Learn about the Christian values ​​that distinguish these believers from others

Learn about the Christian values ​​that distinguish these believers from others

Find out what kind of values ​​Christians learn in their religion, so that they are differentiated from the rest of the people who profess a different doctrine

What are Christian values?

They are those learnings practiced by an individual according to the religion that he affirms.

And as for the Christians themselves, God always through his word indicates what are the values ​​that please him so that they are closer to him and have a decent fellowship with all the brothers in belief and relatives, neighbors and friends.

These values ​​are good in their entirety, they are about respect, obedience, faith, love, friendship, humility, tolerance, solidarity, forgiveness, being grateful, integrity, loyalty, among others.


It is imperative to understand the connection between qualities and ethical quality, to live according to the Christian qualities that please God and are established in his word.

In addition, being an individual, man by nature has an incentive to appreciate himself, so he needs his nobility to be considered and perceived, that is, to give but also to receive, however, among the Christian qualities it stands out that although a colleague has failed him, he must be open to forgiveness and offer his support again. (Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are ? Discover them here)

Part of the criteria that make the estimates between some values ​​and others vary are the progressive systems among themselves, which are:

• Your time: which makes estimates reflect throughout life, some more than others, such as the value of delight is more transitory than truth.

• Integrity: characterizes each of the values ​​as an incentive in the integrity of an individual, as a basic deliberation in itself, not separable.

• Adaptability: shows that qualities change depending on the requirements and encounters of individuals.

The satisfaction felt by people who apply these values ​​in their daily lives is magnificent, that is, each value has a positive and a negative meaning, each of them generates a counter value.

In the hierarchical order, there are in all cases some that have more value, it is worth repeating, for example, pride, opportunity, which are not really inflexible or predestined. The chain of importance is configured for the duration of the life of each individual.

An amazing quality, implies that the qualities transcend the solid plane, giving importance and meaning to human life and society. (Know the miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit , for your needs)

It is dynamism, they change as time goes by and are adapted to each circumstance that occurs throughout daily life and reflects the value standards of each individual
It is multifaceted in nature, due to the different causes that obey the values ​​that they lead to tangled choices and feelings.


Qualities are the engine of our lives, they give us prosperity and development in all the basic ways that may be possible, these will be profitable for us if they allow us to achieve something satisfying in our lives.

They are significant behaviors that structure us as people in the society that surrounds us, in a school or university we train these values ​​since educators try to teach it, however the most deeply rooted values ​​are based on our structure as an individual through the example of the family that is the way in which a better result is obtained in an individual.

In this way, values ​​are part of our standards as individuals, they describe us and separate us from others, each one has a series of qualities in which they realize what conduct they should follow, according to their standards or exhibited circumstances, to live pleasantly with the land on which you have a place. (Learn more about: Holy Spirit )

The family is the best school to learn and acclimatize to values ​​and practices, there we discover how to be individuals and live generalized qualities, we discover how to appreciate and be adored, liberal, devout, love God and to say it clearly, it is the central premise of the society.


These are the qualities that help us to be better people and bring us closer to God, such as:

• Human ethics

They are those propensities such as, for example, authenticity, duty, devotion, equity, liberality, generosity, etc. A large part of these excellences are not seen today, nor are they rooted in the family, there is a lot of shame, unreliability and childishness in individuals.

• Total values

These never need to change, they are a part of our marrow so to speak, they are, for example, life, truth, pride, doing good, among others. As an opposite pair of these values ​​we have, for example, the practice of abortion, lies, laziness and among others that are anti-values.

• Christian qualities

They are those that God has needed to show us, for example, modesty, patience, friendship, love, heavenlyness, purity and many more.


The deep quality is framed in the traditions, convictions and standards of an individual or a group of individuals, which are transmitted from one age to another, everyone decides when an aptitude is correct or not, reasonable and out of line, lucky or unlucky. , according to its ethics and acts appropriately. The fruits of the Holy Spirit , learn all about them here

In this way, moral values ​​are the criteria that a person considers to characterize whether an activity is fortunate or unfortunate.

These qualities are adopted and created based on training obtained, culture and experience, which for the most part begins in adolescence, at home, ingrained by guardians or agents. In school and in the social network they are strengthened by instructors, educators, advisors or some other individual approved for that reason.

These are also incorporated into the religion in which we have a place, there are some that are resolved in such a way that their infringement can even speak of legitimate authorizations.

Reliability, respect, appreciation, trustworthiness, solidarity, liberality, endurance, companionship, consideration and modesty are a part of the virtues that we must practice in our lives. Among them there are several level scales that help us to organize ourselves when there is a dispute, as well as some of them can be rotated.


Moral qualities can be relative, considering that they are properties that have a place with material items, regardless of whether they are conceptual or physical, the importance of that item is attributed to it depending on the fact that it is so close to what is good and what which is horrible, that is, each individual can give it a value, according to their way of life or their individual point of view, they can also be supreme if they have an independent incentive from anyone else.

Since ancient Greece there was morality and ethics, which has grown widely in the course of history, ethics is part of the reasoning in charge of considering the conduct of the person, which incorporates moral quality, honesty, joy, obligations, a great life usually.

A moral convention involves explicit instances or decisions that will govern an individual’s conduct or much of it by applying moral decisions, explicit individuals, circumstances, or activities are deemed ethical, henceforth moral decisions arise, eg , saying that “that individual is terrible”, “she is against ethics”, as well as terms that suggest virtues such as “not due”, “that is horrible”, etc. ( Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of , and how to get it)


These qualities are many ideals that one or several individuals have, which decide their behavior and collaboration with different people and in the environment that surrounds them.

They incorporate each one of those activities that are carried out being the correct ones, in this way the moral virtues are the ones that manage the behavior of the native, in addition, they are compared with the moral qualities and the social qualities, which comprise the standards created to achieve a conjunction solid and wonderful in the public eye.

His motivation to apply them is that the person stands out as a generator of good individual behavior and as a whole, among the most exceptional human qualities are love, resistance, respect, trust, appreciation, solidarity, duty, the opportunity, among many others that have surprisingly faded away within society around the world.


In numerous events, the religious qualities coincide with the good or moral qualities, usual in the dominant territory, a part of the qualities that cannot be deficient in a Christian family are the following:

• Love, particularly to other people.

• Charity, which comes to decide the importance of helping people who need it most.

• Mercy, which refers to the individual’s ability to understand and forgive others in the transgressions that they have eventually presented. (Know the high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

• Grace, you should not belittle, you should be grateful for everything that has been received.

• Duty, that is, consistency with our commitments, as well as reacting to our activities.

• Respect is the premise that everything is equal, this makes us recognize the individual value and privileges of individuals, which leads us to live in harmony, here it is conceivable to consider religion, we must “submit” to the commitments and statutes it establishes.

• Honesty, having confidence when acting and being transparent, has to do with the truth, immaculateness, men and women must act with decency, be humble and be good.


The importance and meaning of faith in Christian values ​​is in the Bible, in the book of Hebrews it says that in this way, faith is the affirmation of things sought and the conviction of those who are not seen. (Do you know who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus? Know him.)

Simply faith is the assurance of what is expected, having conviction, even if one does not perceive what is said or anticipated is a common Christian value, confidence is a standard of activity and power, the fact that we strive by achieving an objective there we are rehearsing the faith that we will achieve our objective, we show confidence in something that has not yet arrived and that we cannot see.

Faith in Jesus of Nazareth

With respect to Jesus Christ, having confidence in him means trusting in his limitless power, knowledge and love, therefore having confidence in his lessons, even though we do not see some things, yet he understands them so values ​​are founded. Christians.

This word refers to what an individual or a network has faith in and it is a feeling of security that one has of an individual, something or an article, it affirms the honesty of something, it is a subscription that confirms the legitimacy of specific things, making faith in Jesus Christ in conjunction with other general values ​​reinforce Christian values. (See Article: The power of prayer )

For some people, having faith is acknowledging their convictions immediately, regardless of whether they have verification. For example, when someone religious says “I trust in God” and is asked why he puts stock in it, he will say that his parents told him so. they taught when they raised him and for this reason it was mentioned before that Christian values ​​are also founded in the home by the family.

How are they obtained?

The values ​​of the faith as a whole are a great arsenal, since Christians must govern their lives by the teachings that come out in the sacred scriptures, in which it can be said that all the values ​​that have existed and have come out, whether they are ethical, moral or general, these values ​​combined with the faith of the Christian should lead a straight life and without doing anything wrong.

The Bible lets us know that without faith it is difficult to be satisfied, in light of the fact that the one who methodizes God must accept that he exists and that he becomes a reward for people who kindly seek him.

Numerous individuals put actions into God since they were taught and raised under those lessons, but God needs them to be convinced that he exists.

You need to listen to what the Bible says about God, contemplating it will allow you to discover answers to specific questions and questions like “Who is God? Is there proof that God exists? Is it safe to say that he is really interested in me? Do you appreciate me as you say?

By making sure that what you read in the Bible is valid, from there you will have a stage to acquire faith and you will begin to execute all the values ​​already mentioned above for the simple fact of wanting to please God, since you will see evidence that God exists.

Judeo-Christian religion

Humanity in general will receive values ​​according to the geographical location where it is, its culture, economic and social condition, there are three value frameworks that currently face the Judeo-Christian religion in controversy and dispute with the general values ​​of the world and they are European classicism, Judeo-Christian values ​​and Islam. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

The Judeo-Christian qualities, explicitly biblical, are many values ​​to guide people along the path of good, their values ​​are based on their sacred book the Torah and in view of the fact that most of the social orders around them believe in another religion and not in what the torah says these create disputes.

These disputes have been seen throughout the world because they are not objectively clarified, they have committed mass murder, in that country there is one of the most fearsome terrorist groups on earth and they live at war.

However, the torah does not say that they do bad things, but because they disagree with other people in their beliefs, a great mass movement of anti-values ​​originated among them, which generates a certain disorder and challenges for the understanding of their situation or their bases for doing what they do and consequently the support for this society is little and they are clearly rejected by devotees of different religions or Christian categories for their graces.

Numerous individuals on the planet are deeply confused, they do not recognize what is good and what is horrible, the estimation of human life and creatures, something as genuine as that has been lost, this happens in view of the philosophical and the questionable data that can now be accessed, in addition to the humiliating subject of intolerance, prohibition and others that criticize life and human rights.

Which ones are more important?

Let’s take the case that a colleague carries out a misdeed and we must answer the experts in an interrogation, the right thing to do is to choose honesty over reliability, right or wrong?

Also, when we host a gathering at home and have loud music, there will come a time when the neighbors will get agitated and we should apply resistance, but if not, at that time the neighbors will demand respect for them.

With these models, you can perceive how important Christian values ​​are, to maintain an atmosphere of conjunction and respect between peers and neighbors, which will ultimately improve the whole society, in this sense, an organization in its society will manage through punishment methods or disciplines the infraction of these standards or qualities, whether in a social, private or through the laws of each nation.

a better society

In case we practice Christian values, great activities are created that will thus positively affect the society, rise over time and urge people to be progressively aware and gain importance over the surrounding society.

A large number of these human qualities are part of the inclusive qualities, since they are basic in different societies of the world, for example, respect, trustworthiness, obligation, truth, solidarity, respect and harmony, in any case, not everywhere the people who practice it will be valued since in some societies it has caused them not to be maintained over time.

life value

This period has been unlimited malice with respect to good and moral qualities, has caused perplexity between the estimation of human life and the life of creatures, something absolutely unsatisfactory.

Unfortunately, the values ​​based on God and the Bible have been supplanted by the main estimates, it is well concretized that phrase that says “When people stop doing actions or believing in God, it is not so much that they do not have faith, but that anything It is important”.

Be that as it may, depend on it, having faith in God and in the Bible does not ensure that you have moral lucidity and conventional conduct, the collapse of Christianity in Europe began barbaric and cruel acts, integrating systems, for example, narcissism and socialism.

In the family

Guardians, supervisors or parents have standards and qualities that they have been carrying over from their family precursors and/or religious networks, they have control over their children to pass on the Christian values ​​that they consider most advantageous for them and discover which are the most fundamental to live in the family and in the public sphere.

This transmission of qualities in the family will make children structure their own set of qualities. Here are 10 estimates that can be seen as basic in the family:


The child will discover how other people see, think and feel, how to put themselves in their place and therefore how to understand a circumstance.


Young people are told that they are neither more nor less than other people, that they should have and live in a modest frame of mind, which will allow them to get to know other people and themselves better, estimate their qualities and begin to reduce their shortcomings. .

self confidence

Find out how esteeming yourself, to support your confidence, is done through cheering and congratulations when you complete a decent deed or complete an assigned task.


This is acquired over the years, they discover how to exhibit development and duty, they must discover how to keep the word guaranteed or promise.


They must realize how to be grateful for the things and products they have, never waste, regardless of how basic they have been, always give thanks for something that suits us or satisfies us.


You need to root in them energy and idealism, constantly look for the bright side of things and the ability to exploit terrible things, run away from everything speaks only of pessimism.


The company and shared warmth are brought into the world with contact with other people, so it is essential that you feel within the family.


Everything that is needed in life speaks of the efforts that we must make or have already made, you should not allow them to need to have or achieve something significant in life in a simple way, without defining goals and striving, regardless of whether it is insignificant, to deserve the results obtained.


Guardians must live with delight, trust, hope, kindness, to transmit joyful people to their children and thus they can transmit joy to them.


Imperative to show them the estimation of control to deal with their driving forces, we must have a patient and calm state of mind in our daily lives, everything has an answer, we must not rush or explode when things do not go as you need them

Movies that reflect Christian values

There are numerous films that have dedicated their content and messages to presenting the meaning of qualities in society, as an approach to call on the still small voice that is conscience and save what they consider should not disappear from today’s world. . Some of them are:

1. The passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ reproduces the long and agonizing moments that Jesus of Nazareth spent, before Judas sold him and was condemned in Jerusalem, where he would be killed.

Jesus professes to be the Lord of the Jews and is ridiculed by all, particularly Pilate, a Roman senator in Palestine, this gives individuals the option of choosing who to spare, regardless of whether the murderer Barabbas was chosen or Jesus would be the first to be condemned. to death, Jesus is taken to Golgotha, where he will be killed, protected and flogged by the Roman officials and carrying the overwhelming cross where he would die minutes after the fact and then resurrect.

There is no film on earth that reflects Christian values ​​like this one, in this film we can admire values ​​such as love, loyalty, sincerity, respect, humility among others, however values ​​contrary to these can also be observed, such as hate and betrayal.

2. Children of the sky

This film, without being Christian, presents the qualities that every Christian should have and rehearse every day in his life, ´it presents love, obedience, obligation, solidarity and a high level of grace, these qualities could help during the time dedicated to achieving Christian salvation.

3. Million Dollar Baby

As best film, it was an Oscar champion in 2004. Christian qualities stand out, such as obtaining, satisfaction, correspondence and trust in the family, among others that did not appear, but could be concluded in the stories of the other actors, especially , the estimation of life itself is one of the most significant lessons in this film.

4. Count me in

Its plot depends mainly on the estimation of kinship and friendship, it won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, which was “The Body” by Stephen King.

5. Fireproof

 It tells the story of a firefighter whose marriage is fading, the firefighter tells his father who prescribes him to carefully read a book that creates, in forty days, a “relationship” technique that depends on the essential help of God’s promise. in the Bible.

Due to its prosperity, it has been recorded as one of the most notable earning faith films in history, grossing over $12 million during the first two weeks of its debut.

6. God is not dead

It is about Josh, a young Christian student at the university, who is selected in a class of thought instructed by the educator who wants to lead the meeting and asks him to write that GOD IS DEAD.

All the young companions take the guide of the educator to convincingly compose “God is dead”; However, Josh is the main substitute in the class that he will not sign and an extraordinary argument ensues between the substitute and the instructor undermining his academic future.

Radisson forces him to discuss the topic with him, before the whole class and throughout the semester he will try to persuade everyone that God is not dead, the substitute meeting will choose who wins the argument.

In the midst of fear, you will most likely get the well-established arguments to show that your trust is genuine.

Movies that mock Christian values

Just as there are many movies that help to support Christian values, there are others that only mock the word of God and its values. Here are some examples:

1. Da Vinci Code

For example, “The Da Vince Code” by author Dan Brown, on the contrary, is a film that has had to undermine the individual Jesus, this to weaken Christian confidence in the stories and, in this sense, try to annihilate Christianity.

2. Corpus Christi

Converted to Spanish it means “The Body of Christ”, it is a film that appeared in 2010 and is a recorded form of the dubious work of Terrence McNally, which bears a similar name.

That work was actually shown for about a month, towards the deal side, London, England, being supplanted a few times, when brought up in some “elective” meetings, this movie hits the cutoffs as far as fiction, is a joke demeaning the individual, the existence of Jesus and his followers.

It is considered a disgusting film by Christians, who opposed its debut in different theaters in the United States, in light of the opportunities throughout the world, which has allowed the devastation of Christian qualities, was that such exhibition was allowed, according to Christian followers.

3. Muhammad

It was even an idea to blacklist the moment it touched base on movie screens, similar to how the Islamists did, when something very similar happened with a movie about Muhammad, getting its showing suspended, due to the extraordinary weights applied by the Islamic nations.

That Muhammad film had a solitary confusion: physically presenting a craftsman taking on Muhammad’s work, as read, it is totally taboo to use the figure of his prophet for dramatic or cinematographic works.

The Christian nations recognize that Jesus presents artists, until they ridicule him or present false hypotheses that dishonor the estimation of the New Testament, in this way, they have been undermining the qualities that still remain in the Christian Churches.

Plays that mock Christian values

A long time ago, in 1970, Andrew Lloyd Webber did a parody that showed us another method to see Jesus, as dear Mary Magdalene, in the play called “Jesus Christ Superstar”, this is a play that mocks the fundamentals Christians and therefore their values.

In 1988 came the work “The Last Temptation of Christ”, by the creator and director Martin Scorsese, with which he proposed to represent the life of Jesus and his relationship with Mary Magdalene, point by point and impossible to lose.

In 2001 “The Body”, the hypothesis that Jesus was never revived was discussed, it was almost nothing that continued to announce this work was defended by the otherworldly frigidity of today’s society and the reality of generating doubts about the restoration of Jesus .

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