Learn about the powerful prayer to Jesus of Nazarene

Learn about the powerful prayer to Jesus of Nazarene

The prayer to the Nazarene is powerful and miraculous, the parishioners have a lot of faith in it and today we make it known in this article, so that you can make your requests to the miraculous Jesus of Nazareth.

At the end of the Prayers, we include them in video format to be able to enjoy and listen to them.

Prayers to Jesus of Nazarene

The prayer to Jesus Nazarene or Jesus of Nazareth  must be done with great faith and devotion, it is a miraculous prayer that will be heard by our beloved Jesus of Nazareth and we will obtain a response to our requests.

Prayer to the Nazarene

Beloved Jesus of Nazareth , Lord and Redeemer, you who help the most urgent, I love you, I recognize the great sacrifice you made for all of us who live on this earth today, oh great beloved Jesus of Nazarene, you are blessed forever, ever, I sent you this prayer from the purest of my soul, with it I send you this request to your Sacred Heart, please give me the blessing of your powerful arm.

Jesus of Nazarene your heart is sweet and merciful, you who carried that heavy Cross on your shoulders for us, being insulted, spat on and mistreated, you walked towards Calvary and when you arrived you were nailed to it, I recognize being a poor sinner, I praise you and I thank you for all the love you have shown us.

You carried on your sacred shoulders the Cross of your martyrdom to pay for our sins, we ask your forgiveness prostrate at your feet, we recognize each of our sins. We implore mercy from you because we recognize you as our savior full of goodness and mercy. He removes our faults with your beautiful blood.

I swear that with your forgiveness I will be a better person, I promise to love you and be faithful to you, to your words and your example for all the days of my life and after her too, today I come to you beloved Jesus of Nazareth to ask for your help, in this urgent need of you of your mercy because I am desperate and I am suffering.

Beloved Jesus of Nazarene help me to (announce your request) , I beg you kneeling, with my heart raised to you, in total surrender I give you my faith and hope, because I trust that you will listen to my request and I will get an answer.

Help this poor afflicted and tormented man, you who know me know that I need your help, turn your eyes towards me and increase your glory with your compassion. Bless us, protect us, protect us, beloved Jesus of Nazarene, forever and ever.


Prayer for Healing

We can perform the prayer to the Nazarene with very specific objectives. Let us remember that the prayer to the Nazarene is very miraculous, so we can do it strongly in certain needs. Below we present the prayer of Jesus of Nazareth for Healing.

Dear and adored Nazarene of Saint Paul, today I address you to request a great favor from your mercy, you know all my needs, beloved Lord, you know them well, but today I want to approach you so that you know them from me and in this way intercede before your heart to obtain an answer, my Lord.

I find myself bowing at your feet with my head also bowed Lord as a sign of my humility and dedication, I know very well that your infinite goodness will notice my presence and listen to my request for healing. You know that I suffer from (mentions the disease) , and I need you to help me heal, my Most High Nazarene of Saint Paul trusted you.

I acknowledge my sins before you and with my clean and healthy heart I come to ask for the healing of my body, I respect your will my Lord and I repeat your words: “may it be your will and not mine”, you who know of suffering which it is not comparable to mine and you know what is good for me, I ask you to listen to my prayer Lord.


Miraculous Prayer

Most Holy Jesus of Nazareth, you who are a being of Light, of Love, of Clemency, of Kindness, you who fill everything around you with your love. I want you to know that you are always present in my actions, in my decisions and in each of the steps I take.

My love for you is true and pure, beloved Jesus of Nazareth, so I will not hesitate to let you know every day of my life, because your beloved Lord who gave your life on the Cross and suffered pain and mistreatment that no other human being would have endured. You must know by my words by my actions this desire for love that I will always repeat.

Oh my beloved Jesus of Nazarene, you who are our adored redeemer and in recognition of your great passion I ask you with my heart raised to heaven to help me and intercede for me to receive (mention the request). If my request is convenient for your Glory and Honor, it will also be for the good of my soul, beloved Lord.


The devotees of Jesus of Nazareth have been touched by the Holy Spirit and for this reason the prayer to the Nazarene is so recognized and they have a lot of faith in it. When you pray, you should do it from the heart, with honesty and ask with the certainty that your pleas will be heard and you will get answers. Next we leave other prayers to the Nazarene.

Prayer to Jesus of Nazarene I

Beloved Jesus Nazarene, you who as a meek lamb received and accepted to carry on your shoulders the wood of your torture, to purify our sins in it. Forgive us, oh beloved and good Jesus. Before you with shame we recognize our faults, but we also humbly admire your immense kindness by erasing each one of them with your precious Blood.

We love you above all things, we promise to be faithful to your word and designs until death. Hold us with your sacred hands and guide us on the right path to be worthy of your heavenly kingdom. Your beloved Redeemer God who carried the cross on your sacred shoulders, who carried it to Calvary to be nailed to it. We were the cause of your most painful Passion, we praise you and thank you for listening to our praises and petitions.


Prayer to Jesus Nazarene II

Oh Jesus of Nazareth!, in honor of your sacrosanct Passion I ask you (the request is made) , be granted to me by you beloved Father, only if she honors you, only if she is well worth your Glory. I give you my soul that trusts you and keeps my hope.


Prayer to Jesus Nazarene III

I recognize in you beloved Jesus of Nazarene an inexhaustible source of love, Father full of mercy, you who give so much love to those who love you so little and honor you today I want you to know from my living voice that I love you. My love for you is infinite my Lord and you who know my heart know that they are sincere in my word. Hold me in your warm heart.


Prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul

We leave in this article the beautiful prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul adored and venerated by many, since he is the perfect dedication to Jesus of Nazareth, here we show you a beautiful prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul .

Beautiful and beloved Jesus of Nazarene, our Lord, you who help the poor of the world, we recognize the sacrifice you made for all of us on the Cross, those who did not recognize your greatness or out of fear of it made you carry the biggest and most heavy on your shoulders.

You who were mistreated and humiliated walked to Calvary with that piece of wood on your back, to later be nailed to it.

We recognize that your greatest pain was seeing that we had no opportunity because our sins were such that we would be erased from the face of the earth, but you interceded for us and gave your life to cleanse all our faults with your blessed blood and give us the opportunity to be able to redeem ourselves before you and leading a life based on your words we can have the opportunity to go to heaven when we die.

Beloved Jesus of Nazareth sent you, through this humble prayer, my prayer and request to be welcomed into your Sacred Heart, please give me your blessing. Your heart is noble and sweet and for that I praise you and thank you.

I find myself before your feet bowing to ask you to help me in these moments of difficulty, you, beloved Redeemer, who always listen to me and grant my requests, I need your urgent help, fill me with wisdom to find the solution guided by your holy hand, cover me with your glorious blood to protect me from the adversities that attack my life today and I can get out of this situation that overwhelms my soul.

I swear to love you and be faithful to you my great Jesus of Nazareth, forever in life and after it.


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