A prayer to bind the spirit of dominion

A prayer to bind the spirit of dominion

You want to dominate a person so that he is at your complete disposal and also does not have eyes for anyone else other than you, because in this article we will describe a powerful prayer to the spirit of domination that is very effective for what you are looking for, you just have to do pray with a lot of faith and security and you will see how good it is.

Powerful prayer for spirit of dominion

Managing to dominate a person is not an easy task, however, it is not something impossible and everything will depend on the energy and faith that you place at the moment of making the domain prayer or the ritual respectively, if it is not a ritual that you are going to perform Pay close attention to all the details that are explained to you because if you don’t follow everything step by step, the spell will fail and the ritual will not work.

You can dominate both a man and a woman, the important thing is that you only seek to dominate that person so that he is at your disposal and only has eyes of love for you and no one else but not that if it is good it is that you use a domain to Harming third parties, this is not good at all.

If you are thinking of dominating a person that is better than going to the spirit of domination through prayer, a powerful prayer will be described below that will help you dominate that person that you want to have at your complete disposal to make her fall in love and love you like this. As you love her, you must keep in mind that no matter how powerful the prayer is, its effectiveness will depend on the faith and security that you put at the time of reciting said prayer, at all times you must keep in mind what you want and want to achieve :

 Through the intersection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I invoke him today; spirit of Dominion, restless spirit, spirit of Despair, spirit of Don Juan de la Conquista, spirit of Love, spirit of Don Juan de los Caminos, spirit of San Juan Minero, spirit of San Juan de la Calle, spirit of the 4 winds , paths and places, spirit of Enchantment, spirit of San Marcos de León, spirit of Santa Martha and Santa Elena of Jerusalem, spirit of San Salvador de Horta, spirit of Santa Inés del Monte Perdido, spirit of María de la Cabeza, beneficial spirits everybody.

I conjure each and every one of the spirits invoked in the name of the Lord on this day, so that they have the kindness to help me dominate the five senses of the person I have in mind, I want to dominate their thoughts, their judgment, his will, and his living spirit that only that person is only for me (Say his name).

I offer the spell that I am performing today to the holy guardian angel of (repeat his name), for that holy day on which he/she was baptized, for that holy day that the person I love so much was born (say his name again) , for that day that he was baptized / baptized and for that day that he is going to die for all of it, I offer this spell.

With the spell that I perform today I also cast this candle (it can also be a tobacco), through this spell the only thing I want is that the spirit of the domain helps you to dominate, the living spirit, the mind, the body, the member sexual, the head, foot and hands of that loved one (repeat his name), but I also want to be able to dominate his judgment and his will that is why I come to you spirit of dominion so that you grant me what you so fervently I ask you.

I ask that (name of that person) cannot be or live in peace if he is not by my side, that he cannot eat, drink, sleep, walk, much less manage to get out of his thoughts if I am not by his side. side. That all this drives him to get to where I am and prostrate before me, that he show me all his love, his interest in me, his desire to be by my side and to see me, I want him/her to be desperate (a ) for having me and attracted (a) by my sex, to offer me all of his, his desire, repentance and humility. I ask you, spirit of dominion, I implore you that this man/woman that I love so much comes to me flattering me with kisses and caresses, crawling at my feet, pleading and meek, being me his/her owner for me and for me I call (your name).

With two I see you, with three I bind you, I drink your blood and I break your heart, Christ be worth me and give me peace. Come (name of the person) dominated in body, thought and will, you can no longer look at anyone but me, your love and affection are only for me, my presence is attractive to you, my look suggests you, my voice dominate, my eyes blind you and my will is yours, so be it, so be it, so be it, so be it. Amen.

Prayer of Thought and Dominion

Today I want to dominate your spirit, your soul, and your body (say the name of the person) I want you to come now because I call you, only I have the power to suggest you, only I dominate you. I am (your name, and you are (person’s name).

By intersection of the spirit of domination, I dominate you (say his name), only I can dominate your mind, your soul, your heart, your thought and your judgment, only I can dominate you in the name of the love I have for you. Only I dominate you so that you are only mine/oy you will never belong to anyone else, you will not be able to look at anyone else but me, my eyes will always seduce you and will have the capacity to suggest you, my lips will dominate you, when I speak my voice will have the power to dominate you and you will never ignore me because your will is mine, you are only for me from head to toe, vein by vein, nerve by nerve, defeated and dominated I have you me.

From the moment I recite this prayer, you will not be able to be with someone else, if you only think of having something with someone other than me, your strength will be exhausted as the Divine Lord was exhausted.

Spirit, body and soul of (name of the person) come because I call you, I suggest you, I dominate you; You don’t have to have peace of mind until you come to see me surrendered and humiliated at my feet.

Dominant Spirit with your power, soothe, appease and calm his heart, sweeten his mind and thought, dominate his judgment and thought, dominate his five senses, so that he comes to my arms, that he is conquered and surrendered that he only feels love. For me, from this moment and forever. Amen so be.

Prayer to the spirit of love

If you require a little divine help to get that person you love so much to correspond as you wish, the prayer that you will find below is the ideal one for what you are looking for. Since through it you are going to invoke the spirit of love to request his heavenly help in love, this prayer must be performed for three nights in a row without interruption, and every night when praying you must light a red candle:

Acclaimed spirit of love, I know of your power, I know that you will always be present since the origin of the world, the same one that was created by our eternal father as the greatest act of love towards us, his children.

Spirit of the domain you are the one who made our existence possible since we are all the fruit of another great act of love, the purest and truest. That for you and for all of us Jesus Christ gave his life and through this act taught us that there is nothing better than giving all the love, today I invoke you Great Spirit of Love because the problem that afflicts me is a lack of love.

You more than anyone know that I love (say his name) and that is why today I come to you so that you can grant me your love, I know of great power that you have and I know that only you can achieve it sacred spirit of love.

I ask you (repeat his name) to love me because with me he will find only love, I want to ask you that by your infinite goodness we always live together and be a happy couple united by love. That we face together any difficulty that comes our way and that tries to separate us.

I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ, the greatest example of yours, who taught us if we ask, it will be given to us; that, if we seek, we find and that, if we knock, it will be opened to us. Today I ask, seek and call, by your immense power, the heart of (name of your love) to love me, as I love (he, she).
I also ask you in the name of Santa Marta, Santa Rita de Casia, San Antonio and all the Saints and Beings of Light, bearers of Hope and messengers of your Spirit. I ask you to grant me all the faith necessary for the happy fulfillment of my wish. Thank you Great Spirit for considering and making my request, Amen.

Strong Ritual for Dominion

The prayers of the domain are very powerful but if we combine them with a strong ritual they are usually more powerful and effective for what we want to obtain, pay close attention to the procedure that you must perform and follow all the necessary instructions step by step:

The materials to use 

  • a white candle
  • A handful of fresh loose tobacco
  • A ceramic bowl, glass or can.
  • Matches

Step by Step

To begin with this ritual, the first thing you must do is light the white candle, at all times you must be visualizing in your mind the face of that person you want to tie, to continue you must take the handful of tobacco and go to place inside the bowl and you will take the match and you are going to light it.

You are going to allow tobacco smoke to spread around the place where you are, and in a clear and strong way you are going to repeat the powerful prayer for the spirit of dominion, remember that the effectiveness of the prayer is in your energies and the faith you have when reciting it.

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