The Effective Prayer of Thanks to God

The Effective Prayer of Thanks to God

Being good children of God, we must always practice gratitude, particularly with the one who never forsakes us. But we have to do it with love, belief and giving thanks in a genuine way. Only through a prayer of thanks to God can we obtain consolation for our souls. You will know more as you continue reading this article.

Prayers of Thanks to God

Knowing that we are children of the Lord, we can have harmony and security in our hearts. We have found that he is loving and full of kindness. But on numerous occasions we do not know how to thank him for his benevolence and mercy. In times when we find ourselves hopeless and powerless, the best we can do is turn our backs on inconvenience and return to Christ by conferring a prayer of thanks on a daily basis.

Powerful Prayer of Thanks

My Lord, I approach you with immense gratitude:

I come here, my Lord of love and benevolence
Since your love is infinite and you have never abandoned me
Since you, my blessed and loving Lord, have taken my hand in every difficult moment
Thank you my beloved Jesus, eternal thanks for keeping me company in my dejection and despair
Your infinite love and grace make me a grateful Christian

Since your word is life, it is serenity and satisfaction
Since your eternal love has welcomed me at every moment
Since your benevolence has filled my house, my family and my environment
Since I know that in your shelter I can only obtain security and strength

I thank my Father, I thank you my God of love!

I thank you for food, for health, for my family and existence
Your unconditional love and your perpetual company make me walk on the right path
I thank you my God, also for the difficult moments
For those who have made me reflect for the evil that was in my life
I am eternally grateful for your lessons, which are an enormous manifestation of your love

Being your son, I perceive your embrace in every blessing!

Even when I know that your love is eternal, it is difficult for me to give you a demonstration of the love and gratitude due
You who gave your life to cleanse my faults, you do not deserve to miss me again, and yet you absolve me and love me

You are clarity, you are illusion and serenity in my soul
I thank you my God for all your love, I thank you for the air I breathe
I thank you eternally for the daily bread and for the blessing of having my family

I thank you for consoling my ills, for having heard my prayers when I was not in good health,
for giving me one more day of life,
for healing my wounds ,
for calming my tears
, for all the occasions that I have missed you and you, in your immense compassion. you have forgiven me
Since I know that the world is malevolent, and you have channeled my path many times
Many more times I will kneel before you to thank you for your eternal love.

I thank you my Lord, thank you for your blessing. Praised be your name, Amen.

Prayer of Thanks to Mary

I thank you for being Holy Mary.
I thank you for always being open to grace,
and listening to the Word.

I thank you for having received
in your most pure bosom
the one who is life and adoration.

I thank you for your endless sympathy

I thank you for the examples shown
Worthy of being received and lived.

I thank you for your humility,
for your submission,
for that magnificent prudence,
for your ability to listen,
for your devotion, for your loyalty,
for your generosity,
and for those of your virtues that compete in beauty with
each other and that the Lord makes it possible to peek into You.

I thank you for your motherly look, your attentions,
for your mediations, your affection, your protection.
Your help and advice.

I thank you for so much benevolence
Finally, I thank you for being Holy Mary,
Mother of the Lord Jesus and of us.

For your son our Lord. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks to God for a New Day

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to give you the most sincere gratitude for the joy of allowing me to live a new day in peace with my family, I proclaim in the name of Jesus that today will be a day full of grace and riches, that at all times of This day we can perceive your benevolence in our existence and when the hour of rest arrives, you give us a restful sleep, it allows this day to be even better than yesterday, that it brings joy, tranquility and your attentions.

Venerable Lord, through this prayer I also want to thank you because in every moment of my life you stay by my side; From now on I will be convinced that the desires in my heart will be able to see them come true if I genuinely trust you and your beautiful light that is the word. 

Sovereign of Majesty, there are many things for which I have to thank you, you have granted me so much, I thank you for each of the gifts with which you fill my life with joy and well-being, even more I thank you for all the impediments who wanted to cause my fall, but with your help I was able to knock them down to achieve victory. Lord, this is a wonderful day, I wish I could act with the courage and energy that only you know how to give me.

I beg you in the name of Jesus to give me strength again, fill me with life and total joy so that I have the power to stand up when the heaviness tries to upset me. Most High God, I wish in my heart to be able to thank you because I know that you are in my heart, you have become my place of peace, my home and the one that fills my life with total grace that makes me live in confidence and in full love.

Father, in your hands I abandon everything that has to happen today, I beg you that my actions be prudent and intelligent at all times, that they do not harm anything or anyone, I thank you for the gift of being able to live and because your grace is from our side. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks to Santa Muerte

Beloved Santa Muerte, Divine and Kind, I have come to this Altar to grant you my respect and veneration! In your hands I have abandoned a thousand favors, destroyed, and I have always obtained the response of your Love. You have attended and blessed me, Blessed Mother, with the feeling of a Glorious and Giving Saint, as you are, on that Pedestal! In which you profess your Beatitude and your brilliance, under that Spotless Heaven!

Today, I am here, to express my satisfaction! I have prayed with your name on my lips, on so many occasions, Eternal Girl! And today I can’t find the right words to express my gratitude! I have waited for your help and your Miracles granted, that my tears run, thinking! Since without you, beloved Santa, my grief and miseries, they would not have found accommodation!

The plea that I pray to you, my child, so full of exaltation and verbiage, is the way I have found, to give you thanks for so much peace and so much pure stillness! You are the one who leads me, from the sacred Universe, and I continue to have confidence in your Erudition! O Wonderful and Contemplative Death, receive my praise, on this day!

Compassionate with my pleas you have been, Mother Death, and you have granted everything, to this servant who implores you! Accept my great admiration for your attentions to me and my family, oh, Saint of the Lord! Go on giving me your help, as you usually do, go then, in this satisfied request, my deepest energy, my retribution and my vigil, oh, holy dear, you are my relief!

This prayer is my most heartfelt gift! From the soul I have brought it closer to your place! I want you to welcome it as I intend, Santa, as a piece of my heart, wrapped in my gratitude! Amen

Prayer of Thanks to God to Live in Blessing

I thank you Lord, for all the blessings received by me and my family; for the power you give me every day, and for all those around me and who give more meaning to my life. Amen.

“Let’s make songs of joy to the Lord, let’s make shouts of joy to the stone of redemption. Let us enter his presence with thanksgiving; Let us produce a jubilant sound of glorious songs!

“Enter her gates with thanksgiving, and her porches with praise! Give him thanks, bless his name! Since the Lord is benevolent; His love accepts no loss as it leads to eternity and loyalty to all generations.

“Give thanks to the Lord for his benevolence, and his love remains for all eternity.

“I thank you with all my heart, Lord, and I will make known all your wonders.

“I thank you Lord for your righteousness and I glorify the name of the Lord, the Most High.

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