Learn how to say a prayer to start the day at work

Learn how to say a prayer to start the day at work

If you want to learn how to say a prayer to start the day at work; you have reached the indicated blog; Well, these prayers are the ones that give you the best results in the workplace; especially when you find the answers to all your requests; without more to refer to, I invite you to read the following post.

Prayer to start the day at work

Dear sir; today I come to you to thank you for this new day of work that you offer me; because only you have managed to put in me the confidence, intelligence and wisdom to make those decisions that have helped me carry out each of my obligations.

Heavenly Father, like every day I implore your presence from the first moment I enter my office; since only you can provide me with all that security that allows me to carry out my work optimally and continuously.

Well, it is very easy to fall into small distractions that can make me neglect my obligations; That is why I ask you to keep away from me all those temptations that in some way could put my projects at risk in certain situations.

Help me to have the strength to ignore those ill-intentioned people, who only seek to create in my doubt and mistrust; to make me quit the job that gives me so much satisfaction; Well, my lord, they only want to see their neighbor fail, out of fear; that can only be the result of an unjustified thought.

For this reason I ask you to touch each of their hearts; and put positive thoughts in them, that can give them security, to put aside that fear that leads them to make the worst decisions; that not only affect them personally; they also harm us collectively.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Help my peers the same way you help me; since they are part of all those achievements that have allowed us to grow as a team; because only group work brings the greatest satisfaction; that they can act positively; to develop projects that are carried out efficiently.

Please; put in all of us the possibility of seeing the opportunities that lie in each of the difficulties; Well, as you well know father, it is these situations that manage to offer all those lessons; that will allow us to grow in the workplace; to make the best decisions in the future.

My God, I know that every barrier that comes my way; it is not the result of chance; since as many say “the lord only gives the toughest battles, to his strongest soldiers” for this reason I fully trust your decisions; because I know that all those difficulties that are imposed on me; They have a teaching from which I must learn.

However, I ask you to give me the strength to face each and every one of these obstacles; to achieve the success for which I have worked so hard; and for which only you, heavenly father, are responsible; because without you all those achievements that I have obtained would not have any merit; since your faith in me, as well as my faith in you, has allowed me to see the light within so much darkness.

Before finishing, I want to thank you, my God, for giving me another day of life, for allowing me to breathe day by day to continue doing what brings me so much satisfaction, such as my job.

Well, without this, I would not have how to pay all the expenses that the daily activities that we carry out in the course of our lives entail; That is why I ask you, Lord, to give me today the will to carry out my work in the best possible way, without ever losing track of my objectives or the direction of my obligations.Amen.

Who can do it?

The answer to this question may seem very simple; Well, many will think “if it is a prayer to start the day at work; logically it has to be carried out by the workers themselves” and yes, it is true; but what would those workers be? Those who work for a company or those who work on their own? Taking as a reference that it is a sentence, we would have to say that all.

Well, although many times we tend to make differences between each of these; highlighting the fact that some work and earn more money than others; or that freelancers have greater freedoms and fewer worries than contract workers; the reality is that both have their benefits and difficulties; where the position and the type of work should not be a competition.

Since God will not have preferences between any of these; Well, both the independent workers and the employees who make these companies work; they have the same chance of going through any of these problems that call into question the work they do every day.

Without neglecting the fact that the leaders of these companies are also candidates to perform this type of prayer at the beginning of the day; because the fact that they are the bosses does not free them from the problems that afflict everyone in this life; because in any case they end up being workers; that like their employees, they must be accountable to their superiors.

That is why we must include all those people who in some way make up the working society that brings us so many benefits; because each one of them has the freedom to make a prayer at the beginning of the day; to be able to make a request addressed to the creator; since before him there is no social difference that can give rise to any preferential exclusion.

In general we can say that the vast majority of people are candidates for this type of prayer; whereas not all workers provide practical benefits in this life; because some of them carry out jobs that go beyond simple economic stability; obtaining satisfactions that cannot be paid for with money; since the value of this is found in personal change.

In this way we demonstrate that jobs do not have any difference before our Lord Jesus Christ; as long as they are done honestly, without harming our integrity; because even the best paid workers may be subjected to environments that harm their professional performance at the work level; which is why people should not be judged by their social status. (See article:   Prayer of Protection against robberies and assaults )

To whom?

As many of us already know, prayers are usually addressed to our heavenly father; because it is our greatest reference in the spiritual realm; since he is the creator of all things that make up the physical aspects of our reality; when forming man and woman; as well as to heaven and earth; that are part of our lives today.

Despite these well known facts; there are people who direct their prayer to start the day at work, to different saints, of which they are believers; as well as different virgins; not because they doubt the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ; as they remain the faithful followers of him; Well, it could rather be said that it is about certain customs that are transmitted at the generational level.

Where the believing relatives as many of the saints, as of the virgins; they consider it normal to address their prayers and petitions to them; since they think that all these are the best candidates to carry their messages to the creator; because they are closer to his presence.

For some religions, this is completely contradictory; because the fact that we are his children; calls into question all these beliefs that claim to have to use intermediaries so that we can communicate; since it is illogical that our own father puts up barriers to get to listen to us.

Hence, many believers of our Lord doubt the existence of all these saints, arguing that only God is worthy of such thanks and petitions.

While others affirm that both the saints and the virgins are delegates of the almighty; to provide solutions to those situations that affect us today; considering that there are less complex problems that can be solved by its greatest believers in the heavenly plane.

Whether one or the other is right depends on the point of view that one has on a spiritual level; because in this case both have part of the reason; more now that history has been in charge of clarifying all those circumstances that led those men and women to be saints and virgins respectively; giving us evidence of the faith that they put in our Lord Jesus Christ.

In conclusion we can say that the prayer to start the day at work can be addressed either to your preferred saint; the virgin that seems best to you; to the holy spirit or to our father God; that is, depending on your belief; where the only important thing will be the faith you have; so much of the resolution of all your problems; as of the creator when he solves them.

Well, regardless of whom the prayer is addressed to; the existence of our heavenly father must be kept in mind; without underestimating his influence on the lives of all of us who make up this earthly plane. (See article: Prayer to the Holy Spirit for love )

Why should we do it?

One of the things that has become difficult over the years has been getting a job; either because of the demanding requirements that companies have today when it comes to hiring new personnel, or because of all those political and economic problems that some countries are currently facing; having results that harm people; by limiting their jobs.

The fact that these prayers are so frequent among the people who make up the working society is not something that should surprise us; since there are many of us who perform this type of prayer every day at the beginning of our workday; Well, the fact that we have a job that allows us to sustain ourselves economically; it is quite a privilege.

Especially now, when there is so much unemployment; reason why we pray to our Lord Jesus Christ; asking for all that wisdom that allows us to perform our duties in the best possible way; in order to keep our jobs.

Thanking you for all the opportunities that are given to us in the workplace; and that also allow us to improve day by day. Well, it’s not just about asking, but also about giving thanks for all those requests that have been heard and answered forcefully.

Prayers have the characteristic of giving us all that security, which at times we tend to lose at work, because we question our abilities, letting ourselves be carried away by different factors, which somehow lower our performance when carrying out our responsibilities. . (See article: Christian prayer for travel )

Answering this specific question; We can say that there is no specific reason why we should pray this prayer at the beginning of our work day; because the one that is carried out depends on the personal preferences that each person has; and what faith represents for each one of them.

Since while some of us turn to our almighty father to make requests and thank him for a new day of work; there are others that, on the contrary, dispense with these, limiting themselves to exercising their work role, without considering the use of these important sentences.

Mainly due to the uncertainty generated by its existence; however, many of us can verify the veracity of this; because in different circumstances we have witnessed the answers of our beloved God, when all those requests that we have so eagerly wanted him to resolve have been heard.

Yes, we cannot deny that there have been occasions in which we have doubted the efficiency of our prayers, by not obtaining immediate answers that would give a solution to our labor problems; however over time we have learned that God has a when and a where for the fulfillment of these; because what at first may seem like silence; over time he ends up giving us the answer. (See article: Christian prayer for my husband to love me )

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