Transfiguration of Jesus

Transfiguration of Jesus: Importance in the Bible

In this article you will have the opportunity to find information about the Transfiguration of Jesus . In addition to intensifying the importance and teaching that this incredible fact leaves, which will allow you to extend your knowledge as a devotee of the Catholic Church and the word of Almighty God.

Transfiguration of Jesus

This transfiguration of Jesus is an iconic moment and much idolized in the Catholic Church. Well, it is a very peculiar and unusual situation, since it is an instant full of much novelty, love and divine goodness. Which represents the primary values ​​and intentions of Jesus Christ. It is a time that was dedicated to the presence of this wonderful being, who has been the one who cleansed the sins of each person in the world, giving his life. Demonstrating how brave and believer he was in the word of God almighty, which guided his steps, miracles and actions of him on earth. Making him a suitable messiah to spread an example of pure goodness to each individual.

This is why Jesus at a certain moment decides to evaluate his twelve apostles, who formed his circle of trust and helpers in his project of bringing the word of God to each town and its inhabitant. Thus, Jesus Christ had the great gift of being able to perceive those who were truly devout and faithful to religion, and those who would deny or betray him. At that precise moment he realized that only three of them were worthy of appreciating the most divine power of God and giving him a message of peace so that they would know that they have the support and protection of the Lord.

Thus, it is how the approach to this event so important and full of great faith begins. Since, it gives rise to a unique moment between Jesus and the apostles with more desire to help him follow his destiny, being faithful until the end of their lives. In addition to becoming great preachers over time of all the miracles and acts performed by the Lord. It is at that moment that Jesus decides to go to a high mountain, and away from the twelve apostles, so that he could pray and establish a more adequate and intimate communication and connection with the Holy Spirit. For him to guide and guide him in his next steps.

In addition, it is a moment full of many emotions, which helped Jesus to forge a stronger temper and full of self-confidence. Although, he was afraid of all that he would follow. However, the love was greater and the faith for the words and message of God, in the face of his own fear and life. It is there, when he makes the decision to call the three apostles from his trusted circle, who have been the most faithful within the religion and guide him. Therefore, they become men filled with great happiness. Well, they would have the opportunity to continue participating in unique events made by Jesus Christ. On this occasion, only they would be the beneficiaries of this wonderful scene.

For this reason, the three called apostles climbed that mountain: Peter, John and James. The most emblematic characters in the life story of Jesus. In addition, they were the most loyal followers and willing to give their lives without any fear, just to see that the divine word of God flowed in each inhabitant of the towns they visited. Therefore, these men had the great opportunity to be companions of a very intimate moment between Jesus and the Lord in the kingdom of heaven. It is there, where the transfiguration of Jesus begins before the eyes of his special friends and followers.

When Jesus Christ is together with the three apostles up on a mountain completely alone, it is when the transfiguration of Jesus begins before his most trusted apostles. Leaving Juan, Santiago and Pedro very surprised and stunned. Well, each one of them had to open their eyes and interrupt the prayer they were making, since they felt a different air and a different environment. Whose characteristics made them clear their reflection and choose to see what was happening around them. It is at that moment where they can observe Jesus in a different and more majestic way, which filled their hearts with much happiness.

Likewise, those three apostles had many mixed and unbridled emotions. Which cast doubt on his sanity and his life. Well, there was a time when they believed they were dead or delusional on a large scale. But no, it was real and a very divine and unforgettable moment for each of them. Fact by which the religious ideal they had was reaffirmed, although this time it was a very incredible way to demonstrate the presence of God Almighty on earth, and to make the fidelity of each apostle who was there grow even more. In the end, a very intimate moment but full of many goals on the earthly plane.

Being Jesus the protagonist of said majestic act. Well, his figure became brilliant and very distinguished among all nature. In turn, there was a change of intensity in the color of his clothing, because the white of his robe became even lighter and with an inexplicable shine. Also, his face became much more docile and striking. Said transfiguration of Jesus was very shocking to his apostles, since he had not observed his guide in this way. Which seemed inexplicable but unique at the same time, a very peculiar situation and full of genuine blessing. Well, they had the great opportunity to be part of the wonderful meeting.

This is how these three apostles knew that they had the blessing of their creator Lord. Whose feelings made their faith become even stronger and loyal until the end of their time, because they were able to witness throughout the company to Jesus, every kind of miracle and inexplicable wonders. Which allowed them to be known thanks to the testimonies of the apostles. And even more from Pedro, Santiago and Juan, since only they were able to demonstrate this magnificent and unique situation. Leaving a trace of the transfiguration of Jesus back then through writings, which are currently part of the Catholic gospel.

Thus, this is how this most incredible moment in the history of the life of Jesus Christ on earth was marked. They leave a mark of the inexplicable divine power. In addition, it is important to emphasize that at the moment where the transfiguration of Jesus occurs , the appearance of two more characters was also observed. Which were identified as Moses and Elijah, whose figures were to answer Jesus’ questions. Which guided him by telling him about what would happen in the coming days, letting him know that God will not abandon him but he must have strength, courage and faith in the face of everything that will happen.

Thanks to the divine appearance of these two emblematic characters of the Catholic religion, previously known for their wonderful acts and results in the name of God. It is that Jesus was able to take a fixed course to the final destination, which would be of great importance for the revelation of a true God and, for the cleansing of the sins of the human being. For this reason, this scene of his life has been so important, since his transfiguration made much known for the well-being of humanity. As well as the course of evolution on the word of God with the Catholic Church.

In addition, the three apostles who were there at that precise moment of the transfiguration of Jesus , believed that they were people of flesh and blood who spoke with the Lord. Therefore, they offered to set up a camp for each of them, so that they would continue in their company. But after a while, Moses and Elijah vanished in a great white cloud. Whose action and phenomenon of the air, involved Pedro, Santiago and Juan. Blinding his sight but not his senses of hearing. Well, they managed to capture a very close and powerful voice, which transmitted a very important message. Where he said to listen and follow Jesus, without hesitation.

Which left these three apostles speechless and, at the end of the transfiguration of Jesus , they approached him and promised him their fidelity to his word and guidance. In addition, they committed themselves even more, to be spokesmen for the word of God in any circumstance. In turn, they thanked him for allowing them to be part of such a divine scene full of great power, which gives them security and happiness knowing that there is a kingdom in heaven. Where justice, respect and love reign. And it is in this way that Jesus rectifies his wise decision to choose them to be witnesses of such an important moment.

This is how the image of Jesus suffered a transfiguration at that moment on that mountain, whose act he could share with his three most sincere apostles and full of unbreakable faith. Who really deserved to be part of this majestic and unique act in life. In order to be an instant to fill with hope and devout faith in the existence of a world beyond the earth. Which is ready to receive the followers of Christ, for their good works and for being a great support in the journey of Jesus on planet earth and, in the various moments of joy but also of sadness, pain and loss.

For this reason, Jesus Christ was grateful for the company of his twelve disciples, but even more so for James, John and Peter. Who really were in every moment of his life. Being loyal friends and willing to follow every order dictated by the Lord, everything to do to the world and its citizens will become better people and, with a more beneficial environment for the development of each living being. Far from injustice, torture and challenges. For this reason, the three apostles were chosen and who took the power to spread the word of God throughout the world. In this way, as the years passed, there would be true writings of the good deeds and infamies that Jesus went through in life.

Importance in the Bible

This moment in the life of Jesus has become extremely important for the Catholic Church and all its faithful. Well, the transfiguration of Jesus was an act of divine presence, where it can be verified thanks to the three apostles who lived that majestic encounter. Leaving different writings in relation to this moment, thanks to this, it is currently possible to know the existence of this moment. In addition, to be an example of how incredible the power of Jesus was, by which he was able to connect the kingdom of heaven with the earth for a few minutes. Being of great benefit to continue with the proposed plan of God and the divine justice of the entire world.

For this reason, the transfiguration of Jesus has had great importance in the hearts of every Catholic person. Since he leaves several teachings, such as: the essential thing is to maintain a deep prayer and full of faith with God in a moment full of anguish, or that some divine guidance is needed. For this important reason, it has been possible to reinforce belief in the word of the Lord. Which allows to know about the divine goodness, the love and the trust that the almighty Father has towards his children on earth. Leaving a new possible way of connection in communication, which can happen through prayer.

Thus, this act of transfiguration of Jesus was a very relevant fact and that teaches us the possibility of communication with God through prayer, in addition, it allows us to know traits of the wonderful powers that he contains and the infinite goodness that he has. with us. Well, it leaves us with a knowledge of a unique and unparalleled connection with the Lord. As well, it allows us to understand that he will listen to every prayer we make to him. But, in turn, he directs us to a world full of gratitude, since we must be grateful for the love and listening that he has with us at any moment of our life.

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