Good Prayer To Jesus Malverde For Money

Good Prayer To Jesus Malverde For Money

There are characters in the story that leave their mark on the minds and hearts of people, despite the fact that a long time passes. In this case, he is the saint considered by many to be Jesús Malverde. His cunning, bravery and his love for the people who needed him most made his name ring a century later. If at any time you find yourself financially desperate, go through Jesus Malverde’s prayer for money .

Prayer to Jesus Malverde for money

Jesús Juárez Mazo is a character who was born on January 15, 1870, Sinaloa, Mexico. And he was nicknamed Jesús Malverde, because of the attacks he carried out hidden in the green mountain. He is not considered an official saint by the church but by many in Mexico. They treated him as if he were a Mexican Robin Hood, since when he robbed, most of his profits went to the town in which he lived and to the church. He was a fervent Catholic.

Its existence is considered doubtful. Much debate has been generated around this admirable character. About whether all the facts, events that he carried out really happened and even if he existed or not. What if there is no doubt is the faith of his followers. That for years their prayers and prayers towards this “glorious bandit” or also nicknamed “the patron saint of drug traffickers” have been fulfilled to those who fear being lost causes or the protector of those who are tried criminally.

The only thing you have to have to pray to this saint is faith in him. Rest assured that you can count on him. The power of the sacred faith is something wonderful and you should never lose it, especially when you need it. That can open the doors to an infinite world of opportunities. The following is the prayer to Jesús Malverde for money:

Oh what do you know? Malverde listen to this sentence towards you. You who are in front of the very cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. I beg you for mercy and to calm the tremors of pain caused by injustice.

You who live in the honor and extreme closeness of our heavenly father, God. Hear the sorrows of this poor and docile sinner.

Oh you who know so much about this life my lord Malverde!

You who are miraculous!

O merciful Malverde! Grant us the possibilities to obtain money, which we need so much and to focus to find joy in the things that are important.

(Please make your request right away)

Fill us with great health and prosperity so that we can be beings with unlimited fortune in all aspects of this life. We are fully grateful to you. Amen. And so be it.

Prayer to Jesús Malverde to ask him for a favor

Through this prayer. I beg you, my dear glorious bandit, Malverde. I bow before you as the being who is filled with gratitude and love for your bestowed mercies. Right now I am going to beg you to help me in this world surrounded by misfortunes and misfortunes. Grant me a wonder. You lord of triumphs and conquests. Fulfill my request, I beg of you!

Help me on this wicked and malicious path. Where I find myself needing you, to be able to provide for my family in these moments of misery. My savings have decreased too much. You who know my situation kindly encourage. She trusted you and it is for that reason that you will help me and fulfill my request to you. Amen. And so be it.

Prayer to Jesús Malverde to get a job

I beg you to give me the opportunity, thanks to your love, mercy and kindness, to get a job. You patron of the homeless. To be able to obtain that peace that I need so much so as not to continue in these seas of pain. My faith is full and complete. That is why I know and trust you to help me because your love is great and your will is unstoppable.

For you alone, I bestowed upon your knowledge and prostrate myself before them. I implore you to watch over me in these adversities and surround me with your mercy.

Petition to Jesús Malverde for prosperity

Protector of the poor. Praise you, Malverde. I know of your mercy towards us. I beseech and implore you to listen to what we ask of you. Our prayers are filled with pain and anguish for the future. You are the one who can cushion our ailments. The one who is surrounded by pure blessings and charity, so your story shows. Even alive, you helped the one who needed it most.

You who are holy in my heart and I know that of others whom you have fulfilled. Do not put aside my pleas, do not close your eyes and ears to my implores.

(Please, you have to say in your own words what you want to ask)

Amen. And so be it.

Recommendations for prayers and petitions towards this saint

  • Try to find a place where you feel that nothing can disturb your peace
  • Buy and light a green candle in honor of Malverde, you have to let it burn completely. Let there be no intervention.
  • When praying as always, you have to do it with a lot of will to be fulfilled.
  • You can do it seven days in a row. In addition to praying several Hail Marys and an Our Father.

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