How to make a Biblical or Christian Baby Shower?

How to make a Biblical or Christian Baby Shower?

The celebration of the Baby Shower has had an increase in its popularity during the last decades, being a special space to share with friends and relatives close to the gender of the baby. For their part, they usually give away items that may be useful for the mother or the child about to be born. In any case, in today’s article we will explain everything you need to know to carry out this meeting following the guidelines of the Christian faith, which will allow you to share this beautiful moment with God.

How to make a Biblical Baby Shower?

The arrival of a new life into the world is always a cause for celebration, and one of the means we use to celebrate is through Baby Showers. In these meetings, the sex of the baby is usually revealed with family and friends, it is shared with them, games are played and gifts are usually received that may be useful for the mother, the boy or girl who is going to be born.

If you are very spiritual and a devout Christian, and you want to use this space to thank God for having been blessed by the creature you carry in your womb, you can do it through a Biblical or Christian Baby Shower. Which is a holiday very similar to the one already mentioned with the incorporation of prayers and biblical readings.

When planning a Biblical Baby Shower , the most important thing is the details. Since these must be in accordance with the spiritual dynamics that you have chosen. Decoration is one of the first aspects that you should take into account.

Our advice is that you use angelic designs to decorate the place where the baby shower is going to take place, you can also use designs of the baby Jesus or Noah’s ark. This particular theme can be ideal if you accompany it with images of cute little animals distributed throughout the place. Another option is to use creation as a theme and place landscapes that have been significant in the Bible.

Once you have decided on the theme, the next thing to discuss is the food, appetizers and drinks you plan to serve. There is not much to say here, we recommend you leave your mark on the choice of food and drink, although a piece of advice that can help you and make the baby shower more entertaining is to select food that is similar (resembling) to the one that could be found in the biblical passages or you can also place the names of characters that appear in the bible to the dishes and appetizers that you are going to serve.

In the end, what matters here is that you make the most of your creativity. Regarding the biblical aspects, in later sections we will delve into more details about what you should do, although for now we will give you an open mouth indicating that the ideal thing for it to be a true Biblical Baby Shower is that it has the following elements:

  1. An Entry Notice.
  2. Some Biblical Readings.
  3. A moment of prayer.

Two important elements that accompany any Baby Shower, regardless of whether it is biblical or not, is the reveal of the baby’s gender and the opening of the gifts that the guests offer you.

As for how to reveal the sex of the baby, there are many ways to do it, so it is up to you. You can use more classic methods such as placing a pink (if it’s a girl) or blue (if it’s a boy) object in a balloon, inflating it, and when you reveal it, the balloon bursts. You can also use some type of game or any other method that is of your preference.

If you need more options, just google “how to reveal the sex of the baby” and see the many options available until you find one that you like. Another more Christian option is to use images related to the theme you have chosen. For example, if you decide to make it from Noah’s ark, you can reveal the gender by showing a shepherd boy or a shepherd girl. It’s all about exploiting that creativity.

There is no predetermined structure that tells you the best time to open gifts, but here are some tips that may help you:

  • To begin, open the presents together with all the attendees. I know that for many couples this can be uncomfortable, but keep in mind that people are gathering together with you to bless this new life, and also; they are bringing gifts as a token of their appreciation, support, blessing and well wishes. So it would be disrespectful not to open presents as a family.
  • You can intersperse Bible readings and prayer times with meals, games, the reveal of the baby’s gender, and any other activity you have prepared. Although the ideal is that you start with the biblical readings and end with a prayer space.
  • You can open the presents before the end of the baby shower, after having revealed the baby’s gender.

Admission Notice for Religious Baby Shower

The entrance notice is a few words that are said before the Catholic Baby Shower begins . Its function is to greet the attendees and prepare them for the theme that will be addressed throughout the celebration, which in this case is: the birth of this new baby. It is not necessary for a specific person to say them, although it is recommended that the parents do not say them, a friend, family member or any other person can do it.

Also, there are no problems if this monition is read. In case you have no idea how to do it, here is an example that can serve as a guide:

« Today we are gathered here as a community of baptized people to celebrate with great joy, the arrival of this new baby (if the sex of the child is already known and it has a name, you can say the name at once), who within little will meet us. Today we join the happy parents (the name of the parents is indicated) who have the blessing of receiving this new life in their womb, to take care of it and protect it following the teachings of Christ so that it may be a good man or woman.

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this path. since we who are present here and as part of your community, commit ourselves to help you in your baby’s growth in faith, supported by the love and grace of God. Hoping to one day enjoy all together with his presence in heaven.

Through baptism, this baby will become a true child of God and will have the joy of being a member of his church and a prophet of his word to anyone who does not know it. God gives us the opportunity to be present here when he begins this mission and fills us with faith and strength to continue it « .

Bible readings

Bible readings are passages that you can select from both the old and new testaments. The important thing is that they are fragments where you can find lessons where God sought to transmit knowledge and teachings related to fatherhood, motherhood or the adversities that you could face when assuming that role. This means that there is no specific reading that is ideal or perfect, as there may be many passages that fit this criteria. In any case, here are some tips that may be useful:

  • Have the readings prepared in advance before having the baby shower.
  • It doesn’t have to be many readings, just one or two. If you have doubts about which one to choose, you can ask for help to guide you. Although if you wish, you can ask any of the people who are helping you in the organization to take care of selecting them and make it a surprise for you too. This often adds spiritual value when you hear the reading for the first time at the baby shower.
  • It is advisable to have copies of the readings and that you can give one each present. This makes it easier for said reading to be done in community and the message remains as a souvenir for each guest. For greater convenience, you can give this information to everyone in the form of a brochure or as a mini booklet.
  • The people who are going to carry out the readings must have read them in advance so that they are familiar and have greater fluency and ease.
  • Among the elements of the decoration you can add a reading lectern where the material will rest until it is to be used (entrance motion, prayers, readings and the procession of gifts). It works as a decoration and facilitates the reading environment.

Although there are many options, here we leave you with two suggested readings from the Bible.

Reading of the Second Letter of the Apostle Saint Paul to the Corinthians II (9;6-11)

« Remember this: he who sows sparingly will reap sparingly. While he who sows abundantly, he will reap abundantly. Each one must give according to what he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under obligation, because God loves the one who gives with joy and God can make all grace abound for you. So that always and under any circumstances, they have everything they need. That every good deed may abound in you as it is written:

“He distributed his goods among the poor and his justice endures forever.”

He who supplies seed to the sower will also supply bread for you to eat, increase crops and cause you to produce a bountiful harvest of righteousness. You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and so that through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. «

Word of God… Those present must respond: We praise you, Lord.

Reading of the Holy Gospel according to Saint John (3;1-11)

« See how much love the father has given us, so that we may be called children of God; This is why the world does not know us, because it did not know him.

Beloved, now we are children of God and what we are to be has not yet been revealed; but we know that when he appears, we will be like him, because we will see him as he is. Furthermore, everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure.

Anyone who commits sin also breaks the law; for sin is the breaking of the law. You must know that he appeared to take away our sins and there is no sin in him. Whoever remains in him does not sin, and whoever sins has not seen him or known him.

Sons! let no one deceive you; he who does justice is just, as he is just. He who practices sin is of the devil; because the devil sins from the beginning. For this the son of God appeared, to undo the works of the devil.

Everyone who is born of God does not sin, because the seed of God remains in him and cannot sin, because he is born of God. In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifested: everyone who does not do justice and who does not love his brother, is not of God.

Because this is the message you should hear from the beginning: “That we love one another.” «

Word of God… Those present must respond: We praise you, Lord.

Biblical Baby Shower Prayers

As with the biblical readings, there is no specific structure, nor is there an ideal prayer to perform. So you have some freedom when choosing the prayer you want to make. Although our advice is that you perform as a first prayer one to the faithful. Since through it you and the rest of those present can spontaneously make some requests to pray to God and request his blessing, grace, support, understanding, to intercede for the parents and the rest of the family, etc. In any case, the common thing is that the first request is addressed to the church since all those present are part of it and are united by the baptismal bond.

Then, the prayers that you are going to use can be more particular and it is recommended that they all be of the type that always end with the prayer of “we pray to the Lord”, so that later everyone responds “we ask you, Lord”.

Religious Baby Shower: Meaning of Gifts

Unlike ordinary baby showers, here the gifts are usually linked to certain meanings depending on what is received, since in addition to the usefulness of the object there is a spiritual reason that shows the love of friends and family towards the baby. and by parents. So it’s quite a symbolic moment in the celebration.

At the moment of receiving the presents, they are usually organized so that everything takes place as a procession. This means that each guest is given a gift by gift while others prepare to read the antiphon and its respective meanings. If you don’t know what the main presents that are usually given during a baby shower mean, don’t worry. Here is a list with the meanings of the main gifts that are usually received. In this way, you will be able to eliminate some of them or add others.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Blanket

It represents the warmth that is given to the baby when it is in the mother’s womb. It is a way for her to keep this warmth after she is born.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of Clothes

Here is included clothing in general, its meaning is related to the protection of the body where the holy spirit will dwell. During his development and growth, the child will not only have to change his clothes, but he will also have to follow the path of faith through the sacraments as a Christian commitment to live in love and faith.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Cleaning Kit and Personal Grooming

This is a gift that aims to take care of the hygiene and health of the child. So she is expected to take care of him bodily, and then to do so through her education in faith and spirituality.

Meaning of the Rosary in a Biblical Baby Shower

This is possibly the first or one of the first rosaries that the baby will have. So when it is received as a gift, it implies a way of sanctifying ourselves. To get closer and strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Mother.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Bath

As with personal hygiene items, the bathtub is related to the cleanliness of the body and soul. So it is expected to serve as protection to purify the child’s body and ward off evil spirits.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Cradle or Moses

The cradle symbolizes the arms of the parents, of Mary and of God, who reach out and support him to allow him to rest and feel protected while he grows.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of Gold

Gold represents material support, that the baby has the resources to solve any economic difficulty that may arise in his future, just as Mary and Joseph had. But like them, the baby and parents are expected to receive that gold humbly and use it carefully. At the same time it means a reminder for parents to teach their children the value of money and the correct use that should be given to it. Avoiding turning him into a greedy person.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Little Shoes

They are related to protection from inclement weather and the care that must be taken during the walk of life. These shoes are very important because they represent the first steps that the baby will take in life. At the same time, it implies the paths and paths that the parents will travel together with this child, where they will indicate the correct way to travel through them.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Bottle and Food

It means the corporeal food that the child will receive throughout his life to develop in a healthy way and be able to grow in wisdom and faith.

Biblical Baby Shower: Meaning of the Cake

The meaning of the cake is quite curious, because in principle; its meaning was linked to pagan traditions where it was used to celebrate death and the transcendence of the spirit to the afterlife. But as time passed and pagan and Christian beliefs intermingled, the meaning of the cake changed 180°, where it now means a symbol to celebrate life. In turn, this tradition was not only used by Christians and pagans, it was also commonly used by the Greeks. Although for them, its meaning was different, since they related it to the goddess of the full moon.

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