Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Exams

Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Exams

The Infant Jesus of Prague is considered the divine representation of the Infant Jesus, which is commonly associated with infants throughout history, for this reason it is said that it has the power to grant or intercede in the education of children. If you want to discover and learn more about it, in this article you will find everything related to the Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for exams .

Prayers to the Infant Jesus of Prague

The Prayers to the Child Jesus have always been relatively common and well recognized by the Christian faithful, but specifically in the 16th century in Prague, they had an incredibly admirable and indescribable transcendence, acceptance and devotion, which is why I have their name of Prayer . to the Child of Prague . Currently his figure is located in the church of Santa María de la Victoria in the neighborhood of Malá Strana, Capital of the Czech Republic, and although it is not known exactly how it got there, the most accepted and well-known theory at the moment is that it was He says that this statue belonged to him and he kept Santa Teresa de Jesús.

Over the years he is still considered a miraculous figure for the works conceived, which has been venerated and spread throughout the world and continues to be constantly used by faithful believers.

Prayers to the Infant Jesus of Prague for exams and studies

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague for exams appeared when it was associated more and more with infants, and to this is also added the root of the tradition, since it was believed in those times, because of the image in which the Child Jesus represents us, who would guide us on the right path and/or would offer his help to the little ones in the house. Here are two incredibly useful prayers during study time:

Prayer for exams and studies

O miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague!

 source of all knowledge and wisdom,

 from whom we receive the intelligence

 that comes from your infinite goodness.

Look at my struggle and my worries,

the difficulties of my studies and exams,
look at my efforts to succeed
and have a future full of possibilities.

I beg you from my heart to be my benefactor,
and for the love you have for me,

bless me in my student works so that,

 grateful for your benefits,

know how to correspond to you, I loved you more every day

and honor you with immense honor

with which the Angels and Saints in Heaven honor you

and the just hearts on earth.

Dearest Infant Jesus of Prague,

You who are special protector of students

help me on the difficult days of the exams,
give me your help so that I can pass the subjects
that concern me so much, especially in:

(make the request with great faith and hope).

Before You I place all my trust.

 I know that you can do everything, you give us everything,

 You are very merciful
to those who come before your miraculous image
and you do not stop working wonders for our benefit.

Holy Infant Jesus of Prague,

You who at twelve years in the Temple

you knew how to respond with admirable wisdom

to the doctors of the Law,

enlighten my intelligence, increase my memory,

give me serenity and calm, give me clarity

to be able to capture my knowledge
and not make mistakes or make mistakes in my answers.

Please make those who are going to examine me

be compassionate to my shortcomings
and fair and equitable with grades,

 so that you can succeed

and get the good grades I want.

Holy Infant Jesus of Prague,

for the merits of your Incarnation and your Childhood,

I beg you with all my heart

Grant me what I ask with faith

and that at this moment is so necessary to me.

Oh my sweet and good Boy, you know I’m looking for you,

With all my being I give myself to You,

 I put myself in your loving hands always kind,
always ready to give us the best in our anguish,

 O most holy and blessed Infant Jesus of Prague,

 I’m sure you’ll hear my pleas

 You will give me the goods I need
and you will strengthen me in hope.

Compassionate Child Jesus of Paga:

listen to me, bless me, help me, help me,
make me come out triumphant in the tests that I have to pass. Amen.

Pray the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Make the prayer and prayers before each exam

and when needed in studies.

If you have any doubts or any type of inconvenience on how to pray to the Infant Jesus of Prague for exams, you can watch the following video that we will place here or simply go to 

Prayer to get through the school year

In those moments of anguish and worry about the grades of the entire school year, this prayer will give you the help and support you need for your school grades, you just have to do it honestly and with all our faith.

Most kind and eternal Child Jesus of Prague
You who are the one who watches over the progress,
training and protection of students.

You who are the one who accompanies us at all times
Making sure that we do not deviate along
Wrong boundaries towards the path of knowledge.

You who are the one who allows us to obtain that
useful information that makes us, day by day,
be good people.

For all this and much more I raise this plea
To your figure to ask you to always take me by the hand
Towards the margins of wisdom and that, with your light,
I can wade through the obstacles I find
During my permanent education.

Prayer for difficult requests 

When we have desperate moments where there is some kind of very complicated situation, this little prayer will raise your hopes and illuminate the path of your heart.

Today I turn to you,
O holy Child Jesus of Prague!,
And to the figure of your heavenly mother and father,
So that you can work in my favor by helping me
To overcome with satisfaction, with advantage and with my head held high
The situation that, today, takes away my sleep and exhausts
My energies.

You who are the only one who grants miracles and who are
aware of how we devotees to the word behave,
You know that I am a faithful servant and that I deserve
Your interception to be able to increase my faith and
My trust in you.

In your holy hands I place my destiny
And I know that you already operate to benefit me. Amen.

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