Prayer to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal

Prayer to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal

If the prayers to the great Virgin Mary are to your liking, I invite you to continue reading this article, here we will be showing you the spectacular Prayer to the Miraculous Medal  and many more prayers, we also have information about it, we hope this is of a total pleasure for you.

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Mary is the mother of Jesus, being she of Jewish descent. The immaculate Mary is recognized worldwide by the different religions of Christianity, Catholicism and many more, which ended up integrating the Biblical Canon (The word canon derives from the Greek name “kanon”, the biblical canon is in charge of recognizing the 73 books as part of the Holy Scripture, which is comprised of 46 writings for the Old Testament, and 27 for the New Testament, marking these, the fundamental key to history.

Prayers to Our Lady Virgin Mary

Before knowing the  Prayer to the Miraculous Medal , we must bear in mind that there are many more prayers to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, in addition, each one of them contains a high spiritual content, which is very fundamental and main for the different regions of Catholicism, Below we will mention some of the prayers of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

«O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. Without delay my tongue proclaims the glories and praises of Mary. She attends to my help, great Lady, and shelter me your protective right hand. Oh Jesus, who have deigned to glorify the Blessed Virgin Mary with innumerable miracles, immaculate from the first moment of her conception, grant us that those of us who implore her protection on earth, may eternally enjoy your presence in heaven, you who with the Father and the Holy Spirit you live and reign, God, for ever and ever. Amen.”

«Oh Jesus, that to carry out your best works, you chose the weak things of the world, so that none would glory in your presence, and that to increase and spread the faith in the Immaculate Conception of your Mother, you wanted the Miraculous Medal be manifested to Saint Catherine Labouré, grant us that full of that humility we can glorify this mystery with praises and works. Amen.”

Prayer to the Miraculous Medal

«Oh Medal of Miraculous Mary, be my shield and protection against every incendiary dart of the evil one. May my physical and spiritual being, through your Miraculous Medal, remain united to you, Miraculous Mother. May your holy medal free me from all evil and danger; may your holy medal protect me from all diseases, pests and viruses; that by invoking your holy prayer: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to You”, may I, my family and loved ones, be protected from all calamity and unforeseen death.”

«Oh Miraculous Medal, protect my home and material goods from all natural disasters, protect my spiritual life and my whole being; protect me my mother, with the protective shield of your medal; Blessed is he who wears it as a breastplate on her body and on her soul, because Your protection will be with him night and day. Thank you, my mother, for your spiritual armor, which keeps the invisible spirit of evil away from me.”

 «Oh Miraculous Mary medal, in times of danger: please take care of me»
«Oh Miraculous Mary medal, from plagues and diseases: please Heal me»
«Oh Miraculous Mary medal, from the enemy of my soul: please defend me »
«Oh medal of Miraculous Mary, from natural and unforeseen disasters my home and material goods: Please Protect», «And at the hour of my death, may the light of your Miraculous Medal guide me to Eternal Glory. Amen.”

The Prayer to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal , consists of an extraordinary prayer made by the different believers of this Virgin Mary, in order to obtain better protection in the day to day of each of the people who have this medal. This prayer has a festivity which takes place on November 27, since for this date according to history, the Virgin Mary made a request to Saint Catherine Labouré, so that she proceeded to the construction of this great Miraculous Medal. The miraculous medal was designed thanks to the different indications that the Virgin Mary gave to Saint Catherine Labouré, where she appeared to her approximately three times.

the first appearance

This first apparition was given on the night between July 18 and 19, 1830, in the middle of nowhere a child, perhaps a little Guardian Angel, begins to wake up Sister Catalina Labouré (today she is known as a Santa), who was then only a novice of the community of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, Spain, that little boy asked this novice to please go to the chapel, and without thinking twice, she decided to go. Being already in the chapel, Catalina the novice meets with the Virgin Mary, installing a great conversation for more than two hours approximately, where the Virgin Mary entrusts a mission to this woman.

the second appearance

The Virgin Mary gave this mission to Catalina on the night of July 18 while she was meditating. The novice Catalina could see the Virgin Mary standing on a kind of half globe where in her hands she had a large golden sphere, which could be seen from any angle, where the Virgin Mary was offering herself to heaven. At the moment of this they appeared, the Virgin Mary tells the novice Catherine that this spectacular sphere was representing the world, but her great priority represented France.

In France, the moments at that time were difficult for the different people who lived there, especially for the poor who were unemployed and the different refugees from the wars that took place in those times. The Virgin Mary had some rings on her fingers, from which many rays of light came out, while she held the spectacular spheres, the novice Catalina is enchanted by such beauty, and the Virgin Mary begins to explain the meaning of the rays, telling her that these represented the grace that she has for the different people who want to ask her.

The novice Catalina realizes that there are some rings that remain off, which created a lot of concern in her, for this reason the Virgin Mary explains to her that they remain that way, because there is no one to ask her for the graces of her spirit, and that for this reason they remain in a kind of rest, which should be awakened.

the third appearance

In this third apparition it took a turn, since the Virgin Mary appears this time, standing on a globe with her beautiful arms outstretched and from her hands and fingers the spectacular golden light comes out, in the midst of all this beauty, the novice Catherine is once again totally enchanted, after the new appearance of the immaculate Virgin Mary. In this, she can be seen along her beauty some words that said « Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to you»

Then Mary tells Catalina to spread her great message, and to make a beautiful medal with the model that she had asked for, telling her that everyone who wears this medal will receive her greatest blessing, especially if the person wears it. around his neck. The bride Catalina confesses this to her confessor, describing everything in detail in relation to each of the apparitions, but it was not until her death that this novice revealed the details of the medal at 47 years of age, since according to her, in that same date was that the virgin gave him the description of this medal.

Years later, thanks to the approval of the church, the creations of the first Medals were given, which were distributed in Paris in the year 1832, after the delivery of these Medals, the promise that the Virgin Mary had made was almost immediately on each one of the person who had it, causing the devotion to spread like a ray of light, filling with health, thanks and well-being for all those who possess this Medal, for this reason the name of The Miraculous Medal was consecrated. Until now there is no superstition about this Medal, since this is not an amulet, it is a Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin through her Medal.

Meaning of the front of the Miraculous Medal

In this front part of the medal we can appreciate the presence of the Virgin Mary, who is standing on a balloon and is crushing the head of an ugly snake, doing this so that people can understand that Satan and all his followers, they have no power over it. When she stands on the globe with her arms outstretched, it means that she is the only queen in heaven over the world and earth.

Meaning of the back of the Miraculous Medal

In this part of the Medal, it is completely surrounded by twelve stars which are in turn surrounding a letter “M” which is on a cross, and below this letter, there are two kinds of hearts where each one flames of fire come out of them, and one has a sword stuck in it and the other is surrounded by many thorns. All this referring to a meaning in the following. The twelve stars represent the twelve apostles of the church who follow Mary, the cross represents the great Christ, the letter “M” emphasizes representing the Virgin Mary.

Since this “M” is on a cross, they represent that Mary has a close relationship with Jesus in the world. The two hearts represent the great love that our Lady Virgin Mary and our Father Jesus have for each of the existing people in this cruel world. The prayer to the Miraculous Medal consists of asking for different clemency and blessings from Our Lady Virgin Mary.

Prayer of consecration to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

«O Virgin, Mother of God, Immaculate Mary, we offer ourselves and consecrate ourselves to you, under the title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. May this Medal be for each one of us, pledge of the love you have for us, and remind us of our duties towards you. May your loving protection bless us whenever we wear it, and keep us in the grace of your Son. Oh powerful Virgin, always keep me by your side in all the moments of our lives. Grant these children the grace of a good death, so that in union with you we can enjoy eternal happiness forever. Amen.”

This spectacular prayer is about different prayers that people make to ask the Virgin Mary for different favors for themselves or for other people, where it begins by asking her with a “Oh Virgin, Mother of God”. It is a prayer that is offered to the immaculate Mary under the name of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, where she is filled with love and so that people remember the different duties that she has for her, she is also asked to give her the necessary protection that is needed to walk every day with her love and security.

This prayer to the Immaculate Virgin, where the person asks her for her love and safety, must also make a small promise to the Virgin Mary which consists of always being devoted to her and never forgetting her even on deathbeds, asking her to always keep each one of us as your main companion and illuminate each of our steps.

Act of consecration to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal

«Oh Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God and Mother of men and women, Queen and defender of our Most Holy Virgin of the Miraculous Medal! We come here to consecrate ourselves to you before this beautiful altar and our welcome image, and we offer the homage of our life and our love, to congratulate you, as your children, for the incomparable privileges with which God adorned you from the first moment of your conception. immaculate, and to rejoice with you for the sublime glory that you now enjoy in heaven. Amen”

Here it is said to ask the Virgin Mary that the person welcomes her in her house just as the apostle John did, to learn from her and become one more son of this Immaculate Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal, she is asked to pray for the person so that the Holy Spirit gives them much abundance, since this is a source of life according to the believers of this religion of Catholicism, all people are entrusted to it starting with the weakest, which are children and people who are in the midst of poverty and hunger. In this prayer he is also asked for the different families that are broken and all those young people who are lost in the world of evil.

This Aurora of Salvation is offered the trust of the paths of people, so that this is the main guide so that all men can discover love towards the Savior Christ and God, who is the creator of heaven and earth. and all living being in it.

Prayer to Our Lady for healing

«Mary Immaculate, you have given yourself to us as our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. You have asked us to pray with confidence, promising that in this way we will receive great blessings. We know of your compassion, because you saw your Son suffer and die for us. In your union with his suffering, you became the Mother of us all.
Mary, my mother, teach me to understand my suffering as you do and to bear it in union with the suffering of Jesus. In your motherly love, calm our fear and increase our trust in the merciful love of God.»

According to God’s plan, get me the healing I need. Intercede before your Son, so that he gives me the strength I need to work for the glory of God and the salvation of the world. Amen. Mary, health of the sick, pray for me.”

This is a small prayer that is made to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, where the person who performs the prayer asks for her health, which begins to emphasize the pain that this appreciated Virgin Mary endured when she saw her son Jesus that he was subjected to different tortures, and she had the strength to go on and endure all that, it is because of that same strength that she had, that her many followers ask her, to give all those sick people the necessary strength so that heal and so that they can increase even more the great faith that you must have towards God.

This prayer is accompanied by other prayers, among them we can find “El acordaos” where the Virgin Mary is asked for protection and help, emphasizing that we are sinners and that is why we go to her, due to a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary. On the other hand we can find “Blessed be your purity” here the beauty of this Immaculate Virgin is reminded, and the deep faith that the believer has in her is offered from the heart, so that she does not forget it.

In addition, we can also find “Under your protection” in this prayer, the believer accepts it, and asks that he not forget the pleas that he is asking for and that he frees them from all danger. “Offering to the Blessed Virgin” in this part, the person who is asking the Virgin Mary offers himself body and soul totally to her, asking in turn to defend and protect him as if he were from her possession. .

Prayer to the Virgin Mary to obtain the conversion of a sinner

«Oh Mary, consolation of those who invoke you! Benign listen to the confident prayer that in my need I raise to the throne of your mercy. Who can I turn to better than you, blessed Virgin, who only breathe dignity and clemency, who owns all God’s goods, you only think of spreading them around you, So be my shelter, my hope on this occasion, and since the Miraculous Medal is devoutly hanging from my neck, an invaluable pledge of your love, grant me, Immaculate Mother, grant me the grace that I so insistently ask of you.”

In this prayer, the person asks the Virgin Mary to grant him the grace of faith and love that is longed for in prayer, the person must wear the Miraculous Medal, and repeat this prayer as many times as he likes. When we speak of the conversion of a sinner we refer to the transformation of the person who has sinned and wants a change in his spiritual life as well as in his personal life.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal to heal a sick person

«O Mary, conceived without sin, whose immense goodness and tender mercy do not exclude relief from this bitter fruit of guilt called disease of which our miserable body is often the victim! Oh pious Mother, whom the Church confidently calls Health of the sick! Here I am imploring your favor. What so many afflicted people obtained through the word of your Son Jesus, this dear sick person obtains, which I recommend to you, through the application of your Medal. May its effectiveness, so many times proven and recognized throughout the world, be manifested once again, so that all of us who are witnesses of this new favor of yours, can exclaim with gratitude, The Miraculous Medal has cured him».

In this prayer to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, the different people ask for her great help so that she puts her powerful hand and can cure that sick person for whom they are asking. To make this prayer it is recommended that it be done with great faith, and not take it as something insignificant, when praying it is expected that the person devoted to Catholicism is able to communicate with the Immaculate Virgin Mary, even with God himself. This is done with a lot of faith and respect.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal to give thanks for a received

«Oh sweet and glorious Virgin Mary! I have addressed my humble supplications to your throne, and I have known by experience that you are never invoked in vain, that your eyes look pleased at those who prostrate in your presence; that your ears are attentive to our prayers, that your hands pour blessings in torrents on the whole world, and in particular on those who confidently wear the Miraculous Medal».

«How to repay you, Immaculate Mother, so much favor? There is no better way than proclaiming your goodness and spreading your blessed Medal everywhere, as I intend to do from this day on in testimony of my gratitude and my love. Give me grace, my Mother, to carry it out.”

In this beautiful prayer, the person devoted to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, thanks her for all those things, favors, promises and miracles that the Virgin has granted thanks to the clemency of this person. That is why the prayer is made to her in recognition of all that she achieved thanks to the presence of the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal.

Prayer to Father Juan Pablo Segundo

At the end of the prayers to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal, a prayer is made to Father Juan Pablo Segundo, which is constituted by the “Hail Mary”, doing this thanks to God and the Virgin Mary for being always present in all people’s moments, even in the most difficult moments, she is always a guide of strength and hope, that is why believers entrust themselves to her. Followed by the first “Ave Maria” the prayer is made to Juan Pablo Segundo, and at the end of it another “Ave Maria” is made to finish.

«God save you, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

«O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to You. This is the prayer that you inspired, O Mary, to Saint Catherine Labouré, and this invocation, engraved on the medal, is now carried and pronounced by many faithful throughout the world. Blessed are you among all women! Blessed are you who have believed! The Mighty One has done wonders for you! The wonder of your divine maternity! And with a view to this, the wonder of your Immaculate Conception! The wonder of your fiat! You have been associated so intimately with the whole work of our redemption, you have been associated with the cross of our Savior!”

“Your heart was pierced along with his Heart. And now, in the glory of your Son, you do not cease to intercede for us, poor sinners. Candles over the Church of which you are the Mother. Candles on each of your children. You obtain from God for us all those graces symbolized by the rays of light that radiate from your open hands. With the only condition that we dare to ask you, that we approach you with the confidence, daring and simplicity of a child. And precisely in this way you lead us without ceasing to your Divine Son».

“We consecrate our strength and availability to you to be at the service of the plan of salvation carried out by your Son. We ask that through the Holy Spirit faith take root and consolidate in all the Christian people, that communion overcome all the germs of division that hope take on new life in those who are discouraged. We ask you for those who suffer particular trials, physical or moral, for those who are tempted by infidelity, for those who are shaken by the doubt of a climate of unbelief, and also for those who suffer persecution because of their faith.

«God save you, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen”.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal for the members of your association

“Mary, Mother of Our Lord, we humbly ask that you pour out your blessings on all the members of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. Bless their generosity which enlivens devotion to you and helps promote faith in your Son, Jesus. Most Holy Mary, just as you did with Saint Catherine Labouré, pour out abundant graces on each of the members of the Association, on their families and loved ones».

«My mother, may your Miraculous Medal be a symbol of peace, justice and prosperity in the life of each one of your devotees. Mother Mary, protect us and help all of us who trust in you, to be faithful custodians of the life that God has given us. We ask this through your Son, Jesus, with the confidence that what we ask for through your intercession will be granted. Amen”.

Here in this prayer he asks the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal, for the different members of her association to the Miraculous Medal, they pray that she always bless them in each of their steps, and that they trust each day that passes , more in her, she is also asked for the peace and love of each of her faithful devotees, and that in the name of her son Jesus she frees them from all evil. This Prayer is made up of several more prayers, which we will mention below:

Prayer to the Virgin of Migrants (Mary of the Miraculous Medal)

«Oh Most Holy Virgin, you accompany along the roads of the world those who expatriate in search of work and bread. You who also know exile, look piously at our condition and blessing those who host us, watch, we pray, especially those whom necessity forces to disperse, and whom the fraternity of others welcomes associating them with the common effort of their own work» .

“You, Mary, helper of Christians, comforter of the afflicted, be the loving mother of those who have been forged by fate to live far from their homeland, anxiously fighting for themselves and for their loved ones, and who often cannot find close to him who fully understands his sorrows, revives his strength and raises his dejected spirit with the voice of blood.

“Comforted by your mercy, helped by your maternal providence, defended by your intercession, make, O Mary, that one and another, we emigrants, our families concerned for us, all sustained by faith, hope and charity, walk in the holy fear of God and, submissive to the divine will, faithful to Jesus Christ and his Church, let us enjoy the fruits of Christian justice and deserve peace in time and perfect happiness in eternal centuries. Amen”.

This prayer is made to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, where a lot of strength and wisdom are requested for the different people who undertake a long journey, they thank her for putting people full of goodness on their paths, who are capable to give him a good lodging, they entrust themselves to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal so that you may be the main protection of their path.

To this Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, son of God, who died for all of us sinners, a beautiful litany is made. At the end of each of the Litanies, a prayer is made to the Virgin Mary and the prayer is concluded, the litanies are constituted as follows.

Litanies to the Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal

  • “Lord, have mercy”
  • “Christ have mercy”
  • “Lord, have mercy”
  • “Christ, hear us”
  • “Christ, hear us.”
  • “God, heavenly Father, have mercy on us”
  • “God, Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us”
  • God, Holy Spirit, have mercy on us»
  • Holy Trinity, you are one God, have mercy on us»
  • “Holy Mary, pray for us”
  • “Holy Mother of God”
  • “Holy Virgin of Virgins”
  • “Mother of Christ”
  • “Mother of the Church”
  • “Mother of Divine Grace”
  • “Pure Mother”
  • “Most Chaste Mother”

“We beg you to grant us. Lord our God, enjoy continuous health of soul and body, and through the glorious intercession of the blessed ever-Virgin Mary, be free from the sorrows of this present life and enjoy eternal joys. Through Christ our Lord. Amen”

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