Learn about the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, here

Learn about the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, here

Wisdom, intelligence and advice are just some of the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us, discover everything about them, and how to win them.

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are simply what we call virtues that allow us to excel in a certain area or in several.

When an individual accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he is included in the activities of the church and in the midst of those activities he can realize which is the area where he stands out the most and that is where the gifts of the Holy Spirit begin to flourish. . (Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are ? Discover them here)

How to get them?

All devotees who accept Jesus Christ have an enrichment, of the glorious gifts that he grants, the sacred texts also tell us that if we have the possibility that we can ask for that gift or virtues that we want to have or need, we can request various gifts from God that are these gifts and for them to be granted it is necessary that we strive in the work of God’s work on earth, each one makes available to others the gift they have received, trustworthily supervising the magnificence of God in his various structures.

God offers them to his young people so that they can collaborate in the improvement of the Christian assembly, they must be used with solidary authority, to serve all, the greatest need must be reliably so that Christ is praised. He knows the miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit , for his needs.

The gifts are not given to us as a reward for our Christian life, God offers them to us so that we can serve our brothers and support each other in our walk with Jesus, by using them with precision, we demonstrate that God is authentic in our lives and that he is who helps us

God commits us to achieve his work in this world through the blessings that he grants us, in the meetings to praise the Holy Spirit it works better when each one of the people rehearses his own, otherwise, they would be halfway since another could not do what was up to the one who was missing because it is not his area of ​​​​knowledge, what is more, the meeting suffers and limps when its people stop using or misusing the endowments that God has allowed them.

Which are?

It is interesting to see that in a large number of these endowments, gifts from God that have as a mutual factor the theme of friendship and solidarity of the fans are articulated among them, this is the motivation behind why, clearly, the gifts must be used with warmth and with the mission of adding more people to the incredible structure of the Christian whole, for the most part God has allowed these gifts in these individuals to be glorified. He knows a little more about the Holy Spirit.

In the event that you have the gift of foreknowledge and you see each of the puzzles and you have all the data, and in the event that you are certain that you find how to move mountains, but you need love you practically have nothing.

In the Bible we find three main endowments of the essence of God that are:

  • Discernment: which is about knowing or acquiring information about something or about an individual or condition without having obtained the information through standard strategies.
  • Wonderful powers: they point out and think of ordinary laws to show the closeness and strength of God in a particular condition.
  • Confidence: All the trust in God that does not give up or faint, even in ominous conditions, is more evident than the usual faith that all Christians have.
  • Intelligence: goes beyond human learning, it is to recognize how to proclaim or establish the correct choice within the longing for God in a specific situation.
  • Gifts of recovery: through God whoever possesses this gift can apply it for people who are physically or truly sick and can bring God’s therapeutic capacity to their lives. (see also: The Fruits of the Holy Spirit )
  • Premonition: to grant a word of God, a stanza or passage, that applies to a specific situation of an individual, to rebuke or support what he is doing or will do.
  • Perceive spirits: ability to perceive what kind of soul acts in a particular condition and know if it is an evil spirit or not and with the force of God expel it if it is evil.
  • Transmit messages from unknown tongues: the ability to transmit in a language without having thought of transmitting the gospel message, there is also the induction of heavenly dialects, words that God only understands, they are for individual illumination and to have a strange communion with him.
  • Interpret languages: to understand and transmit a message that has been given in a language that those present cannot understand.
  • Instruct: Remarkable ability to convey the truths of the gospel clearly and train multiple Christians in God’s declaration. (Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of , and how to obtain it)
  • Evangelism: is how the message of salvation is shared in an attractive and meaningful course so that people who have not yet obtained absolution from God find it and are saved.
  • Help other people: an exceptional affectivity with different people and an extraordinary desire to do everything possible to lighten the weight that weighs you down.
  • Association: recognize how to create things or activities, value the association, the board and the affiliation.
  • Mental quality: giving the mental clarification or motivation at the ideal minute has a positive air that is based on the certifications of the appearance of God.
  • Generous giving: It is the act of helping unfortunate people, sharing your advantages, time, skills and money with others, especially with people who suffer and with people who carry the gospel message to more rural places.
  • Show Compassion: Outstanding worship, genuine generosity to the destitute, and the ability to identify with them.

It is basic to evaluate the gifts that God has given us, Christians who have all the gifts are basic for the most ideal functioning of the Christian assembly and we must not leave out any gift or gift, whatever the gift that God has given you. , by his grace use it reliably, serve God with happiness and let him move in your life and in the lives of others who use your blessings.

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