Prayer to San Ramón Nonato

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato: To Callar Bocas

The Prayer to San Ramón Nonato to shut up mouths , is a kind of prayer made to a Saint that helps people to shut up all kinds of bad intentions, envy, gossip, among others, towards a person. In the following article we will know everything about how to perform this kind of prayer.

Prayer to St. Ramon Nonato against bad language, defamation, gossip, intrigue

At all times in our day to day we get to hear many things about ourselves; good things, the kind that help you have to encourage you and move forward with your head held high. However, on the other hand, there are those gossip or rumors concerning you that do not leave anything good; that they don’t help your personality at all, and that they become so bad that even you can’t believe it.

In order to prevent the continuation of “bad tongues” in your life, you need to pray to Saint Ramón Nonato and ask him to keep them away from you.

Oh, famous Saint Ramón Nonato, you who for instructing the word of God, they assigned you as a kind of torture that you carry a padlock in your subject mouth, on this day hear my prayer and intervene before God our Lord, so that those who converse badly of some people end up in their attempt and I be protected from any message or type of bad and harmful purpose…

Please, my Supreme God, who came to grant Saint Ramón Nonato the ardent ambition of freeing slaves, I ask you through his mediation to withdraw me at all times from submission, from the sin that separates me from You, and that I may exist in peace. and always lagging behind all those Who spy and afflict me.

I recognize that You, with your enormous mercy, and through your intervention of Saint Ramón Nonato, will not let my application be rejected, for what I ask of you, for your creation Jesus Christ, our beloved Lord, who is found and reigns with you in the whole of the Holy Spirit. Saint and of Saint Ramón Nonato, you who live very close to God ask him for all the difficulties, that I never lack your protection and defense, that your famous diplomacy assist me in every bad minute and difficult context. Amen.

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato: Childbirth, Tapa Bocas and More

On August 31 of each year, the day of San Ramón Nonato is celebrated; the Patron Saint of childbirth, also of midwives, of pregnant women, of children and also of people who are falsely accused, owes his epithet to having been born by cesarean section after his mother died .

These are the prayers to shut up mouths, the mouth cover prayer and some others. The sentences are as follows:

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato for Callar Bocas

Being the Patron Saint of all people who are falsely accused, a kind of mask prayer is necessary with which you can request their help:

Dear Saint Ramón Nonato, upon becoming so close to our Lord, please beg him for my problems and difficulties, please ask for a lot of understanding and benevolence towards me so that in this way I can live better with mine.

Dear San Ramón Nonato give me your protection, free me from all those who defame me with gossip and lies also keep me protected at all times and in your defense San Ramón Nonato through a powerful prayer for me in bad times and in situations difficult. Amen.

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato Tapabocas

In the history of humanity at all times there have been endless difficulties to which God has been resorted to for protection and elimination of them, that is why you should make the following prayer for Tapa Mouths:

Almighty Lord, please grant me through your majestic goodness and your infinite grace through the glorious Saint Ramón Nonato to make my days happier and more peaceful.

Please Lord always keep gossip away from me to people who defame my name I beg you for your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with you forever and ever Amen.

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato to Eliminate Problems

O Lord God Almighty! You who granted San Ramón Nonato the humble desire to free the slaves, on this day, Lord, I ask you to effectively intercede for me, Lord, separate me from slavery, from sin, and also from everything worldly. Take me away from everything that separates me from you Lord to get to live like this, in peace, in well-being and very well away from all those who harm me, hurt me and torment me Amen.

Prayer to Shut Gossip

In addition, from the other prayer of San Ramón Nonato to Silence Bocas , there is another prayer to silence gossip in which God is asked for help through San Ramón Nonato. The prayer says the following:

Almighty Lord, please grant me through your majestic goodness and your infinite grace through the glorious Saint Ramón Nonato to make my days happier and more peaceful.

Please, Lord, I ask you to keep all gossip away from me, as well as all the people who come to defame my name, so I beg you for your beloved Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and also reigns with you forever. of the centuries, amen.

Prayer to Get Pregnant

San Ramón Nonato not only comes to protect people from evil tongues, but also a great intercessor who through God has the great capacity to grant us the miracle of life:

Glorious Saint Ramón Nonato, I come to you for your protection, there are many who come to you to be able to get pregnant; protect them so that they can give birth. To a child who is healthy and protected by God, so at all times they promise to educate them according to the laws and above all according to the commandments of God, please listen to each of their prayers. and make her a happy mother of a son or daughter that she hopes to give birth to through your divided intercession, Amen.

Prayer for Childbirth

In this way, the prayer for childbirth is full of a great powerful desire that drives future mothers so that they can become protected by the Sacred Mantle of Our beloved Lord.

Oh Patron Saint Saint Ramón, you who became a model of great charity, for the most needy people, here they are humbly prostrate before you at your feet, imploring your help in all their needs so that you please help them in your affliction.

Glorious Protector, there are many women who come before you on this day so that you bless the child they carry within their wombs, so they ask you to protect both them and the babies in their womb now and in the course of time. childbirth that is close so they promise that there will be a son or daughter born under your commandments. Amen.

Padlock Prayer of St. Ramon Nonato

It is common that on certain occasions people ask themselves, what is it for? This type of prayer to San Ramón Nonato to shut up mouths is good if it is done in difficult times and they ask for his protection, well, they will receive the help of this saint.

Oh Glorious Lord, through Saint Ramón Nonato who, for coming to preach your word, was imposed as a kind of cruel martyrdom by having to wear a padlock on his mouth, please listen to them and please, they beg you, to intercede so that those who arrive to speak ill of them, who defames them and not who does not tell the truth, fail in their attempt and they are under your protection from every word of bad intention, from every harmful word, in your Holy Name. Amen.

Prayer for Protection

Oh Saint Ramon, on this day I implore you to intercede for each one of the faithful, to become worthy of frequenting the heavenly treat, also to be worthy of receiving Viaticum at the end of their lives, to become worthy of grace. of our Lord for what I ask of you dear Saint Ramón, the eternal happiness of glory. Amen.

Prayer for Love

Oh Glorious Saint Ramon! It is the desire of my soul that (At this moment you must say the name of the person you long for) become my companion for eternal life that we can remedy any inequality that makes us bitter just as please offer us your help so that we can being united make our reimbursement and mutual sincerity transparent and do not tolerate that nothing or no one isolate us in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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