Prayer to San Alejo to ward off undesirable people and bad guys

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off undesirable people and bad guys

Many times in our lives, we are surrounded by people who are not exactly the best when it comes to having an environment full of good energy. It is for this reason that it is sometimes necessary to pray to San Alejo to ward off undesirable people, in this way our environment improves a lot. If the prayer is done effectively, faithfully and correctly, the results will be remarkably fast.

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off undesirable people

My dear and blessed Saint Alejo, you who are the best example of love and sacrifice towards our Father the Creator. That you committed your life to serving your neighbor as the Lord asks in his holy scriptures, without anything in return.

I come today kneeling before you, ready to demonstrate my whole life the devotion I have towards you. I know that your humility and dedication is so extraordinary because you gave all your love to our Creator. My dear and blessed San Alejo, I am before you to make a request. (Do not stop knowing how to maintain a communion with God )

I beg you, take away from me an undesirable person, called (say the full name), she is the cause of many bad times and pain in my life. She allows him to walk away from her, just as you walked away from your parents in life, in search of spiritual growth. So be amen.

sentence 2

Take away from my life (say the full name) so that in this way I can have a calm and peaceful life. My dear San Alejo, you who are blessed, teach me to love as you loved your neighbor and in this way tolerate people.

Allow undesirable people in my life to be removed because they generate very bad energy in my life. Saint Alejo, you who are at the right hand of our Creator, I beg you to intercede for me before his eyes. It is in this way that I will obtain grace before our Lord.

I beg you to help me to be a better person through your time on earth exemplified, in this way I can bless my life and obtain greater happiness. I know that if you in turn remove (say full name) from my life I will have greater peace of mind.

I thank you first of all because I know that your humility and kindness will allow my request to be fulfilled Blessed Alejo. May you always offer your unconditional support towards your believers, amen.

Sentence 3

Kind and humble blessed Saint Alejo, you who are a worthy man of our Creator Father, glorious Saint Alejo, watch over me, my home and my family. I beg you don’t forsake me San Alejo.

Today I kneel before you, asking you to grant me the request to remove undesirable people from my life. Keep away from all evil every being that intends to harm me or hatches any plan that puts me in danger.

San Alejo that any kind of enemy stay away from my life as well as any ill-intentioned person. I ask you kind and merciful saint that any black magic be stripped from my soul. Deliver me from treacherous people and bless my soul.

San Alejo bless me, take care of me and protect me, so be it, amen.

sentence 4

Glorious Saint Alejo, it is you who has the power to keep away the people who want to harm us, because our Lord has chosen you for it. I beg you today, San Alejo, to remove (say his full name) from my life because he is a toxic person for me.

May my path be filled with good energies and more doors open after the removal of this unwanted person for my life. Please allow (say full name) not to share any aspect of my life. (Be sure to learn more about faith in God )

Let him not meet me at the food table, sitting chair or to live with this unwanted person. San Alejo definitively separates (say his full name) from my life. You who are a miraculous saint, I beg you to grant my wish very soon, because I know that my life will improve as soon as he leaves my life (say his full name).

I thank you my dear San Alejo for attending to this wish, because I am sure that your kindness will allow you to fulfill my request. I swear to spread your prayer to all the children of our Creator, so be it, amen.

Sentence 5

My glorious and blessed Saint Alejo, I beg you not to forsake me at night or during the day. I implore you that the undesirable people who are in my life disappear. Keep my enemies away, I ask you San Alejo.

Do not allow me to continue to have close to people who act in bad faith with me. I ask you to free me and keep me away from the power that Satan has over humanity. I pray that evil men do not have the power to harm me.

Keep away from me all kinds of sorcery or witchcraft. San Alejo, I beg you to help me and free me from any element that could harm me. I beg you that (say the full name) stay away from me, because an evil entity in my life.

May every being who speaks ill of me move away from my existence. I beg you blessed San Alejo, protect my home, my family and myself. So be it San Alejo, amen.

Pay the Guest

San Alejo is a saint who helps his believers to keep away undesirable people. These types of requests are made especially when you have around you people who have bad energy or even want to do us some kind of harm. (Learn more about where God is )

It is also important to understand that it is necessary to have good energy in our environment in order to develop good moments in our lives. For this reason we must leave behind emotions such as a bad mood.

In the same way, we have to learn that it is not positive to humiliate others, because we become the unwanted people we complain about and want to get rid of with San Alejo. On the other hand, we must leave behind any negative effects that hinder our lives.

We must also keep in mind that San Alejo is a servant of the Lord and that is why everything he does for us will make our Father happy. It is important to mention that many times the undesirable people that are in our lives are very difficult to keep in our lives, that is why we go to prayers that focus on San Alejo.

Intercessor of God

San Alejo is a good intercessor of God, that is why he is sought to intercede before us so that these types of people move away from our lives. It is important that we make requests in faith.

This saint is considered a good servant of God because in life he left his life and luxuries behind to occupy himself only with fulfilling the word of God. It is thanks to him that we can get away from evil. For he was able to leave everything behind so that his soul would not be corrupted by the evil one.

San Alejo is in charge of interceding before the Lord to remove from the lives of believers anyone who can make life impossible for those who beg for mercy. It is he who protects us from people who have bad energy and bad intentions with us.

These types of requests, when fulfilled, allow people to live in peace and with very good energy. That is why the miracles he performs among his believers are so important.

On many occasions we are surrounded by people who are considered unpleasant for us, either because of their way of being or because they directly behave badly with us.

In the same way it can happen to us that the person we dislike is part of the group we frequent and that is why it is very difficult to remove him, for this reason we can ask San Alejo to tolerate this person.

It is very important then, not only to seek to tolerate or drive away negative people, we must also seek not to have a toxic attitude with people because in addition to affecting our lives it also affects us because negative energies are unnecessary for our souls.


This saint is venerated by the Orthodox Church and also by the Roman Catholic Church. His story was told through a poem that was spread in the eleventh century, this was called Vie de Saint Alexis. This poem was translated into many languages ​​in the Middle Ages, which is why this saint spread so quickly.

According to what is said, San Alejo married a woman and after that, on the wedding night, his wife asked him to renounce their marriage and take care of having a life full of faith and dedicated to the word of the Lord. (See: New Testament )

Saint Alexius accepted his wife’s request and proceeded to go on a trip to Syria, where he had a vision from God. San Alejo after this proceeded to dedicate his life to the faith. Among the activities he carried out was giving catechism to the children of the area. Before he died he admitted that he rejected his marriage to live for and for God.


Saint Alexius was the son of a wealthy senator from Rome. It is for this reason that much of his life was spent in Rome. It should be mentioned that his rich cradle parents liked to give their blessings to those in need.

That is why, while his life was developing, Alejo believed with the example of kindness that his parents gave them. They explained that by giving favors to their neighbor they were lending to the God of heaven. (Be sure to read the article prayer for love with holy death )

For this reason Alejo was always a kind person, full of humility and love to give. That is why he found it so easy to serve those who did not have enough money to live on.

According to history, these traits of his personality allowed God to grant him multiple blessings. When Alejo grows up he understands that this type of attitude was not enough to be part of God and in turn did not allow him true spiritual growth.

That is why Alejo decides to give up everything and go to Syria. Just when he arrived in Syria he decides to dedicate himself to worshiping the word of the Lord and in turn commits himself to lead a life of begging to consecrate himself to the Lord.

San Alejo returns home

After 17 years away from home, a visitor recognizes him and tells his entire family what he had seen. Right after this people began to worship him, as he was a person who had given up his riches to dedicate himself to God.

When this happened, San Alejo decides to flee from there because he did not consider it correct that they worship him, because the only one they should worship was the Lord. As indicated Alejo goes to Syria and returns to his house in Rome but his parents fail to recognize him.

After this, her parents offer her forced labor and a home under the stairs, since it was the only thing they could offer. 17 years after this event, San Alejo becomes seriously ill and tells her parents that she was her lost son.

The parents cried but their consolation was that they had decided to love our Father above all things. After his death, many miracles have been reported in his name.

In Syria there is a temple that was built in his honor and is still venerated today. San Alejo is considered an exemplary saint who gave himself to the love of neighbor that the Lord asks to have. (Learn more about prayer for the brothers )

According to history, his motto always focused on serving your whole life. What led him to praise only our Creator in life. Well, who humiliates will always be exalted because the kingdom of God only accepts people who are rich in heart, not in spirit.

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