Dreaming of rain, you cannot imagine its meaning!

Dreaming of rain, you cannot imagine its meaning!

Dreaming of rain is a good omen but you want to know more about this peculiar dream you had, what it means and how you can interpret it. You have come to the right place since this post will be dedicated solely and exclusively to talking about this dream so characteristic that what message it leaves behind.

dream of rain

Dreaming of rain in general terms means that the dreamer is characterized by being a rather lonely person, who has self-esteem problems and usually always has the same dream where exactly the same scenes are repeated within the same context, that is, the dream. repetitive and usually torments him. Dreaming of rain symbolizes melancholy, pain and loneliness, since you may be a person who is not at all comfortable with that situation, but above all keep in mind that sometimes loneliness is usually necessary to test your limits and also knowing the depth of your feelings and that’s when he understands that it stops being a problem for you and becomes a virtue.

Attention should be paid to every detail of the dream and especially the context so that in this way I could understand what it wants to reveal to you regarding the liberation of your life, but it is also the reflection of certain feelings of sadness that may arise in your life. you for some reason, now that if you are a person who considers yourself an extrovert and nothing you have read so far identifies you, the dream you had has another interpretation or meaning that you will be able to discover throughout the article.

The world of dreams is quite complex, however if we pay close attention to what we dream it can be easy to describe what this dream means to us, many people associate dreaming of rain with great blessings that are about to come into their lives, since the rain is defined as a source of happiness and fertility respectively. This definition derives from the fact that the drops of water usually irrigate the fields that feed us living beings and that are our source of nutrition and energy.

The phrase after the storm comes the calm which is known because it may indicate that dreaming of rain is associated with a need for the dreamer to clean everything inside, since many times for any reason people are usually involved in seas of worries and anguish and in general this type of person finds it very difficult to express their feelings and let flow everything that feels good, whether bad or good since they are introverted people who close themselves off, dreaming of rain It means that it is time that you should let all those feelings that overwhelm and torment you flow.

Now we are going to describe the meaning of dreaming about rain in different contexts and what is the interpretation they have and why these dreams are manifesting in us:

dream of heavy rain

Dreaming of heavy rain is not good at all since it symbolizes bad luck, that is to say that if you had this dream it is not a good sign, since negative things are coming for your life, usually people who have this dream are filled with despair anguish because they know that times are about to come; discomfort, bad news and despair. Another interpretation that can be given to this dream is that it is a warning sign about your economy, you must be aware of your finances since you may be facing a financial problem, but on the other hand you must also be aware of your loved ones already that serious family problems may be coming, take care of your health and that of yours, luck is not on your side, do not neglect yourself.

Alternative dream with rainwater

As we know, rain is a natural meteorological phenomenon that is purifying, which is why dreaming of rain is interpreted as new things coming to your life, prosperous and abundant times are coming, which you should make the most of, since this type of opportunity that you Give the universe away because they don’t repeat themselves twice.

Dreaming of rainwater in another way can also be interpreted as that this dream is revealing to you that you are going to be living the best time of your life and that you prepare yourself because full happiness will come to you and everything you ever wanted will be done. reality and in less than what you expect you will begin to live a time of pure joy and blessings that the universe gives you.

Dream of torrential rain

This dream can be said to be common and if in it you can see that you are being wet by the rain it means that you are a person who is afraid of failing in the projects that you have planned to present in a short time and that scares you. that everything turns out as it should and fail before the goals that you had set for yourself with this important project that you idealized for so long and that is your greatest desire.

However, if in the dream you appear sheltering from the rain so as not to get wet for any reason, it means that problems and conflicts are arising in your environment that are directly affecting you but third parties do it indirectly, that is why this The dream manifests itself as an alert so that you are aware of everything that happens around you and that in some way may be directly affecting you and you do not even realize that you do not pay attention to all the people around you. neglect you

dream of star rain

Dreaming of showers of stars symbolizes that the dreamer is a person who is full of light and who is totally sure that every wish he makes when he manages to see shooting stars pass will be fully fulfilled and that person firmly believes that all his dreams He is going to carry them out just as he has planned them and he is certain that in his life everything will come true.

If it is the case that the dreamer within the dream saw a shooting star go by and does not ask for anything the wishes he had throughout the day as little by little each one will be fulfilled little by little, for example; being able to find the true love of your life, being able to find the job that you need so much, having a fulfilling sexual life, being able to buy the house that you long for and many more things in point is that they are going to fulfill it like this, he did not ask for it during the dream when he saw the shooting star pass before his eyes.

dream of rain at night

As already mentioned in previous lines, rain is a purifying natural phenomenon and if you have a dream where you see that it rains at night and that you also get wet with the rain, it means that in less than what you expect you will experience that feeling that You are free and out of all the problems and conflicts that both torment and overwhelm you day by day. On the other hand, it can also be mentioned that dreaming that it is raining at night symbolizes that it is time to forgive and leave behind everything that hurt you in the past, but it also symbolizes good luck in love and finally it can be mentioning that it refers to the fact that the trip they have planned in a few days will take place without any setbacks.

dream of heavy rain

If you dreamed of heavy rain you should know that it is not at all positive since this dream means that bad luck is coming your life, but with great intensity that is why people who experience this dream for some reason feel full of anguish , despair and also these people often feel uncomfortable with all the people around them since they have the feeling that they should not trust anyone.

In addition, it is also important to mention that if you dream of heavy rain it is a very bad premonition since it refers to the fact that you may soon suffer an accident that will be serious, that is why the dream is a warning that you must take care of every step you take. you give and the situations in which you return as you are in grave danger.

dream of light rain

If you had a dream where you managed to observe a soft rain, this means that some aspect of your life does not please you at all and that you are not satisfied with what you are living, but you know that you have to do what is necessary to fix what is wrong. in your life and that you completely dislike. That is why this dream is a message that you have to take some time to think and analyze what is the best way to solve what is wrong in your life and does not let you move forward as you want.

However, this dream is not entirely negative since it is as easy as it is to open an umbrella so as not to get wet from the rain that you can see in a dream, it can be that easy and simple to find the solution to your problem, you just have to analyze it well. most viable solution to solve what you don’t like about your life.

dream of walking in the rain

If you dream that you are walking in the rain and you have no problem getting wet, it means that you are a person with great security, that you feel satisfied with yourself and that you also have enough strength to face any problem that comes your way along the way. that you overcome it in the best way, also this dream symbolizes that you are a person who is full of joy and happiness.

Dream of rain inside the house

If you dream that it rains inside your house, it means that your subconscious wants to send you a message that there are certain traits in your personality that you have totally hidden and that you do not want to make them known for any reason, since they make you look like a person, sensitive and vulnerable and you do not want to show yourself as you are for fear that someone may take advantage of that and in some way hurt you and play with your feelings and everything you give them.

Dream of mud and rain

If you dream of mud rain or acid rain it means that you have something stored inside you that is eating away at you and that it is time to take it out and face it to turn the page and continue with your life and move forward, this situation can be a fight with a partner, with a family member or with a friend. If it was you who caused the conflict, you should put aside all pride and approach the person and ask for forgiveness, or if it was someone else who caused it, you should let that person apologize to you and accept their apologies for not taking these recommendations into account. Life can take a negative turn.

Dream about meteor shower

As we know the dinosaurs on earth were extinguished by the meteorites that were there at the time, if you dream of a meteor shower it means that you are afraid of failure in your life in any aspect, but it also means that you are afraid of dying, but the dream is a sign that you must face both fears so that you can find peace and tranquility in your life.

Dream of rain and lightning

If you dream of rain and lightning, you should know that it is a bad omen and that it means that negative things await you in your work, you will be facing serious problems and inconveniences, that is why you should pay attention to everything that surrounds you, without However, it is important to mention that if you manage to protect yourself from the rain during sleep, it is an important point since this means that you will be able to get out of problems and conflicts without much difficulty.

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