come to walking so late at night with this great cold what is it doing?

Pastor 2: We are going to the region of Bethlehem, gentlemen, to be able to adore the child God who has finally been born from among the poor.

Enemies 3: Oh wow! What is that about! And by any chance, who told you this, which I think seems like a farce?

Pastor 4: Do not pronounce such a word since angels and seraphim have been sent from heaven to tell such news. They did not go with the rich; rather, they sought out all of us, the humble shepherds, in order to honor the King of Kings.

Enemies 3: Mockingly tells them: I am greatly moved by your story. It makes me want to cry, how cute are all of you little shepherds, you are the guests of honor of this great celebration!

Enemies 3: Please forget about those lies and we’d better dance to some good music. (At that moment the music is heard and they dance. Then the angels appear and the music stops abruptly).

Scene V. The Shepherds, the Angels and the Enemies

Angel 1: What does this fuss mean? He tells the Shepherds: Didn’t you go to Bethlehem? (In that he realizes that the enemies are in the place) Ahh! I must have guessed it! The enemies had to be!

Angel 4: Pastors must be careful of these enemies who are so cunning that they get in wherever they want and make them lose the tone of what they want to do.

Pastor: These friendly gentlemen brought us the fun and very gladly offered to come and keep us company.

Angel 2: How naive are you really little shepherds who let yourself be deceived by the enemies of hell, that’s what it says out! (Running to the enemies).

Angel 3: Get out Get out of here! (Running to the enemies) Go do your misdeeds to another side of the planet. (At that moment the enemies leave)

Angel 2: He tells the Shepherds: Now yes, shepherds, you must continue on your way in peace. So the angels followed them to the manger of God.

At that moment the adoration appears (The child God, the Virgin and Saint Joseph). Everyone sings the final Christmas carol.

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